Urge Senators to Vote NO on Mobile Now Act

Urge Senators to Vote NO on Mobile Now Act

To Citizens Concerned about Public Health, Insects and Other Wildlife, Energy Issues, Local Authority Over Telecom Infrastructure and Cybersecurity:

If a telecom corporation wants to install a cellular antenna array or cell tower on private or public property, the 1996 Telecommunications Act requires it to get a permit from the municipality in question. According to Section 704 of the Telecom Act, neither environmental nor health concerns may interfere with the municipality’s decision.

The Mobile Now Act (S.19) would update the Telecom Act. Effectively, it would exempt corporations from getting a permit to install telecom infrastructure, including 4G/5G distributed antenna systems (DAS) and “micro cells” or “small cells” on public right-of-ways including light and utility poles.

DAS supports city-wide Wi-Fi.

5G supports the Internet of Things (machine-to-machine communication).   5G will operate primarily with tiny millimeter wave frequencies. To function well, we might need one 5G antenna every 12 households. The few tests conducted on millimeter waves show that they disturb the skin, eyes and insects. The Air Force’s Radio Frequency Radiation Dosimetry Handbook, 5th Edition, Chapter 8, “Responses to RF Overexposure by Marvin C. Ziskin, MD reports that studies about millimeter wave exposures such as 94GHz primarily affect the eyes and skin.

The Mobile Now Act passed out of the Senate Commerce Committee last week. It is now headed to the full Senate for a vote, probably in the next week or two, possibly Monday, January 30th.

Here are directions for contacting your senators (by phone and by email):



Thanks to Everyone for doing our best with this!

Calling your two senators’ offices and emailing them might take15 minutes.

Katie Singer

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