Electrical Engineer Blows the Whistle on MPSC

Electrical Engineer Blows the Whistle on MPSC

Sedona AZ (October 22, 2016) – The following is a letter to the SedonaEye.com editor:

Hey SedonaEye.com,

smart metersMichigan electrical engineer William Bathgate is one of an increasing number of tradespeople speaking out about the “smart” meter debacle.

Last week, Stop Smart Meters Michigan posted Bathgate’s poignant analysis originally written to the MPSC (the Michigan commission). And I agree with Brian Thiesen — this is the best technical yet plain english article on the meters out there. See the article here.

In Michigan, legislation has actually been proposed to officially LEGALIZE shutting off the electricity of anyone who wants to preserve their Constitutional privacy rights, their property, and the health of their family — by keeping their safe analog meter.

And, get this, the Orwellian double-speak artists are attempting to label a safe analog meter as constituting a “hazardous condition.”

As Bathgate writes:

“Forcing 100% compliance to AMI metering is not the solution; this will only lead to big legal troubles for the MPSC as a whole and direct legal liability to all individual MPSC members…

“If the MPSC approves these rule changes, then the MPSC should disband because your role in governance is of no value, merit or benefit to the citizens of the State of Michigan who are paying your salaries. You would have abrogated your governance role to the utilities to do as they see fit for their own exclusive benefit and no one else.”

The good news is that right now, people are waking up and seeing through the lies of the power structure at the highest levels… utility scams included. Can you feel it?

See this superb article: The Meter Itself is the ‘Hazardous Condition’

Josh del Sol

Take Back Your Power
14241 NE Woodinville-Duvall Rd #339
Woodinville, WA [98072]

Our Democracy cannot survive our Ignorance and Apathy

Former Supreme Court Justice David Souter speaking in 2012 has relevance in our Political climate today.  The notion that a guy like Trump could be a Presidential candidate should be a huge red flag as to the problems we are ignoring in our political system….Sandaura


Published on Oct 20, 2016

Rachel Maddow shares a video of former Supreme Court Justice David Souter talking about the importance of civic knowledge in the maintenance of a democracy.




Nerve Disrupting Frequencies Radiating from “Smart” Meters

I have posted this video already, but it is so important, so for those who may have missed it that it, I have posted it again.

In 2009 we performed a power quality test using a Dranetz.  Its capabilities exceed the Fluke oscilloscope used in this video.  So, the good news is the Fluke used served its purpose to prove the dirty electricity is directly related to the magnetic and electric as well as broadcast microwave transmissions riding on the wires.  It radiates 6 to 8 feet into your rooms of your homes.  The symptoms thousands of victims have been vocalizing is a direct result of the dirty electricity the utilities are sending to its customers.

This is forensic evidence that cannot be dismissed or denied by the utilities.  In our case in Massachusetts it prompted a multi-regulatory agency (bogus) initiative as a result of us sending our power quality results to them.  The utilities and the agencies never addressed our power quality issues.  They never explained what the utility, National Grid, would do to correct their non compliance and violations of standards  set by the IEEE and was revealed by the Dranetz power quality monitoring.  Instead, they closed our case without addressing these issues along with the pure tone noise evidence.  Their cryptic message to us was take us to court.  We are not doing anything about this mess; unless we are forced to.  Until then we don’t have to do anything.  The public records are the paper trail and this also proves they have willingly and intentional refused to do their jobs.  They have knowingly and willfully refused and continue to do so in protecting the public from a devastating wide spread health hazard…..Sandaura

AMR smart meters going back to 1999!

My life has been negatively impacted by smart meter technology going back to 2006 and is still ongoing as a result of this technology.  As a result of misinformation, which for a better word, is outright, willful lying on the part of the utilities and the State regulatory agencies; the public has been confused and uninformed as to when the smart meters began to be attached to our homes without our consent or knowledge.  I liken it to a sci-fi movie where the mother host, in order to thrive, has to create and attach cells (smart meters) near living things, so that the radiation can give sustenance and sustaining life to the Alien Host while its victims, the general public,  unsuspectingly become prey to this deadly entity (so inappropriately named the Smart Grid).  There is nothing benign or innocent about a technology capable of harming the public with deadly pulsed microwave radiation.  Were we informed that we were going to be assaulted by deadly pulsed microwave signals 24/7 and that we did not have a choice?  Of course not!  How can you sell something like that!!  We are talking about billions of dollars of incentives and profits that would not benefit us.  Remember the utilities are not obligated or responsible for protecting the public, so they could care less if you have evidence you are being harmed by the smart meters and its technology.  The utilities are protected and sheltered by the their bedfellows in the Federal and State agencies.  The state agencies throw the responsibility to the Feds and the Feds throw it back to the States.  The FCC is not an agency that regulates health issues caused by radio frequencies; yet has the power to set the Radiation exposure limits. There are no studies that give us an accurate assessment of our environment with cell towers, Wi-Fi base stations, cordless phones and devices transmitting and receiving from 300MHz up. Especially the smart meters, which have been tested and reported to be higher radiation exposure than standing in front on a cell tower base station.  Add to this toxic soup the dirty electricity radiating on your wiring in your walls which also has been tested to to radiated 6-8 feet into your living and sleeping spaces; what more does the public need to finally stand up and fight with us to stop this crime.  This is our fight, not someone else’s fight!…….Sandaura


 Changing the Customer-Utility Paradigm……..Next will be federal and state regulation of the customer relationship: what utilities must tell their customers, what they must offer, etc., taking away local choice and flexibility.  This is a dangerous and present threat, and electric utilities need to get political activity to stop the mandates coming down from Washington, D.C., or in the state legislature.  Most of the energy and Internet marketers who want to capture and permanently take away the old utility-customer relationship are in the halls of Congress everyday lobbying for more federal mandates that help their business goals.  It has nothing to do with what is good for consumers or the environment or reliability.

All AMR In Albany

From the September-October 2004 issue of Public Power

Originally published

Hometown Connections
By Susan Ryba
Marketing Consultant

The Albany, Ga. Water, Gas & Light Commission is now reading nearly all of its residential gas, water and electric meters and a portion of its commercial meters via mobile automated meter reading technology from Itron, Inc. As of Aug. 1, the utility has automated the meter reading process for more than 80,000 meters, through a business arrangement facilitated by Hometown Connections, the utility services subsidiary of the American Public Power Association.

Albany WG&L installed an Itron automated meter reading (AMR) system to download usage data. ERT (encoder, 

 Albany Meter Reader
The new AMR system will enable Albany Meter Reader Alvin Williams and his colleagues to obtain readings from as many as 20,000 meters a day.

receiver and transmitter) modules installed on the meters enable radio transmission of readings to hand-held devices and a mobile collector, a piece of equipment resembling a laptop computer that gathers readings as the vehicle travels through the territory.

The utility purchased 20 Itron G5R hand-held units for use during the 12-month build-out of the system while the routes were populated with ERTs. The G5Rs can read ERTs or accept data typed in manually by utility personnel. Today, with the vehicle-based Mobile Collector 1.0 unit and the MV-RS route management software up and running, most of the hand-held units have been returned. Due to an increasing customer base, Albany WG&L will be maintaining a growing AMR system that currently has 30,000 electric, 16,000 gas and 34,000 water meters. Because the Mobile Collector 1.0 can read up to 20,000 ERTs in a single day, Albany WG&L is easily capturing the meter data from its 80,000 meters with a single mobile unit.

“We were struggling with a high-rate of turnover among our meter reading staff, and spending large amounts of time training new employees,” said Lee Hauesler, Albany WG&L assistant general manager.” We were also losing revenue to theft and tampering and we were looking at ways to reduce costs across all aspects of utility operations. When we approached our joint action agency in Georgia, MEAG Power, about automating the meter reading process for all of our residential meters, MEAG suggested we turn to Hometown Connections and Itron.”

John Hengesh, vice president and general manager of Itron’s water and public power business unit, said more and more combination utilities—those offering water, gas and electric—are turning to one company for metering needs.

“The successful implementation of the Albany WG&L system is an excellent example of teamwork among commission staff, Hometown Connections, MEAG and Itron,” Hengesh said. “Our company has installed hundreds of AMR systems, and the key to meeting schedule and budget constraints is the utility’s commitment to improving operational efficiency and customer service.

According to Bill Smart, national sales director—west region, Hometown Connections partners with Itron to offer AMR solutions because of the strength and scalability of the Itron system.

 Itronix Go-Book
Albany meter readers use Iron’s M/C 1 Mobile Collector and the Itronix Go-Box to collect consumption data.

“Itron products allow utilities to start the automation process at any level and expand the system as budgets and resources permit,” said Smart. “Itron products are ‘meter-neutral,’ offering the widest cross-section of modules to fit most meter types. The MV-RS meter reading software can be configured for utilities that are large or small, serving urban, suburban or rural communities, and providing electric, gas and/or water service. On top of that, Itron has a strong commitment to research and development, as well as customer service.”

Itron is offering an AMR promotion through Hometown Connections that makes it possible for an APPA member to implement an AMR system for the cost of an electronic meter reading system. A small utility may purchase a single-unit hand-held AMR system for under $10,000. This pricing is available to current and new Itron customers that do not have existing ERT deployments. As reported by Bill Smart, “the current Itron promotion is the best opportunity we’ve seen to date for APPA members to maximize their return on the AMR investment.”

The design and installation of the Albany WG&L system required the coordination and cooperation of employees from the utility, Itron, Hometown Connections, MEAG Power, regional meter resellers, and a contractor hiring local people for installing ERTs. Bill Smart of Hometown Connections ordered all of the Itron equipment and software. Albany WG&L hired Itron to manage the meter installation contractor.

Itron’s Rusty Agi was on site at the utility for three or four days per week, overseeing the ordering of equipment and software, the ERT installation and cycle acceptance testing (the ability of the mobile unit to read 99.58 percent of the ERT meters accurately).

Agi described the project as a major milestone for Albany WG&L, requiring the cooperation and support of many people.

“The dedication and commitment to the success of the project by all of the employees at Albany WG&L and 

 Badger RTR water meter
Albany uses a Badger RTR water meter and an Itron ERT to collect water consumption data.

supporting vendors was as high and professional as any I have ever witnessed,” Agi said.

Many of the calls coming in to Hometown Connections today are from public power systems looking to build out their automated meter reading capabilities. Customer expectations for accurate billing and fast service, coupled with recent municipal budget challenges, are driving APPA members to focus on improving their core business practices. This increase in AMR interest follows with research data collected by APPA. The association’s bi-annual Customer Service Policies Survey asks APPA members, “Do you ‘automatically’ read any meters with computerized equipment, thereby eliminating the meter reader?” Respondents answering “yes” were 7 percent in 1999, 11 percent in 2001 and 19 percent in 2003. The 2003 survey also found that 60 percent of respondents using AMR are using a system from Itron.

“The success of the Albany WG&L AMR project is a prime example of the public power community working together to use breakthroughs in technology to improve the delivery of services to customers,” said APPA President and CEO Alan H. Richardson. “Utility officials, their joint action agency representatives, Hometown Connections staff and Itron employees set a high standard for deploying advances in meter reading and utility management.”


Why Some People Are Refusing ‘Smart’ Utility Meters in Their Homes

Why Some People Are Refusing ‘Smart’ Utility Meters in Their Homes

A small portion of the population resists “smart” utility meters as a way of staving off government overreach. Roy Scott/Getty Images

by Patrick J. Kiger

September 27, 2016

Across the country, utility companies are rapidly transitioning from old-fashioned meters to electronic “smart” meters, which capture data on your electricity or natural gas use and transmit it wirelessly to the company’s computers. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that there are close to 60 million smart meters installed, and it’s not hard to understand why utility companies like them. The devices  eliminate the need for human meter readers to walk around and check every house individually, which saves a lot of money. But more importantly, smart meters enable utility providers to gather detailed, continuous data on how much energy you’re using and when you’re using it, which enables them to plan for electrical demand more precisely and adjust pricing to fit.

Activists who want to reduce our fossil fuel consumption to fight climate change tend to be big on smart meters as well. The Environmental Defense Fund, for example, sees smart meters as empowering consumers by providing them with a way to track their own energy consumption — and find ways to reduce it.

Smart meters also have the potential to communicate with gadgets throughout the home, via the Internet of Things, and find savings for consumers without them even noticing. Moreover, environmentalists see smart meters as an integral part of future smart grids, which will be fine-tuned to utilize energy from a host of renewable sources — everything from wind farms to solar panels on home roofs to the juice stored in the batteries of electric cars parked in driveways at night.

Smart Meter Doubters

That all sounds great, if you’re a person who buys into the whole idea of a smart, wired future. But not everybody thinks that this is a great development. Across the U.S., some people are resisting the installation of smart meters, which they see as intruding upon their privacy, denying them free choice as consumers, making them vulnerable to hackers, and possibly even damaging their health.

In Maryland, for example, Mario and Assya Pascalev, a couple from the upscale Washington, DC suburb of Bethesda spent part of the summer without lights or air conditioning after Pepco, the local utility provider, shut off their juice because they declined to pay a $14 monthly penalty for refusing installation of a smart meter. They’ve since had their power restored, but the dispute continues, as Assya Pascalev explained in an email.

Pascalev says that she and her husband had a wide range of concerns about smart meters, most of which seem to be privacy-related. Collecting so much continuous data, she says, allows a utility company “to infer when and where the inhabitants are in the house, how they move around inside, what appliances they use and hence what they do. For instance, it could indicate if they are cooking, having a hot house in the backyard, or growing pot in the basement. If criminals hack into the data, this makes the home vulnerable to crime.”

Health and Privacy Concerns

They’re not the only ones. In Maine, smart meter opponents, who claimed that electromagnetic radiation from the meters could cause health problems ranging from cancer to chronic pain, fought a four-year battle with the Public Utility Commission, going all the way to the state’s Supreme Court. (The justices ultimately upheld the commission’s finding that the meters didn’t pose a risk.) And in Phoenix, Arizona, where a local utility has been installing the meters since the mid-2000s, more than 20,000 people have refused installation.

Read full story at:  http://now.howstuffworks.com/2016/09/27/utility-smart-meters-privacy-violation-conspiracy

PA-Council to address Monroeville residents’ smart meter concerns

Council to address Monroeville residents’ smart meter concerns

| Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016, 5:42 p.m
Updated 22 hours ago

Monroeville officials plan to reach out to the state Public Utility Commission after hearing residents’ concerns that smart meters measuring electrical usage may be a health hazard and a cause for other concerns.

A state law requires utilities to install the new electronic meters for customers.

But residents urged council at separate meetings this month to help stop utility companies from installing the meters.

“We’re looking into it and looking into what the smart meters are really all about,” Mayor Greg Erosenko said Monday. “We heard from some residents and have (our) solicitor looking on his end.”

The issue was first brought up by resident Francis Hriadil at council’s Oct. 6 workshop meeting. He said he has health, safety, privacy and security concerns about the meters. Critics say health concerns are rooted in the radio frequency emitted by the meters.

“I think this is a public safety issue and a serious one,” he said.

PUC press secretary Nils Hagen-Frederiksen said Tuesday the state statute requiring the digital meters addresses energy efficiency, reliability improvements and potential cost savings for consumers.

Duquesne Light spokeswoman Ashlee Yingling said the meter exchange program is part of Pennsylvania’s Act 129 of 2008, which requires all customers in the state to receive a digital meter.

“Duquesne Light takes customer health and data protection very seriously,” Yingling said. “The radio frequency output of the new digital meters is consistent with the output of our current meters that have been transmitting data for the past 20 years. In addition, smart meters are being deployed with multiple layers of security controls designed to protect the privacy and security of customer data.”

The digital meters provide 24/7 usage information, high-bill alerts and a variety of information to help customers manage their bills, she added.

Councilman Paul Caliari said he would like to find a way to give residents who do not want a smart meter an option not to have one.

“I think it’s a good fight to pick,” Caliari said.

Hraidil said he posted signs notifying Duquesne Light that he does not consent to the company being on his property and installing a smart meter, and he was the only one on Shady Ridge Drive that has not received one. He said he contacted Duquesne Light and the PUC seeking to opt out of the meter exchange, but to no avail.

Resident Rose Reed said at council’s Oct. 11 regular meeting that she contacted Duquesne Light and the PUC as well about smart meters, and was told they are safe.

“I wish we would have done something two or three years ago to do something about this,” Reed said. “I truly believe that these are dangerous. I have three young grandchildren in Monroeville. I don’t want them to get sick.”

But unless the state law is changed, conversion to smart meters is inevitable.

“Under the law, there is no opt-out provision,” Hagen-Frederiksen said. “The reality is opting out would require a change in state law and that’s not a change that the PUC could institute.”

Yingling said Duquesne Light customers receive letters about 30 days prior to when meters will be switched and reminder phone calls one week in advance. On the day of an exchange, if property owners aren’t home, workers will leave a notice that the meter was changed.

“In Monroeville, the residential smart meter exchange began in May and is nearly complete today,” said Yingling. “While we have not been recently contacted by Monroeville officials about any concerns, we’re happy to meet with them.”

Michael DiVittorio is a Tribune-Review staff writer. Reach him at 412-871-2367 or mdivittorio@tribweb.com.


NEW YORK-Smart meter opponents rally in Albany

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Smart meter opponents rally in Albany

ALBANY – A group of residents from Ulster County and other parts of the state rallied in Albany on Tuesday, urging the state legislature to grant homeowners the choice of having smart electric meters or analog meters in their homes.

The Stop Meter organizations object to the deployment of digital utility meters. One of the rally organizers, Weston Blelock of Woodstock, claims the smart meters have adverse effects.

“They spew toxic microwave radiation in people’s homes,” Blelock said. “They cause dust, dirty electricity, and they can, upon occasion, explode, cause fires, and be hacked, so there are privacy issues.”

The two groups with representation in Albany on Tuesday were Stop Smart Meters Woodstock and Stop Smart Meters New York.

Small group of protestors in front of the state Capitol


Microwaves, Wi-Fi, and other EMF signals linked to headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and more

Microwaves, Wi-Fi, and other EMF signals linked to headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and more

(NaturalNews) The plethora of “smart” devices on the market today is making life more convenient and communications more streamlined. But some of the latest research hitting the science journals suggests that these everyday consumer products — everything from ordinary microwave ovens and smartphones to advanced Wi-Fi routers and radioactive “smart” meters — are systematically destroying human health.

Migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, and among the many common maladies that are being increasingly linked to these technologies, which bombard the body with radioactive frequencies recognized for upsetting the body’s biological rhythm. Some studies show that electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) can depolarize the membranes that protect nerve and muscle tissue, damaging cells and facilitating the extended life-cycle of oxidizing free radicals.

A fairly recent study published in the journal Electronic Physician breaks it all down, explaining how EMFs massively disrupt human physiological balance in multiple ways. Both thermal and non-thermal EMFs are harmful, it notes, adding that EMFs in general are known to directly alter the behavior of cells and tissues, in effect damaging the cardiovascular system, bone marrow, DNA, blood, reproductive function, and more.

The endocrine system, which manufactures hormones, is also disrupted by constant exposure to EMFs, as are vital organs which end up operating at less-than-optimal levels when bombarded by these radioactive waves. EMFs are both cytotoxic and genotoxic, the sum of this research shows, and nearly every system of the body is damaged by their presence — that’s how serious the situation is, and many people aren’t even aware of it.

“Human exposure to EMFs comes from many sources, and situations are different in people’s everyday lives,” the paper explains. “There are many factors that influence the degree to which people may be affected by EMFs … If the body’s biological system is exposed to EMFs, which produce electric currents and fields, which, in fact, deal with the current and voltage, the normal physiological balance is upset.”

Declassified government documents admit that EMFs are a serious health hazard
Interestingly enough, it’s been secretly known by the U.S. government for many decades that EMFs are immensely harmful. But this information has been deliberately kept under wraps and out of the limelight in order to keep these technologies available to those entities that use them for malevolent purposes.

Catherine Frompovich, writing for Natural Blaze, highlights how microwave technology continues to move forward despite its not-so-safe track record because it’s a “dream warfare” technology that the U.S. government and other entities use for covert purposes. In other words, despite their known dangers, EMFs are intentionally allowed at unsafe levels to accommodate the agenda of those who profit from its use — or worse, those who use it as a biological weapon.

“If the more advanced nations of the West are strict in the enforcement of stringent exposure standards, there could be unfavorable effects on industrial output and military function,” an unclassified U.S. Army document entitled “Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (Radiowaves and Microwaves) – Eurasian Communist Countries (U),” explains.

“The Eurasian Communist countries could, on the other hand, give lip service to strict standards, but allow their military to operate without restriction and thereby gain the advantage in electronic warfare techniques and the development of antipersonnel applications.”

If you take this all at face value, governments are essentially lying to the public about the dangers of EMFs and pretending as though EMF-emitting technologies are safer than they really are in order to keep them in use for covert military or other purposes. This amounts to blatant exploitation of the public’s trust in our regulatory system, and a dastardly betrayal of the world’s most vulnerable.




Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/055686_wifi_EMF_pollution_illnesses.html#ixzz4NTKVssp0

Groups against “smart” meters rally near Capitol

Groups against “smart” meters rally near Capitol

Published 9:04 am, Tuesday, October 18, 2016

WOODSTOCK — Groups opposed to government mandates for the adoption of digital utility meters are holding a rally at West Capitol Park in downtown Albany Tuesday.

Two groups, Stop Smart Meters NY and Stop Smart Meters Woodstock NY argue that the digital meters — also known as smart meters — are health hazards and can be accessed remotely by computer hackers.

The group, which supports giving residents the ability to opt out of having the new devices installed by their utility, will be holding the rally from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the park, which is bordered by Swan, State and Washington streets in Albany.

Smart meters are considered to be an essential next step in modernizing the electrical grid, allowing consumers to more closely monitor their energy usage and for utilities to be able to sell electricity at different prices during the day depending on overall demand, more closely mirroring the wholesale electrical markets, a move that some say would promote more energy efficiency and allow the wholesale markets to work more efficiently.

Those who oppose the smart meters want the ability to keep their current analog meters.

The groups have been effective in getting local governments to support opt out legislation.

In June of 2015 Stop Smart Meters Woodstock collected 1,000 signatures on a petition that was given the officials in the town of Woodstock, which passed a memorializing resolution against digital utility meters and in favor of electro-mechanical utility meters.

The groups claim that the new smart meters emit nonionizing radiation similar to what is used in cell phones and wireless routers. They also say the devices can catch on fire and explode.



The Fundamental Reasons Why Laptop Computers should not be Used on Your Lap

Page Header

The Fundamental Reasons Why Laptop Computers should not be Used on Your Lap

S A R Mortazavi, S Taeb, S M J Mortazavi, S Zarei, M Haghani, P Habibzadeh, M B Shojaei-fard


As a tendency to use new technologies, gadgets such as laptop computers are becoming more popular among students, teachers, businessmen and office workers. Today laptops are a great tool for education and learning, work and personal multimedia. Millions of men, especially those in the reproductive age, are frequently using their laptop computers on the lap (thigh). Over the past several years, our lab has focused on the health effects of exposure to different sources of electromagnetic fields such as cellular phones, mobile base stations, mobile phone jammers, laptop computers, radars, dentistry cavitrons and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Our own studies as well as the studies performed by other researchers indicate that using laptop computers on the lap adversely affects the male reproductive health. When it is placed on the lap, not only the heat from a laptop computer can warm men’s scrotums, the electromagnetic fields generated by laptop’s internal electronic circuits as well as the Wi-Fi Radiofrequency radiation hazards (in a Wi-Fi connected laptop) may decrease sperm quality. Furthermore, due to poor working posture, laptops should not be used on the lap for long hours.


Laptop Computers, Safety, Electromagnetic Fields, Heat, Posture