Radiofrequency Radiation: The Invisible Hazards of “Smart” Meters

Smart Meters are not a Federal mandate.  You can legally, refuse the death trap.  You were not offered and opt in, so why would the utility trap you into an opt in?…….There is no reason to have a RF/microwave pulsed device on your home or on your workplace.  The suits benefit while we are exposed to cancer causing RF frequencies.  Why isn’t the public more alarmed by this?  The same reason Trump was elected?  ….Sandaura



Where is there any legal federal mandate for any of this? Marti Oakley’s August 15 article notes: “THERE IS NO FEDERAL SECURITY MANDATE FOR SMART METERS, according to George W. Arnold the national coordinator for smart-grid interoperability at the National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST]. This agency of the US Department of Commerce is said NOT [author emphasis] to be involved in regulations but is only tasked with promoting standards among industries. While both the 2005 and 2007 faux energy bills were codified into public laws, NO part of them creates a federal law pertaining to individual consumers or dictating that the public must be forced to comply with provisions of SMART grid. Contrary to the bleating of manufacturers and utility talking heads, who claim there is no “op out,” the fact is you, the consumer must be offered the meter, or request a meter ‘OPT IN.’ No one can be forced to comply with an unrevealed contract between private corporations, and to which you were never a party and had no knowledge of.”(12)

Sleep EMF RF Radio Frequency: The reason why we don’t sleep well anymore

Sleep EMF RF Radio Frequency: The reason why we don’t sleep well anymore

Sleep quality and health being negatively affected due to relationship between Sleep EMF RF (radio frequency) being pumped into our ionosphere at rate of billions of Watts per hour 24 / 7. W.O. Schumann a German physicist, discovered in 1952 that there is a resonant cavity between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere containing a frequency modulated electromagnetic field in the spectrum from below 1 Hz to more than 100 Hz. Notice in the graph below that the amplitude of the dominant frequencies of these “Schumann Waves” is below 14 Hz.

Sleep quality and health being negatively affected due to relationship between Sleep EMF RF (radio frequency) being pumped into our ionosphere at rate of billions of Watts per hour 24 / 7. W.O. Schumann a German physicist, discovered in 1952 that there is a resonant cavity between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere containing a frequency modulated electromagnetic field in the spectrum from below 1 Hz to more than 100 Hz. Notice in the graph below that the amplitude of the dominant frequencies of these “Schumann Waves” is below 14 Hz. Schumann waves line

Notice also the distinct peaks in the Delta range heretofore mistakenly not “recognized” Schumann frequencies. In the past I’d called these 1.5 and 2.5 Hz. Now there is good reason to believe those small peaks are 1.2 and 2.4 Hz.

The Russian Space Agency discovered that Schumann- wave generators in space craft (formerly void of fluctuating magnetic fields) improved the health and well being of astronauts on extended space voyages; especially effects upon bone density. N.A.S.A. included them in the design of the Space Station to fend off osteoporosis, muscle wasting and other effects of zero gravity during extended Station missions because it works. The $4K – $5K QRS system claims to be going to space with NASA.

Although peer reviewed studies show astounding anti-osteoporosis / bone wasting effects, the FDA has effectively sidelined this simple technology for routine, age-related bone loss.

We are describing a very narrow healthy frequency band where frequencies above 15 Hz have been shown in dozens of frequency specific animal studies to cause negative behavioral modification; above 20 Hz to cause stress hormone production. You’ll notice that the highest amplitude peak in the graph below is (as it should be) 7.8 Hz and is what most people mistakenly believe is “THE” Schumann resonance. In reality Schumann resonance is a SPECTRUM of frequencies with the majority of its amplitude below 15 Hz, and with peaks at around 1 Hz, 2.5 Hz, 7.8 Hz, 14.1 Hz, 20.3 Hz, and higher. You’ll see below this is no longer true.

The graph at right is what Schumann Schumann waves graphspectrum looks like when not shielded from 60 Hz electrical wiring. Notice again the peak in Delta-rhythm and that the amplitude of the 60 Hz wiring is far above any otherfrequencies.

What is remarkable is these fields overlay the stress-free human EEG almost perfectly. Notice again the peaks at about 1.5 Hz and 2.5 Hz within the Delta rhythm band (these are included in Sleep on Command™ sleep-mode programs). These low frequencies are what used to naturally help provide a fairly strong signal to “entrain” to during the nighttime to help us to achieve Delta rhythm sleep. If you look at the 60 Hz spike you can see it is far “louder” than the peaks in what would correspond to Delta and Theta waves.

Schumann resonance is changing

Now direct your attention to a more recent graph of Schumann taken in the high desert well outside of Taos New Mexico averaged over a period of hours (perhaps days). You’ll notice now as of 2010 the

low end of Schumann (below 14.1 Hz) is now completely outweighed by frequencies higher than 20 Hz. For more evidence on the change in Schumann see Morphing Schumann Resonance & Brain Wave Entrainment.

The relationship between the earth’s geomagnetic fields, sleep, EMF, RF Radio Frequencies

7.8 the traditional high spike in Schumann is now lower than the spike at 32.something. This is very disturbing and is one more reason people are not sleeping. Evidently pumping billions of Watts of RF into the atmosphere since WWII has morphed one of Mother Natures masterpieces. Now, even OFF the grid you’re not likely to sleep very well except if you’re sleeping on the ground, horizontal to the electromagnetic resonation coming from Earth’s core.

Equally important, the mitochondria (cell power plants) respond particularly well to frequencies falling within this narrow frequency band (especially 10 Hz) and are debilitated (or worse by RF.) We’ve used 9.6 Hz since inception in 2001 and is our primary use frequency for sleep, recovery and longevity.

Research during 5 decades (much of it in former Soviet Union) conclusively showed that a 10 Hz field produced the most exceptional healing and tissue regenerating effects in several dozen peer reviewed publications. In 2003 NASA discovered a 10 Hz field for 17 – 21 days turned gene sequences for maturation -OFF- and for developmental -ON-. Further, it found a four fold increase in rate of neural tissue regeneration. We have used 9.6 Hz as our RECOVER-MODE program since 2001.

In 2007 James Tong found 10 Hz TRIPLED nerve synapse energy and DOUBLED mitochondrial density at nerve synapses within MINUTES. In the linked chart (which may be enlarged by clicking on it) compare unstimulated control mitochondria (white circles) with 10 Hz stimulated (black circles) in upper and lower segments.

In 1989 David Hood found 30+ days 10 hours per day 10 Hz stimulation increased two critical enzymes of cell respiration, citrate synthase and cytochrome c oxidase by factors of 3x. This would be consistent with our finding of improved oxygen metabolism by frequencies utilized by our Sleep on Command™ device. See results of RBH test in our clients.

The Schumann waves encircle the earth horizontal to the ground in a spectrum resembling the graph above, while 9.6 Hz resonates from the Earth’s molten core perpendicular to the ground (Bob Beck’s interview that included disclosure of his experimental discovery of the 9.6 Hz resonation has been lost). See Why 9.6 Hz?

Recent study into the workings of cells’ mitochondria find that 10 Hz stimulation (see studies linked above) greatly enhances mitochondrial adaptation to both physical and neurological demands.
It is no coincidence that pulsed magnetic fields at or around 10 Hz have produced BY FAR the best effects in dozens and dozens of published, peer reviewed studies; particularly those published by the Eastern Europeans circa 1970-1990.

It should now be self evident that the phenomenal healing effects of 10 Hz are attributable to mitochondrial response to that very particular frequency. In other peer-reviewed studies, 10 Hz found to promote mitochondrial replication and trafficking within the cell. We have found 10 Hz to have the most profound sports performance ergogenic enhancement.

It is this Earth’s-pulse that is the primary reason you sleep so well on camping trips. It’s not the fresh air and exercise; it’s sleeping in touch with Mother-Earth and receiving Her vital frequency of 9.6 Hz and an unadulterated range of low-end Schumann. Until recently most camping was done outside of the wireless telecommunications “grid”. Now even camping, unless you’ve got weak signal on your phone, you are well within the grid.

Sleeping close to or in contact with the ground is far better than sleeping at home several feet (or more) above it, with 50/60 Hz electric fields, and full strength radio frequency from telecommunications grid (and in-range wireless networks) permeating your bedroom and living spaces. Pretty bleak picture overall; and why you can expect your sleep to deteriorate even more with time, especially if HD TV broadcasting and large scale Wi-MAX is rolled out in your area.

Earthing or Earth-tethering systems attempt to address this problem and it is admittedly better than nothing. But for about the same price range you can get an Earthing system on steroids….the Sleep on Command™ sleep, longevity and recovery system.

EMP is foreign to the body and up until the 1980’s, AC power frequency (50-60 Hz depending upon your geographic location) and weak TV and radio station broadcasts was all that broadly existed; the body tolerated it fairly well.

However, EMP broke the tolerance threshold and detrimentally arrived on the scene with the arrival of home wireless telephones during the 80’s (usually everyone had an extension in their bedroom next to their bed), then cellular phone networks arrived in the 90’s and cellular now propagates within every urban area in the world with denser and denser layers of information. As stated above, since the cellular telephone roll-out, sleep quality has suffered. Each year as cellular becomes more dense, sleep quality will diminish along with it.

Wireless computer networks permeate our work and school (and in many cases our bedrooms) and with the combination of cellular and wireless networks, our species has reached the tipping point. We are now finding it difficult or impossible to quiet our mind at night and get a good nights sleep. Children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD are known to be poor sleepers.

Forget about what RF microwave does to your sleep for the moment and lets consider species survival. Bee colony collapse disorder and sparrow population decrease is the proverbial canary in the coal mine so far as RF is concerned.

So is the marked deterioration of sleep quality in adolescent and infantile sleep quality (National Sleep Foundation / Pampers® survey autism completed in November ’05 found that even babies and toddlers under 5 y.o. aren’t sleeping nearly as well as they did 2 decades ago). Factor in the increased rate of ADHD and the STEEP increase in autism seen in the chart at right. Notice after a relatively stable 1-4 cases per 10,000 throughout history until 1980, the incidence curve turns straight up just about when the first cellular phone networks opened for business. The “official” incidence of autism is now 1:100, but based on the chart above it was 1:75 10 years ago and that chart-line is awfully steep.

It wouldn’t surprise us they “cooked” the official number (like Wall Street) and that it is actually higher than 1:100. Here’s the only study done on RF and Autism (back in 2003! when autism was 1 in 500). I’d bet there are 10 times more cell phone masts since 2003. It’s getting worse and worse every day.  Remember there’s lag time with cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and the myriad of modern neurological maladies, which means we’re seeing cancer rates today that started 5 years ago or more.

A reasonable person could argue steeply increased cancer incidence from 1:100 in the 1960’s to 1:3 males and 1:4 females coincides well with the technological “advancements” in telecommunications. So as with ADD / ADHD, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and the myriad of modern neurological maladies. It is clear all around you. Its not just financial stress driving the average person “crazy”.

If you don’t protect yourself you “simply” aren’t being very intelligent. EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ is the most potent form of EMF protection on the planet and helps your body cope during the day with naturally produced, higher levels of healthy energy. Even if you sleep great and aren’t interested in enhancing physical or mental performance levels, protecting yourself at the subcellular level should be.

NO safe levels of radiofrequency (RF) microwave

There are NO safe levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields above the frequency of 15 Hz  due to their negative effect upon the neurological system.Dozens of peer reviewed research studies (see frequency specific animal studies) showed animals exposed chronically to frequencies above 15 Hz resulted in detrimental behavioral changes and above 20 Hz stress hormone production. Once nearing power frequency transmission at 50/60 Hz the mitochondria become severely debilitated and cancer likely results over time. Watch this video start to finish and you’ll recognize just how bad the threat of radiofrequency (RF) is to your health.

The neurological system is the most sensitive antenna ever devised, and the mitochondria inside every cell of the body including the neurological system may be more sensitive than that. Professor Photios Anninos discovered he could beneficially affect Epilepsy and Parkinson’s patients with fields in the PicoTesla range. All you have to know about PicoTesla is that it’s about 500 times weaker than Earth’s natural magnetic signal. The key here is that Anninos uses a frequency in the 7 Hz – 10 Hz range. Dr. Reuven Sandyk re-proved Anninos discovery through 90+ peer-reviewed studies using 8 Hz frequency in the same PicoTesla range.

RF not only impairs the cells’ mitochondria destroying your power generation system, it acutely impairs brain’s ability to reach deep, Delta-rhythm sleep where cellular repair occurs most efficiently. It upsets the natural resonation (think of it as de-tuning an engine) of the mitochondria, debilitating the cellular energy pool so even when you do finally get to sleep, the energy “pooling” is minimized.

Under this condition the body lacks sufficient energy required for repair, regeneration, immune function and hormone synthesis.  So, you are not only sleeping poorly and suffering from lack of sleep, you are also de-tuning the cellular power-plants and your body deteriorates faster allowing any number of disease states to take over the cells.

I propose that all disease is related to mitochondria dysfunction due to insufficient daily repair which over time self propagates and until it accelerates out of control. Trauma repair is directly related to mitochondrial energy production and over 5 decades in dozens of studies, the 10 Hz clinically applied stimulation studies provided the very-best results in all.

Healthy Brain-Wave Rhythms:


Beta frequencies lie above 12 Hz and when you are in active thought process with no stress you’re brain-wave signature is predominated by 12 – 14 Hz low-Beta-rhythm.  Beta frequencies, 12 to 14 Hz, are “normal” predominant rhythms that occur during concentration. Frequencies above lower-mid-Beta occur when agitated or fearful. If you are in fight-or-flight, then you are in the mid to high-Beta-rhythm brain state.

The mid to high Beta-rhythm and Gamma-rhythm brain state is required for human survival and has some physiological benefits, but excessive exposure to these higher brain frequencies (at the expense of frequencies at 14 Hz and below) is not healthy, and cumulatively cause stress related health effects including poor sleep and increased production of stress hormones like cortisol.

If you are stuck in a mid to high-Beta brain state then you cannot sleep and you cannot heal or maintain hormonal homeostasis. To maintain robust health, quality of life, bolster immunity and have a positive outlook on life, then deep sleep and avoidance of  mid-high Beta-rhythm states are mandatory.


Alpha frequencies lie between 8 and 12 Hz and predominate when you are relaxed, calm, and in a meditative state. The once predominant 7.83 Hz is just about right on the cross over between Theta and Alpha.


Theta frequencies lie between 4 and 8 Hz and predominate during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. Theta can predominate when in awakened states under certain circumstances. Some say one experiences dream-like mental imagery and creativity during Theta-rhythm predominance.


States of deep sleep are called Delta-rhythm and lie below 4 Hz. There are strong relationships between hormonal response, healing, and immunity when Delta-rhythm predominates during deep sleep.

This is also when energy demand for supporting the body is at its lowest. Heartbeat slows, breathing slows, brain activity is minimal; therefore Delta-rhythm sleep is the only time body can sequester excess energy for the physiological and psychological recovery and maintenance activities.

Notice in the “Classical” Schumann graphs above, that the most dominant Schumann amplitudes lie under 14 Hz which correlate with low-Beta, Alpha, Theta and Deltabrain states -or- active thought process, calm, relaxed, light and then deep sleep respectively.

Notice too that aggregate amplitude (signal strength) in Delta-Theta  is greater than the Alpha-Beta. This is not coincidental correlation; it is the way nature keeps us psychologically and physiologically in balance and able to shut our brains down at night, while remaining relatively stress free and focused during the day. Unfortunately it appears as if this is no longer true.

Brain-Wave Entrainment to Schumann Resonance:

Entrainment occurs when our mind-body state locks into the rhythm of an external oscillator (like the EarthPulse™). The external oscillator is either undesirable EMP (causing stress and poor sleep) or the beneficial Schumann and geomagnetic field frequencies (which are simply too weak for the body/brain to “hear” through the EMP.

Normally the brain structure called the thalamus controls our brain waves. Either Schumann resonances and geomagnetic fields or EMP are ‘picked up’ by magnetite-bearing brain tissues in the thalamus and particularly the pineal gland (responsible for melatonin production that is our most important anti-oxidant due to ability to pass the blood-brain barrier – its ability to protect DNA in body and brain – and its affect on the circadian-rhythm).

During these intervals ENTRAINMENT occurs, the brain’s pacemaker is external: either the Schumann resonances & geomagnetic field (beneficial) or (detrimental) RF and power frequency electric fields. Unfortunately unless outside the grid, the later is the rule.

We were meant to be relaxed and meditative with natural-magnetic-fields being the pacer; but increasingly we are not because these natural fields have been lost beneath the higher amplitude of man made high frequency fields. More recently it seems that even if entrained by these natural magnetic fields, they are no longer below the low-Beta-rhythm threshold.

In November 2006 researchers at the U of Wisconsin described a method of using 1 Hz (Delta rhythm) transcranial magnetic stimulation to trigger slow way sleep. Earlier the same month the University of Lubeck, Germany  reported that 1 Hz transcranial electric  stimulation resulted in deeper sleep and improved memory consolidation. In contrast, a study published in -’08 January- through the prestigious Karolinska Institute and Wayne State University showed cell phone radiation delayed Delta -slow wave- sleep onset. Nighttime EEG recording of subjects exposed to externally applied Delta rhythm signals show enhanced slow wave sleep throughout the night.

In contrast to our somnogram, the U of WI tested effects of magnetic fields hundreds, if not thousands of times more powerful than ours. Their study had to be shut down because of overheating of the magnetic coil due to the prolonged activation of it.

In several thousand clients we’ve proven EarthPulse™ promotes sleep with a very weak, near earth-amplitude signal typically generated from under their mattress during the nighttime which overshadows nearly if not all of the RF and power frequency fields.

“I have used the EarthPulse™ pulsed-magnetic sleep-machine to help with my sleep problems and have found it to be remarkably effective in not only creating a more satisfactory nighttime sleep regimen but also improving my daytime alertness. At age 81 one expects some physiologic sleep disturbances mainly in the depth of sleep and also involving more frequent awakenings. This technology restored my sleep pattern to much of its earlier characteristics. I also noted having delightful dreams and having  the ability to remember them on awakening. No doubt light sleep was also enhanced. I have used it on several other subjects as well with similar results.”  Ron Lawrence, MD, PhD Neurologist

“I highly recommend this product. It has solved my problem of waking several times
per night.”  Dr. Steven Sinatra, Cardiologist-Editor Heart, Health & Nutrition

“You have certainly come up with something that helps me sleep”  Robert O. Becker, MD

“Nearly all psychological, neurological and physiological disease including aging, is the end result of mitochondrial dysfunction; and NOT the other way around. Since RF has been repeatedly shown to cause mitochondrial dysfunction, I believe it to be the most potentially devastating element of modern life. More so than toxic chemicals, more so than genetically modified foods, more so than drugs and alcohol; because they can be nearly be completely avoided and radio frequency quite simply cannot.”  Paul F. Becker, Esq. was warned of smart meter debacle by Cabinet Office in 2012 was warned of smart meter debacle by Cabinet Office in 2012

Cyber threat and net loss of £4.5bn flagged four years ago

Big billlinkedin

The government was warned of the risks surrounding its controversial smart meter programme four years ago, according to a leaked internal report seen by The Register, but appears to have largely ignored those concerns.

A review of the programme from March 2012 highlights the vulnerability of smart meters to cyber-attacks, and flagged estimates that the scheme could leave the taxpayer out of pocket by £4.5bn rather than save consumers cash.

Some 53 million smart meters are due to be installed in residences and small businesses by the end of 2020 at an estimated cost of £11bn.

So far 3.5 million have been installed. The government has said it expects the scheme will save £17bn. However, a recent delayed report found that benefits to the consumer could be much smaller than originally thought.

The programme was overseen by the former Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), which has since been subsumed by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

In addition, the technical delivery of the national platform behind smart meters, which is the responsibility of the Capita-run Data Communications Company (DCC), has been subject to a series of delays. That platform intended to lay the basis of the smart grid.

The report noted that the proposed technical model of smart meters “inserts a new third party between consumers and energy providers”.

The programme introduces a “potentially significant, security and privacy vulnerability” which “[presents] a major vector for cyber-attacks given the vulnerability of a centralised entity managing all the switching into every homes. It also introduces a central point for surveillance and privacy compromises.”

It also said that GCHQ’s technical arm CESG has “voiced strong concerns about the proposed approach”. Since the report, GCHQ has worked more closely with DECC “to assure the security of the UK system”.

The report revealed that the cost benefits have varied widely since the scheme was first mooted from a net loss of £4.5bn to the taxpayer to current estimates of a £7bn net benefit. “Such significant disparities indicate a high uncertainty and risk associated with the underlying modelling assumptions and the programme overall,” it read.

The cost of installing smart meters in Italy is £75 per meter and £127 in France, in contrast to £390 per household in the UK, it said, recommending a full review of the cost of the programme compared with other countries.

The report described the government’s approach as similar to “command and control” IT programmes such as the disastrous £11bn National Programme for IT and £500m FireControl programme, and runs the risk of “replicating the problems of government ICT projects of the last 15 years”.

It concluded: “[The] significant fluctuation of the net disbenefits and net benefits of impact assessments; the low optimism bias applied to still changing technology requirements; and the creation of a centralised data and communications provider all indicate a programme with the high risk characteristics of previous large-scale IT failures.”

The report accused the programme of having an “inconsistent evidence base”, finding there was no analysis of alternative options, and proposed a three-month reset of the programme.

Despite the scheme not materially changing since the report was published, last September the Major Projects Authority downgraded the risk of the project from amber/red to amber, suggesting that some progress has been made on the DCC scheme. ®

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New paper: When theory and observation collide: Can non-ionizing radiation cause cancer?

Press Release
Trent University
1600 West Bank Drive Peterborough, ON Canada K9L 0G2

The Missing Link:

Why your government isn’t protecting you from Wi–Fi and cell phone radiation when
research shows this radiation causes cancer.

The American scientific journal Environmental Pollution reports, in its next issue, that
government safety guidelines for microwave radiation emitted by mobile phones, Wi-Fi, smart
meters, and other common wireless devices, are fundamentally flawed and fail to protect the
public from this possible carcinogen.

Increasing scientific evidence shows wireless radiation causes cancer and infertility and other
health effects, but due to a flawed assumption in safety guidelines, governments in the United
States, Canada, and the UK are allowing their citizens to be overexposed to microwave
radiation from wireless technology.

Because governments relied on the wrong model when declaring these devices to be safe.
Ionizing radiation such as x-rays and gamma rays are known to cause cancer by detaching the
negative ion – the electron – at the heart of human cell structure. Non-ionizing radiation, such
as microwaves, do not detach electrons. Therefore when determining whether microwaveemitting
devices were safe to be sold to the public, governments formulated their consumer
safety guidelines with the understanding that microwave radiation does not directly or
immediately discharge electrons. Despite the growing number of scientific studies documenting
that microwave radiation causes cancer, governments have refused to update their guidelines.
One critical aspect of non-ionizing radiation has been overlooked.

Ionizing radiation increases free radicals in the body directly. Non-ionizing radiation increases
free radicals in the body indirectly, by interfering with repair mechanisms that neutralize free
radicals. Free radicals are carcinogenic. Therefore by interfering with the body’s ability to
repair free radical damage, microwave radiation is also carcinogenic.

Microwave radiation was used in the 1940s for military radar, and was widely adopted for
civilian residential use in the 1970s to cook food. Microwave ovens are shielded because
microwaves are known to cause heating. At that time, it was assumed that the only danger from
microwave exposure was tissue heating, known as the “thermal effect”. This led to thermal
guidelines for microwave radiation.

This paper shines a spotlight on the misguided genesis of government regulations that are
based on the thermal effect and documents free-radical damage induced by non-ionizing

As usage of microwave–emitting devices increases and is marketed to younger consumers
without caution, we can expect a societal increase of certain types of cancers including
glioblastoma as well as infertility and other health effects associated with free-radical damage.
Indeed this is already happening.

Havas, M. 2016. When theory and observation collide: Can non-ionizing radiation cause
cancer? Environmental Pollution, 219: 000-000. Online release November 28, 2016.
Contact information for the author:
Dr. Magda Havas, BSc. PhD.
Trent School of the Environment, Trent University,
Peterborough, ON, Canada, K9J 0G2,
phone: 1 705 748-1011 ext 7882

Paper abstract:

This paper attempts to resolve the debate about whether non-ionizing radiation (NIR) can
cause cancer–a debate that has been ongoing for decades. The rationale, put forward
mostly by physicists and accepted by many health agencies, is that, “since NIR does not
have enough energy to dislodge electrons, it is unable to cause cancer.” This argument is
based on a flawed assumption and uses the model of ionizing radiation (IR) to explain
NIR, which is inappropriate. Evidence of free-radical damage has been repeatedly
documented among humans, animals, plants and microorganisms for both extremely low
frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields (EMF) and for radio frequency (RF) radiation,
neither of which is ionizing. While IR directly damages DNA, NIR interferes with the
oxidative repair mechanisms resulting in oxidative stress, damage to cellular components
including DNA, and damage to cellular processes leading to cancer. Furthermore, freeradical
damage explains the increased cancer risks associated with mobile phone use,
occupational exposure to NIR (ELF EMF and RFR), and residential exposure to power
lines and RF transmitters including mobile phones, cell phone base stations, broadcast
antennas, and radar installations.

The full paper is here

We are In Deep Do Do with Trump…

We are Living In a Banana Republic.  We have, soon, the President elect (throw up in my mouth) ,who is mentally unfit, to run the greatest Country in the World taking office.  He will enrage those, even more, who were looking  to drain the swamp.  His cabinet will be a reflection of doing the complete opposition of what he promised during the campaign.

The prophesies of the movie “Idiocracy” is now being actually lived out in real time. We are all living in a really bad reality TV show.  We will maybe, have four years of this idiot, with the emotional intelligence of an adolescent tweeting and spewing lie after lie out of his ugly mouth.

This is not the spiritual cleanse we so desperately need to change the culture of thinking in Washington.  It goes much deeper than a bunch of lobby bought suits holding office.  This goes to the heart of our collective population, of which 43% did not participate in the voting of one of the most important elections of our lives!  Yet, Hillary won the popular vote.  We need to abolish the electoral college, but that does not excuse the fact that people didn’t show up.  Where were the millennials?  Do they not realize that instead of our country moving forward, we will regress  50 years with relying on the Trump’s Judgment?  Yes, I am with those disgusted and angered by how the middle class has dwindled down and has not reaped their due piece of the pie, but the messenger is not Donald Trump.

I predict that Trump will not go full term or will because of his conflict of interests.  This will take up most of his and our time while  in office.  His latest rant is incarcerating or taking away citizenship of a person expressing their right of free speech and expression.  He is going to piss off so many groups and leaders around the world that we will earn the “Banana Republic” label.  The idea that a dictator is now and soon to be our leader will be a daily reminder when we lose our standing in the world as being a stable country.

He does not possess the intelligence, class or dignity required to hold the highest office in the world.  There has been a coup de tat.  It is not a democracy when the person who got the most votes in the election came in second!!

I don’t think the Russians influenced the voting.  I think, for many, the Pulsed radio frequencies that are signature 8Hz and the microwave pulsed bio active frequencies we are exposed to 24 hours a day via the so called smart grid  is compromising the ability to think rationally.

I think it is also funny that everyone is tying to figure out why Trump does what he does.  It will be an obsession for the media the next four years.  You cannot rationalize the behavior of someone who is mentally ill until you figure out that that person IS mentally ill!……Sandaura







The Unspoken Impacts of Smart Meters. Microwave Technologies RFs/EMFs “Harm Human Health”

The Unspoken Impacts of Smart Meters. Microwave Technologies RFs/EMFs “Harm Human Health”

Case Testimony Before The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission: What No One Wants To Acknowledge About EMF Damage

Global Research, November 06, 2016
Activist Post 5 November 2016


 This is the continuation of the testimony I will present before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission’s Administrative Law Court November 2 and 3, 2016.

A very similar scheme, I offer, currently is being used and foisted upon customers and consumers by vested interests and even the PA PUC I may add, which depend upon fifty-year-old or more, radar science heat-producing (thermal) studies to prove that microwave technologies RFs/EMFs do not harm human health, while specifically totally disregarding and discrediting scientifically documented Non-thermal health effects in order to cash in on federal grant monies that promote what’s being called “The Internet of Things” or the “Grid.”

Moreover, the U.S. military document in Exhibit L indicates that RF/EMF microwave safety is not cost effective and, therefore, always has been avoided and deliberately not pursued further.  That deliberate fact needs to be prosecuted as crimes of conspiracy, collusion and racketeering to maintain specific military vested interests, which have impacted industry, including controlling a one-sided inaccurate assessment of science and technology, detrimental to human health and the environment.

Read Full Story at:

Has the WHO EMF Project been hijacked by ICNIRP?

Has the WHO EMF Project been hijacked by ICNIRP?

Recently the following appeal has been posted at

“Make your voice count

Sign this VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE in WHO’s EMF Project

We, the undersigned, being aware of and/or harmed by the adverse biological effects of EMFs, hereby declare our VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE for WHO and its EMF Project, headed by industry-biased Emilie van Deventer—an electrical engineer (with no medical or health credentials), who has publicized her support for the wireless telecommunications industry and has a major conflict of interest, given her industry-funded research aimed at promoting and advancing wireless communication technology.

We demand that:

1. Emilie van Deventer be immediately replaced by a qualified independent professional who has the appropriate medical credentials and a medically informed understanding of and respect for the millions of individuals experiencing microwave sickness/electromagnetic sensitivity, and who will act on the body of science that confirms the adverse biological effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

2. WHO and its EMF Project take immediate action to acknowledge, and make science-based decisions regarding, the proven harm caused by EMFs, without any bias or regard for commercial or industry interests, and with full disclosure to the public. With a mandate of preserving the health of the global population and, via its EMF Project, of ‘investigating the detrimental health effects from exposure of people to non-ionizing radiation’, WHO must ensure its complete freedom from industry bias and corruption.”

IARC as part of WHO evaluated radiofrequency (RF) radiation in May 2011 and concluded it to be a possible human carcinogen, Group 2B.  However, in a fact sheet issued by WHO in June 2011 shortly after the IARC decision it was stated that ‘To date, no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use’.

WHO has still not acknowledged health risks form RF radiation: ‘No major public health risks have emerged from several decades of EMF research, but uncertainties remain’.

WHO plans to publish in 2017 an Environmental Health Criteria Monograph on RF radiation. It has been open for comments and parts of our letter to WHO is shown below:


World Health Organization                                                                         15 December, 2014
Dr. T E van Deventer, Team Leader
Radiation Programme Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social
Determinants of Health, World Health Organization
Geneva, Switzerland
Via Email:

Comments on the WHO draft: Radio Frequency fields: Environmental Health Criteria Monograph

The following comments relate to section 12.1 Cancer Epidemiology. Due to the short time for submission of comments it is not possible to make a full review. That would require an in-depth review checking the original publications in detail.

Unfortunately the WHO draft does not state the names of the authors and any conflicts of interest. However, it must be clear that if any current or previous member of ICNIRP is part of this draft it would be a serious conflict of interest. ICNIRP has produced guidelines for radiofrequency electromagnetic (RF-EMF) exposure and accepts only thermal effects. Thus the large bulk of evidence on non-thermal effects is ignored, see the update of ICNIRP guidelines:

ICNIRP statement on the “Guidelines for limiting exposure to time-varying electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields (up to 300 GHz)”. Health Physics. 2009; 97:257-8.

However, it is the opinion of ICNIRP that the scientific literature published since the 1998 guidelines has provided no evidence of any adverse effects below the basic restrictions and does not necessitate an immediate revision of its guidance on limiting exposure to high frequency electromagnetic fields…..With regard to non-thermal interactions, it is in principle impossible to disprove their possible existence but the plausibility of the various non-thermal mechanisms that have been proposed is very low. In addition, the recent in vitro and animal genotoxicity and carcinogenicity studies are rather consistent overall and indicate that such effects are unlikely at low levels of exposure. Therefore, ICNIRP reconfirms the 1998 basic restrictions in the frequency range 100 kHz–300 GHz until further notice.”

ICNIRP has not published any later statement. Thus, ICNIRP has not changed their guidelines in spite of increasing evidence of adverse health effects from RF-EMF exposure. Being a present or a former member of ICNIRP creates intellectual bias, not the least to adopt their evaluation in any further review outside ICNIRP. In fact, it would be remarkable if an ICNIRP member comes to a conclusion other than the ICNIRP paradigm of “no health effects.”

Another remarkable drawback of the draft is that the following important chapters are missing: Chapter 1: Summary and recommendations for further study. Chapter 13: Health risk assessment, Chapter 14: Protective measures. It is unclear why these chapters are excluded. Is it so that WHO aims to produce their conclusions without comments from the international scientific community?


Concluding remarks:

In conclusion the WHO draft is biased towards the null results. Findings on an association between use of wireless phones (mobile phones and cordless phones) and increased risk for brain tumours are misinterpreted, selectively reported and/or omitted in total. The draft cannot be used as science-based evaluation of increased risk. It needs to be re-written in a balanced way by scientists trained in epidemiology and oncology, not the least in medicine, and without conflicts of interest.

Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD                               Michael Carlberg, MSc
Department of Oncology                                 Department of Oncology
University Hospital                                          University Hospital
SE-701 85 Örebro                                           SE-701 85 Örebro
Sweden                                                           Sweden”

Later the members of the WHO core group has been presented, here also with their ICNIRP affiliation:

Simon Mann X X
Maria Feychting X X
Gunnhild Oftedal X X
Eric van Rongen X X
Maria Rosaria Scarfi X X*
Denis Zmirou X

WHO: World Health Organization
ICNIRP: International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection

Thus, of the six members five are presently or have been members of ICNIRP. It is no wonder that at least the epidemiology part does not substantially differ from the ICNIRP ‘no risk’ paradigm. It should be noted that the Ethical Board at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden concluded already in 2008 that being a member of ICNIRP may be a conflict of interest that should be stated in scientific publications (Karolinska Institute Diary Number 3753-2008-609).

It is thus pertinent that those concerned about the WHO EMF project, that includes persons with obvious conflicts of interest, should consider the petition:

Engineers Aware of Noise Pollution on So Called Smart Grid

This issue is no secret among the engineers who understand the negatives of using the power lines other than its sole function of delivering electricity to customers.  The two way communication known as Power line carrier technology (PLC) or Broadband over the power lines has always proven to be problematic with no resolve trying to use unshielded  electric power lines for communication.  I personally am living in hell for 10 years in my own home because of the noise pollution from this harmful technology assaulting assaulting us 24/7.  The pulsed RF signals are bio-active; disrupting brain waves causing insomnia, sleep deprivation and a myriad of negative symptoms compromising those who are trying to maintain or heal from an illness.  Exposure to this constant dose of noise pollution and non ionizing radiation is putting everyone at risk….Sandaura


Strong noise interference:  Electrical equipment on the power grid, such as switched-mode power supplies and inverters, can produce significant amounts of interference on multiple frequencies that vary randomly.

What’s the Difference Between PLC and RF for Smart-Meter Backhaul?

Despite their disparities, both technologies can be used in a complementary fashion to solve obstruction, interference, and attenuation issues.

UK-Not so smart meters will “enable snooping and pose a health risk”

Not so smart meters will “enable snooping and pose a health risk”

Wednesday, 23 November 2016 By Clare Casey in Local People

ednesday, 23 November 2016 By Clare Casey in Local People

OPPOSITION to the installation of smart meter devices by utility companies to monitor household energy consumption is gathering pace across Enfield.

Hundreds have joined a Facebook page in a David and Goliath-style fight, pitting the consumer against the Government, which has given the go-ahead to install them in every home by 2020.

A smart meter is a wireless device that records consumption of electricity, gas and water in 30-minute intervals and beams that information back to a central database held by each utility firm.

Ministers set out plans nearly a decade ago, claiming the meters will help customers cut their bills and governments meet environmental targets.

Charlotte Palmer, of Ordnance Road, Enfield Lock, set up the Stop Smart Meters in Enfield Facebook page and is knocking on doors every evening to make residents aware of the “dangers of the devices”.

She believes the central database of utility information would be a tempting target for hackers and identity thieves. Campaigners also claim that the electromagnetic radiation pulses the devices emit pose a health hazard.

Miss Palmer, 45, said:

“The meters have been installed in the road and once they are turned on, will collect details about how people use electricity and gas, allowing snoopers to scrutinise what time someone goes to bed, washes or uses their computer.

“They can tell hackers, when we’re in or out, on holiday, in bed. It’s a massive invasion of privacy and potentially very dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands.”

Global giants which supply gas, water and electricity have until 2020 to install them or face hefty fines.

Enfield Council has given Thames Water permission to dig up the pathways in Ordnance Road and install the devices.

Thames Water does not need permission from households to install them in Enfield, because London is a high “water consumption” area.

Danny Leamon, Thames Water’s head of metering, said:

“Installing water meters is important, not just because they give our customers greater control over their water use, but also for the environment, as climate change and population growth put ever increasing pressure on our water resources. We also believe meters are the fairest way to pay because you pay for what you use, value what you pay for, and so tend to use water more efficiently.

“Water companies can meter domestic premises on a compulsory basis in areas which have been determined by the Secretary of State to be of serious water stress, which London is.

“The meters are activated shortly after being installed so the radio signals can be checked. We write to customers to let them know and from then on they will have two years before they are switched to a metered bill, or sooner if they want.”

Mr Leamon added that the devices posed no health risk and that data would be transferred using “robust encryption.”

Miss Palmer has been inspired by friends in Haringey who set up a successful Smart Meter resistance group.

She is also urging as many residents as possible to attend the council’s ward meeting at Ordnance Road Library, Hertford Road on December 6 at 7:30pm when the item is on the agenda.

Find out how microwave radiation from WiFi, cell phones and other wireless devices is affecting your health.

Find out how microwave radiation from WiFi, cell phones and other wireless devices is affecting your health.

he following report (sent to the Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson, and the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, on 15 June 2016) has generated an overwhelming response from people all over the world. Many of them have electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), but some of them are discovering this information for the first time and are alarmed by how the dangers of microwave radiation have been distorted, downplayed and denied by those elected to protect our well-being. Get the facts. Protect your health.

As much as 50% of the population in many developed countries will be affected by electromagnetic radiation by 2017.

a 25-page report on the scientific facts about wireless radiation