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On Thursday, March 25, 2021, almost everyone I spoke with, both here in Santa Fe and elsewhere in the U.S. and Canada, said they were not feeling well and had not slept well the previous night. Since that was my experience as well, I began to ask for details and started taking notes. The stories were consistent and shocking.

By the next day it was obvious to me that something extraordinary was happening. I did some research and discovered that we are still in a time of low solar activity, so I ruled that out as a cause. However, my research suggested a reason: an unprecedented number of satellites had been launched into space the previous day. SpaceX had launched 60 satellites Wednesday morning (4:28 UTC) and OneWeb had launched 36 satellites Wednesday night (2:47 UTC Thursday). In addition, SpaceX had suddenly increased the speed of its satellite internet connections on Wednesday to more than 400 Mbps, as reported online by some of the people who are beta testing its service.

On Saturday I sent out a newsletter asking how widespread this was. I wrote only that I and others had not been feeling well for a couple of weeks and had gotten suddenly much sicker on Wednesday and Thursday, completely unable to sleep, hurting and itching all over. I gave no other details.

The responses poured in, a thousand of them, from every continent. They came from people living in New York City, London, Paris and Madrid, and from people living in remote locations miles from the nearest cell tower. They came from people who call themselves electrosensitive and people who do not. They came from people who use no wireless technology at all and have shielded their homes, and from people who have smart meters on their homes and 5G antennas outside who emailed me from their cell phones. They came from people young and old. It did not matter, they all had similar experiences. The responses came from:

Countries — Australia, Austria, Azores, Belgium, Canada, Canary Islands, Central America, Chile, Colombia, Cyprus, Denmark, Ecuador, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Laos, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mexico, Moldova, Nepal, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United States, Wales

United States — Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin
Canada — Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan,

Australia — New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, Western Australia

People who keep journals were able to be more precise than people who do not, but the stories are remarkably consistent. Many people had been not feeling well for a few weeks, and some pinpointed the beginning of their illness at either March 3 or March 10. Coincidentally, SpaceX’s two previous launches, sixty satellites each time, occurred on the nights of March 3 and March 10. Everybody, whether they were previously ill or not, became suddenly and profoundly sicker on March 24 or March 25, and most slept little or not at all the night of March 24. Which day depended partly on where they live; March 24 in the U.S. was March 25 in Australia. A few people’s illness began one day previously, on March 23.

People commonly reported that not only they, but also their spouse, children, parents, neighbors, friends, coworkers, clients, and everyone else they knew were sick, exhausted and irritable on March 24 or 25 and had trouble sleeping. They sometimes reported that their pets or farm animals were sick at the same time — cats, dogs, chickens, goats, cows.

Those who reported the details of their symptoms were consistent. They could not sleep for one, two, three or more nights, beginning March 24 or 25. Some took melatonin or other sleeping aids and still could not sleep. They had pain and itching, either all over or in specific parts of their body, commonly their feet and legs. They had headaches. They had muscle spasms. They were weak and exhausted and could hardly stand or walk, and some tripped or fell. They had skin rashes. They were dizzy and nauseous, and had stomach aches and diarrhea. The ringing in their ears was suddenly more intense. Their eyes were red, or inflamed, or their vision suddenly worsened. They had heart palpitations, rapid or irregular heartbeat, or suddenly high or very low blood pressure. A few had nose bleeds, or coughed up blood, or their eyes popped a blood vessel. They were anxious, depressed or suicidal, and irritable.

The following is a small sample of what I have been receiving:

A woman in Indiana wrote on March 28 that many of her friends had gone in for emergency surgery on their backs, knees or hips in the previous couple of weeks, and that another friend was scheduled for surgery the following week. “They all said it came on fast and said it was horribly painful… I know a huge amount of folks having strokes this past two weeks… My boss felt horribly ill last week.”

A woman in Slovenia wrote on March 28 that she could not get her menstrual period, had a fever for no reason, her liver hurt for four days, and her body was in torture. And that her mother and her cat were sick at the same time.

A man in Queensland, Australia wrote that on March 25 “I had a terrible sleep, woke up Friday morning with a headache, as did my employee and he says his family members did also.”

A woman in New Zealand wrote on March 28 that she had been sleepless, restless, buzzing, dizzy, low energy, with headaches and nausea since March 24, and that she had to pull off the road to avoid fainting while driving. And that her friends were similarly ill.

A woman in Belgium, at 1:00 p.m. precisely on March 24, suddenly had “headache, elevated blood pressure, nausea, feeling of heart arrhythmia,” had to leave work to
go to bed, and was sick for the next two days.

A man in Ontario felt muscle aches in his legs, “pain I never experienced before,” and tingling on his scalp, as well as nausea and poor appetite.

A woman in England has a relative who is collecting data, and reported on March 28 “a high frequency of people having kidney related issues, urinary tract issues, itching and skin rashes, and fatigue.”

A man in South Africa experienced breathing problems at night from March 25 to 27. “Even my son experienced the same.”

A woman in England has been in torture since March 3, with her skin feeling like it is on fire, badly swollen eyelids, and burns on her neck, chest, face, underarms and in the creases of her arms.

A woman in Nova Scotia wrote on March 27 that in the last few days she had felt very tired, had poor sleep, with jolting pain through her body, axe-like head pain, extreme tingling in face and neck, dizziness, choking/swelling in neck, shortness of breath, and “felt like I was going to die.”

A woman in Michigan wrote that she was weak, ill, and sad on March 24, could not sleep, and “felt like I was going to die.”

A man in Hungary wrote that on March 25 and 26 he had had a terrible headache, stomach pains, vomited, collapsed on the street and was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where his blood pressure was super-low for many hours. His dogs were anxious, fearful, tense and sleeping more. He knew many people with very bad tinnitus, headaches, nausea, stomach pains, digestive problems, and sleeplessness on those two days.

A woman in Sweden wrote on March 28 that she could not sleep, was feeling a weird kind of restless pressure, and that her cat had had an epileptic-like fit and could not walk.

A woman in Russia wrote on March 28 that she, her children and her friends had insomnia, bad mood, anxiety, lethargy, depression, and a feeling of pressure on the head.

A woman in South Carolina wrote on March 28 that she had had no sleep since March 24, had burning pains all over her body, cramps at night, anxiety, nervousness, itching, and ear pain. “It’s an agonizing situation like being poisoned to death.”

A woman in Wales wrote that on March 24 that she “experienced a level of exhaustion and kind of sick heavy malaise that I found it almost impossible to sit in a chair.” Neither she nor her daughter could sleep, and her sister-in-law felt really awful as well.

A woman in England wrote that a hen got suddenly sick on March 23 and died on March 24.

A woman in New York wrote that her friend’s husband was taken to the hospital March 25 with low oxygen levels.

A man in Illinois wrote on March 30 that he had had a 2% to 3% decrease in his blood oxygen saturation beginning March 26.

A woman in the Netherlands wrote that she lost her voice on March 24 and knows of two children who also lost their voice that day.

A man in Texas with a healing practice wrote on March 29 that he “was flooded with clients starting Thursday, March 25 that reported being very anxious, worried, trouble sleeping, having aches and pain in their lower back, nausea, etc.”

A man in Switzerland wrote on March 29 that his right hand was suddenly cold and sore on the morning of March 25, and that he had unbearable pain in his right arm that night. And that he had had tight chest and trouble breathing during the next days and was still feeling cold, tingling and exhausted, with stiff, sore muscles. He was growing seedlings in his house and noticed that for three days they had grown more slowly or stopped growing, and that some of them had deformed leaves.

A woman in Ohio wrote on March 30 that her 7-year-old daughter had suddenly developed a fever on March 24, with headache and vomiting by nighttime, and that she had recovered by March 28. She wrote also that her own body hurt, she had a headache, foggy feeling and fatigue, and that no one in her family had slept well for the past week. She added that her cat had been “unwell, shivering and not himself.” And that her hens were yelling all day on March 24 and making sounds she had never heard them make.
A woman in Florida wrote on March 31 that she had been ill for one week with headaches, nausea, poor sleep and anxiety, and that her 4-year-old cat was listless and not eating well.

A woman in Illinois wrote that on March 24 at 9:00 p.m. “my stomach started to hurt, was nauseous, got sweaty, and felt like I was drunk.”

A woman in California wrote that since March 29 her dog was throwing up and walking around like it was drunk.

This happened to my cat Zory too. On April 7, the day of another launch of 60 satellites, he was hardly eating and was walking around like he was drunk.

A woman in California wrote on March 28 that since March 24 she had severe neck pain at night, muscle cramps, and headaches, and that her son had diarrhea. She also wrote that she sees dead birds after satellite launches.

A woman in Norway saw a dead starling on her walkway on March 25 that had fallen out of the sky.

A woman in Spokane, Washington, which is one of the areas where beta testing for SpaceX’s Starlink satellites is taking place, wrote on March 31 that she has nightly seizures/tremors of legs and torso, muscle weakness, slowness, headaches, blurry vision, negative mood/despair/anger, leg pain, and fatigue. And that March 24, 25 and 26 were “horrible.”

A woman in Sweden wrote that on March 24 she woke with pains and aches all over and could not walk properly.

Another woman in Sweden wrote that on March 24 “I was feeling very ill, vomiting and was dizzy and tumbled down.”

A woman in Austria wrote on April 2 that she had had a urinary tract infection on March 24 that was more painful than she had ever experienced, that she had not slept the following nights and still felt weak.

A woman in Germany wrote that her mother had a mini-stroke on March 25.

A woman in Wisconsin wrote that her mother had a mini-stoke on March 24.
A woman in Russia wrote that all three of her children woke up sick on the morning of March 24 and stayed home from school.

A man in California wrote that he could not sleep Wednesday night and went to the hospital with pancreatitis at 1:00 a.m. “My MD ran many tests and can’t find any reason for the pancreatitis” and they sent him home two days later.

A woman in Ohio wrote that “Wednesday was one of the worst days of my life.”

A man in Switzerland, who has taught yoga and meditation for 40 years, felt a sudden lack of energy, inability to concentrate, dizziness and bad mood on March 24.

A woman in Alaska who I spoke with by phone told me that on the morning of March 24 she had had a fever and that her blood pressure had dropped precipitously, and that her cat had woken her up crying that morning.

A man in Washington wrote that he has a neighbor with a Starlink terminal with three WiFi beacons, and that unlike normal WiFi routers, the Starlink router has no off-switch. He said he has pain and muscle spasms from the Starlink router, that he feels it from 1/4 mile away, and that it got worse on March 24.

A woman in Wisconsin who operates a medical clinic wrote that on March 24 and 25 they could not get IVs started in patients. “Even patients with huge well-filled veins required 3-5 attempts before we could get the IV in and going.”

A medical doctor in New Zealand wrote that his wife went in for her cardiac pacemaker check on March 25 and “the technician needed 3 goes before the device would electronically connect. This had never happened with anyone before.”

A retired doctor in Wales wrote that his heart went into atrial fibrillation on March 24 at 4:00 p.m. It lasted for one hour.

A woman in British Colombia who is a private investigator and whose work requires her to be observant, noticed generally poor behavior by people on March 24 and 25.

My assistant Angela in Florida told me that she and her daughter both woke up on March 25 achy, with a headache, sore throat, and muscle aches, and that the ringing in her ears had increased. She said her nephew was sick that day with pinkeye, and her mother’s eyes had swelled up so badly that day that she could not drive. She said friends who were visiting from Maine were sick at the same time, as were her neighbors. She has a farm with cows, goats and chickens. One of her roosters got sick on the same day, and on March 26 four goats including two kids got sick with gooey eyes and diarrhea, and would not eat. The two little goats died the following week although they were really healthy when they were born.

Angela also told me of her experience last year, the week of April 22, 2020 when the number of Starlink satellites reached 400 and SpaceX began initial testing of its new satellite system. That week, ten of her roosters could not breathe and turned blue, and four of them died. Some of her hens also had breathing problems but not as severe. And all 16 of her dairy cows got sick at the same time with running noses and diarrhea.

And, someone emailed me from Maine to tell me that the Maine Center for Disease Control was reporting that there were more COVID-19 cases diagnosed in Maine on March 24 than at any time in the previous two months. So I decided to find out if this was true for the whole world, and it was. March 25, 2021 registered the highest number of cases since January 8, 2021 and the fifth highest number of cases since the pandemic began.

The reports of pain or itching in the feet and legs, and sometimes on the top of the head, make sense if the cause is the pollution of the global electric circuit by millions of frequencies from satellites. That circuit flows into our body from the heavens through the top of our head, and flows out of our body into the earth through our legs and feet. When that circuit is polluted, the points of connection to sky and earth are going to be strongly affected.
 Arthur FirstenbergAuthor, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and LifeP.O. Box 6216Santa Fe, NM 87502
phone: +1 505-471-0129arthur@cellphonetaskforce.org
April 15, 2021
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5G is testing the limits of trust


5G is testing the limits of trust

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    • 14 APR 215G is testing the limits of trust
    • From Dariusz Leszczynski Excerpt In 2020, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) published updated safety guidelines for exposures to radio-frequency radiation (RF-EMF) emitted by wireless communication devices and networks, such as mobile phones or mobile phone base stations. This publication replaced the ICNIRP 1998 RF-EMF guidelines. These guidelines, recommended by the World Health Organization, have been adopted by a majority of countries around the world, becoming part of their wireless regulatory framework. US uses IEEE/ICES and FCC guidelines, but seeks to “harmonize” with the ICNIRP guidelines. Safety according to ICNIRP The basic principle underlying these safety guidelines is that, according to ICNIRP, the only proven health-related effects induced by this kind of radiation exposure are those that occur when the temperature of human tissue is increased by more than 1 degree Celsius — the so-called thermal effects. When the temperature of human tissue does not increase by more than 1 degree Celsius, the radiation is considered by ICNIRP to be harmless to human health. In their opinion, the level of radiation emitted by wireless devices meeting ICNIRP safety guidelines is insufficient to cause a health-affecting increase in temperature in human tissue. Furthermore, according to ICNIRP’s review of science, there are no proven effects occurring without such a temperature increase. Given that ICNIRP considers that only thermal effects of radiation exposure can cause health effects, ICNIRP has designed safety guidelines to protect users from any thermal effects that could affect health. In ICNIRP’s opinion, prevention of thermal effects by the currently used safety limits is sufficient to protect the health of all users. However, there is a long list of experimentally-observed biological effects in animals or in cells grown in the laboratory, that have been induced by exposures to wireless radiation at levels well below the current exposure limits set by ICNIRP. Scientists are concerned that if such non-thermal effects were to occur in users, they might lead to health effects….SNIP In essence, ICNIRP safety guidelines justify the workings of the telecom industry, which, in 2019, had an annual worth, globally, of about 1.74 trillion US$ – ICNIRP, the organization that claims total independence from any outside interests, that acts without any external control or oversight, and that is not responsible to anyone for their scientific decisions….SNIP
    • Read the full article here http://www.emfacts.com/2021/04/5g-is-testing-the-limits-of-trust/

MA-Toxicology experts with state DPH tapped to probe Pittsfield cell tower health complaints

Toxicology experts with state DPH tapped to probe Pittsfield cell tower health complaints

As cell tower rises, neighborhood challenge to Pittsfield project faces new legal test (copy)

PITTSFIELD — Health officials in Pittsfield are calling in the cavalry — state toxicology experts — to reckon with ongoing complaints that a new cellular telephone tower is making people sick.

The city’s Board of Health voted Monday night to engage help from the state Department of Public Health’s environmental toxicology program to evaluate the health impacts of a new tower near Alma Street.

“We’d like to encourage people … to please use those resources at Mass DPH,” said Gina Armstrong, the city’s public health director. “They will report back to the Board of Health … on how many people have in fact been impacted and what the possible association is.”

“We have always taken this seriously. It is the residents’ concerns about their health that is our number one priority.”

— Dr. Alan Kulberg, chair of the Pittsfield Board of Health, on complaints of health effects linked to a new cellular telephone tower off South Street

The board urged residents who believe that they have illnesses related to radio frequency radiation to contact the state DPH by calling 617-624-5757, identify themselves as Pittsfield residents and speak with an environmental analyst.

In addition to personal consultations, the DPH will provide experts for an online forum planned for early May.

Dr. Alan Kulberg, the board’s chairman, said the city needed to reach outside for expertise, noting that Pittsfield lacked the ability to evaluate a complicated epidemiological issue.

The board’s action came after two members of the City Council petitioned it to take action, saying residents complaining of health effects have felt ignored on the issue.

“We have always taken this seriously,” Kulberg said. “It is the residents’ concerns about their health that is our number one priority.”

He said that the Health Department could not simply send a representative to the neighborhood and ask about symptoms.

“I’m not saying there isn’t a causal relationship,” Kulberg said, but these things have to be done in a rigorous epidemiological way. … We feel this is the most scientifically valid way to do it.”

The board took criticism during both a public comment period, and then from Ward 4 City Councilor Christopher J. Connell, over the city’s response to complaints of perceived health effects from the tower.

Jean Bresnahan of Elm View Terrace joined the board’s session by telephone to say she believes residents of the area near the 877 South St. tower have been snubbed.

“As a taxpayer, I’m shocked that this matter has been ignored for so long,” she said. “Where does this buck stop? These neighbors are suffering.”

Early in its meeting, the board declined to hear, during public comments, from people outside the city, including representatives of groups that oppose cell towers.

Courtney Gilardi, an Alma Street resident, called in to object that health officials appeared to be unwilling to receive information on the topic.

“Please hear us and help us,” she said. “What have you been doing to address this public health issue? Our voices have been silenced. Neighbors have been ignored.”

Connell expressed a similar frustration. He said he has been trying to advance the neighborhood’s concerns for eight months. He and Ward 5 City Councilor Patrick Kavey asked the health board to act on the issue.

“Why has this process been delayed so much?” he asked. “I don’t understand why this has been dragged on so long. I apologize if I sound angry, but this has been going on too long.”

It was more than an hour into the meeting before Kulberg described the planned DPH involvement. “We are happy to continue to facilitate the investigation of the citizens’ complaints,” he said.

Armstrong, the health director, said in response to Connell’s criticism that people in her office have been researching the best steps to take, in the face of a “vast amount” of information received.

“We were researching the resources needed to address this concern,” Armstrong said. “Working on a plan took some time … to do this to the level that is necessary.”

Kulberg added: “To develop some better scientific understanding about what’s going on.”

Board member Kimberly Loring said the approach now taken with the DPH will help clarify what’s at stake for human health.

“So we can get some numbers on how many people feel they are affected,” she said.

Ahead of the May forum, residents can email comments and questions about the Verizon Wireless tower’s possible health impacts to Beatrice Rozon, the Health Department’s administrative assistant, at brozon@cityofpittsfield.org. Questions for the DPH team are especially useful, to help experts prepare for the May forum presentation.

The board also voted to write a letter in support of legislation drafted by state Sen. Julian Cyr to create a commission “to study the impact of electromagnetic (EMR) and radiofrequency (RFR) radiation on consumer protection, public health, and technology in the Commonwealth.”

Armstrong said last month that the city on its own lacked the expertise needed to confront the issue.

Larry Parnass can be reached at lparnass@berkshireeagle.com and 413-588-8341.


Campaign “Letter for the WHO”For lower limits for electromagnetic exposure

Let’s collect the largest number of signatures for this letter, requesting that the World Health Organization (WHO) urgently recommends safer limits on human exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation.
We already have more than 2200 signatures! Help us get to 2500! Click here and sign the letter!
Context:The WHO has adopted limits suggested by the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) that are based only on short-term effects (thermal effects), which do not correspond to the current profile of long-term use of technologies, for example, radio base stations, wireless routers, smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, notebooks, bluetooth, etc.Several important appeals, resolutions, studies and articles have been issued, in recent years, by the scientific community alerting public health authorities about the necessary reduction of exposure limits to low and high frequency electromagnetic fields.
Let’s demand that WHO protects the health of the population!Help by signing this petition and sharing it with your acquaintances!
Let’s build a healthy future together!
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The urgency of cautionary exposure limits in all Countries in the World.

TUESDAY APRIL 13th at 3h30 p.m. EST

On Tuesday, April 13th at 2:30 p.m. EST, we will have another live of the Letter to the WHO international articulation, this time with Prof. Lívio Giuliano, spokesman of the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety (ICEMS), Italy. In his talk he will talk about the evidence of microwave carcinogenicity due to the cell phone. (Live in English)Dr. Giuliani has been conducting research on radioprotection for over 30 years. He provided the scientific rationale for the Italian framework of restrictions that govern public EMF exposure that the Italian Government adopted (Decree 1998/381).He also recommended that the Council of the European Union adopt these limits, instead of the ICNIRP limits.He was named “father of 6 V / m” by the national press (La Repubblica, 1/20/2003)He also served on the WHO.’s Precautionary Principle Working Group (2003). He is a co-founder of the International Commission For Electromanetic Safety (ICEMS) and has served as its spokesman since this organization was founded in 2003.Watch live on youtube.com/slowphone
Watch live on youtube.com/slowphone


Former CDC Scientist Issues Report – Strong Evidence That Cell Phone Radiation Causes Cancer
Christopher Portier PhD, a retired U.S. government scientist who served as Director of the United States National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Director of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, submitted a comprehensive 176 page report of the scientific research in a major brain cancer/cell phone lawsuit.  Portier’s report states that “the evidence on an association between cellular phone use and the risk of glioma in adults is quite strong.”
“In my opinion, RF (radiofrequency) exposure probably causes gliomas and neuromas and, given the human, animal, and experimental evidence, I assert that, to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, the probability that RF exposure causes gliomas and neuromas is high,” Portier wrote.
As expected, the 46 telecom defendants in the case, which includes Motorola, Nokia, AT&T, Bell Atlantic, Cellular One, Cingular Wireless, Verizon and Vodafone, are calling to remove Dr. Portier’s report and testimony from the case.
Portier represented the CDC at the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO/IARC) review of the carcinogenicity of wireless radiofrequency radiation (RFR) in 2011 where RFR was deemed a “possible carcinogen.” Subsequently, Portier attempted to update the CDC website page on cell phone radiation to reflect this classification. 
However, as EHT’s FOIA investigations found, the CDC webpage was redrafted numerous times to include the 2011 classification and finally posted in a watered down wording three years later. Then in 2016, the CDC flip-flopped on recommending people take “caution” with cell phone radiation and removed advice about children. As of 2021, the WHO/IARC advisory committee recommends re-evaluating wireless radiation “as a high priority.”
You also may remember Portier as an expert witness for the plaintiff in the case of Edwin Hardeman v. Monsanto Company (now Bayer). A unanimous 2019 verdict resulted in an award of $80 million for Mr. Hardeman.
The Murray et al. v Motorola. case is set for court hearings this summer.
Read More About Dr. Christopher Portier Download His Scientific Report to the Court
More Legal News: Major Wins in US Courts Allow Disability Discrimination Cases to Proceed and New Brain Cancer/Cell Phone Lawsuit LaunchedJudge to Hear Maine Smart Meter Disability Discrimination Case-Denies CMP Motion to DismissJudge Allows School Teacher Lawsuit to Move Forward: Brown v. Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUS) Establishes that Symptoms of ‘Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity’ Could Be Deemed a ‘Physical Disability’Family of Pastor Alleges Cell Phone Radiation Link to His Deadly Brain Cancer
WXPI Chris Moore Interviews Dr. Davis on Cell Phone Radiation
Would you set foot on an airplane that uses safety standards last updated 25 years ago? No, you wouldn’t. Yet the Federal Communications Commission doesn’t want to update its 1996 safety rules for cell phones’ wireless radiation. Dr. Davis tells host Chris Moore of WXPI’s “Pittsburgh Now” why nothing has changed in 25 years.WATCH THE INTERVIEW
The Times of Israel: 5G Could Be an Ecological Disaster
Research documents how the “densification” of 5G and 4G cell towers means more RF exposure and more energy consumption.
Paul Ben Ishai, a physics professor at Ariel University in Israel and EHT science advisor, writes in the Times of Israel that the 5G revolution is “likely to prove to be an ecological disaster.”READ THE ARTICLE
Major New Review of Oxidative Stress Research Published“There is consistent evidence for EMF-induced ROS formation in experimental studies” and “most animal and many cell studies showed increased oxidative stress caused by RF-EMF and ELF-MF” concludes this expert review published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Download PDF
Patreon Event: Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe 
Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe
The telecom industry couches its efforts to bring Wi-Fi to schools everywhere as equitable and socially responsible, but the industry is putting children at risk. Children are more vulnerable because their wireless radiation exposures are higher and their brains and bodies are still developing. They will have a lifetime of exposure.
Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe founded the Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and the Environment (PHIRE) to light a fire under the medical community to teach them to identify symptoms and advocate on behalf of patients. PHIRE coordinated the 2020 Consensus Statement on non-ionizing radiation now signed by over 3,500 scientists, doctors and experts.
Join us on Patreon to watch and ask questions at the live recording of our interview with Dr. Blythe. She will describe how she began investigating non-ionizing radiation’s health effects and founded PHIRE.
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Urgent! Stop California 5G BillsThe California State Legislature is fast-tracking two dangerous bills, AB537and SB556, which would strip away local control over the deployment of wireless telecommunications facilities, including 5G.Take Action Now
Stop 5G in Montgomery CountyFor six years, County residents have successfully halted 5G streamlining bills. Now, new zoning allowing cell towers 30 feet from homes is back for Council vote! Theodora Scarato presented on 5G last week and a coalition has created a major new campaign.Take Action and Watch Presentation
Listen to a Podcast About 5G
EHT Podcasts About 5G and WirelessEHT has launched our very own podcast so you can tune in to the latest scientific presentations and interviews with scientists, listen to expert testimony, and learn the latest science and policy.Listen to the Environmental Health Trust podcasts on Apple podcastsSpotify, and Google Podcasts.
EHT also has a webpage of handy links to podcasts that EHT scientists are featured on such as the latest For the Wild interview.
Download Worldwide/USA 5G/Cell Tower Policy in ColorDownload Worldwide/USA 5G/Cell Tower Policy in Black/White
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 SPACEPORT GENOCIDE In the western Pacific Ocean between Australia and the equator lies one of the most isolated, least visited places on earth. The second largest island in the world, it is still inhabited by traditional tribal peoples speaking hundreds of different languages. Although geographically and culturally it is a single land, this tropical paradise was divided in 1848 into a western and an eastern half by a line drawn down the middle in an agreement between the Netherlands and Great Britain. They regarded the black people who lived there only as a potential source of cheap labor for the extraction of resources from their land. Among the wealth on and beneath the island of New Guinea are timber, oil, gas, and minerals, including silver and nickel and the largest deposits of gold and copper in the world.

The eastern half of the island, known as Papua New Guinea, has been independent since 1975 and is struggling to overcome its violent colonial history. The western half, known as West Papua, declared its independence when the Dutch colonial administration withdrew in 1961, but Indonesia, coveting its vast natural resources, invaded and formally absorbed West Papua into Indonesia in 1969. Since that time, Indonesia has engaged in continuous genocide against the indigenous population, who number about 2,000,000 people today. Over 500,000 have been killed, and thousands more have been raped, tortured and imprisoned by the Indonesian military.
As Paul Antonopoulos and Drew Cottle wrote in their heart-rending August 2019 article, Forgotten Genocide in Indonesia, “The primary reason for Jakarta not granting self-determination to the indigenous people of West Papua is because of the billions of dollars’ worth of natural resources. Although Papuans have been struggling for independence for over half a century, Indonesia through its military has been bolstering its global economic relevance by exploiting the territory’s vast reserves of natural resources that make their way to markets in the US, Canada, Europe, China and Australia, where the majority of mining companies are based.”
Elon Musk’s SpaceX is about to play a role in perpetuating this genocide.

The small island of Biak, off of West Papua’s northern coast, just one degree south of the equator, looks like this today:   If Elon Musk has his way, it will soon look like this:  Indonesia would like to convert Biak into a lucrative “Space Island.” In December 2020, Indonesia offered the use of part of the island to SpaceX as a spaceport for launching satellites. SpaceX would like to launch and maintain as many as 42,000 satellites in order to provide high-speed wireless Internet everywhere on earth. This would require almost daily rocket launches forever into the future. Until now, SpaceX has been launching its satellites from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida, where the above photograph was taken. The spaceport at Cape Canaveral is surrounded by a wildlife refuge and has already done a lot of environmental damage.
“This spaceport,” said tribal chief Manfun Sroyer of plans for the island of Biak, “will cost us our traditional hunting grounds, damaging the nature our way of life depends on. But, if we protest, we’ll be arrested immediately.”

Biak’s location holds several attractions for SpaceX. Its location at the equator is ideal for launching satellites because less fuel is needed for them to reach orbit from there. And the vast reserves of copper and nickel on West Papua would supply some of the materials. Copper and nickel are two of the metals used in building rockets.

Indonesia has also offered Biak Island to the Russian space agency Roscosmos, which plans to develop its own spaceport on the island by 2024. Russia is planning its own fleet of 640 satellites, also to provide wireless Internet everywhere on earth.

The environmental effects of mining in West Papua are well-documented. “From the Grasberg mine,” wrote Antonopoulos and Cottle, ”one of the biggest copper and gold mines in the world, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of tailings contaminate the vital Ajkwa delta system every day, destroying the environment which the Kamoro tribe relies upon for food and trade. So devastating to the environment is the Grasberg mine that apart from the 80 million tonnes of waste debris which it dumps into the Ajkwa river system every year, the open cut mine can be seen clearly from space.” What was formerly the top of a glacier-covered mountain is now a mile-wide crater one-third of a mile deep.

The open cut operations were finally closed in 2020, but the underground mining operations at Grasberg are expanding, and the contamination of rivers, forests, fisheries, and coastal waters, as well as the destruction of tribal communities, continues unabated. A 2012 report from Earthworks and MiningWatch Canada stated that mine waste from Grasberg had “buried over 166 square kilometres of formerly productive forest and wetlands, and fish have largely disappeared.” The poisoned river is no longer a source of drinking water for the area’s villages.

West Papua’s mines will also be used to build Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs), if Musk has his way. Nickel and copper are also needed for the long-range batteries used in EVs. Musk told Indonesian officials last July that Tesla would offer a “giant contract for a long period of time if you mine nickel efficiently and in an environmentally sensitive way.”

Musk and the government of Indonesia may come to an agreement as to what “environmentally sensitive” means, but West Papua’s native population may beg to disagree. It still means pulverizing and processing billions of pounds of rock, and depositing all the resulting tailings somewhere. In West Papua somewhere means virgin rainforest, pristine rivers and tribal lands. Roads, Electricity and Cell Phones In Papua New Guinea, the independent state to the east, most of the vast interior still has no roads or electricity — or cell towers. And that was still the case only 5 years ago in West Papua too. But in the last few years, all of that infrastructure — electricity to every village, a modern highway system bulldozed through the wilderness, and widely available cell phone service — has been built by Indonesia and it has not been for the benefit of the native population, who do not want it and are gunned down or bombed if they protest.

Journalist David Robie calls the 4,325-kilometer Trans-Papua Highway “West Papua’s highway of blood.” According to John Martinkus, whose moving book, The Road: Uprising in West Papua, was published last May, the highway brings military occupation, more mining and timber cutting by foreign corporations, environmental destruction, and replacement of native villages by settlements of Indonesian immigrants.

“On December 1, 2018,” writes Robie, “a ceremony marking the declaration of independence from the Dutch in 1961 by raising the Morning Star flag of a free Papua — as Papuans do every year — ended in bloodshed.” Every previous year, at least in the remote Nduga region, this ceremony had taken place peacefully and been ignored by Indonesians. But this year, road workers and soldiers came into Nduga on the new highway and took photos and videos of the crowd on their cell phones. The resulting conflict left 19 road workers and a soldier dead. Since then, reprisal raids by the Indonesian military have forced some 50,000 people to flee their villages and become refugees. Two thousand soldiers, helicopters, and 650 commandos are involved in “protecting the highway.”

“It is the helicopters that are the worst,” writes Martinkus. “They are used as platforms to shoot or drop white phosphorous grenades or bomblets that inflict horrible injuries on the populace.”  Thomas Klasibin stands in front of what used to be
the forest that supported him
. Photo by James Morgan
And the spaceport, as Manfun Sroyer said, will perpetuate both the environmental damage and the continuing genocide. Aside from the noise, light, and vibrations accompanying rocket launches, all of the proliferating spaceports around the world are destroying their environment.

A Falcon 9 rocket — the rocket SpaceX uses to launch its satellites — consumes an incredible 3,200 pounds of fuel per second at full thrust. Unlike rockets that burn solid fuels, the Falcon 9 burns kerosene and doesn’t pollute the land and water surrounding the spaceport with heavy metals. But that is assuming the launch is successful. Every time a rocket crash-lands or explodes, the damage is tremendous. When two rockets crash-landed during test launches at a remote spaceport on Alaska’s Kodiak Island, 230 tons of soil were contaminated. And crashes happen regularly at every spaceport. A 2013 study of rocket launch crashes by Russian and Belgian space scientists found that rockets had been crashing, consistently since 1975, between 4% and 10% of the time at every spaceport in the world.

What is occurring on West Papua is possibly the worst genocide that is going on in the world today, and it is scarcely being reported. But it is not just genocide. It is a collision — a collision between life and technology, a collision that stares us in the face everywhere we go, and it is not being reported because no one wants to look at it. “The people of West Papua are fighting with their lives every day to defend our forests, mountains and rivers,” says West Papuan independence leader Benny Wenda. “We are ground zero in the fight to protect our global natural environment.”

West Papua is the last place on earth where “primitive” human beings dare to say no to highways and electricity. The Trans-Amazon Highway was completed in 1975. The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan was fully electrified by 2010. The Old Order Amish are using cell phones today. In the year 2021, when humanity is preparing to colonize Mars, there is no place in most people’s conception of reality for the existence of human beings who are part of the natural world. To acknowledge their existence would require us to face the contradiction between life and technology. Between reality and fantasy.

But the Papuans are there. And they are important.  Arthur FirstenbergAuthor, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and LifeP.O. Box 6216Santa Fe, NM 87502
phone: +1 505-471-0129arthur@cellphonetaskforce.org
April 6, 2021
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What a lawyer says about 5GA prominent German lawyer asks whether new 5G technology should be rolled out, given that scientific research indicates it may be harmful. Writing in the January issue of ‘Nature and Law’, Professor Hans-Jürgen Müggenborg, a lawyer in Aachen who specializes in administrative law, said that, while 5G offers benefits of faster internet and higher transmission rates, it has the following disadvantages .Health Studies show that exposure changed blood flow, impaired sperm viability, resulted in genetic effects, cell death and oxidative stress and increased rates of cancer in rodents. At higher frequencies (60 GHz), exposure can damage oxygen molecules in blood, affecting blood flow, he said.‘ There is no study that proves the safety of 5G microwave radiation, but there are numerous studies suggesting health consequences.’Müggenborg referred to the German newspaper ‘Der Tagesspiegel’, which described the International Commission on Nonionizing Radiation Protection (ICNRIP), which publishes guidelines that form the basis of Australia’s radiation standard, as a ‘cartel’ and said it ‘systematically discredits all studies that show possible dangers to human health’. Environmental impacts The use of 5G technologies will also increase the consumption of coal-based electricity, leading to higher levels of pollution.

Protection of people Müggenborg said, ‘the protection of health and human life is of high import in European law’ and references the relevant legislation. He refers to the Rio Declaration on the Environment and Development of 1992 which says that people have a right to a healthy and productive life, living in harmony with nature. Precautionary approach Müggenborg says that European and international law embody the precautionary principle which the Rio Declaration defines as follows: ‘Where there are threats of serious or irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.’ Policy Applying a precautionary approach, to 5G means introducing some restrictions on the rollout. ‘The radiation must …be prevented wherever it can be prevented and permitted where it will be predominantly beneficial.’ He says it would not be appropriate to ‘pollute all houses and apartments with radio waves and to endanger the people staying there’ because this would impact residents, particularly people who are electro-sensitive. Nor does he believe the benefits of smart meters used by utilities are sufficient to justify exposing the entire population. Müggenborg suggests precautions could include reducing signal strength to ensure that radiation does not enter neighbouring apartments.

What can you do Don’t buy 5G technologies. Use radiation-free equipment – wired-only modems/routers and landline phones – where you can connect without any exposure at all. Reduce your use of wireless devices. What else you can do If you found the information above of interest, please forward this email to others. If you’d like more information, you can download our March issue of EMR and Health here. If you’ve been sent this message by a friend and would like to subscribe to future updates, you can do that here. Warm regards

Lyn McLean
EMR Australia PL
02 9576 1772

5G Small Cell Hazards & Better Tech Solutions

5G Small Cell Hazards & Better Tech Solutions

Apr 8, 2021Cecelia DoucettE

Please share this video widely with your loved ones, neighbors, town leaders and legislators. We regret Senator Blumenthal’s 4-minute video in which the industry states they have funded no independent science to indicate whether 5G is safe did not display during the presentation. Folks can view it below, thanks to the Environmental Health Trust: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekNC0…​ In this Community Conversation, Cece Doucette walks citizens, municipal leaders and legislators through the wireless issues, answers questions, and demonstrates radiation emissions from wireless technology.

She shares steps others are taking to ensure safe, fast, sustainable technology in their communities. She also provides simple strategies you and your loved ones can use today with your own devices to still access today’s technology but much more safely until public policy catches up to the science. Below please find Cece’s slides so folks can drill down into the facts and conduct their own investigation of this critical issue, and take steps to protect their loved ones, colleagues and communities: https://alpaca-chinchilla-x6xf.square…

CALIFORNIA-Legislature has introduced two dangerous bills, AB537 and SB556,

Deadline @ 5pm PST Today to Oppose CA 5G Streamline Bill   

Thu, Apr 8, 2021 11:02 am

Resources – Coloradans for Safe Technology
 5G Crisis report@5Gcrisis.comHide
ToSandra schianfoni@verizon.net
Your AB537 Opposition Letter –  Due Today @ 5pm PST
Californians…take action now! The California State Legislature has introduced two dangerous bills, AB537 and SB556, which, if passed, would eviscerate local control over the deployment of wireless telecommunications facilities, including 5G antennas, in public rights-of-way.

If you live in California, it’s critical that you submit your comments in opposition to these two bills as soon as possible. Time is of the essence, and the more public opposition we can mount, the greater the likelihood that these bills won’t move forward. 

To submit a comment about a bill in the California State Legislature, you must use the State’s “Position Letter Portal.” To be included in the Committee analysis, letters in support or opposition of a bill must be submitted to the Committee five (5) business days prior to the day of the scheduled hearing on that bill.
 Access the CA Position Letter PortalCheck out the “Position Letter Portal” FAQ page for everything you need to know about how to successfully submit your letter of opposition. If you need further assistance, please email us here.

Many thanks to the group “Safe Tech for Santa Rosa” for alerting us to these proposed bills, and for developing informational flyers to help Californians take action.Timeline: Key Deadlines & Events

TODAY  – 5pm PST
AB537 letters of opposition due 
 Wednesday, April 14, 2021 – 12pm PST
SB556 letters of opposition due

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 – 1:30pm PST
CA Assembly Committee on Local Government meets to discuss AB537
(access the meeting here)

Monday, April 19, 2021 – Time TBD 
CA Senate Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications
meets to discuss SB556
(access the meeting here)Info. Flyer on AB 537Info. Flyer on SB 556League of CA Cities Statement on SB 556Brief Sample Opposition Statement/Letter 

 As a California resident, I strongly oppose bill AB537. 

Granting telecom companies free reign to expand their ever-growing wireless footprints in our neighborhoods is both undemocratic and represents an overreach of the State’s authority. The State must protect, not undermine, local control over public rights-of-way, and preserve the rights of local elected officials to decide how best to implement technologies in their communities. 

I do, however, support the expansion of  fiber optic networks to and through the premises. “Future proof” hardwired connections offer the fastest, safest, and most secure internet access of all.

Thank you for considering my comment, and please vote ‘no’ on AB537.
As a California resident, I strongly oppose bill SB556.
Granting telecom companies free reign to expand their ever-growing wireless footprints in our neighborhoods is both undemocratic and represents an overreach of the State’s authority. The State must protect, not undermine, local control over public rights-of-way, and preserve the rights of local elected officials to decide how best to implement technologies in their communities. 

I do, however, support the expansion of  fiber optic networks to and through the premises. “Future proof” hardwired connections offer the fastest, safest, and most secure internet access of all.
Thank you for considering my comment, and please vote ‘no’ on SB556.Once you submit your letters of opposition regarding AB537 and SB556, please be sure to contact your state representatives in both the Assembly and the Senate, and tell them to vote ‘no’ on either AB537 or SB556, depending on which legislative body (Assembly or Senate) he/she is a member of.

Click the red button below to find out who your state reps are and how to get in touch with them.
 Contact Your CA State Representative!Every legislative victory for our safe tech. movement can have a resounding impact across the country…which is why we can’t afford to lose this legislative fight in California. 

Thanks for all you do!
-The 5G Crisis Team