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 UPDATED 2/1/2022

Your one stop for all the current Global smart meter news and issues surrounding the unwanted, untested, unsafe technology, corrupt corporations have imposed on the public by their political influence on our governments.  The culture of thinking in our political systems are not looking our for the  health and well-being of its people.  The voices of opposition are being ignored and buried while they continue to move forward with this public health hazard.  Historically, the most invasive and detrimental environmental hazard to threaten the world population.  It is up to the public to educate and protect themselves and their families. This will only happen if we rise up as one and rid our governments of this political infestation of greed and evil.  The truth is with the people who are speaking out and who are fighting for their health and freedom to live in peace and regain our rights as citizens in what was once a democratic society.  

List of Symptoms if you are experiencing the “Smart Grid Syndrome”, include, but are not limited to: Migraine-like headaches, nausea, ringing in the ears,  nose bleeds, numbness, tingling, fatigue, audible constant noise in the form of humming, buzzing, hissing, whining, drum or motor-like  infra-sound resonance, vertigo, irritability, rashes, skin problems, muscles spasms, cramping, joint pain, insomnia, shortness of breath, loss of concentration and memory, pressure in the head and ears, high blood pressure, heart palpitations and arrhythmia, body heating, nervous tension, feeling of your insides vibrating.

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The original blog,  has documented testimonials going back to 2007.  They are posted in comments.  This format will be easier to, collectively, read them. explains in detail the source of the noise pollution. These are “illegal pure tones” in our air 24/7. Follow this link to understand the source and the definition of what a pure tone is and why it is a toxin and public health hazard.

List of Symptoms include, but are not limited to: Migraine-like headaches, nausea, ringing in the ears,  nose bleeds, audible constant noise in the form of humming, buzzing, hissing, whining, bass drum or motor-like  infra-sound resonance, vertigo, irritability, rashes, muscles spasms and cramping, insomnia, pressure in the head and ears, heart palpitations, body heating, nervous tension, feeling of your insides vibrating.

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313 comments on “Smart Grid Syndrome Testimonials

  1. —–Original Message—–
    From: Michael Young
    Sent: Fri, Jul 22, 2022 12:09 pm


    Experiencing, Headaches, ringing in ears, stiffness in the neck, dizziness, Brain fog, memory loss, from sound, ,,lack of sleep. This has made us leave our house to get away from the sound. My health is deteriorating daily.

    Panacea Electric

  2. Sonia ………
    I read your wordpress with interest as its actually a brilliant bit of research and very convincing. I live in the UK, and in my experience the UK is actually growing with this “hum noise” phenomena. I moved last year from central Bristol, where in last two years they put up mobile phone masts within a few feet of my terraced house (ie house backs straight onto the pavement) and is also fairly central to the city. I experienced this horrible, was then constant 24/7, hum drone noise that appeared to have some vibration to it and was audible outside in evening when quieter. I used to walk around neighbourhood in quiet times to try to locate a “bigger noise” but to no avail. There was a high rise block of flats, on north street bs3, where they installed 5g masts on top, very near my house and nearer still were the boxes they put on the old telephone poles say outside or near people’s bedroom windows.

    Suffice to say I moved after a year, and not finding sane people to relate this massive problem to. I now live in a lovely town called Dawlish, in a new housing development which is in Devon UK ie EX7 post code. However, I am a little inland away from shoreline as beach waves mask the sound, but off away from that in a new housing development there are several masks and grid poles close by to this housing development. It is also a little bit hilly on terrain and my new house is on a higher part of a hill and directly opposite ie next hill over (after valley dip) is a massive signal tower. I am not sure what is on it as I have not been to it as it is in distance, but there are two of them within sight of each other ie one on a different hill to other. The houses around here are all fitted with smart meters for both gas and electric. I can also hear the hum noise in equal effect around immediate area as well in my garden and inside the car parked and engine off.

    Like the other poster, ie March 2022 who wants to know how to protect the home from this noise pollution, I too would like to know the same. I have spoke to odd person around neaighbourhood, but gave up as few replies I got were shunned and indifferent to this. It is definitely audible, and what your report says could well be the answer.

    I look forward to your reply, any further info just ask.

    P.S. Further to my prior email, I should have elaborated on the “noise”, it has all the characteristics of what you describe ie low drone resonance almost a vibration and a pulse, almost parts of it could be like an airplane engine going into full throttle before takeoff, then it slightly flattens out again whilst maintaining its hum.

    I might as well ask have you had many other UK people seeking your advice /help? TBH, Your probably the best bit of research I have come across.

    Kind regards

  3. Steve Dunker

    Hi there,
    We started hearing the hum about 8 weeks ago at our house in Wilmington,
    NC. Our neighborhood association was replacing all of the street
    lights with LED fixtures and they had to bore under our neighbors
    driveway to replace the wires. This is about the same time we started
    hearing the hum. We naturally assumed it was something they did; such
    as, nicking a wire or not properly grounding their wires, etc… We had
    them come to our house to listen but no one else could really hear it
    but my wife and I. Even our kids aren’t really bothered by it, but it’s
    driving my wife and I crazy. We initially thought it was electricity
    because it almost felt like static on our skin so we move all of us out
    of the house for 2 weeks while we had the power company, Duke Energy
    come out and run some tests. They disconnected our house from the
    transformer but we still heard it. We’ve turned off all the breakers
    and we still hear it. We had an EMF guy from Raleigh come do some tests
    on our house and he found some improperly grounded wires which we fixed,
    but were still hearing it. We finally disconnected from the grid all
    together, including the ground wire and power into our breaker box, but
    were still hearing it. We had Duke Energy do a power quality test and
    they said they saw nothing unusual. We don’t know what to do now.
    We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s sound and we need to sound proof
    our house, with better insulation, drapes on all the windows, base
    blockers on the walls, but it’s going to cost a lot of money and we’ve
    already spent almost $10K with no solutions. We are desperate for
    help. Please let us know if you have any ideas that will help. I don’t
    want to spend more money unless I know it will help. We have almost
    come to the conclusion that were going to have to sell our house. Our
    electrician did say he heard it and some others did as well, but it’s
    not bothering them they way it’s bothering us. Please help, any ideas
    would be most appreciated. I hate to say it but I almost feel like
    somehow were being targeted ie. the Havana Syndrome. Were not anyone
    important so probably not, but I don’t know what this could be. The
    symptoms described on Sanduara’s blog are exactly what were experiencing.

    Steve Dunker


    Name: Ivan Nicolau

    Where do you live? San Diego

    Email address:

    Do you live in an apt, condo or single home? Apartment

    How long have you lived at your location? 2 years

    When did you begin hearing it? Have you called the utility or any agency to complain? A couple months ago. I have not contacted my utilities, but I have contacted the leasing office as I thought it might be a neighbor’s subwoofer hum.

    Does anyone else in your location hear what you are hearing? I just posted on the community Facebook page, but haven’t received any responses yet.

    Do you hear it in other places? One time I heard or at least thought I could hear it outside the building away from my apt.

    On a scale of 1 to 5 and 5 being the worst; how much does this impact your daily life? 5

    Would you be willing to file a formal complaint letter we provide? Yes

    Do you have smart meters on your home? Unknown When was it or them installed?

    Do you believe this noise is radiating on the power lines? Unknown

    How do you perceive the noise you are hearing? I hear/feel it at all hours depending on my active state. It is very prominent at night when I’m trying to go to sleep.

    What physical symptoms do you experience, if any? If so, please circle the ones you experience. List of Symptoms if you are experiencing the “Smart Grid Syndrome”, include, but are not limited to:

    Migraine-like headaches * nausea * ringing in the ears * nose bleeds * numbness * tingling

    fatigue * audible constant noise in the form of: humming * buzzing * hissing * whining *

    drum or motor-like infra-sound resonance, vertigo * irritability * rashes * skin problems

    muscle spasms cramping * joint pain* insomnia * shortness of breath* loss of concentration

    and memory * pressure in the head and ears * high blood pressure * heart palpitations and

    Arrhythmia * body heating * nervous tension * feeling of your insides vibrating.

    Have you contacted the utility and/or authorities? No If so, what was the response?

    Age? 44 Gender? Male

    Have you been diagnosed with tinnitus before you began hearing the noise? If so, is this noise different than what you are used to hearing? Have not been diagnosed with tinnitus. I can block the sound slightly by using noise cancelling headphones. Depending on the intensity it can still get through the headphones. The sound is like a low bass frequency that emanates in wave patterns.

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