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Your one stop for all the current Global smart meter news and issues surrounding the unwanted, untested, unsafe technology, corrupt corporations have imposed on the public by their political influence on our governments.  The culture of thinking in our political systems are not looking our for the  health and well-being of its people.  The voices of opposition are being ignored and buried while they continue to move forward with this public health hazard.  Historically, the most invasive and detrimental environmental hazard to threaten the world population.  It is up to the public to educate and protect themselves and their families. This will only happen if we rise up as one and rid our governments of this political infestation of greed and evil.  The truth is with the people who are speaking out and who are fighting for their health and freedom to live in peace and regain our rights as citizens in what was once a democratic society.  

List of Symptoms if you are experiencing the “Smart Grid Syndrome”, include, but are not limited to: Migraine-like headaches, nausea, ringing in the ears,  nose bleeds, numbness, tingling, fatigue, audible constant noise in the form of humming, buzzing, hissing, whining, drum or motor-like  infra-sound resonance, vertigo, irritability, rashes, skin problems, muscles spasms, cramping, joint pain, insomnia, shortness of breath, loss of concentration and memory, pressure in the head and ears, high blood pressure, heart palpitations and arrhythmia, body heating, nervous tension, feeling of your insides vibrating.

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The original blog, has documented testimonials going back to 2007.  They are posted in comments.  This format will be easier to, collectively, read them. explains in detail the source of the noise pollution. These are “illegal pure tones” in our air 24/7. Follow this link to understand the source and the definition of what a pure tone is and why it is a toxin and public health hazard.

List of Symptoms include, but are not limited to: Migraine-like headaches, nausea, ringing in the ears,  nose bleeds, audible constant noise in the form of humming, buzzing, hissing, whining, bass drum or motor-like  infra-sound resonance, vertigo, irritability, rashes, muscles spasms and cramping, insomnia, pressure in the head and ears, heart palpitations, body heating, nervous tension, feeling of your insides vibrating.

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206 comments on “Smart Grid Syndrome Testimonials

  1. Re: Infra sonic, sound or mircowave woofers etc…
    From Sally Salvery sallysalvery@gmail.comhide details
    To globalrfrdefenseteam
    Cc Sally Salvery

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have read up on mircrowave devices, infrasonic, infra sound and ultrasound devices. For along period of time I have been hearing an unusual sounds coming from the flat below our bedrooms. And I dismissed it. Most recently the Housing Association put a device in a box at the top of the communal stairs; which is directly under my third top stairs in my flat. At times the sound seems to be louder and feels as if it is vibrating through the walls? I have complaint twice to the Housing Association about the strange sounds. However, when our sleep started once again to be disrupted and sicknesses started to reappear. I noted that there seemed to be a pattern of occurrence of when this sound waves would happen. Most during the night.

    I began to research and discovered that the above can cause sickness or even death at 7 K hz, 10Khz – 20Khz sound waves, influence thought patterns, sleep and influence behaviors etc…
    I am alarmed to discover that the Police use and have knowledge of these devices for years; and cases has been won proving harassment due to these devices.

    If we are being harassed by these easily obtainable devices on the internet. How can I counteract these devices?

    Thank you for your time.

    I look forward to your response.

    Yours faithfully

    Ms Sally Salvery

  2. From Christine Boggan
    To globalrfrdefenseteam

    I’m experiencing that in Atlanta, Georgia

    There is a deep vibrating that keeps me up all night. I feel as though there are sonic waves that permeate the entire floor of my apartment. I am not sure if this is something being emitted (EMFs) from another apartment, or if this is due to a nearby source. You can barely hear it, but you most definitely can feel it.

  3. The Hum
    From Marthenze, Chris
    To globalrfrdefenseteam


    Location – Central Wisconsin (Lincoln county) also extremely loud at a friend’s house in Adams county WI, another friend in Sheboygan WI’s house I tested was not audible due to the wave action form lake MI.

    I was up again all night due to this low hum that is constant and only perceivable indoors and stumbled upon your website so I thought I would send you my experience on this subject.

    I am an engineer and a jack of all trades so to say. I do have tinnitus but it’s not extreme enough to drown out this hum. I just get a slight ringing but my hearing is still great. My wife cannot hear it either. It is almost always present with 3 nights over the last 5 years where I couldn’t hear it one being on New Year’s eve 2015. It’s there even during extended power outages. I have tried everything possible to eliminate the noise cutting my main power, draining my well and pressure tank and lines, and even turning off my propane and draining the line. All that seemed to accomplish was to remove any additional noise and allow me to hear the hum unimpeded which is worse. I have one last plan to see if it is a smart grid issue and that is to pull my meter the next power outage, cause as I see it if the meter is disconnected during an outage I shouldn’t have the smart grid attached to my internal wiring??

    I also have the ability to build a “box” similar to what the school teacher built but won’t test, but hate to waste time doing it as ELF has a huge waveform that from what I have read would take in the order of 6 foot of shielding not merely an inch thick, but if I can find some data to back up the idea that a thinner box would suffice I would be all over building it immediately.

    Another idea I had but I am sure would get a person in trouble with the FCC would be to build a frequency generator of adequate power to set up a mirror frequency out of phase with the nuisance hum, but if a person did just that and did get in trouble that might just be what is needed to bring this to the front burner in the public eye, instead of still fringing in the tinfoil hat area?

    Thanks for your work in this subject,

  4. Sent: Tue, May 9, 2017 11:51 am

    I’m being exposed to elf frequencies aimed at me if a transmit the same signal will it stop or what can i do my body is vibrating to the low frequencies.

    I live in Bidefford, Devon UK. No one here does anything to help individuals I had to move out of Nottingham and leave all my family due to harassment using technology within a few days the high frequency antennas have been erected same as in Nottingham i have photos same kind of cell tower triangulation using satellite dishes on transmitting antennas my body is constantly vibrating i have no energy I’ve brought a cornet radio wave detector and have been picking up frequencies same very low i cant get anyone to help me its making me very ill so what can i do?

    Thank you,


  5. —–Original Message—–
    From: Kimberly Kaplan
    To: globalrfrdefenseteam
    Sent: Wed, May 10, 2017 7:01 am
    Subject: I hear them also!

    To Whom it May Concern,

    I just moved into an older home that has been renovated in Cumberland, Maine. I have heard these radio frequency, dirty harmonics tones every day since. Prior to moving hear I had extremely good hearing as I was a singer, dancer and performer. I was told I had excellent hearing by many people in the industry and could pick up the tones in songs really well.

    I have been suffering with ringing in the ears and thought I had tinnitus. I need help as to what I can do and would like to help people in this area and all over to fight whoever we need to to put a stop to this injustice! Is there a job educating people that I can do! I have a BA in Psychology and Education and would love to do this kind of work. I would love to volunteer.

    Kimberly Kaplan

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  6. From: Sharee Ettridge
    To: globalrfrdefenseteam
    Sent: Wed, 19 Apr 2017 4:19
    Subject: The hum

    I live in Mullumbimby NSW Australia & the droning, pulsating hum is becoming more & more aggravating, what can be done.

    Unfortunately I am a sufferer & it is apparently getting worse, what can be done to stop this?



  7. Oh my gosh, I have to tell you, it’s awful I have gone outside in the middle of the night just walking around my neighborhood trying to figure out where it’s coming from. The thing is, I don’t hear it in the front of my house. I only hear it in the back of my house over my bedroom and it’s like it’s resonating from the floor!

    And yes, I’m sick all the time because I can’t get any sleep. I’ll be sleeping then all of a sudden this droning noise will start up and wake me up out of asleep it’s awful!

    I saw online or one girl committed suicide over this. This is ridiculous!

    Tricia Mills
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  8. The humming noise
    From Melissa Trent
    To globalrfrdefenseteam
    If you’re still taking data, I’ve started hearing it in my home about a week ago and it’s driving me insane. So hard to sleep. Hope it stops soon. We just moved to the countryside a little over a year ago and this is a new problem that makes me want to move.

    I’m in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

    Melissa Trent

  9. Subject Re: Hum/low frequency vibration
    Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2017 15:22

    When our next door neighbors moved in is when I started hearing constant buzz/ humm electrical sound, it is a surging noise in the apartment 24/7. We live 500 meters from 2 huge cell phone towers, there are 45 antennas in our area as well. We have 35 smart meters that are itron centron 3G 2way devices and 2 buildings on the lot at 469 & 467 Lampson Street, Victoria, B.C.Canada. This sound is in my friend’s buildings as well, they have smart meters as well. Symptoms are tiredness, fatigue, dizziness, vertigo, being jolted out of sleep continually, electrical pulses around the bed or couch , a feeling of being microwaved while trying to sleep. I had 2 people come measure RF EMF in apartment they got extremely high measurements 1100 mw per cm2 for RF, wifi meter was picking up around wall very heavily microwave radiation from wifi.. I had our wifi router disabled by the provider, still measured very high around TV and wall.. My friends are sick from all this radiation, dizzy, vertigo, vomiting, heart arrhythmia, racing heart , not being allowed to sleep.. Heavy electromagnetic fields are very dangerous to the human body..One friend had to call paramedics 6 different times to go to hospital, her heart was skipping beats. As soon as she left her apartment her heart went normal. The routers that they are making have up to 4 antennas in them, these are extremely powerful, comcast is being sued in a class action law suit for using there customer’s wifi routers to provide free public wifi hotspots , anybody can enjoy internet access in the vicinity of this customer, however, the router delivers a lethal dose of RF EMF to the owner of device. In my apartment my stove has popped while cooking several times, live sparks flew at my eyes, coffee maker resumed making coffee while not on, fan over stove when being turned off an electrical current could be seen in the air.. T.V. loses signal constantly, no picture, phone line is full of static, cell phone does weird things that are not prompted. My aunt has had really bad nose bleeds since smart meter installation in her apartment building..e first moved here in 2011 one month before 2012, in other building but I was sick in that apartment also, dizziness, vertigo, arrhythmia, vomiting, feeling as if bedroom was shifting, we had smart meters in that building when symptoms started as well.. I would throw up non stop for hours. Plus get blinding migraine headaches in my sleep.

    my Aunt Mary has heard this droning noise 24/7 there are smart meters in her building and she had massive nose bleeds + a heart attack, my son who lives up Island in Port Alberni says he hears a buzzing / humm when he comes down to visit ,he said it drives him to insanity, as soon as he’s up in Port Alberni it’s gone.I went on one site where people were posting comments about this buzzing/ humm and they concluded it was the AMI grid and the power lines being used as a 2 way communication signalling.. Some people have moved off the grid and have their own power source.

    I have contacted the utility company – BC Hydro and told them about this matter , they said their smart meters are fine, I said why do you not come out and check on them? The reason is because they are radio – active and had to be turned on via remote away from the utility room. They do not understand the scope these wireless meters pose .. They only receive data, but the actual mechanism of the meter spikes, etc is not considered. Even when I turned power off for bedroom this droning continued when was mentioned in the letter concerning power outages.


  10. Hi,

    Are there known places on the planet where this does not exist. Starting to feel like the frog in a pot of soon to be boiling water. I image it to be a far days cage effect since there is such a large mesh and we are inside of it.

    Considering moving to escape the grids noise pollution.

    Have you found any solution?

    Long Island, New York here.

    It appears to be noise pollution from ac lines, coming from everywhere. The earth and ocean give off there own hum but this is beyond that.

    I’ve read a bit on the smart meters and will order some testing equipment to see what sort of waves are picked up. Perhaps I can get them to replace it with analog or find an alternative.

    I found a Verizon battery backup that was giving off an awful low frequency signal – disconnected that. It did help.

    Shut off the power to the house, it got much quieter and but obviously didn’t stop the emf from the neighborhood.

    I’m considering pulling the Sheetrock down in a small room and installing material to act as a faraday shield. Supposedly anything inside this shield will be protected from emf pollution.

    If all else fails I’ll just invest in a tinfoil hat.

    Bruce Levy

  11. Here is my story:

    We reside at the current address since 2008. For a good few years now (3-4, maybe more) I had trouble sleeping and I blamed it on the most common reasons: young kid, then school, work, wife waking up 1h earlier (5:45) than me (6:45, in theory), etc.

    It’s just recently that it got worse so instead of my “usual” 5:30 AM wake time, I started to wake up at 4-4:30. Surprisingly, I wasn’t feeling tired, only bored especially in weekends when I had to be perfectly quiet for another 3-4 hrs for my wife and daughter to wake up. Then, in the next few weeks it got worse, due to sleep deprivation. I really started to feel it badly.

    Then, Last Christmas, we rented a cottage 250 Km north of the city. We spent 4 nights there with 10 adults and 11 children running all over the place. I didn’t think it would work, but I was desperate for sleep so I tried my ear plugs: with them on, it was dead quiet. I couldn’t believe my… ears. So I removed a ear plug after a few minutes of quietness: the chaos was still there, but the ear plugs were insulating it so perfectly, with only 1 wall between us. It was the first time when I really paid great attention to what I hear and I heard NOTHING with the plugs on.

    So we got back home and decided I will take the spare bedroom, to make sure nobody and nothing disturbs my sleep. That is when I realized I hear the humming noise. Not even my 5 star ear plugs would stop it.

    Like everybody else, I started to listen around all my appliances, I turned off electricity, water and gas for the whole house… the noise persisted. To describe it, it’s a low frequency, close to 150 Hz pure tone (compared to a tone generator), very slightly modulated. Initially I said it sounds like a loud bathroom fan in a distance or like a water pump with dry bearings. To hear it the house has to be quiet, but when it is, I hear it without any effort, loud and clear.

    I then read about electro-smog and smart meters. I purchased a Cornet 88T EMF meter and this reads a constant 0.1 micro-Tesla (in the yellow/low warning range) not only throughout the house but in the whole city and even 20 km north. It seems to be everywhere and I have no clue what it is or if even this is what I hear.

    My 8 year old hears it too and imitated the sound perfectly; my wife says she rather feels it as a vibration.

    Since then, I hear it 24/7, it never stops and it doesn’t really vary in any aspect. I now wear a fitbit that measures sleep quality by the amount of movement detected during the sleep (see attachment). It is quite accurate, I think. With it I could determine that indeed, my sleep is better in the first few hours, then it starts degrading rapidly right after 4 AM, with many interruptions. Many times I can’t fall asleep again after 4-4:30 AM, but I try to remain in bed. I eventually wake up with daily headache. Most of the time that goes away before I leave home in the morning, but all day long I have cold-like symptoms.

    My doctor recommended melatonine pills for a month. That worked and improved my deep sleep time by approx 20-25% but the humming noise is still there, annoying me every single night.

    In my area there is a smart meter grid. The meter on my house was installed in 2009. On a 1 mile radius there are 11 cell phone antennas and some radio station with 7 very tall antennas. My house seems to be in the center of this circle.

    I also got my hearing tested for tinnitus – I’m clear.

    So, by reading a lot lately, I don’t think it’s worth investigating my medical condition any further, as it seems to be clear that what I hear is most likely a real sound, not just my imagination. I just thought I would share my experience, maybe people like you, with the help of a large database, to have more success in the effort of catching decisions factors’ attention.


    Oakville, Ontario, Canada, L6M 3M2

    ———- Original Message ———-
    From: Sandra Chianfoni
    Date: March 8, 2017 at 11:23 AM

    On 03/07/17, Cristian Radu wrote:


    I recently came across with your study ; and recognized myself into it.

    I live in Oakville, Ontario, L6M 3M2, Canada

    Let me know what details you need; I’ll be happy to share my story.

    Thank you,

  12. Tuesday, Feb 21 02:02 AM | Show Details | View source
    Noise in the Air

    Dear Sirs:
    I have been hearing a noise in the air for a number of years. I describe it as a pulsing, beating, pounding noise, somewhat akin to a heartbeat. This noise starts up with the beginning of traffic in the morning about 5:30am and goes on all day until traffic dies down, in this area about 4:00 pm.

    This noise interferes with my thinking and causes unwanted stress. I lose control of my thinking at that time. It is led around by the noise all day.

    This noise causes considerable emotional distress. I don’t know what to do about it other than move to an area of the world where there are no motor vehicles. I am 75 and suffer also from schizophrenia.


    Martin Hersey

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  13. wendy murphy | | Add to Contacts
    Tuesday, Feb 7 04:21 AM | Show Details | View source

    Humming noise


    l have just come across your blog about radiation humming noise.

    l live in London, England and noticed this humming noise in my home since they installed smart meters in my street last week (around 29th January 2017) we have had the option to opt out and l did, but you can see where they have installed the smart meters in some homes, even though l have none in my home but l am still hearing this low humming noise especially at night in my home. They have installed them to check for leaks before turning them on, but l am already hearing this humming/vibrating.

    They will be compulsory in 2018 and l am hoping by then they will see the error of their ways and remove them, but power companies are just that power and to fight against them to stop this l can’t see how we can do that? l am not happy about this as l am extremely sensitive to all radiation/frequency pollutants, where can l live to escape this!

    Some days it is worse than others, and this is already affecting my hearing as l have constant whoosing/ringing sound in my head, and other symptoms such as sore muscles, waking up with headaches, sore/itching eyes.

    l am not happy that smart meters have started to be issued in London, especially when it is full known about the ill effects of smart meters. What can l do to bring this to light to others in my area and complain?

    Thank you for your research it has helped greatly to understand this more.


  14. From: Kimberly Kaplan
    Date: Jan 9, 2017 3:51:48 AM
    Subject: High pitched sound in my new home! Help!

    Please Help me to make this noise stop! I just moved into a new home on Black Friday with three kids!

    There is this constant high pitched disturbing noise inside my home! We lost power recently due to a snow storm and the power was out for many hours. I could still here the noise! We live near three schools.

    I thought it was a generator of some sort! My energy meter isn’t working right and it was blinking as of yesterday. I figured out that it must be my smart meter. I will have to request to have it removed or remove it myself! I have done a lot of research and others are getting the same noise from their smart meters which is also causing some dirty electricity throughout the house. I need an electrician to put an Analog meter on our home.

    I will be calling the electric company to come fix our light pole outage as well. What can I do ! I think I may have a smart meter on my house!

    Please help me make it stop!

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  15. Mary Killian | |
    Today, Wednesday, Dec 28 01:03 PM

    Objectionable noise

    I want to reply to your information on the internet. I’m having the same occurrence in my brand new home.

    I live in Montana and I will be doing more research based on your article. It makes a lot of sense but that this is the problem. I will be doing some research regarding electrical internet power water sewer xcetera.

    The noise basically makes my house and home worthless because it is so disruptive and disconcerting disconcerting.

    Thank you for your information.


  16. Thomas Cornell

    Dec 17 01:07 AM

    The Hum is Maddening

    Here in Ponderosa Park, near Prescott, AZ. Just moved in the hum runs 24/7. 1/2 time on low pulse, then nights pulsing intensely. It sounds like the outside diesel engine others explained penetrating deep into the house and “felt” in my skull/jaw/ear bones. It is amplified inside the house. Seems more intense upstairs. Seems more intense on south facing wall.

    Cutting all utilities does not relieve it. I have noted the “outside” hum even in the surrounding Forrest confirming its not my house alone. It does not seem to be one specific diesel engine as our town does have many diesel owners. This is maddening enough that if I knew the source I would tear it to the ground with my bear hands, or spend years trying to destroy whatever is emitting this.

  17. Hello to all,

    I have been hearing this noise for since 2007 when I moved into this house and more so now.
    I have been really someone who hears this stuff and no one else does my whole life.
    I can only say and confirm it has gotten a lot louder these last couple of months. It is usually at night between the hours of 10 PM to about 4 or 5 am. The noise is most frequently heard in my bedroom and office. It is a dull humming noise I can hear every night as it vibrates into my home and sounds like it is underneath my bedroom.

    My ears lay on my pillow with that familiar on know I wish it would go away. My inner ear is effected as well as my sleep and now my dogs and even the state of depression it causes. I am a good surveyor of energy fields and I do not drink or take any medications of any sort. I am a natural healer and spiritual person and feel very much a victim of this situation. I try very hard to ignore it.. and mentioned many times to my closest friends but who will believe us? They will say we are crazy? I feel my health is at stake now…because it has gotten louder. I feel my ears are burdened. I just want peace and quiet.

    I said no to the smart meter and I am paying more monthly for that punishment. I feel this is from the cell towers in my area nearby and the entire neighborhood. A couple of cell towers 3 in the area less than 5 miles from my home. One big one right on the Premise of the Sacred Heart Hospital..which is a hospital for newborns as well. I believe this is being done to us..and think the military is involved.

    Thanks so much for your great helpful blog.

  18. We are all in trouble!

    Yes! We are all in trouble. Just evacuated our beautiful home. This EMF is not just inconvenient, annoying… Its deadly. Believing extreme issue when magnetic field of high tension wires meets RF?

    We live approximately 1mi from high tension wires. About a 1.5 years ago I could not understand why my dog kept getting on/off bed in total distress. Took her to vet and the only diagnosis from 4 vets including Gainesville, FL was inflamed intestines saying only see this in show dogs that are under stress. After she died a year later. I began to experience what was happening.

    Extreme high frequency pitch in your ears/head, knocking/rumbling sounds in head, no sleep, cant block out with headphones or ear plugs because it goes through you, fans seem to make it worse by seemingly amplifying the high freq. Here is the very strange phenomena… the high frequency and rumblings were bad enough- it took me a year to understand what was happening…. Every night when any sprinkler went off- like the fan…it took that already high frequency that exists and amplified it to a dangerous extreme! As if a knife went through my head. I have 2 other dogs and they actually cry when this happens. If it wasn’t for them I would have to wonder if I was going crazy. Researching I have found our water mains are feet away from huge sub station. Other theory… Not sure if possible for water (a definite conductor) can carry the magnetic field of sub station to dangerous levels through sprinklers?

    Taking my dogs for a walk one day I found dog throw up. It was then I said this is so extreme and bad I cant be the only one experiencing this. Round the block I found…
    1. Neighbor behind us had to put dog down because their dog kept hitting her head against the wall in distress.

    2. Neighbor up the Street has two dogs that are continuously sick and in distress. We decided to start corresponding and logging our evenings every single night. We have the same recorded sleep patterns though she cannot hear what I hear because she’s older. She went away to Honduras and slept like a baby. Came back no sleep and sick dogs. This is a total environment issue.

    3. Many of the neighbors are experiencing the same problem with the high frequency and no sleep.

    4. Neighbor few doors up just got 1 year old bird- died today after only months of owning it.

    I am an electrical engineer- had every possible worker in this home to find source and I tried all possible tests I could try…
    -Seko (power), gas, water, village inspector.
    – Learned about smart meters and was at war with our gas co to remove smart meter. Next year we are expecting smart meters on power. Now they wven have smart meters on lamp posts and manholes for water regulation
    – cut off all power/water/irrigation problem still exists.
    – used antenna search to know and research every cell tower and antenna close by.
    – purchased 3 rf/magnetic meters to measure up to 8gig in home but its not really picking up bc i believe requires greater range
    – learned of comcast doubling the power/and increase from 2.4 to 5g. There are lawsuits bc people and animals are getting sick from this change that they dont tell their customers about. They compromise our health and use our $ by doing this to extend reach to 200ft so they now can boast about the ability for everyone to use comcast for personal hotspot. I was at war with comcast!
    – think about it… Smart meters (gas, water, electric and comcast xfinity… All t transmitting dangerous microwaves every 10’sec that can reach as far as the curbs… Now times that exposure x 10 homes around you!
    – purchased total emf shield in hopes to cancel out bad frequencies but this is way too strong to overcome.
    – spoke with acoustical engineer- learned wen over 60yrs old- most lose their cilia in their ears and hence lose the ability to hear high freq. this explains why some can hear it in some cannot.
    – tried desperately to get an acoustical engineer to come amplify and measure sound waves in hopes to find the source. All FL only say they will do this for businesses for $. Will not do residential.

    As you know the more/constant exposure you have… The worse your sensitivity gets. As state above… The typical horrible high frequency is bad enough… But this very strange/deadly phenomena when sprinklers come on… Was taking my life and I could see my pups daily losing their lives. Even my Mom who didnt hear any of this was starting to experience… I Finally said ENOUGH. I could not physically handle any more.

    Left the beautiful FL to come to chicago home- that is a town home. A town home with all smart meters and everyone has xfinity. I can still hear the high freq and very slight rumble- bit nothin like what was happening in FL

    The FL home wld be a VERY good place to have a study because it is deadly extreme!

    Count me in… To stand up against this crazy deadly insanity. You Would think these large utility owners would be concerned for their own loved ones? When i was at war with the woman at gas company I said to her… Do u have kids that u care about? She said yes and through bak in my face… You have a microwave in ur home…. I silenced her by saying… “Yes… But it doesn’t transmit dangerous microwaves as far as the curbside.”

    I am confident… We will be known as “the generation that had no rf regulations and they all literally fried their brains”.

    Feel free to contact me.

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  19. Low Frequency Hum

    On 07/07/15, John Rhys Eddins wrote:

    Last night I was awakened by a low frequency humin my head. I asked my wife if she heard it as well. She did not.

    Can you help?

    Thank you….
    John Rhys Eddins

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  20. Hi,

    I am being affected by the towers and everything you are describing in your post.
    After lots of research I have finally found your article and it is making everything come together.

    I started with electricity, the towers, cell phone and emf, but I now believe it to be some type of ELF or something. I am not sure what to do and I have been hearing this for the past 30 days.

    If you can give me any advice or help it would be very very appreciative. It feels like my face is in front of an electrical panel and I hear a loud screeching sound that I cannot get away from.. no matter how far I go. Have you had any success with anything to get this to stop? I have lived in my condo for the past 5 years and have never experienced any problems. It’s only these past 30 days or so..

    My back is against the wall and I cannot stop until I am not being tortured. I don’t know what to do. Here is a post I have started at my city-data website:

    Please help!!!
    -Steve Payne

  21. Hi,

    I am writing to you to report this intermittent sound that seems worse today. I hear it at night but noticed it really goes on all day. Tonight it’s particularly bad. What can we do?

    Alessandra Burenin
    JP and Associates

  22. I just move 6 months ago into this apartment with 30 smarts meters in the back wall of my bed room. My blood pressure has gone up, headaches, ringing in my ears, heart palpitations, and constant humming throughout the house. I cannot control it, not even with medications. I dont know what to do anymore.

    Claude Perron

  23. Name: Karrie Butler


    Comment: I just discovered Sandra Chianfoni’s podcast on Boil the Frog today, and felt as if she was telling my story word for word, only mine stopped at spending the $8,000 to get the expert electrician down from Michigan to get all this documented. I had already spent $35,000 trying to figure out what was making my house vibrate and making me sick. I won’t repeat my story here because

    Sandra tells it so eloquently, but because our electrical service is underground and the dirt here is so dry, the ground around our home actually carries the vibration. The electric utility requires the conduit attached to the outside wall up to the meter to be metal, which amplifies the hum so it get so loud during certain times of the year, that we literally have to leave the house for weeks at a time, and if I’m here,

    I have to sleep on a cot in the kitchen because the electric service is attached to my bedroom wall. This has been an absolute nightmare and I’ve felt so all alone until today! With all the research I have done over the past 4 years,

    I am shocked that this is the first that I’ve heard of Sandra! Hopefully more of us can gather together and get the message heard!

    Time: September 17, 2016 at 6:49 pm

  24. I’m hearing a constant hum in my home that zaps my energy and impacts my health.

    Kathleen Cook, Soquel, CA

  25. Before the
    Federal Communications Commission
    Washington, D.C. 20554
    In the Matter of )
    Notice of Proposed Rulemaking )
    18 FCC Rcd 13187, 13188 ¶ 1 (2003) ) ET Docket No. 03-137
    And )
    Reassessment of Federal Communications ) ET Docket No. 13-84
    Commission Radiofrequency Exposure Limits )
    and Policies )
    And )
    Service Rules for the Advanced Wireless Services ) WT Docket No. 12-357
    H Block—Implementing Section 6401 of the )
    Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of )
    2012 Related to the 1915-1920 MHz and )
    1995-2000 MHz Bands ¶53 footnote 95 )
    To: Office of the Secretary
    Federal Communications Commission
    Washington, D.C. 20554
    Comment Filed by: Heidi M. Lumpkin
    384 Tamarack Lane
    Sagle, Idaho 83860
    August 24, 2013
    AFFIDAVIT OF Heidi M. Lumpkin
    I, Heidi M. Lumpkin, attest that my statements are true to the best of my knowledge.
    round for ET Docket No. 03-137, ET
    Docket No. 03-84, and WT Docket NO. 12-
    1. My name is Heidi M. Lumpkin.
    2. My mailing address is 384 Tamarack Lane, Sagle, ID 83860.
    3. I am an International Regulatory Compliance Specialist and Clinical Study
    Coordinator. I have a Bachelor of Science degree.
    4. Comment on FR page 33660, column 1,
    II. Notice of Inquiry, paragraph 47: The
    Federal Communication Commission’s general regulations and policies limiting human
    exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiation are completely inappropriate as to be
    ineffective and irrelevant. I adaman
    tly and urgently request that the FCC adopt
    more restrictive limits
    to the amount of RF exposure allowed due to the extremely
    harmful biological effects induced by these frequencies.
    Until realistic safe limits are established , I request that the FCC impose a moratorium on
    the installation and operation of all wirele
    ss RF communication systems associated with
    cellular telephone fixed antenna arrays, utility meters operating using wireless
    radiofrequency antennas, wireless local area networks deployed in public schools,
    Power Line Communication systems and as
    sociated equipment. I am basing my
    request on personal experience as well as published peer-reviewed scientific studies
    indicating wireless RF radiation is biologically active and is harmful to biological life.
    5. Personal Experience: In November of 2007 I
    purchased my first home in Sagle, ID. It is
    located in a rural setting on 5 acres, approximately 8 miles from town. I chose this
    location because it was peaceful, there wa
    s an abundance of wildlife and resident
    and migratory birds, and it provided a safe place for my son to live during childhood, a
    period of life when humans are particularly
    vulnerable to exposures of environmental
    toxins. It was important to me to live in an area where the environment (air and water)
    was relatively free of harmful contaminants so
    as to be able to provide my son (7 years
    old at the time) and myself (age 50) with a
    lifestyle that promoted good health. For the
    first 2 ½ years my son and I very much enjoyed living in our home. Our health was very
    good. We spent much time outdoors in ou
    r community as well as throughout Bonner
    County where we are able to ski, kayak, hike, and fish. This all changed 3 years ago in
    late 2009, early 2010. Since the installation of
    a digital RF emitting electric meter on my
    home (without my knowledge or consent)
    and the Power Line Communication system
    that it communicates with, I have expe
    rienced the following health problems –
    constant low frequency humming and vibrat
    ion inside my home as well as outside
    attributable to acoustic shock, anxiety and
    feelings of mild panic, sleep deprivation,
    heart arrhythmias and sudden heart racing,
    debilitating fatigue, short term memory
    deficits, concentration difficulties, rapid mood swings, severe abdominal pain lasting 6

    hours and more. My son has also experienced unexplained headaches and alarming
    neurological paresthesia unilaterally and bilaterally as well as severe abdominal pain
    without any evidence of viral or bacteria
    l infection. Our adverse symptom onset
    coincided with the rollout of the Smart Grid in Idaho and the proliferation of the wireless
    RF infrastructure that supports it, the initia
    tion of Broadband over Power Line wireless
    internet services, and the proliferation of WiFi. My son and I have both undergone full
    health evaluations. I had a wellness checkup and full cardiac evaluation and no
    underlying disease was found that could ac
    count for my symptoms. My son underwent
    a full pediatric neurological evaluation with a CAT scan ordered by our local hospital
    and an MRI ordered by a pediat
    ric neurologist in Spokane, WA. No sign of underlying
    disease was found that could account for hi
    s symptoms. The adverse health events
    continue, 3 years later. I now have full blow
    n electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). I
    cannot live comfortably in my home any long
    er. I have not had an uninterrupted night
    of sleep for 3 years and most nights I cannot sleep at all. I cannot be out in the local
    environment for very long due to the emissions of RF radiation coming from the
    unshielded power lines and from the multitud
    e of antenna arrays in my town. I cannot
    attend Sunday mass at St. Joseph Catholic
    church due to the RF antennas next door
    that now also permeate the chapel causing
    nausea and mental distress. My quality of
    life has plummeted and I am desperate to find some relief and yet there is no place
    one can go to remove themselves from these wireless radiofrequencies. I experience
    nausea, anxiety, irritability, and severe fatigue when I am in close proximity to wireless
    transmitters. I cannot sit comfortably in any business that has WiFi, including my place of
    work. Even businesses that do not have this
    service are affected by the public and
    private owners of WiFi routers in their proxim
    ity as the WiFi signals transmit through walls
    and trees and seem to now be ubiquitous in the environment. I have no wireless
    technology in my home, no cordless phone
    and a hard wired internet connection and
    yet I am tormented by the same symptoms that I experience while in town where the
    density of wireless devices and fixed antennas is much greater. I attribute this to the
    Power Line Communications system that is utilizing the existing power line electricity
    infrastructure for distributing RF data signals. The electric power line cable is not
    designed to carry a RF microwave signal and
    as such it “leaks” out of the cables and
    into the environment. This is occurring over 1,000s
    of miles of electric power lines, it is not
    localized. In fact, due to the distances between homes in rural areas like my county,
    these data signals need to be injected into the power lines at very high intensities in
    order to travel the many miles to the homes connected in the grid. Every obstacle
    along the power line acts as an impedance and the signal needs to be collected and
    concentrated and re-injected into the power line at greater intensities. At every
    junction and turn in the line, the signals break out. You can hear it and you can feel it as
    you travel along the power lines.
    I have visibly aged beyond my years and consid
    er myself in very poor health now. All of
    this has occurred in the absence of any kind of public disclosure or discussion with
    respect to wireless RF transmissions that the FCC is sanctioning. I have had to find
    information on my own to explain the source of my adverse health symptoms. This has
    been extremely difficult and time-consuming. Countless support groups have been
    initiated across the U.S. and abroad to help people understand this technology and the
    adverse health effects it causes. One such group led me to a man named Victor Nixon.
    He was a decorated British Special Air Services soldier, a mechanical engineer and a

    computer systems analyst. He had emigrated to the U.S. and was a resident of
    Pittsburgh, PA. In 2009, he had began suffering the same debilitating health effects after
    the rollout of the Smart Grid in his community – severe abdominal pain, insomnia, low
    and high frequency sounds around the cl
    ock, mood swings, sciatic pain, vision
    disturbances, loss of appetite,
    muscle atrophy, etc. Due to his training and expertise he
    was able to identify the sources of his “noises” as emanating from the power lines which
    were emitting, not electric fields, but RF/Microwave emissions, and from the digital RF
    meter installed at the apartment complex where he lived. He documented his findings,
    and filed complaints with the PA Public Utility Commission. His complaints were
    dismissed, in his estimation improperly (s
    ee attachment of Correspondence from Victor
    Nixon to Pa Public Utility Commission Secretary Rosemary Chiavetta as evidence of
    filing). Victor was also working to assist an
    yone in the U.S. and abroad that was having
    similar experiences (see Comments filed by
    Bonnie Mensch, Sandra Chianfoni, John
    Weigel, Dimitris Panagopoulos, Olle Johansson, Marina Sauco-Helfst). I and others in the
    U.S. and elsewhere, have been assisted
    by him with understanding this very
    complicated technology and with filing complaints with our respective Public Utility
    Commissions and other international health agencies.
    In 2012, after receiving no redress with the PaPUC, Victor Nixon filed a complaint with
    the U.S. Department of Justice alleging that
    his, and all American’s, civil rights were
    being violated by the unregulated deployment of RF communication systems. The
    Department of Justice Correspondence Unit, Civ
    il Rights Division, responded to his initial
    letter asking for additional information so
    as to be able to determine whether a
    violation of a federal civil rights statute is
    involved (see letter from Dept. of Justice as
    evidence of correspondence). Victor Nixon co
    mplied and sent additional data to the
    Department of Justice in August of 2012. By this time his health was severely
    deteriorated; in fact, he knew he was dying.
    He moved to Sagle, Idaho two days after
    he mailed his Certified Letter to the Departme
    nt of Justice in order to be with me and
    my son in an environment that he hoped wo
    uld allow him to recover his health. He and
    I had become engaged in May 2012 and were to be married in October 2012. After he
    arrived in Idaho he started experiencing the same heart arrhythmias that I had been
    experiencing but for him they were more acute. On September 17, 2013 Victor Nixon
    died of sudden cardiac arrest at my mother
    ’s cabin in Sandpoint,
    ID – 24 days after he
    arrived. I found him after I came home from work that evening. The police were called
    and asked what I thought had caused his death. I explained his troubles with RF
    radiation. The county coroner ruled his death under investigation as a result. An autopsy
    was performed and cause of death listed as myocardial infarction – (proving exposure
    to RF radiation and attributing adverse health effects and death to this exposure is not
    something that our current medical community is trained to investigate). His complaint
    to the Department of Justice, mailed in August 2012, has not been acted upon. Any
    correspondence that was sent to Victor’s former address in Pittsburgh has been lost. It
    would be my hope however that the FCC initiate a conversation with the Department
    of Justice Civil Rights Division regarding Victor Nixon’s complaint as this might be used
    as a basis to initiate an investigation into the legality of subjecting residents of the
    United States to involuntary exposure to RF radiation.

    6. Selection of Scientific studies, letters,
    and reports that support the supposition that RF
    radiation is a severe human health hazard and, as such, calls for a severe restriction in
    allowable RF radiation limits if not full product recall of wireless communications systems.
    (All supporting evidence is submitted in fu
    ll-text as attachments to this Comment).
    Letter to the Los Angeles Unified School
    District from Dr. Martha Herbert,
    Pediatric Neurologist and Neuroscientist on
    the staff at Harvard Medical School and
    at Massachusetts General Hospital describing the adverse health and neurological
    impacts of EMF/RF and the particular sensitivities of children. “EMF/RFR from wifi
    and cell towers can exert a disorganizing
    effect on the ability to learn and
    remember, and can also be destabilizing to
    immune and metabolic function. This
    will make it harder for some children to learn, particularly those who are already
    having problems in the first place. “Dr. Herbert advises the LAUSD to not use wifi
    their public schools and instead opt for
    wired technologies. I concur with this
    Hillman et al. 2013 “Relationship of electr
    ic power quality to milk production of
    dairy herds – Field study with literature review”.
    Science of the Total Environment
    Letter from the Irish Doctors Environm
    ental Association to school principles
    advising them of their concerns regardin
    g wifi and harm to children’s health and
    advocating wired technologies.
    I concur with their suggestions and reques
    t that the FCC require all public schools
    to switch to cabled, hard-wired local area networks in their classrooms and also
    remove any cell phone towers erected on
    school grounds and within close proximity
    to schools.
    Capone et al. “Extremely low frequency magnetic fields (ELF-MF) produce
    functional changes in human brai
    n”. Poster submission P22.5.
    Indicating pulsed-mode magnetic fields
    such as those used in Power Line
    Communications produce an increase in ex
    citatory neurotransmission, which may
    produce functional change
    s in the human brain.
    . Girgert et al. 2005 “Induction of tamoxi
    fen resistance in breast cancer cells by
    ELF electromagnetic fields”.
    Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communication
    336:1144-1149. This study describes the po
    ssible increase in the incidence of breast
    cancer as a result of exposure to low frequency electromagnetic fields through a
    radiation-mediated anti-melatonin pathwa
    y. It also discusses concern that EM
    fields interfere with the activity of tamoxifen and may account for the tamoxifen
    resistance observed in breast cancer pa
    tients after long-term treatment.
    . Stratton et al. 2013 “Pulsed extremel
    y low-frequency magnetic fields stimulate
    microvesicle release from human monocytic leukaemia cells”.
    Biochemical and
    Biophysical Research Communications
    430:470-475. This study demonstrated that
    an alternating current, pulsed, extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field
    induced transient plasma membrane damage that allowed calcium influx.

    . Cururachi et al. 2013 “A review of th
    e ecological effects of radiofrequency
    electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF)”
    Environment International
    51;116-140. Systematic
    review of published scientific studies on the
    potential ecological effects of RF-EMF in the
    range of 10 MHz to 3.6 GHz (from amplitude modulation, AM, to lower band
    microwave, MW, EMF). The authors concluded that two thirds of the studies
    reviewed found ecological effects of RF-EMF
    at high as well as low dosages; very low
    dosages being compatible with real field conditions, as found under
    environmental conditions. Effects were
    found in birds (breeding density,
    reproduction or species concentration), insects (honey bees
    : acute decrease of
    breeding performance and in some instance
    s collapse of entire colonies; fruit flies
    significant depression of growth and re
    production as a response to exposure at
    both 900 and 1800 MHz; ants
    Myrmica sabuleti
    ): exposure to a GSM generated
    signal associated with a loss in the ac
    quired association between food and a
    visual cue, a decreased retention of acquir
    ed knowledge, and a total loss of visual
    memory; vertebrates (frogs; significant effect
    of exposure on the growth and mortality
    rates of tadpoles of frogs under fiel
    d conditions; bats: RF-EMF reduced the
    foraging activity), other organisms (
    E. coli
    C. elegans
    nematode, and land
    snail – all cases reported a significant effect on behavior and growth of target
    subjects); plants (growth inhibition). (see
    Comment by Steven Magee)
    . Donald I. McRee (1974) “Biological Effects of Microwave Radiation”
    J Air
    Pollution Control Association
    , 24(2):122-127. Discusses reports of behavioral and
    neurological effects in humans after exposure to microwave radiation at very low
    power levels in the USSR, which has set safe exposure limits 1000 times lower than in
    the U.S. Dr. McRee, at the Nati
    onal Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, back in
    1974 concluded that safety studies needed to be initiated to determine whether
    exposures to continuous, modulated, and pulsed fields were safe. To date, these fields
    are unregulated.
    Hinrikus et al. 2009 “Effect of mo
    dulated at different low frequencies
    microwave radiation on human EEG”
    29:215-219. The authors
    concluded that telecommunication
    devices with complex spectrum of modulation frequencies like mobile phones
    can affect all human EEG frequency bands.
    Mousavy et al. 2009 “Effects of mobile
    phone radiofrequency on the structure
    and function of normal human hemoglobin”
    International Journal of Biological
    44:278-285. The authors investigated the effects of mobile phone
    RF on the structure and function of hemoglobin (HbA). In addition to carrying
    nearly all the oxygen required by cells from the lungs to the tissues, hemoglobin carries
    two end products of cellular respiration (H+ an
    d CO2) from the tissues to the lungs and
    the kidneys, where they are excreted. Results indicated that mobile phone EMFs
    altered oxygen affinity and tertiary structure
    of HbA. The decrease of oxygen affinity
    of HbA corresponded to the EMFs intensity and time of exposure.
    . Kesari and Kumar. 2012 “Pathophysiolo
    gy of Microwave Radiation: Effect on
    Rat Brain”
    Appl Biochem Biotechnol
    166;379-388. This study investigated the effect of
    2.45 GHz microwave radiation on rats.
    The study concluded that a reduction in
    melatonin or an increase in caspase-3, creatine kinase, and calcium ion may cause

    significant damage in brain due to chronic exposure of these radiations. These
    biomarkers clearly indicated possible health implications of such exposures. The FCC,
    through the appropriate health agencies should initiate immediate clinical studies
    investigating whether people exposed to MW RF are experiencing the same changes in
    these biomarkers.
    Calvente et al. 2010 “Exposure to
    electromagnetic fields (non-ionizing
    radiation) and its relationship to ch
    ildhood leukemia: A systematic review.
    Science of
    the Total Environment
    408:3062-3069. The primary objective of this review was to
    analyze the current state of know
    ledge on the association between
    environmental exposure to non-ionizing radiation and
    the risk of childhood leukemia.
    Letter from the American Academy of Environmental Medicine to the
    California Public Utilities Commission requesting an immediate moratorium on “smart
    meter” installation due to serious public health concerns.
    Stephen J. Genuis 2008 “Fielding a curre
    nt idea: exploring the public health
    impact of electromagnetic radiation”
    Public Health
    122:113-124. Despite the many
    challenges in establishing irrefutable scientific proof of harm and the various
    gaps in elucidating the precise mechanisms of harm, epidemiological analyses
    continue to suggest considerable potential for
    injury and affliction as a result of a-NIR
    exposure. As environmental health has not been emphasized in medical
    education, some clinicians are not fully aware of possible EMF-related health
    problems and, as a result, manifestations
    of a-NIR may remain misdiagnosed and
    ineffectually managed. It is important for physicians and public health officials to
    be aware of the fundamental science and
    clinical implications of EMF exposure. A
    review of the scientific literature relating to the link between electromagnetic
    radiation and human health, several pu
    blic health recommendations, and four
    case histories are presented for consideration.
    Burda et al. 2009 “Extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields disrupt
    magnetic alignment of ruminants” PNAS 106(14):5708-5713. The findings provided
    evidence for
    magnetic sensation in large mammals as well as evidence of an overt
    behavioral reaction to weak ELFMFs in vertebrates. The demonstrated reaction to
    weak ELFMFs implies effects at th
    e cellular and molecular levels.
    Ulrich Warnke 2007 “Bees, Birds and Mankind: Destroying nature by
    “electrosmog”. Effects of Mobile Ra
    dio and Wireless Communication. Brochure 1
    Competence Initiative for the Protection
    of Mankind, Environment, and Democracy.
    Levis et al. 2011 “Mobile phones an
    d head tumours. The discrepancies in
    cause-effect relationships
    in the epidemiological studies – how do they arise?”
    Environmental Health
    10:59. The analysis of the literature studies and of the results
    from meta-analyses of the significant data alone shows an almost doubling of the
    risk of head tumours induced by long-t
    erm mobile phone use or latency. (see
    Comment posted by Alan Marks)

    Laurence et al. 2000 “Biological Effect
    s of Electromagnetic Fields –Mechanisms
    for the Effects of Pulsed Microwav
    e Radiation on Protein Conformation”
    J. Theor
    V. Soderqvist et al. 2011 “Childhood brain tumour risk and its association with
    wireless phones: a commentary”
    Environmental Health
    10:106. Case-control studies
    on adults point to an increased risk of brain tumours (glioma and acoustic
    neuroma) associated with the long-term
    use of mobile phones. Recently, the first
    study on mobile phone use and the risk
    of brain tumours in children and
    adolescents, CEFALO, was published. It has been claimed that this relatively small
    study yielded reassuring results of no increased risk. We do not agree. We consider that
    the data contain several indications of increased risk, despite low exposure, short
    latency period, and limitations in the study design, analyses and interpretation.
    The information certainly cannot be used as reassuring evidence against an
    association, for reasons that we discuss in this commentary.
    Abdel-Rassoul et al. 2007 “Neurobehavi
    oral effects among inhabitants around
    mobile phone base stations”
    28:434-440. Conclusions and
    recommendations: Inhabitants living nearby
    mobile phone base stations are at risk
    for developing neuropsychiatric problems
    and some changes in the performance
    of neurobehavioral functions either by facilitati
    on or inhibition. So, revision of standard
    guidelines for public exposure to RER from mobile phone base station antennas and
    using of NBTB for regular assessment and earl
    y detection of biological effects among
    inhabitants around the stations are recommended.
    . A.K. Dhami 2012 “Study of electromagnetic radiation pollution in an Indian
    Environ Monit Assess
    184:6507-6512. Measurements of EMR were conducted at 62
    locations near schools and hospitals in
    Chandigarh City, India. The measured
    power densities and estimated SAR values were compared with the international
    recommendations by ICNIRP for safety. Results indicated that exposure levels in the
    city were below ICNIRP limits, but much above the biological limit at which systems
    of humans and animals start getting affected.
    7. Comment on what additional information
    the Commission should develop relating to
    exposures from common fixed sources. (FR page 33662, Column 3, paragraph 62). I
    request that the commission act on the mult
    itude of complaints that are arising from
    the installation of RF utility meters and th
    e RF communications grid that connects them.
    The Commission should allow for people to opt-out of participation in the smart grid in
    light of physical and mental health effect
    s associated with these devices and wireless
    RF communications systems. In addition, I re
    quest that the Commission investigate the
    growing number of health complaints asso
    ciated with Power Line Communications and
    the disturbances this system creates in
    the environment – it is unregulated,
    uncontrollable, and dangerous. I request that
    the Commission require these systems be
    deactivated until proven safe. I note in the following reference (
    ) a
    description of Power Line Communications – PL
    C transmits data via the electrical supply
    network by superimposing a high frequency signal at low energy levels over the 50 Hz
    electrical signal. The data signal is tran
    smitted via the power infrastructure and is

    received and decoded remotely by any PLC receiver located on the same electrical
    network. According to this information whic
    h was current as of July 2013, PLC networks
    are at the same time both electrical supply networks and telecommunications
    networks, with the result that the authorities have difficulties defining legal framework.
    No precise regulation exists for PLC equipment and networks
    . T
    he installation of PLC
    networks is unregulated and is therefore subj
    ect to the condition that they do not cause
    negative side-effects, in which case the equipment must be removed. Many
    consumers are experiencing negative side effects from digital radiofrequency meters
    installed without consent on their residences. These meters operate, at least in the state
    of Idaho, using Power Line Communications networks. Therefore, without regulation,
    anyone experiencing negative effects from this PLC network is able to have the
    equipment removed. I request that the digital meter servicing my home be removed
    and replaced with an analog meter and that the PLC system that communicated with
    the meter also be removed as the negative health effects I and my family are
    experiencing cannot be remediated with the removal of the electric meter alone but
    can only be remediated by de-energizing the system that operates these meters.
    I work in the health care industry and part of my responsibility is to work with private
    institutions and universities in assisting them with filing Investigational New Drug
    applications for conducting clinical studies. I support the Principal Investigators in
    providing documentation that they require
    when seeking permission to conduct their
    studies with the FDA and their Institutional Re
    view Boards. A large part of the process is
    spent making sure that study subjects
    are not exposed to harmful practices or
    substances and those subjects are participatin
    g in the clinical study with full informed
    As a Clinical Study Coordinator by profession
    , I am astounded that there is no informed
    consent when it comes to wireless RF devices and transmitters, there is no disclosure of
    possible adverse effects, there is no recording and tracking of adverse events
    associated with exposure, there is no pilot
    study limiting the number of people exposed
    so as to be able to limit the extent of any discovered health risks. This is unconscionable
    if not outright illegal and requires immediate assessment by all federal health agencies.
    Respectfully submitted by,
    Heidi M. Lumpkin
    384 Tamarack Lane
    Sagle, ID 83860

  26. The Hum

    When I move to AZ, we moved to a mobile home with 5 acres, it had over head big power lines
    with a transformer on the front of each property. I became sick the 2nd day, and just thought
    it was altitude sickness, then mold. I hired a mold inspector, no mold. I was getting sicker, weaker
    and losing sleep while hearing a Hum sound 24/7. I went outside in my car and slept in my car in our
    back yard, I still heard the Hum Sound inside the house and outside.
    I used a Wi-Fi for 7 months with the powerline next to our bedroom and a smart meter, and metal roof.

    I Googled” The Hum Sound” and leaned from Sandaura’s Blog, about EMF’s and Smart meters, the burning skin
    and symptoms, I hadthe Smart Meter removed immediately, The Hum was still there 24/7
    keeping me awake.It caused me extreme anxiety and lost my appetite I lost 25 lbs. I did
    not have a smog meter for readings at that time, It was an all electric home. I just thought I had
    cancer and was dying. My poor husband suffered, quietly, he is just unhappy and inactive. Thankfully,
    we moved fast for another reason and lost money but it was worth it. I felt safe at our next home until

    I had the same problem again, I purchased electric smog meters and we hired a EMF pro who
    removed the 2nd Smart meter. I can still here the data dumping hum sound after the building biologist
    helped us. He installed a button to turn off the circuit breakers at night. He noted the electric smog
    readings now we have filters in the electric sockets lowered the EMF’s. But the Cell towers are all around
    us with clusters of Intennas. Our marriage is ruined from all the money we lost and the stress fixing our 2nd
    house the moving and EMF exposure took our health and our marriage. I have poor health and no energy to go
    outside anymore.

    I feel like I have cancer and quit going to doctors even with health insurance I don’t care anymore.
    I hear the hum transformer sound in my dead mom’s bedroom which is a Shrine now. It’s in AZ
    and all over the country. No one talks about it because their home values could going down, it’s the cell towers
    they hide with the microwave sound, the sound of EMR’s and EMF’s. Please keep my name quiet I am
    afraid want to be off the record. It’s dangerous to talk about it, I have been shunned by the church for talking about it.

    Thank you Sandra for helping me discover all about EMF’s and my new illness. It has damaged so many good people and many suffered
    needless. I don’t care as much anymore due to feeling powerless and trapped, lost everything.


    a suffering soul.

  27. On 06/10/16, Pamela Levy

    My first exposure to this nightmare was in 2011, when I lived in a condominium in Westlake Village, California. Once I moved away, and pretty much for five years I never heard the noise again. Until I moved to Palm Springs in 2015. The first thing I noticed when I moved down there in July of 2015 was that I got really bad tinnitus.

    Long story short…I was not only exposed to Smart Meters, but also to massive amounts of dirty electricity from solar panels and a leaking electrical vault, not to mention infrasound and vibration from mechanical upgrades being done at a hotel I was next to. The icing on the cake was the wind turbines that they are putting up everywhere.

    Palm Springs is an EMF nightmare and it will only get way worse when they build the Eagle Mountain Hydro Electric plant on the other side of Joshua Tree.

    I moved back up to the Central Coast but still hear the hum and these horrible Smart Meters are everywhere. Only a handful of cities in California have banned them.

    This is truly one of the great evils of our time. Need to flush these liars out before they destroy what’s left of the planet. Why does anyone think the bees are all dying? From this crapola.

    God help all of us.

    Pam levy

  28. Name: Donna Gibson


    Comment: Finally!!! Trying and trying to find the cause behind this Hum. Going out of my mind for three years , suffering, everyone thinks I’m crazy. So sleep deprived!! And fatigued!!! And sick and tired of this noise that goes right thru me!! Vibrating my bed at night , when I first started hearing it, thought it was just at night, it would always start around the same time then go on for an hour or two then stop but an hour later or two later it would wake me up again , then I noticed I could hear it in the day time and then at different locations.

    It drives me mad , now I feel like I get no relief from it anymore. Once your tuned into it , that it, no turning it off. Even white noise doesn’t help me when I’m trying to sleep. Please! For the love of God, Someone Help!!!!

    Yours truly,

    The School Bus Driver from N.J.

  29. Name: Victoria C. Bruno



    Comment: Last year at about this time of year, I called my water provider, my electrical provider, and the sewage treatment facility to ask about how any of them could be causing the frequent, pulsing bass sound that seemed to vibrate my house. The water and sewer representatives said that they had no reason to believe that their pipes were causing the sound and there were no sewer lift-stations in my immediate area. However, when I called out Avista, our local energy provider, the representative turned off the power to my house and said that he could hear the pulsing bass sound, too. Confirmation! But he was not able to locate the source. At the time I was concerned about fire hazard, were it an electrical problem, so at least at that time I knew my house wouldn’t burn down.

    Now, a year later, and tracking the noise on my calendar for the past week, I have come to believe that what is happening is SMART GRID noise. The noise started again yesterday starting at 8 pm, and is still going on. I couldn’t go back to sleep once my sleep medication wore off (I also have tinnitus, from a benign brain tumor, for which I take the medication).

    So, feeling like a prisoner in my own home, and also in my yard, I felt I should write and let you know that at least one more person is being physically affected/assaulted by this terrible noise pollution.

    I will continue to keep my diary of when the noise begins and ends.

    Thank you for Sandaura’s blog. I listened to her on the radio program “Boil the Frog Slowly” this morning and understand better now what is happening to my world.

  30. From: Christine mcgill
    Date: May 28, 2016 4:40:18 AM
    Subject: [Smart Meter News] Smart Grid Syndrome Testimonials

    Name: Christine mcgill



    Comment: Ever source put a new meter unknown to me on February 26th 2016. Within days I became frustrated by sleepless nights waking up to a humming noise like a low bass with a fog horn sound vibrating. Earplugs did not work,keeping the TV on until I fell asleep does not work anymore; it is 4:21 in the morning , I have not slept all night, because of the humming, vibrating, sickening, low frequency fog horn sound.

    I have not been sick in years, but a virus has now turned into bronchitis, I cannot sleep, therefore, I cannot heal. I can not focused and often ,strangely, nauseous and have waves of vertigo. All symptoms that began this winter when the smart meter was installed. The electric company blamed the cable co. I had the whole house rewired! I have had everything in the house checked. But tonight all I could do was cry. I have not sobbed like this since I lost a loved one.

    I can no longer be the victim. I need to become a voice to stop this unhealthy smart grid being forced on our communities making us sick.The utilitity companies playing dumb while the hazards go far beyond being sleep deprived.We must speak up and rally to make this environment healthy for our children. Halt the EMR noise pollution harming humans and wildlife.

    • Hi, Christine.
      While I have deep empathy for your misery, believe me, I’m also relieved to have found you, the first person so far who hears the fog horn as do I and yes, I cry often when it drowns everything else out and ruins the silence I crave. One thing you may try is playing this particular white noise I found on Youtube that has saved my sanity. ( It’s ten hours long and I have on during work as well as sleep and it completely wipes out the horn without being to loud. I hope this helps and I’d love to more closely compare the fog horn sound with you if you’d be willing. Thanks for sharing!


      It has taken me many years of hard work to afford to buy a home. I have been so happy ,content and comfortable in my new home. This past February. Eversource replaced PSNH and put a new meter on my house and added new wiring to the poles up and down our street and attached to our homes. I did not request or approve this.I did not ask for additional broad band,none of it.
      I am renting another house at the moment because I am overwhelmedThe humming fog horn constant sound and vibration is making me sick.
      MY DREAM HOME I cannot live in anymore.I was so happy and it was so peaceful.
      I ask you how can they destroy my peaceful home and existence.
      1. I cannot sleep due to the constant humming which revs up at night and goes all night long…
      2. I have never had headaches now I do when at the house.
      3. I have had low level nausea
      4. My ears,my body feels this vibration going through it, my body is tensing and I have stomach cramping.

      This all began the day they put this 2 way meter on my house.
      This is my home sweet home this company has destroyed. This is unacceptable and for our children’s future this has to stop. I do not want this on my house I do not want their bands of low frequency noise and radiation pulsing through my house and ruining my peaceful life.

      PLEASE KNOW I own a building and a business and it is much worse here.
      I honestly cannot imagine life with this dark and dirty electricity.

      I simply want them to be stopped and I want the electricity back I had a year ago
      Eversource has put untested dirty electricity and bands of radiation in our town.WHO ALLOWED THIS?

      The Cancer clusters in our town will be on the rise and complaints will increase at an incredible rate and who will pay for all the medical issues caused by this company who is unable to assure us it is not hurting us.

  31. I have been personally harmed by the Smart meter that was put on my home. I experienced many of the symptoms listed in this petition and worse. The day an analog meter was replaced I immediately felt better. Their use has not been tested prior to implementation and we are now one vast test case with many people suffering ill effects.

    Craig Noel, Santee, CA

  32. On 05/23/16,


    Thank you for your article about Hum and smart grid connection. This is one of possible explanation for me. I live in small village Borinka, country Slovakia, in the middle of Europe. I live here for all my life. I am 41 and started to hear the hum 6 years ago. My wife 3 years ago. Here is 300kV power line near our house (300m). I was searching for the source of deep humming sound in my head at nights. I switched off electric power of my house first, but after realizig that it’s audiable outside too, I started to move aroud the house, village.. forest… It is everywhere.

    Roman Bartalsky

  33. Noise

    Are you still tracking this? I’m in Pennsylvania (Harrisburg) and started noticing a faint humming noise a few days ago (or more). I’m trying to figure this out.

    My husband and daughter claim not to hear it in the house, but my husband has become extremely moody during the time that I’ve noticed it.


  34. On 05/22/16, rebecca barnes<barnes_

    I just read your article on noise pollution, I am a 24 hour victim, my parents have already lost their hearing, and I am beginning to lose mine, and my Ear Doctor told me last month that i needed hearing aids!

    Also, when i am in my home my body heats up , especially at night and when i go to urinate, my urine is hot.
    The power company denies responsibility There are cell towers and a TV tower down the street.

    I called the fcc and told them and they gave me a complaint number in 2006, but things have gotten worse.

    Can you help me?

    Rebecca Barnes.

  35. I have started hearing a HUM in the day and night..24/7 and I am not getting any answers from utility or the city. I am plagued with headaches and feeling nauseated.

    Brenda Willett, Tekoa, WA

  36. ———-Original Message———-

    From: “Lisiunia [Lisa] A. Romanienko”
    Date: Apr 28, 2016 1:23:57 PM
    Subject: High Frequency Noise Experience


    I am experiencing noise and expext it to get worse because a new cell phone tower is being built nearby. Any way I can help let me know.


    Lisiunia | Lisa | A. Romanienko, PhD

    US 718 313 2108
    EU 48 508 953 123

  37. I am suffering the effects of a digital meter installed without my authority. I am now trying to find an alternate place to exist.

    Helen Cahill, Australia

  38. ———-Original Message———-

    From: Sheree Amar
    Date: Apr 15, 2016 11:01:35 PM
    Subject: Omg I am not alone. I hear it too
    To: “”

    I am 59 here living in Pinellas County, Florida. I have been hearing this noise since I believe 2006 and moved several times thinking it was my neighbors air-conditioners. There are a lot of air-conditioners and swimming pools running in Florida but this is happening when it’s not hot out and this is the first time I researched it online.

    Earplugs don’t help. It’s hard to go to sleep. It does drive you crazy. No one else is hearing it and it’s affecting my hearing. I get frequent headaches I have trouble falling asleep. I actually prayed for help today, and today’s the day that I found this on the web. So it’s the broadband?

    This ridiculous Internet iPhone addiction. I very much want to do something about this I will look into this and I look forward to hearing from others. Help!

    Sent from my iPhone

  39. I am plauged by the hum since Dec 2014… My life hasn’t been the same. I feel trapped having to listen to this noise pollution every single night and sometimes day as well. … I don’t feel normal anymore and i wish I could go back to when i used to hear the birds wake me up at the first sight of dawn and not the hum every time I roll in bed. I don’t want to to sleep most nights and might only get 4 to 6 he’s sleep. ….!!!! When is there,it almost vibrates through my head and body. ….. please. ..let’s make it go away. ….!

    Effie Vasiliadis, Australia

  40. 4/12/16
    This continual “hum” disturbs my sleep and the sleep of others. The utility companies and telecommunication companies should be held responsible, accountable, and be forced to mitigate the the environmental pollution they have created.

    Melinda McComb, Newport, OR

  41. I live in Somerset,Ma Bristol county.
    I recently found about smart meters and there dangers. When I went outside to check my meters I found an ERT gas meter. I then called the gas company to have it removed, they told me the consumer has no right to say what kind of meter they wanted and it is mandated by DPU. So I contacted my legislator and then I found a bill that got dimissed and your petetion I live in MA and wanted to see if I could help in anyway. Also if you have any advice for getting these removed?

    I think that I am having effects from it like memory problems and I am worried about my children I’ve read it can cause ADHD. I have not measured radiation. I am not sure how to do that.

    As for noise pollution there is a sound I hear, I could never figure out what is was I thought is was coming from basement but it might be from meter. It is so hard to prove anything with this. So I did sign your petition and shared it on FaceBook. I called my legislator to support the bill and wrote her an email about my concerns. I have not heard back from her. So my next step was to call DPU.

    Thank you,
    Stephanie Silva
    Somerset, MA

    UPDATE: June 1, 2016
    Regarding the dates of meter install we bought our house 3 years ago the AMR electric meter was on the house. It was put on in 2004 we then had a new heating system put in, shortly after, we moved in 2013 which then they installed an ERT gas meter. I have always heard the noise since I moved in but didn’t know what it was but it drove me crazy.

    I have been sleeping with the windows open and it has helped with the noise because I can hear the crickets instead. I have to put head phones in every night and have been for 2 years so I can fall asleep… I sometimes feeling like setting up a tent and sleeping outside because of the NOISE!! Last night I was laying in bed and my neighbors house there was a very intense buzzing like the sound wave you sent from your house , it was so loud I had to shut the window because I couldn’t listen to that. I don’t know if it was coming from the power lines or his house. I am not sure if he is doing something because last week there was something going on he was outside with a flashlight on the side of the house in the dark but then the noise went away. The property across the street is a rental they recently moved in.

    I thought that after having the meters removed it would be better, but it is not much different. Sometimes I hear high pitched then other times it is the buzzing motor sound. Do you know why this is? Answer: Times of day and night effects perception of the smart grid noise as does the weather. Air pressure and ambient background effects the decibel levels. At night it is louder because the ambient background levels are lower.

    • UPDATE: 5 14 2016

      I wanted to tell you about the ERT meter. Last night my cornet came in. Although, don’t know how to use it well: I watched Jerry Day’s video on you tube and it was helpful.

      So, I went out to the ERT gas meter and electric meter with my cornet about every 15 seconds, the RF reading would spike sometimes to very high levels. The gas company told me it did not do this and that it was a power switch mode power supply, which was off, unless, it was being read.

      I wish I had the meter sooner! The utility company, National Grid, came and hour ago to change the meter and put analog on. I went out with the cornet, no spikes of RF. So, they just lie to people!!!

      Stephanie Siva

  42. OH Help!

    My God, My God, My God! Maybe there is help! I first heard this exact hum (as posted on your page) in the summer of 2010. It drove me literally crazy. I mean, if I didn’t have meditation and spiritual strength inside me, I think I’d be gone. I did everything in my power to research and to determine and locate the source of the hum. I’ve learned for the first time about EMF shielding, natural lines of geopathic stresses, my own energy system, tinninitus, and yeah, just about everything. I’ve read about grounding and rocks and shields. I’ve purchased and I’ve tested, and tonight my husband and I have been pouring over the internet in search of something that would help me.

    I am losing sleep and I don’t have a good feeling about where this is heading. When I say I’m losing sleep, it used to be that I’d waken with a dead zone behind my eyes, like a hollow burning, and now it’s just an always tired feeling that I waken with every morning. Every night I pray over my sleep and it is by faith that I connect to sleep well, even in spite of the hum I hear all night long. It’s the same hum that I hear outside and pulling into my garage every day, and I feel like it’s chasing me out of my house. We are now looking for another house to buy that doesn’t have the hum, but it seems the hum is everywhere, including the country! There are some places that actually don’t possess the hum, but I’m afraid that the hum will take residence there, since it seems to be inundating the entire area. I am not a paranoid person or odd or anything close to it, but I wAnt some peace!!

    What drove me to your site (not accidentally, because I don’t believe in accidents) is that (as I have been slow in relating), is that I have finally figured out that I can’t protect myself with a faraday cage or a ELF net. My mind was going to thinking about some kind of shielding like with an iron pipe in my room, something that would “distract” the seeming magnetic forces from me so that I can sleep!

    I am ready to help, to write people, to do something, if at all possible—to learn how I can help myself. I will be visiting your pages to find out more, but I hope and pray that something can be done and that you are still in the business of being able to help and author this site.

    Thank you,

    Charlene Bontrager, Tennessee

    • UPDATE: Charlene has filed a formal complaint with her utilities and regulatory agency. We owe Charlene our gratitude for fighting for us. This is not easy. As she states in her email; you take it to bed with you. This should not be happening. We have filed the same letter of complaint to regulatory agencies and utilities across the United States. The response is rote across the board. We can pretty much predict the behavior of the utilities and regulatory agencies when citizens voice their opposition to the Smart meters and technology and how it has impacted our healthy and wellbeing. We are, all, being stonewalled and here is another example, as illustrated in the emails below…..Sandaura

      From: “Charlene Bontrager”
      Date: Apr 8, 2016 5:43:51 PM
      Subject: RE: received your letter

      I have been in ongoing e-communication with the regional manager of the electric co-op since we last e-mailed, sending letters most every day. I have provided evidence that he cannot refute, so if/when this goes higher/farther, there will be no excuse for this co-op to pretend it was innocent of knowledge. I even supplied an example of other co-ops that have allowed their customers to return to analog. I let him know that I’ve written my letter of formal complaint to the Tennessee Regulatory Authority, and that I plan on writing my reps next. For me, the problem is that AMR, in conjunction with PLC, is an untested, untried experiment released against an unknowing public, and that PLC was and is not equipped to handle the “smart” meter devices safely. His response has been cut to “won’t do it,” but I have not stopped e-mailing him yet. The problem is that I get angry in the middle of the night.

      Sent: Friday, April 08, 2016 3:42 PM
      Subject: received your letter

      Dear Charlene,

      I received your copy of the letter of complaint. Thank you for following through. You have taken a very important historic step in taking responsibility for an injustice on humanity.

      Give yourself kudos for having the courage and resolve to do this. Always follow your heart.

      Keep us posted.

      Best always,


  43. [Smart Meter News] Smart Grid Syndrome Testimonials

    Name: Nancy A Stadtlander



    Comment: My story started last fall 2015. My husband and I heard a diesel engine sound coming from the bottom of the hill. Over the next several months the noise moved up the hill (at which point my husband couldn’t hear it anymore) across the back of our property and then across my daughter’s property. Once it passed us I couldn’t figure out the location anymore. I would go outside, hear it and try to find where it was coming from. On Dec 9th my electric company installed our new meter. Knowing the health risks of Smart Meters I called prior to installation and was told it was not a Smart Meter. By the middle of January the sound had invaded our home. It started waking me up at night with it’s pulsing and wamp, wamp sound. An internet search started me on the path to answers. Another big clue was the path of the sound was directly under the electric lines. I wrote down everything off my meter, went to manfacturer’s website and it’s a Smart Meter. I looked up the company listed on our bill and All they install are Smart Meters. I called our utility and asked for my analog meter back but they advised me we have no “Opt Out” available in Kentucky. I told him I had looked up the meter and the installer and it’s a Smart Meter. He told me that our meter is not they type that monitors our appliances. He refused to admit it’s a Smart Meter. I filed a complaint with the Kentucky Public Utility Commission but the Docket assigned to like complaints is from 2012. Obviously they have no plans of even scheduling a hearing. Now I can only sleep with a sleeping pill. It still wakes me up in the middle of the night with it’s volume and vibrations. My whole body feels like it’s vibrating on the inside. I get nausea, my head feels like energy is flying around inside of it and I hear it 24/7. Though one day last month it actually stopped completely for 24 hours.(maintenance?) Today I started getting heart palapatations. And on it goes, wump, wump, Wump. To make matters worse out of the 4 adults here i’m the only one who is a “hearer”. I have a heart condition that has never been a problem for me but now I worry I will just fall down and convulse on the ground and be gone. I gathered my life insurance stuff with a note for my husband in the lock box. Apparently some amazing people have gone to a lot of trouble and spent a lot of money to figure this all out. Pretty hopeless that after all their efforts to get this stopped here we are. Those of us suffering are like the canaries in the coal mine. Hard to convince people they are being damaged too whether they hear it or not. God bless all you amazing ones struggling to get the powers to be to listen. Hell they probably know exactly what they are doing. Just another notch of Agenda 21. Boil the frog slowly. Right!

  44. Name: David
    Comment: I do not know where to turn anymore. This constant low frequency humming thrumming, pulsating drone noise pollution is absolutely driving me insane and I’m sure it is contributing to my myriad of problems. I have a very hard time sleeping, and I wish that was my only problem. While I can’t say with certainty that the hum is the sole reason behind my problems, the fact that I can’t escape it, especially at night when I’m trying to sleep, cannot be helping.

    It also doesn’t help that most people, including my family, think I’m crazy because they do not hear it. It’s gotten to the point that I fear trying to sleep at night because it causes me so much anxiety.

    Is there anything that can be done? I signed the petition but I see that it doesn’t seem to be catching on, probably because most can’t hear it. I’m seriously thinking about suing the utility companies…though I’m sure that’s a hopeless cause. I’m angry and frustrated enough to try though..

    David..Stamford, Ct.

  45. From: Kelli Caldwell
    Date: Mar 15, 2016 8:30:04 PM
    Subject: Re: My humming house

    We have been putting up with a low frequency hum which is around 35 db since the fall of last year.

    We are trying to root out all possible causes of it but are running out of ideas.

    We have a new school behind us.

    We have turned off power, still there. We had regulator changed at our gas meter. We have checked almost everything we can think of. Had hydro check our smart meter etc.

    We just don’t know. It is everywhere in our home. We don’t know who to help us rule out things, who do we blame.

    Not sure if it is smart meter or another source outside.

    Very annoying at night especially.

    Sent from my iPad

  46. Hello,

    I recently reviewed your article:

    I believe there may be a similar issue that is happening here at my home in Hurley, NY. I only hear the engine sound at night, and it is audible to others. At first I thought it was an idling engine. I can hear it through the woods behind my house at night. I live in a very beautiful, rural environment minutes from the Ashokan reservoir, which is essentially NYC watershed and environmentally protected.

    The effects the sound has on my ears is notable, and very distracting. I have very good hearing. It is akin to a speaker after the music has stopped playing. . I doubt anyone else is aware of it; at least, no one has mentioned it. I am concerned about the effects on our family’s health.

    Is there anything that can be done? How do I go about identifying the source? We live in an area that has limited cell reception. There are towers here and there, but the reception is spotty. I’ve noticed that the birds don’t come around when the sound is modulating.

    The “thrum” has the same impact as when one travels by plane and feels their ears adjust to the change in pressure due to the altitude adjustment.

    Thank you for your response.


    Gabrielle Euvino

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