The smart grid, smart meters, and the risk of cyber attacks

The smart grid, smart meters, and the risk of cyber attacks

As Australia hurriedly legislates to make the smart grid an essential part of the nation’s energy future, promoted by a large number of corporate vested interests, little or no concern is being given to a number of risks inherent in what is essentially a new and inadequately tested technology. I have primarily been writing about the health risks which, to date, absolutely no research has been done to quantify that risk. Although it has been claimed that no research is necessary because the exposure levels from smart meters are far below the standard limits, in reality it is because this type of research is seen as a Pandora’s Box for a rapid global roll-out of the technology.

However, all that aside, another emerging risk not yet adequately addressed is the overall smart grid’s exposure to cyber attacks through cloud data storage and smart meters, as the following report examines.


An Emerging US (and World) Threat: Cities Wide Open to Cyber Attacks
Cesar Cerrudo (@cesarcer) Chief Technology Officer, IOActive Labs (2015)

Cities around the world are becoming increasingly smart, which creates huge attack surfaces for potential cyber attacks. In this paper, IOActive Labs CTO Cesar Cerrudo provides an overview of current cyber security problems affecting cities as well real threats and possible cyber attacks that could have a huge impact on cities. Cities must take defensive steps now, and Cesar offers recommendations to help them get started.

Smart Grid Energy is the life line of a city; without energy there is no smart city. Last year, researchers Alberto Garcia Illera and Javier Vazquez Vidal at Black Hat Europe demonstrated it was possible to black out big city areas by manipulating smart meters exploiting encryption problems in Power-line Communication (PLC) technologies.

This is not new; years ago Mike Davis of IOActive created the first proof-of-concept worm for the smart grid. Attacks on a smart grid could be devastating, causing millions of dollars in losses and even loss of life.

Read the full report here

Understanding why the Noise Pollution is a Constant Presence in our Environment

When explaining why the noise pollution never stops, NOT EVEN DURING MAJOR POWER OUTAGES is due to the fact that the power lines are not just delivering electricity in one direction to customers since the  “TURN ON” of power line carrier technology the power lines are another layer that is being used as a communication network to manage the so called “smart” grid.  This technology is the source of the constant noise pollution.  The insidious electro magnetic acoustic radiation vibrating in our air outside as well as simultaneously riding on the power line cables and on our house wiring exposing us to radiation, noise and dirty electricity 24 fucking hours a day with no way to escape this pollution.

For those who hear this; it is pure and utter torture.  It has transformed our bedrooms into a house of horror for peaceful sleep has been stolen from us.  The room acoustically is filled with electromagnetic frequencies that sounds like a blasting siren and noise filled industrial complex.  This should not be tolerated by any one or any living creature.

It has been 11 years for me, living like a prisoner of this constant acoustic torture.  Those who suffer are victimized again when they try to seek help in stopping the noise.  Majority not equipped mentally, emotionally or financially to seek the justice necessary.  Sadly, those who have the expertise and or authority don’t have the personal character or morality to do the right thing.  For some reason either head in the sand or they just don’t understand the scope of this issue and how it impacts all of us.  If not for you, your kids! We cannot afford to dumb down any further.  We have hit our bottom and Trump being elected is evident that we are in deep shit……Sandaura





Smart, self-configuring, fully adaptable networks that connect the power producer with the consumer represent the essence of smart grids. Smart grids create a platform of robust data networks that enable bidirectional exchange of data for all kinds of power supplies and electrical devices plugged into the power grid. This enables remote and active monitoring of operation and fault conditions of the electricity network, thereby delivering the benefits of a highly efficient power network that automatically regulates and controls the distribution and consumption of electricity—without failures or outages

What’s the Difference Between PLC and RF for Smart-Meter Backhaul?

Despite their disparities, both technologies can be used in a complementary fashion to solve obstruction, interference, and attenuation issues.

WARNING TO CONSUMERS!!! The utility companies continue to lie about the “smart “meters.

WARNING TO CONSUMERS!!!  The utility companies continue to lie about the

“smart “meters.  

When you call the utility company to ask if you have a smart meter and say no you have a drive by or you have one that reads on the power lines then you need to respond by saying, ” I don’t want a digital meter that is capable of transmitting and receiving radio frequencies, I don’t want an SMPS (switch mode power supply), I don’t want that can be read remotely or over the power lines, I don’t want one that can be upgraded.   All of the meters that have these capabilities are causing the following symptoms, but not limited to:  nausea, severe headaches and or migraines, vision problems, fatigue,extreme thirst, night sweats, allergies, intestinal disturbances, insomnia, acoustic pure tone and infra-sound, nose bleeds, muscle spasms, skin rashes, vertigo. heart palpitations, irritability.   These symptoms found in a disease process the Russians described in the 70’s as Microwave Sickness.  So remember the utility will deflect and dismiss playing a disingenuous game of half truths.  They do not inform you of what is important to know and understanding.  This does not serve the utilities and or regulatory agencies.

They know they are still effective in lying to the public because the public still wants to believe they are looking out for our better interests; their track record proves otherwise.

The State agencies and the utilities continue to dismiss the experts and their evidence.  The State agencies and the utilities continue to dismiss and and ignore those you have come forward with complaints describing how the meters are making us sick.

Genocide is happening right under our noses in our homes, schools and workplaces.  Who needs guns to kill the overpopulated planet; this is conveniently a “silent killer”…..Sandaura

On Smart Cities, Smart Energy, And Dumb Security [33c3]

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Published on Dec 30, 2016

On Smart Cities, Smart Energy, And Dumb Security

Smart City is an abstract concept everyone talks about but no one knows what it actually means. No one, except Energy utilities.
In this talk we will explore the vast world of Smart Energy, and see how energy providers used the “Smart City” concept to get better control over our energy consumption, all while almost completely ignoring security aspects along the way.
Join me and see how Smart Energy is making our lives a little bit better, but also dangerously insecure.

While “Smart Cities” are starting to pop all over the world, no city has ever standardized what that term actually means. Smart Energy, on the other hand, has been standardized both by governments and by large private utilities.
This positive regulation made the Smart Energy market one of the largest IoT industries today, with over 100,000,000 smart devices currently implemented at consumer premises by utilities all over the world.

In this talk We will dive into the Smart Grid, exploring security issues both in the utility infrastructure and the Smart Meters present at consumers. We will explore the magical world called ZigBee, the confusing world of incomplete RFCs, and the hazardous world of insecure wireless devices that control your electricity grid.

You will leave this talk with a much better understanding at what’s going on in your city, your energy provider, and, surprisingly, your home; And trust me, it won’t make you feel any better.

➤Speaker: Netanel Rubin
➤EventID: 8272
➤Event: 33th Chaos Communication Congress [33c3] of the Chaos Computer Club [CCC]
➤Location: Congress Centrum Hamburg (CCH); Am Dammtor; Marseiller Straße; 20355 Hamburg; Germany
➤Language: english
➤Begin: Thu, 12/29/2016 12:45:00 +01:00
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