…and Today Was A Great Historical Day in OUR AMERICA

Shock and awe today at the amazing rallies across the country.  It will all work out, after all.  It Was a beautiful day, wasn’t Donald quack, quack, Duck?

My wish list

  1. Trump is removed from office and that can reveal itself in many ways to us, but Pence goes with him.

2.  Paul Ryan needs to go too, so we need to take back the Senate and the Congress.

The movement is on its way, but I observed there were many powerful with varying causes.

I hope that the collection as a whole will unify and create an umbrella message that will actually control political change.

Why did we miss this message with Hillary running.  We would be in a different place today?  The rust belt is the largest supporter of Obama care, yet they voted for Trump.  Check out Bill Maher’s show last night.  Very interesting statistics about the rust belt and drug addiction and use compared to the rest of the country.

The inauguration parties through the celebrations looked like something you would have watched in the 60’s.  Republican have no rhythm when it comes to entertaining.  No wonder there are so many entertainers who are Dems and Progressives….Sandaura