Take a close look at this diagram below and maybe this will hit home.  What is so familiar and terribly disturbing are the symptoms described.  The pulsed RF impact is exactly what we are complaining about regarding the Smart Grid the so called “smart” meters.  Look closely, this is not information that the government is well aware of since at least 1974.

What is going on is criminal.  No one is immune to microwaves and pulsed radio frequencies.  What is it going to take to wake people up to the violation of human rights that is going on right under our noses?  Do you think a few passionate activists are going to make a difference?  If so, we are screwed, folks.

I am not writing about this because I have nothing better to do in my life.  This torture happened to me and my the day the “smart” was attached to my home without my knowledge or consent and from that day on the quality of my life has not been what it should be.  The daily acoustic trauma is documented by formal complaint letters filed  to regulatory agencies across the country.  The same letter and the response is the same every time.  “We have never heard of this before”.    The regulatory agencies and utilities ignore the complaints by ultimately doing nothing to address the problem.

We have the evidence that points to the power grid.  We have the DNA fingerprint of the noise pollution radiating on the power lines.  The government will continue to get away with is injustice as long as they can do so and the public is complicit by their indifference by doing nothing…….Sandaura