The NTP studies clearly show that non-ionizing radiation can cause cancers and other adverse health effects

November 2018
“We believe that the link between radio frequency radiation and tumors in male rats is real,”
-John Bucher PhD, U.S. NIH National Toxicology Program
“Clear Evidence Of Cancer” Concludes the U.S. National Toxicology Program $25M Studies
Statement By Ronald Melnick PhD, NIH Scientist Led NTP Design
“The NTP studies clearly show that non-ionizing radiation can cause cancers and other adverse health effects,” Dr. Melnick issues statement and video on NTP & FDA.
Scientists Call for New Wireless Guidelines in Major Appeal
A new appeal signed by over 140 scientists calls for EMF guidelines created without conflicts of interest and industry ties.
Smithsonian Magazine: The Deadly Donora Smog: Have We Forgotten”
The 1948 Donora smog was called the “worst air pollution disaster in history,” yet are we repeating history?
Environmental Research Journal Special Issue on Wireless Radiation And Health
The peer-reviewed Environmental Research journal published by Elsevier has published more than a dozen EMF articles.
Updates on 5G: Big Wins in Montgomery County, Maryland and Burlington, Massachusetts
Verizon withdraws small cell applications and 5G Bill pulled from the table in MD after citizens organize.
Rats Developed Rare Heart Tumor, Cancer Link Was Once Thought Impossible
“The assumption has always been that RF radiation could not cause cancer…Now we know that was wrong.” Read Microwave News coverage of the NTP.
Washington DC is Ground Zero for the Race to 5G, but is the American Public Fully Informed?
Read Dr. Davis’ Thrive Global article on how a PC World journalist was fired after reporting on “The Problem with 5G.” Then his article was removed from the internet.
Doctors Testify about 5G Health Effects to Michigan Legislatures
Sharon Goldberg MD and Paul Heroux PhD speak on the science linking electromagnatic radiation to cardiac problems, cancer, and bacterial growth.
TR Daily News: NTP Elevates Cell Phone Cancer Association
American Academy of Pediatrics, EHT scientists and Dr. Moskowitz are featured in TR Daily’s coverage of the NTP final reports.
Washington DC: Public Hearing on 5G Rollout After Strong Opposition
Save the date: DC Council 5G hearing in November. Watch testimony from the October hearing on the hazards of 5G.
One High School’s Safety Tips on Cell Radiation & Cyberbullying
“Airplane Mode is your new best friend because it stops the mobile emitting EMR” says the Castle Hill recommendations.
Increase Radiation Limits? Flawed Science Makes For Bad Policy
The EPA proposal will increase ionizing radiation exposure, increasing risk. Read Dr. Davis opinion piece in Thrive Global.
“Clear Evidence that RF Radiation is a Multi‑site Carcinogen”
Hardell and Carlberg publish expert commentary on the US NTP study findings of increased cancers.
EHTs One Minute Public Service Announcement

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