Leading Experts in a Conference in Michigan Hosted by Senator Colbeck 

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Hi All, 
A busy few weeks are ahead of us – We are continuing our diligent efforts to educate the public and save lives.  Please forward to people you know in MI, NY, NJ,  MN and WI. 
Leading Experts in a Conference in Michigan Hosted by Senator Colbeck 
On Decemebr 4, 2018, Michigan State Senator Colbeck is hosting a conferenceWireless Technologies: Benefits and Risks. The conference is unique in bringing together both industry and health advocates with the hope to start a discussion that hopefully will lead one day to developing safer technologies. Although Senator’s Colbeck team approached all the leading wireless companies, Congressmen etc,  only a couple of wireless companies agreed to participate and we appreciate their participation. 
Participating Experts
The conference is also unique by the large number of leading experts who will participate including: Dr. Ron Melnik who headed the NTP study; Attorney Dafna Tachover from We Are The Evidence, Dr. Paul Heroux from McGill University; Dr. Devra Davis from Enviromental Health Trust; Dr. Anthony Miller, Frank Clegg, former CEO of Microsoft Canada; Cece Ducette from Wireless Education; Eng. Bill Bathgate;  – expert on Driverless cars technologies and smart meters and others.
Where and When:

When: Tuesday, December 4th from 1 to 5 PM | Drop-ins welcomeWhere: Mackinac Room (5th floor), Anderson House Office Building (across from the State Capitol), 124 N. Capitol Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933

Sponsorship & Thanks
The Event is sponsored by the people of Michigan who raised the funds for the event. Thank you to Jeanine Deal from Michigan for Safe Technology, Pam Krupp and David Lonier; Many thanks also to Gina Johnson from Senator’s Colbeck’s office.  
Lectures This Month – Wireless Radiation – Keeping Safer In a Wireless World
On the way to the conference and on the way back, I will be giving a few lectures in our continued efforts to educate the public and awaken communities to the harms of wireless. Following is the list of lectures and locations and the flyers to the events is attached: 
Dec 1, in New York: 
Mountain Laurel Woldorf School
16 South Chestnut Street, New Paltz, NY
Saturday, Dec. 1st,  11 am. 
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Dec 15, in Minnesota 
Assisai Heights Spirituality Center
1001 14th St. NW, Rochester, MN
Saturday, Dec. 15th, 4:30 pm 
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Dec 16, in Minnesota
3601 Minnesota Drive, Edina, MN
Sunday, Dec. 16th, 3pm
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Happy Holidays, 

Dafna TachoverManaging Director
Attorney (NY, Israel), MBA
Phone: (845) 377 0211
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