Despite threats of legal action from the Oregon Public Utility Commission, the County says that they plan to move forward with the ordinance due to ‘public outcry and hours of public testimony.’

Posted: Nov. 9, 2018 2:27 PM
Updated: Nov. 9, 2018 4:00 PM

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Josephine County has every intention of moving forward with a new ordinance aimed at mitigating opt-out fees for Pacific Power’s smart meters, according to a statement released on Friday.

Just days ago, the Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) threatened to take “appropriate legal action” against the county if they persisted with the ordinance.

“The PUC is again taking the side of Pacific Power and not our citizens,” said Commissioner Simon Hare. “We are more than willing to listen and work with the PUC. We remain dedicated to ensuring that Josephine County citizens have the right to consumer choice, even when dealing with utility providers.”

The Board of Josephine County Commissioners said that they adopted the ordinance to “protect citizens of Josephine County from arbitrary and excessive charges by providing consumer choice.”

Nevertheless, Pacific Power customers are indeed presented with a choice — they may accept smart meter installation and see their rates stay relatively flat (public opinion has varied widely on whether customers have seen their usage rates rise, fall, or remain unchanged following installation), or persist in keeping the old, hand-read meters and pay a monthly fee. That fee is currently set at $36.

Smart meters have already been rolled out and installed throughout Oregon.

The County says that their “carefully crafted” ordinance goes into effect on January 29 of 2019. However, they also say that “consumers will be required to pay all portions of their electricity bills unless otherwise notified by PacifiCorp.”

As that date looms and Pacific Power attempts to finish their installation of the new devices, disagreement over the ordinance between Josephine County and the PUC seems destined for litigation.

“It is unfortunate that, after the county acted to protect citizens from suffering economic hardship, the Public Utility Commission is apparently choosing to respond by suing the county,” said Wally Hicks, Josephine County legal counsel.

The Portland Business Journal reports that Portland General Electric (PGE) rolled out smart meters for their customers several years ago, receiving relatively little pushback at the time. It also costs more to opt-out for PGE customers — $45 per month compared to Pacific Power’s $36.

Pacific Power has said that Josephine County is alone in adopting an ordinance flouting smart meter installation.



Jeff Chiacchieri

The signs and symptoms associated with RF exposures reveal that the general population increasingly experience symptoms as are noted in microwave sickness/EHS. This is clearly a dose-response relationship directly related to density and an array of frequencies. The scientific peer-reviewed literature demonstrating the correlation between exposure to EMF / RF and thousands of health problems means the evidence is irrefutable. So its not a stretch to say its on track to eventually manifest in all members of the population with enough exposure and 5G deployment density is on schedule to seal that fate. While everyone protesting smart meters and 5G focuses on the FCC that is clearly a “captured agency” nobody is looking at the who, what and why, directly behind the FCC. That is explained here in detail https://www.facebook.com/jeff.chiacchieri/posts/10215820724064959
Paul Goff

Smart meters do not only radiate microwaves. They themselves emit and cause household wiring to emit energy in the kilohertz range. This has been proven, and I mean proven and accepted as fact by IEEE and other scientific organizations. These kilohertz radiations cause physical harm, nerve transmission damage for example, and several actual very bothersome health or well being problems. This has been proven as well. This is why those that will profit greatly from smart meter use keep the dialog about microwaves. It will be found out that these meters have caused much damage to people and the companies involved with their use will be fined millions of dollars. However they will have made billions of dollars in profits.
Fred A. Hilkey

Nice , The County has a budget issue and they want to waste money trying to fight a battle that they will not win . They have no legal ground to stand on . Oh , and lets not mention all the people who are so afraid of the smart meters yet will hold a cell phone to the side of their head half the dang day . More radiation and radio waves come out of a smart PHONE than a smart meter but you can’t talk or text on a smart meter .
Willnot Censor

Uninformed! Smart Meters are computers on your home they control! Surveillance voilation of 4th Amendment! Opt Out Fees are illegal and extortion! No one forces a cell phone on you. Do you support the Right to Choose? Wake up! Kudos for JoCo to stand up for their people!
Kurt Engstrom

Will not Censor the only thing the computer does is read the usage and transmit the information to the power company. It does not control anything in the house or snope on the residents.

Households with solar panels risk being overcharged by smart meters

The Telegraph

Households with solar panels risk being overcharged by smart meters

Solar panels on the roof of homes in Devon – but could homeowners be overcharged?

Households with solar panels risk being overcharged on their energy bills if they have a smart meter fitted, it can be revealed.

Some have seen their energy bills more than treble after smart meters have been installed. This is because, while the two devices are capable of working together, energy firms say they are unable to access correct information about excess energy being generated by people’s solar panels.

It means nearly a million households in Britain with solar panels on their homes could face billing chaos or being excluded from the Government’s roll out of smart meters.

Two of Britain’s biggest energy companies, EON and NPower, are refusing to install smart meters in people’s homes if they have solar panels.

Meanwhile other firms, including British Gas, are fitting smart meters into homes with solar panels, But this has resulted in billing issues for some customers, who have ended up having their smart meters removed.

Smart meters | Help the Telegraph investigate

Have you had problems with smart meters and solar panels? Have your bills increased? Email sam.meadows@telegraph.co.uk

The Daily Telegraph can also reveal that energy firms are working with Government to develop an urgent fix to make the two energy saving “green” schemes function together without penalizing consumers.

It is just the latest in a string of technical woes affecting the £11bn rollout of smart meters to every home in Britain by 2020.

One British Gas customer paying £17 a month for his energy bills said he saw his payments treble to £44 after getting a smart meter fitted.

He complained and the meter was eventually removed and replaced with digital meter, after which he says his bills returned to normal.