Recently completed an overnight study of 1/3 octave band on my property…..the results showed…..

……Illegal pure tones of which an Acoustic engineer commented when he saw the data. “I never saw anything like this before!”   Of course, this did not surprise me because this event has not ever happened where the whole population of the United States is being assaulted by a biological microwave weapon until the so called smart grid was turned on.   The so called smart grid has been turned into a continuous antenna broadcasting the illegal pure tones 24/7 non stop across the U.S.A. and where ever it is turned on Globally.

Stay tuned folks.  We have had trouble finding competent and capable help with the report.  It sure has felt like more stone walling.  It should not be this difficult, but 13 years later here we are.  This time they cannot silence us.  We have the data and we were able to acquire a program that is compatible with the SPL meter the firm used.  We were able to see a logged report of the pure tone marker violations, which were constant through out the 8 hour recording and measurement.  We are now, negotiating with the firm to use this program and match the frequencies to the markers along.  the pure tone markers confirmed that National Grid is responsible for the violations as per the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.


2 comments on “Recently completed an overnight study of 1/3 octave band on my property…..the results showed…..

    • We will publish the test data along with report as soon as we finalize the report. The protocol for the test we designed, and had the firm we hired carry out, included ambient baseline of the background noise outside and inside. It is important that it is understood that the pure tone noise pollution is the same from utility to utility and state to state. The test we performed can be easily duplicated if one follows our protocol. Where it becomes dicey is finding professionals who are not tied to the industry. We have been gaslighted every step of the way in acquiring the evidence we need. We recently acquired a program that is compatible with the equipment we used to record the noise in 1/3 octave bands. This can easily be converted to 1/1 octave bands as well. The program can be set to read the pure tone markers that are in violation. For example, we used the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protections Regulations for determining pure tone noise violations. The frequencies matching these violations are 60Hz multiples or harmonics. The test proved the noise was constant through out the testing period, whether the power panel in our home was on or off. This is consistent with all the prior testing we did regarding 1/3 octave band measurements as well as power quality measurements that was set up by a qualified power quality expert. The Dranetz leads were clamped to our 120, 240, ground and neutral for a week taking snap shot photos of the 60 Hz cycle. There were numerous issues with noise in the form of harmonics especially one detected on the neutral which the expert pointed to telecommunications signal. It was constant throughout the week long test. The report was sent to the MADep and it raised the eyebrows of the engineers there. So much so they initiated a multi agency task force in 2008. While they were pretending to get to the truth of the issue; we hired a forensic audio engineer to analyze the audio recordings of the pure tones. He found a fingerprint of a pulsed signal that is constant. He wrote an affidavit recommending the State Task force hire an RF/microwave engineer. We sent this report to the state and in the end they did nothing to investigate what the expert found. This is 13 years with no official stepping up and exposing the truth about what the utilities are doing with this dangerous (not “smart”) technology. The fallout from this has been life changing, not in a positive way, We suffer everyday and night with unavoidable penetrating pure tone noise in our home.

      We will work with anyone who wants to duplicate the testing we have done. A class action suit is the only thing that will get their attention!!!

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