A must read new book about Electromagnetic Radiation, “An Electronic Silent Spring”


“An Electronic Silent Spring”-Facing the Dangers and Creating Safe Limits

Forward by Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada, founding CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology–

“This book shows how radiation emitted by electronic devices can cause biological harm. It describes how to reduce our emissions and exposure. These issues matter to anyone who uses technology. Therefore, everyone should read this book”
Katie was kind and generous in allowing me space to talk about the “Pure Tone” noise as she recognizes this noise pollution as part of the radiation issues caused by the Automated metering infrastructure and so inappropriately named by industry as the “Smart Grid”


The consequences of undervaluing or misjudging the biological effects of long-term, low-level exposure (to electromagnetic radiation emanating from radar, television, communications systems, microwave ovens, industrial heat-treatment systems, and many other sources) could become a critical problem for the public health, especially if genetic effects are involved……

from “Program for Control of Electromagnetic Pollution of the Environment,” authored by The Electromagnetic Radiation Management Advisory Council, issued by The President’s Office of Tele-Council, issued by The President’s Office of Telecommunications Policy in 1971




F.Y.I. Katie was kind and generous to give me a space in the book to speak about the Noise radiation emissions coming from the Automated metering infrastructure the industry so inappropriately named “Smart Grid”.