The Scary Future is Upon Us

Future of driverless cars: Government able to lock you in your own car to deliver you to the nearest reeducation camp

(NaturalNews) Recently, the Seattle police enlisted the help of car manufacturer BMW to both track and remotely lock a criminal inside of the vehicle he had stolen. This has sparked some spirited debates regarding the remote-lock aspects of vehicles and the ways they can be used.

BMW confirmed that they have the power to remotely lock and unlock their vehicles if they wish to do so. A police report obtained from the incident shows that the responding Seattle officer noted that BMW assistance was called upon to locate the vehicle and remotely lock its doors. The suspect found sleeping inside the BMW and briefly tried to get away when awoken by police. The suspect failed to flee because he couldn’t get the vehicle in gear quickly enough, he was arrested without incident.


Coming soon, iris scanning cars that talk to traffic signals

New technology allows vehicles to talk to traffic lights

Motorists are being tracked in real-time

Health effects of wired PLC electrical meters


PLC turns the wires into giant antennas

Communication is normally transmitted on cables designed for it.  Examples are telephone cables, coaxial cables and cables for computer networks.  These are all designed to limit the radiation from the signals.

The electrical wires in homes and businesses, as well as the power lines along the streets are not designed to carry communication signals.  Here, the PLC signals turn the wires into giant transmitting antennas.  This is caused by the modification of the electrical and/or magnetic fields created by the PLC signals.

The utilities claimed that there is no such “antenna effect”, but when radio amateurs complained about interference with their radios, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) looked into the matter.  The FCC Laboratory did measurements on seven PLC systems, and found that all seven of them radiated.  Three of them even radiated at or above the radiation limits.1,2  Those PLC systems were not used for smart meters, but the principle is the same.

Government agencies in Japan and several European countries also found that PLC systems turn power lines into transmitting antennas.3,4,5

The British Broadcasting Corporation documented that household wiring can also radiate PLC signals.6

Please see reference 5 for a more detailed coverage of this antenna effect.  It also provides many additional references, including several articles from engineering journals.