The Scary Future is Upon Us

Future of driverless cars: Government able to lock you in your own car to deliver you to the nearest reeducation camp

(NaturalNews) Recently, the Seattle police enlisted the help of car manufacturer BMW to both track and remotely lock a criminal inside of the vehicle he had stolen. This has sparked some spirited debates regarding the remote-lock aspects of vehicles and the ways they can be used.

BMW confirmed that they have the power to remotely lock and unlock their vehicles if they wish to do so. A police report obtained from the incident shows that the responding Seattle officer noted that BMW assistance was called upon to locate the vehicle and remotely lock its doors. The suspect found sleeping inside the BMW and briefly tried to get away when awoken by police. The suspect failed to flee because he couldn’t get the vehicle in gear quickly enough, he was arrested without incident.


Coming soon, iris scanning cars that talk to traffic signals

New technology allows vehicles to talk to traffic lights

Motorists are being tracked in real-time

A world-first clinical study into the harmful effects of smart Meters

A world-first clinical study into the harmful effects of Smart Meters

HomeHealth EffectsA world-first clinical study into the harmful effects of Smart Meters


The Huffington Post Canada | By André Fauteux

An Australian family physician has rigorously documented 92 cases of patients with symptoms of EHS occurred after the installation of an electricity meter emits radio frequency ( RF) pulse.

A world first, the case study of Dr. Federica Lamech is yet to be published in a scientific peer-reviewed journal, but according to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM ), it is no less “scientifically valid ” and ” clearly shows the harmful effects of emissions of smart meters on the health of the human population .”  As  an international association founded in 1965, the AAEM includes doctors and other health professionals interested in the impact of the environment on health.

The symptoms observed in patients of Dr Lamech such as fatigue, headaches, heart palpitations and dizziness are correlated with the guidelines of the Austrian Medical Association for the diagnosis and treatment of health problems related to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), emphasises the AAEM.  The symptoms could also be triggered in the laboratory through EMF exposure under controlled-conditions (double-blind, placebo-exposure): neither the patients nor the researchers knew who was exposed or not to EMF.

“The peer-reviewed scientific literature demonstrating the correlation between exposure to EMF/RF and neurological, cardiac and pulmonary diseases and reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, cancer and other health problems,” says the AAEM.  “The evidence is irrefutable.“

The organization insists that it is “extremely important” to note that the vast majority of the 92 patients were not Australian electrohypersensitive before installing the new generation smart meter.  Dr. Lamech concludes that smart meters ”may have unique characteristics that lower the threshold for developing symptoms of people.”

Health Canada and Hydro-Québec did not want to comment on this unpublished clinical trial.See more at: