A world-first clinical study into the harmful effects of smart Meters

A world-first clinical study into the harmful effects of Smart Meters

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The Huffington Post Canada | By André Fauteux

An Australian family physician has rigorously documented 92 cases of patients with symptoms of EHS occurred after the installation of an electricity meter emits radio frequency ( RF) pulse.

A world first, the case study of Dr. Federica Lamech is yet to be published in a scientific peer-reviewed journal, but according to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM ), it is no less “scientifically valid ” and ” clearly shows the harmful effects of emissions of smart meters on the health of the human population .”  As  an international association founded in 1965, the AAEM includes doctors and other health professionals interested in the impact of the environment on health.

The symptoms observed in patients of Dr Lamech such as fatigue, headaches, heart palpitations and dizziness are correlated with the guidelines of the Austrian Medical Association for the diagnosis and treatment of health problems related to electromagnetic fields (EMFs), emphasises the AAEM.  The symptoms could also be triggered in the laboratory through EMF exposure under controlled-conditions (double-blind, placebo-exposure): neither the patients nor the researchers knew who was exposed or not to EMF.

“The peer-reviewed scientific literature demonstrating the correlation between exposure to EMF/RF and neurological, cardiac and pulmonary diseases and reproductive disorders, immune dysfunction, cancer and other health problems,” says the AAEM.  “The evidence is irrefutable.“

The organization insists that it is “extremely important” to note that the vast majority of the 92 patients were not Australian electrohypersensitive before installing the new generation smart meter.  Dr. Lamech concludes that smart meters ”may have unique characteristics that lower the threshold for developing symptoms of people.”

Health Canada and Hydro-Québec did not want to comment on this unpublished clinical trial.See more at: http://stopsmartmeters.org.uk/a-world-first-clinical-study-into-the-harmful-effects-of-smart-meters/#sthash.TOiECIy0.dpuf


March 19, 2014

Massachusetts Department of Utilities, following the orders of our Government are mandating smart meters while adding technologies for the smart grid infrastructure. The state, along with the rest of USA and world, are aggressively moving forward with this plan, regardless, of the opposition of the citizens.  What does this mean to defenseless citizens of the planet?  It means we will be prisoners of a blanket of proven lethal, microwave frequencies 24 hours a day; with no way to shield or defend ourselves from the assault generating from the wireless/fixed, mesh communication layer of the AMI (automated metering infrastructure)aka “Smart Grid””. 

I have completed my second round comments for the DPU Docket 12-76.  The evidence is in attachment files.  The same evidence the State Regulatory Agencies have had in their possession going as far back 2007, when we filed our initial complaints about the noise impacting us in our home 24 hours a day.  The complaints and detailed documentation preceded our knowledge of a smart meter or the technology.  Our utility company, National Grid, came to our home and placed an Itron/ Centron wireless meter on our home in September of 2006 without our knowledge or consent. We did not become aware of this until 2008.  The FCC Id number was ID SK 9CIA.  This was the same time line National Grid was approved to transmit  a personal cellular mobile service; we believe in order to secure and manage the data from the smart meters in our town.  In 2006 they installed several repeaters on the poles and our town now had Wi-Fi.  The same year, 2006 National Grid partnered with Hunt Technologies and turned on the power-line 2 way communication called GYR TS2 technology.  All part of the AMI infrastructure.  This is when the “illegal pure tones” invaded our home, property, town.  Our awareness of the noise awakened us to the fact that this was not just happening on our property because we heard it everywhere we visited as well.  We realized that this is why we were being stonewalled at every turn by the Government and State agencies.  We uncovered a problem because we were motivated and continue to be, because of the relentless torture of being assaulted by the audible constant noise that we can’t escape and because of this our lives have been turned upside down.  The upside of all this is that we have gathered evidence of the noise pollution deemed illegal and a health hazard by the EPA and by our State.  (Any source creating a “pure tone” condition is illegal in Massachusetts), as well as, evidence of the dirty electricity through our expert power quality monitoring .  These are illegal emissions; being ignored by our State and Government.  This is happening all over the world. 

Take the time to view our evidence; you can access it at: http://www.env.state.ma.us/DPU_FileRoom/frmDocketListSP.aspx    Type into the box: 12-76 and it will take you to the filings.  Open the filing by Sandra Chianfoni and its attachments will contain the evidence.  Distribute widely.  We must not allow this technology in our environment.  There are solutions to gain control. Our governments know they can not pull this off if the public is properly educated and made aware of the dangers of this technology.  We are not victims if we take control of our lives, but this can only happen collectively. 

I received an email this morning that says it all:

My father lived through the Mussolini’s years back in Italy; he
told me : Peter, even an idiot like Mussolini would not have done this (
imposing this “grid”on people).
What has happened to people here ? Have we
lost our senses ?
I have met many people here with the same symptoms you have
described; we have not been able to pin point the cause in a way that could be
stopped in the courts, and politicians look the other way, they wash their hands
and say: “Not my fault, not my problem, not my jurisdiction, look elsewhere”.
So, we run in circles like chickens in a cage with nowhere to go, just sit and
suffer. Something is really wrong in all this.
All I can do is do my best
within the civic limits that I have at my disposal, and let God take care of the
rest. And, He will do that for sure  and very well.

Keep well,