The health impacts of cell towers

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The health impacts of cell towers



How are cell towers similar to DDT, an insecticide infamous for its environmental impacts? It’s a good question. On Dec. 8, about 90 local residents asked this question and many more at an event to explore the health and environmental impacts of wireless technology. As new cell towers are being proposed in the area, interest was high, with standing-room only in the Point Reyes Community Presbyterian Church.

The event was sponsored by the West Marin Alliance for Human and Environmental Health, the Point Reyes Coalition for SafeTech and the Ecological Options Network. I spoke alongside Dr. Madga Havas from Canada and Ellie Marks of the California Brain Tumor Association.

I am a physician who has studied and developed policies for environmental toxins for over 25 years. When I learned of a proposal to place a cell tower on my daughter’s school 10 years ago, I dove into the research. What I learned is that wireless technology and infrastructure is a broad environmental and human toxin. We use and are increasingly surrounded by these devices: cell phones, laptops, “smart” watches, “smart” meters and internet routers. Unfortunately, we are told these devices are safe, that we do not really know if there is harm or that the research is inconclusive. Myself and over 250 expert scientists who have looked at this issue conclude the opposite.

To start with, the standard set by the Federal Communications Commission is based only on a single impact: heating of the tissues. This is like a cooking standard, and it ignores other biological effects. Nature and human biology are much more complex than technology. Humans evolved over millions of years in an environment with extremely low electromagnetic radiation. Our bodies use very tiny electrical signals that communicate within a labyrinth of molecules which are critical to the proper development of a fetus and to the healthy functioning of an adult.

In medical school, I learned about only a fraction of the thousands of dizzying interactions within and between cells that regulate reproduction, energy metabolism, the immune system, the gut, the brain and the nervous system. I learned that biology is both intricate and fragile, like a symphonic orchestra in which every instrument must be played perfectly. In studying toxic exposures, I learned that there can be different mechanisms at work that cause harm to our cells and biology.

One of these mechanisms is oxidation, which, like rust, causes aging and the breakdown of DNA, proteins, lipids and other critical molecules. The insecticide DDT causes oxidation, and antioxidants we consume counter this effect. The effect of oxidation on cells has been well studied; scientific literature connects oxidative cellular harm to inflammation and human disease. This mechanism does not involve heat injury.

When non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation is emitted from wireless devices, it passes through us and is variably absorbed in our bodies. The radiation is absorbed by water and blocked by metal. Of 100 peer-reviewed articles on radio frequency radiation and oxidation, 93 studies found a positive result, or resulting damage to DNA, lipids and proteins. This is not a thermal effect; it is a biological effect.

Dozens of studies have linked wireless radiation to sperm, ovarian and embryo harm, and to miscarriage. Neurologic injury is also a worry because studies show damage to nerve cells, the alteration of neurotransmitter levels, the opening of the blood-brain barrier (with large epidemiologic studies indicating memory impairment), behavioral changes and an increase in brain cancer.

Addiction to and the overuse of wireless devices is especially problematic for children. Six studies have demonstrated brain shrinkage—in white and grey matter—in those addicted to electronic devices. A new article in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics showed evidence of microstructural brain changes and brain shrinkage in children age 3 to 5 years who use an electronic device more than one hour a day.

Studies on cell towers show an increase in cancer in those living within 1,500 feet of towers; other studies show an alteration in stress hormones and blood abnormalities. A significant percentage of people also report non-specific or vague health symptoms, including headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea and insomnia when living close to cell towers. Electro-sensitivity is a real disease and more people—from 3 to 18 percent—are reporting vague symptoms when they use wireless devices.

Wireless radiation can also affect the health, behavior and migration of animals. Bees appear particularly sensitive, and plants and trees are also adversely affected. Precaution on all fronts is needed with the placement of cell towers, as the radiation they emit is constant. Once a large cell tower is in place, 5G small cells will follow. Cell towers become a permanent Trojan horse.


Cindy Russell, a plastic surgeon practicing in Mountain View, is the executive director of Physicians for Safe Technology. For more information, visit

WHO Reopens Call for 3 RF Systematic Reviews Proposals Due February 7

A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

January 2, 2020

WHO Reopens Call for Three Systematic Reviews

The WHO has relaunched its call for three of the ten systematic reviews of RF–health impacts it originally sought last fall:
1) Cancer (animal studies)
2) Adverse reproductive outcomes (animal & in vitro studies)
3) Effect of exposure to heat from any source on pain, burns, cataract and heat-related illnesses.

These calls have been reopened because the WHO did not “receive proposals that fulfilled all the qualifications and skills required, and in particular sufficient experience and expertise in conducting systematic reviews,” Emilie van Deventer told Microwave News.

Proposals are due by February 7.

The WHO has apparently selected the teams for the other seven RF reviews. No word yet on who they are.


Louis Slesin, PhD

Editor, Microwave News

5G underwhelms in its first big test in South Korea

    • 02 JAN 20

    5G underwhelms in its first big test in South Korea

    On December 27 2019 An opinion piece was published by the Canberra Times by Paul Fletcher, the federal Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts. In his opinion piece, he assures the readers that “Australians can trust in safety of 5G network” and goes on to enthusiastically describe the many claims made by the promoters of 5G. However, before unquestionably spruiking the industry line, Fletcher should consider the problems encountered in the South Korea 5G rollout. He should also read the well over 400 submissions to the recent government 5G inquiry, the majority of which point out unintended consequences of 5G. But I suppose, for the Australian federal government, soon to auction off parts of the 5G spectrum and rake in many millions for the treasury, knowing too much is not what Fletcher and his government really wants to know.






Smart Meters and 5G towers—they may be smart at increasing the speed on computers and other devices, but at what cost? How smart is it to expose people, animals and the environment to strong, harmful radiation that makes us sick and can even kill?

Meter Matters


Smart Meters and 5G towers—they may be smart at increasing the speed on computers and other devices, but at what cost? How smart is it to expose people, animals and the environment to strong, harmful radiation that makes us sick and can even kill?

According to many scientists, because of soft body tissue, infants and children—the most vulnerable among us—are absorbing the dangerous radiation at much deeper and faster rates than adults. The elderly are also more susceptible.

The poisonous radiation has no odor, color or sound. It is a sneak attack on humanity. The Smart Meters and 5G towers are being installed in communities around the world that have not been tested for safety. We, humans, are the guinea pigs.

The utility companies claim that they are perfectly safe but they are not tested for safety as it is too expensive. What is too expensive is the loss of health and life of humans. Where is the concern for humanity? The complete lack of concern for the citizens of the world is criminal. Fortunately, there are many courageous citizens and officials who have said no to the installation of Smart Meters and 5G towers in their homes, businesses and neighborhoods. There is much information on the internet regarding these positions. Check out “Smart Meter and 5G tower harm” in a search engine.

Citizens of the world need to awaken and become united against this devastating disaster. This is a holocaust of even more enormous proportions than we have seen before. It involves the whole world.

Please remember our children and grandchildren, who need a safe and healthy environment. Maybe some of you remember a brave, young schoolgirl, Kennedy Irwin, who spoke at a City of St. Helena meeting and pleaded with her elders to leave the earth in as healthy a place for her generation and those who come after as they had found it. Perhaps you read the Napa Valley Register recently where our same Kennedy Irwin spoke on behalf of the environment at the Youth March Worldwide.

Hurrah and many thanks to our courageous youth—steadfast stewards of our planet!

Ester Akersloot

St. Helena

Meter Matters

What’s 5G, And Why Are People So Scared of It? Here’s What You Really Need to Know

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What’s 5G, And Why Are People So Scared of It? Here’s What You Really Need to Know

1 JAN 2020

Earlier this year the Belgian government halted a 5G test over radiation concerns. Switzerland is monitoring risks posed by the 5G network. A member of the UK House of Commons warned the parliament of the “unintended consequences” of the 5G upgrade.

5G fears have become mainstream. But their point of origin is anything but.

If you go digging into the claims behind these fears, you’ll discover some truly wild conspiracy theories. Some people claim that 5G is in the same wavelengths as weapons. Or that it’s being used by the military to break the enemy’s spirit.

People have argued that the smaller wavelengths used in each new generation of mobile phone infrastructure have never been tested, and therefore we are guinea pigs for this technological experiment. By and large, claims about the harms of 5G are not far from gay frog conspiracies.

You’ll be happy to know that none of those claims are true.

“The wavelengths that 5G uses and will use are all entirely safe and have been in research and testing for decades,” Howard Jones, the head of technology communications at UK’s mobile network provider EE, recently explained to The Guardian.

“It’s a red herring to say it’s a new technology and therefore hasn’t been tested.”

There’s an awful amount of terror out there over a phone network. Chances are many people couldn’t explain what 5G even is, so here’s a brief overview of the actual technology.


Health concerns should slow rollout of 5G wireless


Health concerns should slow rollout of 5G wireless

5G is the new generation of wireless communication, which sounds friendly enough. It is currently being rolled out globally, and includes over 20,000 satellites, and up to a million cell towers with antennas. The FCC — which unfortunately is controlled by the same industries it is supposed to watch — is not requiring the telecom companies to do any safety research whatsoever. Meanwhile literally hundreds of peer-reviewed research studies show that radiation from EMF (3G, 4G, wireless, etc.) contribute to or directly cause cancer, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases. 5G will add yet more frequencies of radiation to this electrosmog.

It is so dangerous that Clair Edwards, former UN official, calls this 5G rollout a “crime against humanity.” Martin Pall, a renowned scientist who has researched 5G and wireless radiation exhaustingly, says that “no rational society would do this.” We need to ask: Why is 5G so important? What is the hurry to roll out 5G? Why are we doing this with no safety research? Why are there no mainstream news about the risks and research? What about the data mining and surveillance concerns?

In the U.S., there are currently over 100 lawsuits against the FCC and telecom companies, and globally, 5G concerns are rising, with Belgium being the first country to block 5G. There are very powerful, vested interests with dollar and data mining goals that need to be exposed, so let’s stop this hurried 5G rollout. Please know that we already have a safe solution and alternative: hard-wired fiber optic, ideally locally owned and controlled.

Roy Holman

Everett, Washington

Prof Dariusz Leszczynski 5G and Health What does the science tell us PART 1 premiere

Prof Dariusz Leszczynski 5G and Health What does the science tell us PART 1 premiere

Premiered Dec 26, 2019
Find out about the latest scientific research on the health effects of wireless radiation and 5G from a world expert, Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski. Talk given at Suter Theatre, Nelson, NZ on 29 Nov 2019. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- Who is 5G Free Nelson? 5G Free Nelson is a grass-roots community group who are very concerned about the dangers posed by 5G microwave radiation. Our aim is to generate public awareness about the dangers of 5G, in order to stop the rapid deployment of 5G, and create a safe 5G Free NZ. web: fbook:… email: youtube:… All donations gratefully received:… ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- This video has a Creative Commons Attribution License. That means we want you to share it, copy it, mash it up, and upload it everywhere you can. But, when you do, please provide a link to the source video here: Thanks. ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- PROF. DARIUSZ LESZCZYNSKI: ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- Professor Dariusz Leszczynski (PhD, DSc) is a highly regarded research scientist and international expert on the biological effects of wireless communication device radiation, and their impact on human health. In 2011 he was a member of an advisory committee of 30 experts convened by IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) to determine whether there is any scientific link between exposure to RFEMR (Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation) and cancer. The report that IARC produced, prompted the WHO (UN World Health Organisation) to classify RFEMR as a Class 2B carcinogen in May 2011. The talk will include a Q&A session, followed by plenty of time for discussion afterwards. Tea, coffee, and beverages will be available. Please bring a plate of nibbles to share. Currently, Prof. Leszczynski is Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Helsinki, Finland and Chief Editor of the ‘Radiation and Health’ section for the online journal Frontiers in Public Health. He holds two doctorates: – Molecular biology (DSc), from Jagiellonian University, Poland. – Biochemistry (PhD), from Helsinki University, Finland. For nearly 22 years (1992-2013) he worked at STUK (the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority), conducting research on the biological and health effects of non-ionizing radiation. From 2000 – 2013 he was a Research Professor, and from 2003 – 2007 he was the Head of the Radiation Biology Laboratory. He has held several visiting appointments: – 1997 – 1999: Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School. – 2006 – 2009: Guangbiao Professor at Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou, China. – 2012 – 2013: Visiting Professor at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. Because he is recognised as an international expert in the field of biological and health effects of radiation emitted by wireless communication devices, his consultation is sought by many government and scientific agencies around the world. For example, he testified before the US Senate Committee (2009), and the Committee of the Canadian House of Commons (2015). And, he has been an expert advisor to many organisations, such as the Ministry of Health of India (2014), US National Academies, Australian ARPANSA, German BfS, Polish Ministry of Digitization, ICNIRP, and others. You can find a full CV and a list of his publications on his science and policy blog: BRHP – Between a Rock and a Hard Place. https://betweenrockandhardplace.wordp… ——————————————————————– end ———————————————————————————-


BIRDS & BEES ARE KILLED IN MILLIONS – Health Effects on Bees & Animals

BIRDS & BEES ARE KILLED IN MILLIONS – Health Effects on Bees & Animals


Stop 5G v ČR


The worldwide maintenance of the honeybee has major ecological, economic, and political implications. In the present study, electromagnetic waves originating from mobile phones were tested for tremendous effects on honeybee behavior. Mobile phone handsets were placed in the close vicinity of honeybees. The sound made by the bees was recorded and analyzed. The audiograms and spectrograms revealed that active mobile phone handsets have a dramatic impact on the behavior of the bees, namely by inducing the worker piping signal. In natural conditions, worker piping either announces the swarming process of the bee colony or is a signal of a disturbed bee


The disappearance of Bees is largely blamed on Pesticides. However there is definitely another cause – non thermal electro magnetic radiation. Mobile phones, Wi-fi, and SmartMeters are all contributors to EMF’s. North American Health Organizations and Governments should look into industry financed programs and change them before health is affected – both for Bees and Human Beings.




Will cell phone radiation kill off birds, like shown in 2.0? By Syed Firdaus Ashraf

I went to the transfer station today to get rid of my recyclables; while there I overheard a resident talking about the birds on her property have disappeared for the last two years. It was an opportunity for me to share with them info to raise their awareness of the source of this problem. Another resident piped up saying there was a cell tower placed on a man’s property in monsun, MA that they now refer to it as the dead zone because all the birds disappeared from the property.  What do you think this radiation exposure is doing to your loved ones? This article refers to 4G and now we are going to be exposed to 5G!!!…….Sandaura

Will cell phone radiation kill off birds, like shown in 2.0?

By Syed Firdaus Ashraf

December 20, 2018 12:10 IST

‘Cell phone towers with 4G technology might certainly impact the lives of birds, and humans.’
‘This needs a greater amount of investigation, research and mapping in the country.’

IMAGE: School students make a formation of a sparrow during a programme to create awareness to save the bird in Chennai. Photograph: Babu/Reuters

Mohammed Dilawar, the ornithologist known as India’s sparrow man, is happy that Rajinikanth’s latest movie 2.0 highlights the issue of birds and how cell phone tower radiation affects their existence.

“The movie has highlighted the importance of birds’s lives and I am sure people across the country will take this issue seriously in future because Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar have highlighted the importance of birds to our lives,” Dilawar tells‘s Syed Firdaus Ashraf.

2.0 shows that birds are dying because of the electromagnetic radiation emitted from cell phone towers. How far is it true?

There has been research done abroad which says there is some kind of impact on birds due to cell phone towers. I was part of a committee that looked into this issue 10 years ago.

The committee was constituted by the ministry of environment and forests to find out the impact of cell phones on birds, bees and wildlife in India.

A lot of literature review was done then and it was found that the decline of sparrows in cities is not only because of cell phone towers. There are other reasons also, like lack of food and pesticides which led to a decline in the number of sparrows.


Read full article at:

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