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Global Radio Frequency Radiation Defense Team

Your one stop for all the current Global smart meter news and issues surrounding the unwanted, untested, unsafe technology, corrupt corporations have imposed on the public by their political influence on our governments.  The culture of thinking in our political systems are not looking our for the  health and well-being of its people.  The voices of opposition are being ignored and buried while they continue to move forward with this public health hazard.  Historically, the most invasive and detrimental environmental hazard to threaten the world population.  It is up to the public to educate and protect themselves and their families. This will only happen if we rise up as one and rid our governments of this political infestation of greed and evil.  The truth is with the people who are speaking out and who are fighting for their health and freedom to live in peace and regain our rights as citizens in what was once a democratic society.  

List of Symptoms if you are experiencing the “Smart Grid Syndrome”, include, but are not limited to: Migraine-like headaches, nausea, ringing in the ears,  nose bleeds, numbness, tingling, fatigue, audible constant noise in the form of humming, buzzing, hissing, whining, drum or motor-like  infra-sound resonance, vertigo, irritability, rashes, skin problems, muscles spasms, cramping, joint pain, insomnia, shortness of breath, loss of concentration and memory, pressure in the head and ears, high blood pressure, heart palpitations and arrhythmia, body heating, nervous tension, feeling of your insides vibrating.

  We also, encourage you to share your personal stories/testimony by clicking on the  “Leave a Reply Button”, so that  others benefit from your information.   If you wish to contact us directly you use the Comment window and your comments will be sent directly to us.

The original blog,  has documented testimonials going back to 2007.  They are posted in comments.  This format will be easier to, collectively, read them. explains in detail the source of the noise pollution. These are “illegal pure tones” in our air 24/7. Follow this link to understand the source and the definition of what a pure tone is and why it is a toxin and public health hazard.

List of Symptoms include, but are not limited to: Migraine-like headaches, nausea, ringing in the ears,  nose bleeds, audible constant noise in the form of humming, buzzing, hissing, whining, bass drum or motor-like  infra-sound resonance, vertigo, irritability, rashes, muscles spasms and cramping, insomnia, pressure in the head and ears, heart palpitations, body heating, nervous tension, feeling of your insides vibrating.

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284 comments on “Smart Grid Syndrome Testimonials

  1. Jan Sullivan

    Sent from my iPhoneI to struggle with the constant humming and pulsating noises.

    I want it to quit.

    I am very tired of it.

    Not everyone can hear it. But those that can it drives you nuts. I try very hard not to focus on it.

    But it’s there.

    Glad I am not the only one. It feels sometimes like you are alone in this.

  2. —–Original Message—–
    From: Jennifer Hawkins
    To: globalrfrdefenseteam
    Sent: Wed, Oct 30, 2019 4:24 pm
    Subject: Hum

    I hear a low hum 24/7 at my home. Even when my main shut off is off for my power at my home. I’ve heard it for about a year.

    Though it may have been there longer. It sounds like there is heavy equipment machinery on all day and night long a couple of houses away. I hear it in my head when I have earplugs in at night. What do you suggest?

    I’m currently having a emf company do shielding of our bedrooms at the house so at least we aren’t getting the radiation at night. Dr. Ritter. Is doing the work. is there something I can do to support your effort?
    Jennifer Hawkins
    Austin TX


    Patsy Patterwin patsyp08@gmail.comHide

    Name: Patsy Patterwin

    Where do you live: Downriver Michigan

    Email Address:

    What do you live in: Single home

    How long have you lived at your location: 45 years.

    When did you begin hearing it: April 11 2019

    Have you called the utility or any agency to complain: yes

    Does anyone else in your location hear what you are hearing: No not that I know of.

    Do you hear it in other places: Yes

    On a scale of 1 to 5 and 5 being the worst how much does this impact your daily life: 5

    Would you be willing to file a formal complaint letter we provide: Yes

    Do you have a smart meters on your home: yes

    When was it or them installed: 6 years

    Do you believe this noise is radiating on the power line: maybe

    How do you perceive the noise you are hearing: outdoors in air around house and in car a buzzing lawnmower noise accompanied by low frequency hum indoors causing ear drum pressure, skin burning, dizziness constant vibration of nervous system, organs including eyeballs and eyelids etc.

    What physical symptoms do you experience: pressure in ear drums, dull ear ache, headaches, vibrations of body, nausea, tingling, fatigue, audible constant noise humming, buzzing, drum motor like infra-sound resonance, vertigo, irritability, rashes, muscle spasms, cramping, joint pain, insomnia, loss of concentration and memory, pressure in head and ears, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, body heating, nervous tension, feeling of your insides vibrating.

    Have you contacted the utility and / or authorities: Yes

    If so what was the response: Utilities company came out to check smart meter and cut trees over transformers wires but it did not change anything. Then a month later they change my opt out smart meter for another smart meter with the radio transmission turned off but I still have the problem.

    What is your age: 55

    What is your gender: female

    Have you been diagnosed with tinnitus: No

    Patsy Patterwin patsyp08@gmail.comHide
    To : Sandaura.

    I, Patsy Patterwin am a victim of the unwanted hum noise. I live in the downriver Michigan area. Since April 11 2019 I have been getting sick from infra-sound and ultrasound that seems to follow me everywhere I go. There is low frequency sound that only I seem to hear faintly in the background all around my home.

    It seems to me to be a recording of my next door neighbor cutting his grass. To me it is being played back to me and my ears only. Indoors it causes a hum that puts pressure in my ear drums, earaches, headaches, vibrates my eyes, ears, chest, abdomen etc. I end up feeling anxious, irritated, and feeling nauseated. The noise goes on everyday and when the noise stops my symptoms disappear and vice versa.

    I tested the vibrations that I was feeling inside my body to see if they were internal or external. I put two water bottles on bedroom window ledge and I saw that the water in them was vibrating at the same rate I was vibrating. This means that the hum was coming from some man-made machine. Even my electronics including car radio all made the buzzing lawnmower sound as well as their display screens subtly vibrated. But my family did not notice it.

    I downloaded free apps to detect infra-sound and ultrasound and electromagnetic fields ( EMF) . These apps told me there was infrasound frequencies from 3.0 to 29.0 hz and ultrasound frequencies from 18.9 to 21.0 khz recorded for consecutive days and nights. These apps also told me that my neighbors were the culprits of infra-sound and ultrasound by giving me their address, longitude, latitude, frequency, dB SPL (decibel, sound pressure level), date, time, with help of Google map.

    These neighbors do have satellite TV dishes on their roofs pointed south in my direction. The EMF app said there was high magnetic field around 200 ut to 300 ut and up to 1000 ut around electrical instruments. But are these apps telling the truth? My car also had the infrasound and ultrasound and other places too like at the library, post office, stores, doctor’s office, and other family members house. I would like to know how can the hum be stopped because I am having trouble staying in my home without being sick.

  4. Mark McDonie
    To globalrfrdefenseteam
    Name: Mark McDonie


    Comment: There is no escaping the “Humming/ Drone” sound. It began for me in the mountains of West Virginia in 2006. I am a outdoor enthusiast,

    Two years ago, I moved to the Inland Pacific northwest, it’s out here as well, its every where and can not be escaped from. There are times when it seems to be silent for a few days however. I have yet to find a credible explanation for exactly what is causing this phenomenon, despite my ten years of digging research.

    I have been sleeping with a fan by the bed for years now, it’s the only way I can sleep at night.

  5. Ricardo Soto Vargas commented on Smart Grid Syndrome Testimonials

    Global Radio Frequency Radiation Defense Team

    I’ve been hearing that noise for several months now, I just moved to my house a year ago but didn’t notice the noise until a few months later. I did have a fish tank the first few months, that was probably masking the noise.

    I’ve read about people describing the sound and all the things they have tried to find the source, etc, but your post got my attention when you mentioned the aircraft. I’ve noticed exactly the same, sometimes during the night when I can’t sleep such as, right now… I’ve found those 20-30 seconds of “quietness” thanks to an airplane passing by. In my case a distant commercial aircraft (jet) won’t make any difference, but if it’s a smaller airplane with a normal engine then it cancels out the noise. Sometimes in the night I suddenly can’t hear the noise, and then 3-5 seconds later I hear the airplane. This noise is so frustrating, it gets into your head and sometimes it feels like your brain is vibrating with it.

  6. Helen O’Regan
    To globalrfrdefenseteam
    Name: Helen O’Regan



    Comment: For several months have heard a low sound 24/7 like a hum, which makes my brain vibrate.and I feel pressure in my skull. When it began it sounded like a motor-bike ticking over – but a very low sound. – infra-sound. I have slight vertigo and a headache some of the time.

    I live in Fish Hoek, Cape Town South Africa within the coverage of the nearest Cell Phone Tower. showed me Cell C – 3G (or Telkom) – All bands then click on the red dots (which are the cell towers) in this valley..

    Fibre links have been installed in the pavements here and the noise I can hear only started with their advent. Surprisingly and illogically, when I press the pause button to stop my TV, the infrasound I can hear changes tempo – becomes a constant while the button is operating. Immediately the button is released, the infrasound resumes its intermittent, but constant noise. It’s v. curious. Switching off ALL the electricity in my house at the board doesn’t affect the low level noise. It continues 24/7.

    Please could you advise whether anyone else from Fish Hoek has contacted you – I’d like to contact anyone who can also hear this noise.

  7. Adrienne Hanley, Nashua, New Hampshire


    So do you know of any of this in NH, Nashua to be exact? I can hear this!!! EVERY DAY ALL DAY. It started as a long exhaustive search. Talking to neighbors asking them if they’re running some kind of machines inside their homes or generators talking to neighbors because I’m new to the area about what kind of companies are around here who could be running these kinds of machines causing these noises.

    I started feeling paranoid, angry, depression, headaches nausea. Doctors cannot find out why I am so fatigued there’s no direct medical cause for this but of course I don’t explain to them I hear buzzing noises all day every day since I moved here or I will be labeled crazy! It wasn’t until I started researching why do I hear what sounds like a truck running all day every day then I discovered infrasound!! THIS IS IT! I am experiencing infrasound.

    BUT WHY? Who is causing this why is the government doing it? Is it something like the grid like you were talking about or is it for more nefarious purposes like controlling us or if for sound weapons? Like we are test subject or something. I’ve heard of these tests being done in other countries but WAY worse like these machines causing people to throw up or even die. BOTTOM LINE this is illegal.

    You CANNOT do this to people!! You can’t cause illness like this! This is noise pollution. If someone has a radio blasted 24-7 they would be in trouble, so why can they do this?I can’t afford to move so I have to suffer? If I spend too much time in my home I get worse. Problem is I am disabled where do I go? It’s not fair and I want to know what to do to have my home tested to have proof and who to go to to make it stop.

    Nashua resident

  8. Keith Mersh

    My wife and I have been plagued by a constant droning for the last few years. We both experience this every single night which prevents us from gaining a good nights sleep. It’s a low frequency hum of around 60Hz and the only relief we have is when an aircraft flies over which seems to cancel the noise for a few seconds.

    I have contacted our local environmental health department who have informed us that unless there are a number of similar complaints, or the source can be identified, there is nothing they can do (surprise, surprise).

    We also contacted a company that may be able to detect the source by using specialist equipment. However, this would incur costs of a minimum of £1000 for one visit. So that’s a no no. It looks like a house move is the only way to escape this torture as I can’t see any helpful suggestions on the subject. The strange thing is, is that my wife and I also heard an identical hum ever night on our holiday in the middle of the Highlands on our holiday where we least expected to hear any noise whatsoever. We couldn’t heard it when spending a night in Yorkshire though, which was sheer bliss!

    If this hum is commanding so much attention across the world then why aren’t the authorities investigating this or is there a hidden agenda?

    Can you provide any help or advise so that we do not have to move? Is there any way that we can try and identify the source?


  9. Matthew Moorman, Chatham, New York


    Are you still focused on this issue? Or, is the effort/campaign still alive? I came across your website trying to get to the bottom of what “sounds” like, a similar issue. I am living in a converted barn on a beautiful property. When I say converted, it’s not rustic. Maybe visually, but it was very well done. Anyways,

    I am also a sound engineer and a musician. Shortly after moving in I set up a project studio in the bedroom upstairs room in one of the corners. And after really paying attention to the sound and bringing in some acoustic treatment I noticed the cycling/pulsing hum.

    What a nightmare for an engineer! Anyways, I moved to a different room and it’s not as bad. But certain days I can’t spend very much time in any of the three rooms of this building. It’s the sleep that has me concerned the most. I feel that it has created or exasperated a slight tinnitus. Also, it doesn’t seem constant but I am not certain about this due to fluctuations in focus, perception, and difference in ambient noise from day to day.

    Please let me know if you or your group is still on top of this. I am living near Chatham, NY in the Hudson Valley.

    Thank you,
    Matthew Moorman

  10. Elizabeth McTiernan, Scotland


    I came across your details via and would be grateful for your advice.

    Since 12 March 2019 I have been aware of a vibration which is felt throughout my flat. I have lived in the flat since August 2016 (top floor) and since August 2017 have been plagued by a noise nuisance from (what I strongly feel) the downstairs flat. I did report this to communal landlord several times, the latest being in March and coincidentally? the vibration started a couple of weeks after that. Can feel it standing up, sitting on my sofas or lying in bed. Reported it to landlord but received dismissive response.

    Although I have heard The Hum for many years now…this is different. Strong horrible physical sensations which cause my whole body to reverberate, even feel it in skull/roof of mouth. My skin flared up due to how distressing this is. Other symptoms – sleep disturbance, sleep deprivation, emotional upset, dizziness (I never had sleep problems before and I’ve always been a strong person who can cope with most things). I have tried anti-vibration blocks for sofa etc etc but they don’t work. I have refused the offer of a smart meter several times and threatened the utility company with harassment if they continued to contact me. Perhaps neighbours have them now installed.

    It was in all last night from 22:00 – 07:30ish, back on 10:00 this morning for an hour. I’m just back from a week away on an island with no problems and then back to this nightmare I was going to speak to neighbours today to see if they experience this. I am a community health worker and have felt it in some patients’ houses, but not others, nor in my car or place if work.

    I live in Scotland (Glasgow)…oh…and they have just “rolled out” 5G to this area!!??

    Any advice on how to cope with this or investigate more would be very gratefully received.

    Thanks for ‘listening”.


  11. Myrna Seibel
    Goose Creek, SC


    The so called smart grid is on 24/7 emitting pure tone noise pollution into our air, all public and private buildings all the …

    My electric company Berkely Electric in Goose Creek SC is gouging me $75 a month to not have a smart meter. How can I get into class action law suit in my area?

    I’m so tired of this. Now I have tinnitus and can’t sleep with a the buzzing in my ears. My fiance got it too. I’m tired of the gouging from this electric company. They came at dusk and changed our neighborhood meters out.

    Now I have to pay extra every month to not have one. We should have a choice, a say in this matter for our health.

    Someone please let me know what rights I have to get this stopped!

    Thank you!

    Myrna Seibel

  12. Heather Sprot, Ontario Canada

    To globalrfrdefenseteam

    After 49 2 MW wind turbines went up 3 km from our home I started hearing a low droning sound that comes in a start/stop pattern. It can be a long hum with short pauses or multiple short hums with long pauses etc. It varies but there does seem to be a time in the early hours, say midnight to 2:00 am that it may stop for mins at a time. It can be stronger and more freq. around 3:00 to 5:00 am. It varies each night.

    Often though, the last day of a month or in the wee hours of Sundays are when I am waking up with the worst headaches. The turbines were just south of Grey County, Ontario Canada where our farm was. We have since moved and now live in Eastern Ontario but I find I am still hearing the droning sound and have an all over buzz, like being in a bee hive and upstairs in our bedroom I often get palpitations when the droning/hum is intense.

    The affects I was experiencing were severe in Grey County on our farm but I am distressed to find that even after 1 1/2 years in our new home I am plagued by this still. I was hopeful my body would heal itself after being away from the turbines. Funny thing is when we first bought our new home we were going back and forth for a couple of years while we winded down our farm operation.

    I did not hear any sounds or was bothered at all here until a few months visiting the new house. Not sure if my continued presence at the farm has created permanent problems or new radio freq. are now here. Sometimes I just want to bolt and leave…but where does one go?

    We are planning on moving if we can find somewhere I am better, ideally I would like a place where I could offer short term relief for others who are trying to cope in their homes.

    Thank you for all you do,


  13. Sheryl Phillips
    To globalrfrdefenseteam
    Name: Sheryl Phillips



    Comment: I moved into Westminster Canterbury Richmond (WCR) the end of April 2019 and will vacate at the end of May 2019.

    The constant buzz experienced can be endured for 2-4 hours maximum. I am unable to sleep in my apartment and stay in a hotel until new lodging is arranged.

    Symptoms include, constant buzzing, which becomes so painful after about 3 hours that I must leave. I have tried Bose noise cancelling headphones and Bose sleep earbuds with no relief. The only relief is leaving WCR.

    I only recently relocated to Richmond and do not know if this problem is greater in Richmond than other areas. I did not experience it in Aiken SC where I lived from 2002 until April 2019.

  14. ballrose

    Here on Long Island they have started to install with an opt out which I chose, but still hear the noise. I am getting ill from the hum and dirty electricity.

    I am extremely distressed and outraged that my peace of mind and sanctuary of my home are being destroyed by these meters.

    How can filter the noises?

    How can I help you?

  15. Seth Morris

    I can hear a low humming noise in my house most of the time and believe it’s what you are describing in your blog.

    What can I do?

    Thanks. Seth


    Name: Seth Morris

    Where do you live? Pleasant Grove, UT

    Email address:

    Do you live in an apt, condo or single home? Single home

    How long have you lived at your location? 20 years

    When did you begin hearing it? About 3 weeks ago Have you called the utility or any agency to complain? Yes

    Does anyone else in your location hear what you are hearing? No, I’ve asked family members by they cant hear it.

    Do you hear it in other places? When I’m parked in my driveway with engine turned off I can hear it.

    On a scale of 1 to 5 and 5 being the worst; how much does this impact your daily life? 4

    Would you be willing to file a formal complaint letter we provide? Yes

    Do you have smart meters on your home? YES When was it or them installed? DON’T KNOW

    Do you believe this noise is radiating on the power lines? Possibly. We recently had a cell phone tower installed about a block away so now I’m wondering if that’s it since power company couldn’t find anything.

    How do you perceive the noise you are hearing? Low-pitched, buzzing, vibrating

    What physical symptoms do you experience, if any? If so, please circle the ones you experience. List of Symptoms if you are experiencing the “Smart Grid Syndrome”, include, but are not limited to:

    Migraine-like headaches * nausea * ringing in the ears-Yes * nose bleeds * numbness * tingling

    fatigue * audible constant noise in the form of: humming-Yes * buzzing-Yes * hissing * whining *

    drum or motor-like infra-sound resonance-Yes, vertigo * irritability-Yes * rashes * skin problems

    muscles spasms cramping * joint pain* insomnia-Yes * shortness of breath* loss of concentration

    and memory * pressure in the head and ears-Yes * high blood pressure * heart palpitations and

    Arrhythmia * body heating * nervous tension * feeling of your insides vibrating-Yes.

    Have you contacted the utility and/or authorities? Utility company If so, what was the response? They said they couldn’t hear it. They checked a few things but they didn’t have a solution.

    Age? 36 Gender? M

    Have you been diagnosed with tinnitus before you began hearing the noise? If so, is this noise different than what you are used to hearing? No

  16. Michelle Piel

    To globalrfrdefenseteam

    I hear constant noise radiating from my house and it wasn’t there before I let a electrician in my house that I found out he wasn’t a electrician he took pictures of inside my home and even took one of me. I have made police reports, but they think I’m crazy; my animals have made me realize it and it’s becoming more prominent.

    Please help me; either reassure this isn’t what I’m hearing or could he just something else. I’m in Grand Prairie, Texas. I have an attorney and will be asking for ID’s and calling and verifying the email contacts numbers and supervisors this is a serious issue and will be addressed as such.

  17. Frequency noise/hum
    Fri, Mar 29, 2019 7:00 pm
    Dawn Curtis


    My name is Dawn Curtis i am emailing you to say i have been experiencing both high and low frequency hums both inside my home and just outside my home since the beginning of 2015.

    Monitoring equipment has picked up on unusual frequencies, but then E.H closed my case and referred to this constant annoying health hazard/sleep deprivation as LFN.

    Just wanted to share my experience as my health has been badly affected by all this unusual noise.


    Dawn Curtis

    Get Outlook for Android

  18. Cathy Martino
    To globalrfrdefenseteam

    Hi my name is Cathy Martino and I have been hearing the Hum in my home for the last year.. It never stops and it is especially noticeable in my bedroom..

    What can I do about it?? I live in Tarzana California.. The sound is really bothering me and after reading your article I definitely want to do something about it.. Is there somewhere in the US where I can move to where the Hum doesn’t exist??

    I would really appreciate any help you can give me..

    Thank you so much

  19. –Original Message—–
    From: Andrew Greenstein
    To: globalrfrdefenseteam
    Sent: Sun, Mar 24, 2019 9:43 am
    Subject: [Smart Meter News] Smart Grid Syndrome Testimonials

    Name: Andrew Greenstein



    Comment: There is a constant low humming sound in my house that my wife and I both hear constantly. When we are out of the house there is no hum. There are no fluorescent lights in the house except in my garage.

  20. To

    I live in Asheville North Carolina. I started having symptoms of what my doctors have told me is tinnitus. I do not believe that this is tinnitus. I started having symptoms of a buzzing sensation in my head throbbing noise in my ears high pitched noises intermittently Starting in October of 2018.

    I have no prior health conditions. I am in excellent condition as far as my health goes. It is very frustrating for me because I constantly hear a frequency of some sort. It is worse at night and I have even shut the main breaker of the house off and I still hear the noise.

    I often have a feeling of pressure in my head; almost like a band is around my head. I try to leave my house for hours during the day while my children are at school so I do not hear the noise as much.

    We are moving in a month and a half…I keep thinking it will get better then. My husband says he can hear a humming but that it does not bother him. It is making my life unbearable. I will fill out the questionnaire when I get home later. Thanks again for getting back to me, I just stumbled upon your information and it was like I finally read something that made sense!

    Thank you,
    Jennifer Woodby
    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  21. UPDATE: FEBRUARY 28, 2019

    The hum is louder than usual tonight it’s pulsating with a constant bass drone. It’s weird though, because if I stay busy it’s just there in the background but once it gets your undIvided attention. You can’t get it out of your mind; it gets stuck there and you can only hope that somehow your mind will forget about it, but if you can’t shake it; it can drive you crazy.

    About 2 months ago, before I knew what I was up against, I told my doctor about this feeling I get throughout my legs and arms like electricity is running through me and my legs get very irritating spasms that are so overwhelming you feel like you want to chop your legs off ..Any advice that you think will help me get through this please don’t forget about me.

    God bless you


    Mark Rapko

    Little Rock,calif.

    There’s a irritating humming sound pulse that’s driving me crazy it’s 3am and it’s getting louder I can’t locate the source I thought it was from something inside the house but no luck it’s outside also I can’t tell from what direction it’s coming from it’s all around me please tell me I’m not crazy

  22. From: Sally Caspar

    To: globalrfrdefenseteam

    Subject: Auditory hum

    Date: Tue, Feb 12, 2019 10:50 am


    I noticed the hum periodically and now it’s constant as of the last few months.
    I was visiting neighbors in my town that noticed it and we could hear it very loudly in their home last night.

    I woke this morning with a headache. What can be done?
    Who can I call?

    I’m in Alameda, CA.

    Thank you

    Sent from my iPhone

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