This Covert Electromagnetic Era:Domestic Use of Directed Energy Weapons for Political Control

This Covert Electromagnetic Era:
Domestic Use of Directed Energy Weapons for Political Control

By Elana Freeland
Like nuclear radiation, the EM radiation technology in which we’ve
become so enmeshed will require a painful learning curve. We’re engaged in a
giant world experiment for which electropollution, biological stress, mental health,
and even judiciary systems demand immediate and serious re-thinking. Despite
corporate media disinformation, we now know that ELF frequencies have a
primary impact on all life forms, and that lower power densities can do more
damage than higher densities, particularly when it comes to RF or MW
It would be comforting to believe that ignorance of the impact on human
health here and now and in future generations lies behind the present
proliferation of cell towers and Wi-Fi technology. But the dangers inherent in
nonionized, nonthermal electromagnetic technology have been well known since
Project Pandora in the mid-1960s. Read about it in Robert O. Becker’s 1985
book The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life and dispel
forever the illusion that the military-industrial complex cares about the loss or
debilitation of millions of human beings.
In the early era of radar, it did not take long for physicians and scientists to
grasp what radar operators’ symptoms of sterility, baldness, cataracts behind the
lens, white blood cell proliferation, and chromosome changes meant, nor their
proclivity for having children with Down’s syndrome. The military’s response was
to create yet more secret classifications and to make sure that thermal power
density norms ignored nonthermal effects. It was the Cold War and EM openfield research was to be protected at all costs, human health be damned.
So the American National Standards Institute adopted the safety levels of
the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE): for frequency, 300 kHz
to 100 GHz with everything in North America, Western Europe, and Japan set for
50-60 Hz fields. For power, the 10-100 mW (milliwatts)/cm2
standard was a far
cry from that of Soviet Russia; if their limit of 1 microwatt and 10 microwatts on
the job was adopted here in the US, 90 percent of our FM stations would have to
shut down.
For specific absorption rate (SAR) standards of cell phones and towers,
the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) relied on the IEEE again and
the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement (NCRPM), then
garnered legitimacy from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA),
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Occupational Safety and Health
Administration (OSHA), none of which backed the standard with scientific
research, choosing to believe instead the IEEE story that the effects of
nonthermal EMR are not dangerous, despite repeated evidence of biological
effects following from nonthermal power densities of 1,000 to 10,000 microwatts.
So it’s not surprising that none of these standards are law. The military industrial complex continues to use the frequencies and power they please, from
everything running on a battery to electric trains, refinement plants, 500,000

miles of high-voltage power lines and their switching stations operating as
gigantic antennae in the ELF band at 60Hz; antitheft systems, metal detectors,
air and sea navigation, military communication, and on and on, and ELF fields
continue to bombard us, given that the human body’s resonant frequency acts as
an antenna or tower. In fact, the ambient ELF systems overlap frequencies and
resonate again and again throughout our bodies, interfere with our biocycle
timing, and undermine our immune systems. Peak resonant frequency lies in the
middle of the VHF band (30-300 MHz) and includes FM radio, television, land
mobile stations, long range communication with radio modems, ham radio,
marine communications, air traffic control, etc. Superconducting cables increase
the field strength around power lines by twenty times, and somehow it’s fine that
microwave ovens leak up to 5,000 microwatts and that the cumulative density of
radio waves around us is more than 200 million times the natural level from the
Sun, including the solar magnetic storms that affect the Schumann frequency of
the human mind, a fact reflected in the high psychiatric hospital admissions
during solar storms.
Dr. Becker stresses in The Body Electric that the most concerning
frequencies are ELFs:
…The major problems come from extremely low frequencies, but higher
frequencies have the same effects if pulsed or modulated in the ELF
range. This is very often the case, for, to transmit information, microwaves
or radio waves must be shaped. This is done by interrupting the beam to
form pulses or by modulating the frequency or amplitude (sze) of the
waves. Furthermore, today’s environment is a latticework of crisscrossing
signals in which there’s always the possibility of synergistic effects or the
‘construction’ of new ELF signals from the patterns of interference
between two higher frequencies. Therefore, experiments in which cells or
organisms are exposed to a single unmodulated frequency, though
sometimes useful, are irrelevant outside the lab. They’re most often done
by researchers whose only goal is to be able to say, ‘See, there’s no
cause for alarm.’ (284)
Myriad experiments have confirmed stress reactions to ELF magnetic and
electrical fields and microwave exposures, stress being the precursor to disease
that calls upon the immune system to do its magic. Dr. Becker elaborates:
In his pioneering lifework on stress, Dr. Hans Selye has clearly drawn the
invariable pattern: Initially, the stress activates the hormonal and/or
immune systems to a higher-than-normal level, enabling the animal to
escape danger or combat disease. If the stress continues, hormone levels
and immune reactivity gradually decline to normal. If you stop your
experiment at this point, you’re apparently justified in saying, ‘The animal
has adapted; the stress is doing it no harm.’ Nevertheless, if the stressful
condition persists, hormone and immune levels decline further, well below
normal. In medical terms, stress decompensation has set in, and the
animal is now more susceptible to other stressors, including malignant
growth and infectious diseases. (277)
Stress reactions of human beings living under high-voltage wires and over
underground power lines can lead causally to cancer or other internal diseases in
ten to thirty years, including deep depression and suicide. The adrenal cortex
becomes exhausted, the endocrine system erratic. The neurotransmitter
acetylcholine emits a subliminal distress signal in fields as innocent as the typical
office with its computers, lighting, telephone, and fax machines – and that was
pre-WiFi. Human blood triglyceride levels go up, harbinger of strokes, heart
attacks, and arteriosclerosis. Blood pressure and brain wave patterns change.
Stress response, desynchronized biocycles, interference with cellular metabolism
and growth process – the list culminates in genetic alteration of future


Senators Press State Department Over ‘Havana Syndrome’ Reports

Senators Press State Department Over ‘Havana Syndrome’ Reports


  • Lawmakers say they want department to accelerate efforts
  • State Department’s Price says Blinken has prioritized issue
Antony Blinken
Antony BlinkenPhotographer: Drew Angerer/Getty Images/Bloomberg


Daniel Flatley

A bipartisan group of senators pressed Secretary of State Antony Blinken to name a point person to lead an investigation into reports about “Havana Syndrome,” a mysterious phenomenon causing diplomats and other U.S. officials to get sick at some overseas posts.

The senators “remain concerned that the State Department is not treating this crisis with the requisite senior-level attention that it requires,” they said Thursday in a letter to Blinken. “We continue to hear concerns that the Department is not sufficiently communicating with or responding to diplomats who have been injured from these attacks.”

The request from lawmakers comes after Pamela Spratlen, the State Department official in charge of investigating the issue, left her post in September and amid fresh reports that diplomats and their families have been affected by the unexplained syndrome, which was originally reported by diplomats in Cuba. 

The senators — including Democrat Bob Menendez of New Jersey, who chairs the Foreign Relations Committee; Jim Risch of Idaho, the panel’s top Republican; and New Hampshire Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, who has championed the issue — wrote they were also concerned that the State Department was not working with other agencies to identify the cause and source of the attacks or to develop a plan to hold accountable those responsible. 

U.S. Investigates Reports of ‘Havana Syndrome’ at Bogota Embassy

“We are extremely alarmed that reports of these incidents continue to grow,” the senators wrote. “It is clear that this threat continues to target U.S. diplomats and related personnel, and reflects a significant, unmitigated threat to our national security.”

The senators also urged the secretary to implement legislation signed into law by President Joe Biden last week to compensate victims of the attacks. The latest in global politics Get insight from reporters around the world in the Balance of Power newsletter.

The syndrome has affected U.S. diplomats and intelligence officials at several embassies, who describe feeling ill and other unusual physical sensations after hearing strange sounds. A flight carrying Vice President Kamala Harris to Vietnam from Singapore was delayed in August by a few hours due to concerns about an “anomalous health incident” in Hanoi. The term is used by the government to describe the constellation of symptoms associated with Havana Syndrome.

State Department Spokesman Ned Price on Tuesday said Blinken has prioritized getting to the bottom of the reports, receiving briefings on Havana Syndrome from the department when he was still the nominee for secretary in early 2020. 

“We have taken a number of steps, including in terms of communication, in terms of care, in terms of detection, in terms of protection for our workforce, and that is something that will continue to be a priority for the secretary,” Price said. 

Other signatories of the letter include Democratic Senators Ben Cardin, Chris Coons, Tim Kaine, Brian Schatz and Cory Booker and Republican Senators Marco Rubio, Bill Hagerty and Mitt Romney.


 Thank you to everyone who joined us last week!

What a treasure to open with Shirley’s holiday poem of appreciation from Florida, and to close with Claire’s opera rendition of
Silent Night from Rhode Island! 

Here is a summary of news we covered in between: MA Medical Society Adopts EMF PolicyDr. Lisa Nagy and Cece followed the lead from Dr. Cindy Russell’s 2014 EMF Resolution with the California Medical Society.
 Over the last two years they chaperoned a new resolution through the Massachusetts Medical Society and shared the facts with delegates on the Public Health Committee and the Committee on Environmental and Occupational Health.With great thanks to Dr. Russell and Dr. David Carpenter for contributing testimonies, and the many doctors, scientists, public health experts and legislators whose work is included in the resolution, we are pleased to announce that on December 4, 2021 the Massachusetts Medical Society adopted the following policy statement:

That the Massachusetts Medical Society supports continuing research, including quality epidemiologic studies, by appropriate agencies and entities to produce evidence-based data on the effect(s) of radio frequency radiation on human health. If indicated, study findings should be used to revise and update public health standards for safe limits of human exposure to radio frequency radiation.Actions:This creates an opportunity to build off what MA and CA have accomplished.
 Please share both the latest Resolution and the final Wireless Communications Public Safety Standards Policy Statement (item #7) with your towns and legislators to indicate medical societies are now recognizing the need to address wireless radiation impacts on health, and they should too. 
 Ask your doctors to bring this to your medical societies to introduce a similar measure. 
 Check in with your health care teams to see if they have been trained to recognize, diagnose, treat and prevent electromagnetic field (EMF) illnesses. If not, please encourage them to take advantage of the lowered price for the EMF Medical Conference’s on-line training. CME/CE credits available only until May 17, 2022!
 Click here for sample language to use with your doctors, nurses, first responders, etc., for the conference.
EMF BillsOur commission bill is advancing, S. 186:
 The MA legislature won’t meet again until after the holidays; we’ll give an update in January.
 NH will introduce a new bill in January too — stay tuned!
Town Updates Hull: lawsuit continues by citizens after the town allowed small cells in against their zoning code.
 Pittsfield: new Board of Health chair and members want to see public safety protected from an illegally sited cell tower that caused many in the adjoining neighborhood to become ill. The BoH is discussing a Verizon cease and desist order. The court case was heard in Boston for improper notification to abutters and will be decided in @ six months. Citizens are also working on petitions for proper notice, and to use plain language in public notices so residents know when a cell tower is proposed.
 Milford: residents have formed a regional Citizens for Safe Tech Awareness group and invite others in the surrounding communities to contact them at
MA Media ActivityNatural Blaze: EMF/RF/5G IOUT Unscientific Science of Twelve Ways We Cannot Annihilate the Oceans with EMF in 2022Natural Blaze: EMF/RF/5G/IOUT Solstice 2021: Amelia’s Night(mare) Before ChristmasInside Towers: Pittsfield Struggles to DisconnectBoston.comWhat to know about the shutdown of 3G cellular networksBerkshire Eagle: Appeals court is about to hear argument that a judge erred in Pittsfield cell tower Pittsfield Health Board to Make Action Plan for Cell TowerBerkshire Eagle: New approach considered for Verizon cell tower (second report, after COVID story)Boise, Idaho City Council: Residents, Verizon, and Cece Doucette offer public comment on the need to update wireless zoning ordinanceGreenfield Recorder: My turn: Wireless whack-a-mole Continues in Ashfield and HeathAshland Local Town Pages: Technology Safety for the Holidays: Ashland Resident Tells How to Avoid Health RisksWWLP-22News: Wireless technology impacts bill again gets committee nodNatural Blaze: EMF/RF/5G Thanksgiving; Addressing Past Colonization, Our Militarized Present, and the Future Underwater Internet of Things, Part 1 of 3Part 2 of 3Part 3 of 3: Includes petitions to sign.Upton/Mendon Town Crier:
Milford Residents Start EMF Impact Grassroots Campaign Our friends in RI shared the following articles
publishedin the Cranston Herald too:”Dangers of 5G going ignored” (the editor’s choice of title)How should city spend $42.6 million? (ARPA)
Events TODAY, December 21st, 8pm EST/5pm PST Say ‘YES’ to Protecting Whales and Marine Life from the new “Smart” OceanThis online event is co-hosted by Ocean Mammal Institute and Stop 5G International
National UpdatesAmericans for Responsible Technology’s New Lawsuit: Non Profit Groups Petition HHS and FDA to Declare Imminent Hazard from Wireless Radiation
 Drs. Beverly Rubik and Rob Brown published the peer-reviewed paper, Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G
 TechSafe Schools Toolkit has new items to share with your schools:
 See Dafna Tachover’s review of the recent OTARD (Over the Air Reception Device) Rule hearing.
 See also her write-up on Diplomat Injured By RF, Sues Government for Disability Discrimination
Next MA for Safe Technology Meeting:Wednesday, January 26, 12-1 p.m. (note, this is one week later than usual)Purchase Info Cards!
Our wonderful graphic designer Chuck Matzker has created two-sided information cards for us!

You are welcome to have these printed up to have on hand when you open the technology safety conversation with others.

Download side A and side B. They are designed to be printed 4″ x 6″.

The cards provide a succinct overview. They also serve as a physical reminder for where to access credible information, and to sign up with us for updates and action items.

Please consider printing up enough to provide a starter stack to each of your health care practitioners to give to patients. Some are placing them at town hall and local libraries too!
 If you’d like to get in on a bulk order for lower cost
(5 cents per card vs. @ 20 cents) please contact Cece at
Let her know how many you’d like,
minimum 100 cards for $5. Pick-up in Ashland, MA.

New ‘Havana syndrome’ cases reported by U.S. officials across globe, most notably in Berlin and Vienna


New ‘Havana syndrome’ cases reported by U.S. officials across globe, most notably in Berlin and Vienna

NBC News’ Josh Lederman and The New Yorker’s Adam Entous report on the large number of Americans who have come forward to describe possible symptoms of directed energy attacks. July 20, 2021

Prof. Olle Johansson – Dangers & health effects of chronic device usage. — EMF, EHS, the science behind cell phone danger & how to use modern technology

Jodellefit4.02K subscribersSUBSCRIBEPROF Olle Johansson is here with again for a third podcast, so thrilled Olle Johansson, who I have now coined my Swedish father, because my maiden name used to be the same as his, and I really look up to him for his research on something I am extremely passionate in, which we will be jumping into in just a moment but for those of you who don’t know much about Prof Johansson, I highly recommend listening to the two previous podcasts we did which will blow you HAIR BACK, due to the knowledge he brings on the dangers of the internet of things, 5G, the coming 6G, 7G and more. Olle Johansson is a professor, and head of Experimental dermatology in the department of Neuroscience at the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Olle is a world-leading authority in the field of EMF radiation and health effects. He has published more than 500 original articles, reviews, book chapters and conference reports within the field of basic and applied neuroscience and is more recently researching something I am so interested to talk with him today on which is electro hyper sensitivity (EHS) is an officially fully recognized functional impairment. We discuss: Smartphones and weight gain How EMF affects your gut bacteria!!!! New Research! Smartphones, EMF and sleep health Smartphones and cancer Smartphones and children’s health Internet of things and health implications What’s happened to the bees Dangers of too much time on social media And much more! PROF Olle Johansson is doing some incredible work and would greatly benefit from our help. Please consider donating to his fundamental work here:  (Always remember that no gift is too small, and Dr. Johansson’s work needs this economic support so he would be able to continue quality research work regarding the adverse health and biological effects of artificial electromagnetic fields from cell phones, satellites, smart meters, WiFi, baby alarms, powerlines, and many more installations.) Resources mentioned: Johansson O, “To bee, or not to bee, that is the five “G” question”, 28/5, 2019… But perhaps you also can use some of these, with their web links? Johansson O, “Bacteria, mobile phones & WiFi – a deadly combination?”, Nya Dagbladet 31/5, 2017… Johansson O, “Associate professor: Wireless radiation – the biggest full-scale biomedical experiment ever done on Earth”, 5/8, 2018… Johansson O, “Is the ‘electrosmog’ finally clearing?”, 4/2, 2019… Johansson O, Ferm R, ” “Yes, Prime Minister” Stefan Löfven, but no! This is not good enough!”, 3/5, 2020… Santini R, Johansson O, “If 5G is not deemed safe in the USA, and nowhere in the rest of the world, by the insurance industry … why is it by the Danish government?”, 8/7, 2020… Johansson O, Rebel TK, McGavin B, “Global 5G protest warns of health and ecological costs”, 5/9, 2020… Johansson O, “Fuck your telephone?”, 17/3, 2021a… Johansson O, “Cars, humans, laws, artificial electromagnetic fields … but what about the future?”, 9/8, 2021b… Thank you to our show sponsors: Swanwick Sleep Blue-light Blocking glasses: and use code: FITFOR10 MOS Shielding Equipment COUPON CODE: JODELLE FOR 5% OFF Microbe Formulas – Mimosa Pudica is the best supplement I have found to help eliminate gut pathogens and enhance your EMF-resisting gut bacteria

5G-related risk revealed-the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has warned in a series of directives.

5G-related risk revealed

8 Dec, 2021 11:38Get short URL

5G-related risk revealed

FILE PHOTO. ©  Reuters / Chris Helgren

Follow RT onMassive rollout of mid-band 5G systems might pose an aircraft safety risk by interfering with navigation equipment and causing flight diversions, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has warned in a series of directives.

The FAA particularly raised concerns about 5G potentially interfering with radio altimeters – sensitive aircraft electronics used by pilots to safely land in poor visibility conditions. Altimeters tell how high an aircraft is above the ground when a pilot cannot see it.

Now, the US aviation watchdog said that planes and helicopters would not be able to use many guided and automatic landing systems at airports with potentially high 5G interference since these systems are likely to be unreliable in these conditions.

Earlier, companies AT&T and Verizon Communications agreed to postpone the commercial launch of their C-band 5G wireless services until January 5 amid the FAA’s concerns. Now, the US agency believes that the “unsafe condition” posed by the upcoming use of 5G networks requires immediate action before that date.

“Radio altimeter anomalies” could lead to “loss of continued safe flight and landing” if they remain undetected by pilots or an aircraft’s automated systems, the FAA said. Landing during low visibility periods could be “limited” due to 5G concerns, an FAA spokesman told The Verge. One of the FAA directives also said that “these limitations could prevent dispatch of flights to certain locations with low visibility, and could also result in flight diversions.”

The agency also said that its two directives issued on Tuesday, which also include revised safety guidelines, were particularly aimed at gathering “more information to avoid potential effects on aviation safety equipment.”

The agency still believes that “expansion of 5G and aviation will safely co-exist.” It is also in talks with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the White House, and industry representatives to work out the details of limitations that are to be outlined in the coming weeks.

The FCC said it looks forward to “updated guidance from the FAA.” The aviation watchdog said that specific notices could be issued for areas “where the data from a radio altimeter may be unreliable” due to 5G signals.

AT&T and Verizon said in late November they would take precautionary measures to limit the potential interference of their networks for at least six months. The FAA argued on Monday that was insufficient.

Verizon responded on Tuesday by saying that there was “no evidence” of C-band 5G networks actually posing any risks to aircraft in “dozens of countries” that already use them. The company added it plans to “reach 100 million Americans with this network in the first quarter of 2022.”

New Lawsuit: RF Injured Diplomat’s Disability Discrimination Lawsuit On Dec. 8, 2021, Mark Lenzi, one of the diplomats who developed what has been referred to as the “Havana Syndrome”

…….I have documented a timeline of our complaints to the Massachusetts State Regulatory Agencies who oversee, regulate and cynically are responsible for protecting the public!!!! The complaints are public record. In 2007 we began our investigation into the Illegal pure tones, which is exactly what the Havana Syndrome is all about. My view, on the Smart Grid technology is that the creators, engineers, law makers knew of the risks. They knew what pulsed microwaves can do to humans and animals, but the bottom line was more valued than human lives. They have gambled on taking it as far as they can before they succumb to mounting law suits and public awareness. My property and home is polluted with “illegal pure tones”, 24/7. No person(s) should be subjected to such torture and potential permanent harm. But, here we are. We have sound studies proving the electrical grid has been weaponized. I am even willing to believe or blame it on what is going on in our Country right now on every level of human sense and decency. We have lost the simple truth of recognizing and acting upon what is healthy for mankind. The fact that we argue what is fact and truth instead of acting on what is not healthy or unjust gives me no hope that we can right this ship. Millions of years on this planet and we are left with the majority of our Country who are mentally unfit. How do we solve the pile of shit we have to fix? How do we cleanse our leadership roles and replace them with those we can trust and look up to????????????…….SANDAURA

Hi All, 
 Register for Our Dec. 15 OTARD Case Webinar A short reminder to register to the upcoming OTARD case webinar and Q&A session in which attorneys Scott McCollough and Dafna Tachover (who led this case) discuss the December 7 hearing and the case. The Webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec 15 at 3 pm ET. Registration is required. Please help us promote this webinar on social media by sharing the meme below and/or this article. 
New Lawsuit: RF Injured Diplomat’s Disability Discrimination Lawsuit On Dec. 8, 2021, Mark Lenzi,one of the diplomats who developed what has been referred to as the “Havana Syndrome,” filed a lawsuit against the US State Department alleging disability discrimination.  It is the first known lawsuit to be filed by one of the diplomats who developed the condition. The now widely accepted explanation for the syndrome is an injury from pulsed radio-frequency (RF) radiation. The condition is the same as Microwave  Sickness / Electro-Sensitivity, suffered by people injured by pulsed RF from commercial wireless technology. Lenzi was a State Department officer. He and his wife and children began experiencing “sudden and unexplained mental and physical symptoms, including headaches, lightheadedness, nausea, nosebleeds, sleeplessness, and memory loss.”  According to the suit, Lenzi and his wife both took the Havana Acquired Brain Injury Test (HABIT) to assess their conditions. Both demonstrated brain injury symptoms consistent with exposure to RF. Lenzi’s lawsuit alleges that the State Department failed to provide him with reasonable accommodation in violation of section 501 of the Rehabilitation Act. He also claims that the State Department has retaliated against him for being vocal about the injury and for sending an unclassified email to colleagues “warning them about the potential danger to their health and safety.” According to the lawsuit, the email prompted the State Department to order him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation In 2018 Lenzi participated in a 60 Minutes program about the sickness suffered by the US diplomats in Havana and Cuba. In the program the diplomats accused the government of trying to silence the issue and ignoring their affliction. In his interview, Lenzi claimed that the cause of injury was RF. In 2018 Prof. Beatrice Golomb MD. PhD., of the University of California School of Medicine published a peer-reviewed paper showing that the likely cause of the diplomats’ symptoms is pulsed RF exposure, and that their condition is similar to the condition suffered by many due to exposure to pulsed RF from commercial wireless technology.  Following the growing pressure as a result of the media coverage, the State Department finally took action and tasked a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Committee with examining the health problems experienced by the US foreign services personnel in Cuba. The committee report, published in December 2020, came to the same conclusion that Prof. Golomb had reached: the diplomats’ problems were likely caused by exposure to pulsed RF/MW Professor Golomb was invited by the National Academy of Sciences to present and discuss her findings. Nevertheless, her paper was not referenced in the report. It is unlikely a mistake. One cannot exclude the possibility that it is an effort to eliminate any association the public might make with harm from commercial wireless technology. In the past few months diplomats stationed in Germany and Austria have also complained about similar symptoms. After reports of the sickness also occurring in Vietnam, Vice President Harris canceled a scheduled trip.  The overwhelming evidence of adverse effects of pulsed RF from commercial wireless devices and infrastructure and growing reports of diplomats’ sickness raises the question that perhaps the diplomats’ symptoms are not a result of a directed RF attack but in fact from the embassy’s own RF equipment. Another diplomat who has been vocal in describing the disregard, denial and abuse by the government is Mark Polymeropoulos. He is a former CIA operative who had previously been shot at several times. In an interview he explained that considering the mistreatment he has experienced because of developing this condition, he “had rather been shot.” 
The diplomats’ sickness creates a problem for the US government. If the diplomats are sick from pulsed RF, then how can the government continue to deny the sickness from wireless technology? Indeed, in a recent hearing in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court regarding the smart meter mandate, Justice Kevin M. Dougherty made the connection between the consumers’ sickness from smart meters and the “Havana syndrome.” Hopefully this case will help expose the US government fraud regarding the denial of RF harms, especially electro-sensitivity.

Press here to share the article about the lawsuit on social media

I am looking forward to seeing you at the webinar. 


Whales Will Save the World’s Climate—Unless the Military Destroys Them First

Whales Will Save the World’s Climate—Unless the Military Destroys Them First
“Let Consciousness be our guide and use science as a tool.”  Wisdom of the Universe 

Please join us for two events this solstice season to help raise awareness and encourage change in the wildly out of balance use of technology on Earth, in the skies, and now in the ocean.
Candle/Lantern Vigils for Safer Technology
December 18, 19 2021


Say ‘YES’ to Protecting Whales and Marine Life from the new “Smart” Ocean
Online event co-hosted by Ocean Mammal Institute and Stop 5G International 
Tuesday, 21st December 2021 – 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST
(Also available for streaming after the event for groups and individuals. A UK Viewing Party will be held Sunday evening, December 26, 7 pm. For more info contact 

Up till now, most of our efforts have focused on reining in the unbridled and unconscious expansion of wireless technology on land and in space. Sadly, we must now turn our attention to the oceans, as Techno-Ecocide is extending to the seas in the form of the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT), aka Smart Ocean. If we allow science and technology, accompanied by the pursuit of material gain to be our guiding star, solutions offered will simply generate a host of new problems.

It’s time the mindset of competition and consumption make way for consciousness, cooperation, and compassion, with science and technology relegated to their rightful place — a tool to assist. 

Why we need an ocean of consciousness…not an ocean teaming with technology 
Cultures are comprised of norms, inventions, values, customs that all begin as initial idea or spark in someone’s mind. If we are to create a civilization that can better serve us All, each of us can play a unique role in its unfolding by clearing our minds of clutter and norms that no longer serve to better allow for novel and more life-serving ones to emerge. 

We can and must continue with direct action, lawsuits, public awareness campaigns, and protests. But the time has come for us to refine our “inner technology” so we integrate advances in science and technology into our world in a helpful, not harmful way. 

Impact of sonar 
Science has already established that sonar can interfere with marine mammals as these animals rely on sound to meet their basic needs. In the words of Pierce Bronson,“The ocean is a world of sound. Whales, dolphins and marine mammals use sound to locate each other over great distances. Human technology is drastically changing this environment, damaging the delicate web of life, threatening the ability of whales and other marine animals’ ability to function, and ultimately survive.” Watch Pierce Brosnan Asks for Your Help in the Fight To Protect Whales.“Smart” Oceans would rely primarily on sonar for underwater wireless communications. Without balance (an attribute sorely lacking in our times), the ocean will likely become a booming seabed of technology, noise, and pollution with dire consequences for marine animals.


See How Whales Help Fight Climate Change for a stunning example of why we need to protect and nurture nature’s intricate Web of Life. 

The role of the military in this newest for profit and Full Spectrum Dominance grab bag, the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT), and the devastating impact it will have on our ecosystem. Whales Will Save the World’s Climate—Unless the Military Destroys Them First

To better understand how the IoUT is being developed, please see this highly technical paper. 
Internet of Underwater Things and Big Marine Data Analytics – A Comprehensive Survey 

For an excellent tutorial on how sound travels underwater, see Discovery of Sound in the Sea.

Please check out the News and Updates section on the website for 5G/EMF updates from around the world. 

For an excellent series of articles covering many different areas related to the Internet of Underwater Things, see Articles and Archives. 

In the hopes of a more viable future for us All,
The Team at Stop 5G International Feeling the mist from one whale’s blow,
A sigh from the ocean floor. 
Sensing the powerful lungs expand, 
Blurring the lines between ocean and land. 
Hearing the sound of one whale’s song
Resound from the ancient depths,
Stirs memories within the soul
Of Primal Oneness with the Whole. 

Poem dedicated to protecting whales by Dr. Marsha Green

We finally arrived at the finish line of the OTARD case and we are finishing with a smile.

Hi All,  We finally arrived at the finish line of the OTARD case and we are finishing with a smile. The hearing on December 7 went well and Scott McCollough did a fantastic job arguing the case. However, it is impossible to predict the outcome. We did the best we could, we are content with our efforts and we are hopeful. The title of a Law360 article published today about the hearing expresses my opinion of it. Full text: DC Circ. Appears Skeptical Of FCC Wireless Antenna RulesCourt’s Decision – Now we just have to wait for the Court’s decision. The DC Circuit usually issues its decisions within 6 months of the hearing Join Our OTARD Webinar – I know many people have questions about this case and its implications and have questions. Therefore, on Wednesday, December 15, at 3 pm ETScott McCollough and I will conduct a webinar with a Q & A session in which we’ll discuss the case and the hearing.
Register for the Webinar Here (pre-registration is required). We thank 5G Free California for hosting this event.  Recording of the Hearing – For those who missed the hearing, the recording is available on YouTube. The hearing starts at 30:35 and ends at 1:12:00. It is only 37 minutes and I recommend listening to it. See below links to transcripts of selections from the oral arguments:
Transcript of CHD’s Oral Arguments 
Transcript of FCC’s Oral Arguments A Snapshot of the Hearing 

The judges asked good questions including several regarding the increase in RF exposure, property and homeowners’ association rights and due process. It seemed they were especially concerned with aesthetics. Judge Randolph asked whether local communities would be allowed to pass regulations to prevent these antennas because “they are ugly and we don’t want them in our town?” The FCC’s attorney admitted that it would likely be considered an “unreasonable restriction” and therefore would be prohibited
 The judges’ questions led the FCC to reluctantly admit that we are correct in our assertions as to the impact of the rule amendment: no notice of installation of these antennas is required;  there is no ability to object to their installation; and that essentially, the FCC considers any barrier to installation unreasonable and therefore unlawful, so indeed all state and municipal laws are preempted except for compliance with electric, building and fire codes The judges, especially Judge Millet, who presided over the panel, appeared to see through the FCC’s efforts to minimize the impact this rule has. The FCC continuously argued that the only thing the rule does is to remove the “private use” restriction. McCollough explained that this alleged small change completely flips the whole purpose of the rule, resulting in a massive impact It felt as if the FCC’s attorney attempted to avoid answering the questions knowing the answers would not help the FCC’s case. It was quite noticeable, even to a child. In a comment on my Facebook page Amy wrote: “I had my 10-year-old son listening and he could understand what she [Judge Millet] was asking. He didn’t understand why the FCC attorney couldn’t answer. While usually attorneys want more time to speak, not less, after yet another intense exchange with Judge Millet, the FCC attorney told the court “I am out of time, your honor.”  Concluding his arguments, McCollough used vivid comparisons suggested to him by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to demonstrate the difference between the old and the new rule allowing “really really ugly powerful antennas”: “The difference is like the difference between a porch light to stadium lights emitting out to a mile, or the difference between TV speakers to a large rock band playing at a stadium for people who can hear it up to a mile.“
It Takes A Village
As always, it takes a village. Many people were involved and worked hard and under a lot of pressure. First and foremost – a huge thank you to Scott McCollough, who as always has done a superb job at every step of the way. To Shannon Koenig who is an essential part of our team, and to Ed Friedman for his help with editing even though it was always late and last minute. I have the utmost appreciation for our Petitioners and our Affiants and their family members for being willing to share their personal experiences and hardships. It takes a lot of courage. Thank you Dr. Elliot, Ginger, Jonathan, Angela, Dr. Hoffman, Michele, and Jennifer. Special thanks to the medical experts who filed reports:  Prof. Beatrice Golomb, Prof. Riina Bray and Dr. Toril Jelter.  Most Importantly, thank you Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and the Children’s Health Defense team and their donors for enabling us to bring this caseTo share this content online use this link
Good luck!