“The tobacco industry wrote the book on manipulating government actions and public understandings of its dangers.

“The tobacco industry wrote the book on manipulating government actions and public understandings of its dangers. … It is little exaggeration to argue that the telecom industry makes tobacco look like amateurs. With an eye to hyping doubt, telecom PR mavens have cast aspersions on clear evidence of cancer and DNA damage in animals exposed to cell phone radiation.” And the FCC is happy to oblige. Read the Latest Op-Ed By Devra Davis in Medium5G will NOT bridge the digital divide. In fact, it will deepen the digital divide. Here’s how Netflix’s Hasan Minhaj explains telecom’s undue influence on our access to the Internet.
“While Internet service providers like Comcast and Charter are largely to blame for Internet inequality in parts of the country, the FCC is making things worse by siding with private corporations at the expense of millions of Americans who lack access to what has become a vital tool for everyday life. “Watch the Hysterical and Informative Netflix Stand-Up With Hasan Minhag on “Why Your Internet Sucks” Get More Resources on 5G and the Digital Divide Download factsheets and recent articles that document how 5G will exacerbate the digital divide. Recommendations to the U.S. Department of Education
EHT recently sent a 17-page letter to U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona informing the Secretary of the D.C. Circuit judgment in Environmental Health Trust et al. v the FCC and the need to protect children. We included our recommendations to eliminate unnecessary sources of non-ionizing radiation on school property in order to reduce the health risk to students and staff from cell phones, Wi-Fi and other electromagnetic radiation exposures.
Here are a few excerpts:
“We are opposed to the field testing of 5G technology in schools. The wireless industry has long pushed Wi-Fi in schools nationwide and is now proposing expanding 5G into classrooms, arguing that ‘augmented reality’ and ‘virtual reality’ are ‘essential tools’ in classrooms. …
“Electromagnetic radiation exposure presents occupational health issues for teachers and staff, which are especially critical for those who are pregnant or have medical conditions. Yale research found thyroid cancer to be associated with cell phone use in people with genetic susceptibility. Prenatal radio-frequency radiation exposure led to higher hyperactivity, poorer memory and altered brain function in mice, corroborating prior published research findings of altered brain development after exposure. …
“We recommend the Secretary of Education provide nationwide guidance on best practices to reduce non-ionizing electromagnetic exposures in schools and colleges.”
EHT has sent letters to the Department of Education for nearly a decade calling on each new administration to take action to protect children. We hope you will download this letter and share it in your community and with your school administrators.
Read EHT’s Latest Letter to the U.S. Secretary of Education. Another Action Step: EHT is urging U.S. congressional representatives to take immediate action to ensure science-based protections for the public and the environment against wireless radiation exposure. 
Join us by sending a letter to your elected representatives. Use our template. The letter is already written for you and/or you can add your own thoughts .Demand U.S. Congressional Action on Wireless Did You Know?
Your dishes might be a source of lead. Even though lead paint is “outlawed” in the U.S., lead paint can be found in many imported household products and toys. Watch the replay of EHT’s interview with Tamara Rubin, Director of MisLEAD, a Film about childhood lead poisoning. More Resources to Protect Your Family
Lead Safe Mama blog. EHT data on lead and human health. Learn more about the EHT Jackson Hole Film Series on Environmental Health EHT’s INFOGRAPHICS Download and share our infographics on all your social media sites. We hope you will also share links to our website so friends can learn more. Share our graphics and Youtube videos in your community. Connect with us to spread awareness. ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌  ‌

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