State Representative Linda Dean Campbell leads the hearing with the new Joint Committee on Advanced Information Technology, the Internet, and Cybersecurity. See below for links to individual technology safety commenters.Bill Updates:We only receive one week’s notice in MA when a bill comes up for public hearing, and we are so grateful the following were able to join us to give spoken testimony!

Just as importantly, thank you also to the scientists, doctors, legislators, public servants and citizens who took the time to send in written testimony for the public record too!5:49 – Cece Doucette, Director of Massachusetts for Safe Technology11:35 – Ken Gartner, Engineer and Building Biologist30:44 – Kirstin Beatty, Director of Last Tree Laws54:34 – Dr. Lisa Nagy, Environmental Medicine Specialist2:43:54 – Sheila Reavill, Building Biologist and Retired School Teacher2:52:20 & 2:58:28– Theodora Scarato, Executive Director, Environmental Health Trust2:55:08 – Alison McDonough, Electromagnetically Injured2:59:57 – Courtney Gilardi, Nursery School Owner, Injured by Cell Tower Radiation3:02:57 – Amelia Gilardi, Child Injured by Cell Tower Radiation3:06:02 – Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier, District Injured by Cell Tower Radiation3:08:20 – Charles Beatty, Less Screen, More Green3:11:20 – Senator Barry Finegold, Federal Agencies Unlikely to Act; Address at State Level; Achieve BalanceIf you didn’t get a chance to send in written testimony for our earlier commission bill with the Consumer Protection Committee, please click the button below for prior instructions. Testimonies are still being accepted. Thank you!
 Instructions to SubmitPeaceful demonstration to inform Lenox, MA of the dangers of placing cell antennas atop The Curtis which houses
senior citizens and those with disabilities.Town Updates:
 Lenox: Congratulations! Your hard work educating your neighbors and public servants has put a one-year delay on the decision to put cell antennas atop The Curtis! Kudos too for working toward a rewrite of zoning by-laws to protect your community in the long run!
 Pittsfield: Bravo to City Councilors Mafuccio and White, and Interim Department of Health Director Cambi for sending in testimony for the technology safety bills, and to Rep. Farley-Bouvier for speaking up at the public hearing on behalf of her constituents! Tireless efforts continue by injured neighbors to remove the toxic cell tower illegally constructed in close proximity to their homes. 
 Falmouth: Thank you for calling a meeting with Senator Susan Moran and Rep. Dylan Fernandes to support the EMF bills and protect your community.
 Lowell: Thank you Senator Edward Kennedy and Rep. Vanna Howard for meeting with your constituent too.
 Taunton: Ditto to Rep. Carol Doherty!— If you’d like Cece Doucette to join you for an informational meeting with your own legislators, please send an email to —Upton: Technology safety talks beginning with municipal leaders. 
 Ashland, Boston, Cambridge, Canton, Dedham, Framingham, Natick, Needham, Warren, West Roxbury: Thank you to citizen scientists who measured the radiation in your towns and reported your readings to the Global EMF Monitoring project. Click here to see how each town rates and/or to sign up to measure your town too.Dr. Kent Chamberlin shares NH legislative commission findings with grid modernization and electric vehicle stakeholders.DPU Update:

Dr. Kent Chamberlin, Chair and Professor Emeritus of the University of New Hampshire’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, joined Cece Doucette for a webinar geared toward state agencies and industry employees working on grid modernization and electric vehicles.

Please share the above video with your own municipalities to dispel common disinformation with wireless radiation risks and to work toward safe, sustainable hard-wired technology solutions.

Dr. Chamberlin’s slides are included in the video description on YouTube.In the Local News this Month!iBerkshires.comPittsfield Council to Send AG Letter About South St. Cell TowerBerkshire Eagle: Appellate Brief in Pittsfield Cell Tower Case; Verizon, Farley-White Corporation, and individual members of Zoning Board of Appeals suedBerkshire Eagle: Nearly a Year Later, Pittsfield Cell Tower Lawsuit Awaits Decision on AppealNatural Blaze: When Local Media Goes To The Dark Side On 5G/EMF/RF; Berkshire Eagle’s Unsigned Opinion; Ken Gartner’s ResponsePCTV: Board of Health Meeting 10/6/21, public comment and deliberations begin at 12:50Spectrum News 1: ‘We’re very hopeful:’ Pittsfield Board of Health asks Verizon to take down controversial cell towerThe John Krol Show: Traction on 5G Cell Tower FightBerkshire Eagle: Pittsfield Board of Health asks Verizon to remove or relocate controversial South Street cell towerWCCA Worcester Cable: Smart Meter Update with Patricia BurkeNatural Blaze: “Climate Anxiety” Vs. Those Underwater From EMF/RF/5G Devastation: Who Controls Activism Focus? The CorporatocracyBerkshire Eagle: Lenox planners: We need help on cell tower issues
Events:Have you asked your medical team and first responders to be professionally trained on EMFs yet? This is a new field of medicine that practitioners urgently need to know.

Registration for the CME/CE-accredited EMF Medical Conference 2021 will be open until March. Once registered, the courses can be completed on-line at one’s own pace. The public is welcome to register too at a reduced non-CME/CE rate. Please send to your medical teams.
 Sam Weider, injured by EMFs, has produced a new documentary called “Surrounded”. The film’s free on-line screening will be November 10-14. See the trailer and register here. Consider gathering a group of friends to watch together!Thanks for all the hard work, please let us know if we can help educate in your community.

Hope to see you at our November 17th meeting at noon Eastern!
Cece & the MA for Safe Technology Team

Cecelia (Cece) Doucette, MTPW, BA
Technology Safety Educator
Director, Massachusetts for Safe Technology
Founder, Understanding EMFs
Education Services Director, Wireless Education
EMF Medical Conference 2021
TechSafe Schools
NH Legislative Commission Report
City of Boston Legal Comment to FCC
HiBR Conference @ NIH
Expert Forum on Wi-fi in Schools
Municipal Presentation on 5G & EMFs
Additional YouTube EMF Talks
Generation Zapped Award-Winning Film

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