Technology’s Impacts on NatureOctober 2021 Newsletter from Katie Singer

Technology’s Impacts on NatureOctober 2021 Newsletter from Katie Singer “Who decides whether or not 5G is safe to deploy? A protocol for ensuring safer infrastructure,” Katie Singer’s newest piece, recently published at Wall Street International Magazine, is now available at“Headwind”21,” Marijn Poels’ documentary about a London banker who lent hundreds of millions of dollars to companies building solar PV arrays and industrial wind facilitiesthen moved to a remote Swedish forest. Once he realized that his home was surrounded by industrial wind facilities, he researched their effects on nature and climate–and realized that they do not help the climate crisis. They destroy nature. The film’s first half is very worthwhile. does Canada need more dams? to power data centers and bitcoin!

If you’ve not yet seen The Big Semiconductor Water Problem from Asianometry–it’s still well worth 12 minutes.

The final segment of “Effects of Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Fields on Flora and Fauna,”Blake Levitt, Henry Lai and Albert Manville’s comprehensive examination of the effects of non-ionizing radiation on flora and fauna, was published 9.27.21 in Reviews on Environmental Health.Part 1. Rising Ambient EMF Levels in the EnvironmentPart 2. Impacts: How Species Interact with Natural and Man-Made EMFPart 3. Exposure Standards, Public Policy, Laws, and Future DirectionsAccording to Microwave News, the authors plan to publish a book on the topic for lay readers. Singer and Miguel Coma are turning their reports about technology’s impacts on nature into a book. They welcome support!


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