From Toxins to Towers: A Primer on the Science of Wireless Health Effects, EMF Biological and Health EffectsSubscribe to the videos or enroll in two online courses ofthe EMF Medical Conference

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Cindy Russell MD presents:
 From Toxins to Towers: A Primer on the Science of Wireless Health Effects, EMF Biological and Health EffectsSubscribe to the videos or enroll in two online courses of
the EMF Medical Conference for up to 24.5 CME/CEs
Wireless technology has become a dominant form of communication in our society, with human health exposure guidelines largely set by engineers looking at heat effects. Biological and health effects of electromagnetic frequencies have been reported at levels far below the safety thresholds in the scientific literature, however, and are under-recognized by the medical community. This lecture provides a brief overview of how non-ionizing radiation used in wireless devices can affect biological systems and thereby our health, highlighting some key research studies.Blog by Cindy Russell MD, 
Executive Director, Physicians for Safe Technology:
Childhood Toxic Exposures: Wireless Radiation Now Added to the List
Parents and pediatricians are both heavily invested in protecting children from harm. The health and wellbeing of our children is not only important to sustain loving healthy families, it determines the health of our nation and our future. Current studies indicate that 54% of children have at least one chronic health condition if you include obesity, and developmental delays. Scientific studies show the trend is worsening.
Recommendations for safer use of wireless devices include:
•    No screen time less than 2 years other than video-chat
•    Preschool children spend no more than an hour with digital media, the  content should be educational, non-violent, and viewed with a parent or caregiver
•    Avoid carrying your phone against the body like in a pocket, sock, or bra
•    Make only short or essential calls on cell phones
•    Use text messaging when possible
•    If you plan to watch a movie on your device, download it first, then switch to airplane mode
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Dr. Cindy Russell is Executive Director of Physicians for Safe Technology, a non-profit group that educates physicians and the public about the science, risks and safer use of wireless technology. After completing training at Stanford University in plastic surgery, Dr. Russell started practice in Mountain View, California. She is presently President for the Santa Clara Medical Association. She has studied toxins for the Environmental Health Committee of this association for more than 20 years. During that time, she has authored many policy resolutions related to reducing environmental toxins at the California Medical Association House of Delegates. Her focus continues to be disease prevention and environmental health through toxics reduction. Learn more here..EMF Medical Online Courses & Conference VideosOnline Pre-Conference Course 4 hours CME/CE $39
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