Technology’s impacts on nature 

Technology’s impacts on nature 
newsletter from Katie Singer 

Koohan Paik-Mander reports that with hypersonic missiles, part of the U.S.’s $740 billion defense budget, “Artificial intelligence will actually do most of the ‘thinking’ required to ‘pull the trigger.’” “Defend the Earth, Not Arms Dealers,” Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, Fall/Winter 2021-22. 

A factory producing 40,000 circuit boards (holding semiconductors) needs 4.8 million gallons of water per day to purify the semiconductors—enough to supply a city of 60,000. Learn about another invisible cost behind our screens at’s 12-minute video, “The Semiconductor Water Problem.” 

“Solar panels in Sahara could boost renewable energy but damage the global climate—here’s why,” by Zhengyao Lu and Benjamin Smith.

California Telecom Bills Crushing Local Government Control posted by Physicians for Safe Technology  

AT&T applied to the FCC (and the California PUC) on July 13, 2021, for authority “to discontinue AT&T Residential Local Service in California.”   

Here are Instructions on how to file comments for WC Docket No. 21-296.

Here’s the direct link to express filings:

This link to standard comments lets you upload documents:  

Katie Singer and Miguel Coma’s reports about technology’s impacts on nature are available at  

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