Will 5G: The Great Enabler enable the Great Reset? And is that what we really want? 

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Will 5G: The Great Enabler enable the Great Reset? And is that what we really want? 
September Happenings in the 5G vs Safe Tech Scene5G Global Protest Freedom Day – September 18/19
On the weekend before the Equinox, 18/19 September, people will be standing up to demand an immediate halt to 5G on Earth and in Space for the sake of Freedom for all. Our message: “We do not consent to a few powerful technology and satellites companies dictating the future of all life on Earth. Nor do we consent to living in a 5G-enabled surveillance state.” Events thus far have been planned in the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Spain, South-Africa, Canada, the US and India and will range from Demonstrations, Bridge Protests and Flash Mobs to Stands in the Park and Beach Events.

Press Release
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Some people may be joining the Worldwide Freedom Demonstrations  happening the same weekend. 

Either way, attending/organizing a 5G event, or joining a Worldwide Freedom Demonstration protest, we are all calling for the same thing — a world of health, freedom, respect for the natural world, and peace.

Two Flyers
Here are two flyers (apologies, they download automatically) that you can pass out at any event — 5G and the loss of our freedom, and 5G, is it worth it?   They provide a gentle introduction for people who are unfamiliar with the underbelly of 5G and satellites. 

The flyer refers people who would like more info to the webpage, 5G: The Great Enabler or Safe Wired Technology? The Choice Is Ours which is chock full of info about how 5G enables a world of surveillance, control, ill health, environmental devastation, and psycho-social dystopia; and why a growing number of people are calling for a world of safe technology and balance. It also includes a section on Actions You Can Take. 

Equinox Meditation: Global Consciousness Shift Activation – September 22 
The goal of this Global Equinox Meditation will be to help shift our perception to that of a soul experiencing a physical journey on Earth. This subtle inner shift in perspective will bring about greater expression of compassion, peace and understanding in ourselves, and through entrainment, in more and more people globally. Our global meditation can accelerate the growing trend of healing, already exemplified by countless acts of goodwill underway around the world. By empowering positive feelings and the arising Unity awareness, we can light the way towards a future when our most precious and soul-resonant dreams will come true.

To get a sense of the Equinox meditation, please watch this short and upbeat presentation

Symphony of Minds: Feeling Our Way into a Vibrant Future – September 26
Register in advance for this webinar
This webinar is co-sponsored by Stop 5G International and the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. The webinar will bring together people from various fields and advocacy groups to share and cross fertilize minds and hearts, as we try to make sense of these seemingly disruptive and confusing times, and to feel into what may be manifesting on the horizon.
It will be an opportunity to link arms with other advocacy groups and thinkers, and together envision what kind of world we want.  Shared core values of what we’re working toward can help soften the barriers between silos of advocacy and help grow a grassroots movement of global healing and awakening.

Hopeful development in Europe!

Press release Europeans for Safe Connections, September, 2021
This August a new European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) was submitted at the European Commission by Europeans for Safe Connections. They took the initiative to request the EU Commission to make better legislation because of the adverse effects of wireless communication. 5G is being deployed to facilitate an Internet of Things that will be omnipresent without any assessment of possible adverse effects for environment, privacy, or health.
This European Citizen’s Initiative will give a voice to the millions of European citizens that are worried about the seemingly unstoppable deployment of 5G and all its unwanted effects. 

Natural Blaze Coverage of Equinox Meditation and Webinar.

Stop 5G International Equinox Free Webinar — Symphony Of Minds: Feeling Our Way Into A Vibrant Future
Part 1 
Part 2 

Check out our Social Media groups to stay apprised of happenings and new actions you can take. 

Cheers and Blessings from
The Team at Stop 5G International

Today the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit granted the Children’s Health Defense’s motion and ordered the FCC & the US government to pay CHD $14,351.98

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Hi All,  An anecdote.. 

Today the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit granted the Children’s Health Defense’s motion and ordered the FCC & the US government to pay CHD $14,351.98. This is only for the printing and shipping costs  of the briefs and the Joint Appendix that were filed in CHD’s case against the FCC for its fraudulent guidelines. A reminder – the Joint Appendix is the evidence that was referenced in the briefs. It is kind of a sweet moment because essentially the FCC was ordered to pay CHD for the 11,000 pages of evidence they ignored that CHD had to print and mail to the court…It is even sweeter considering the FCC’s general counsel called all those who object to 5G “conspiracy theorists” (shortly before he left the FCC to work for the law firm that represents the wireless industry lobby association – CTIA…). 

The FCC may be ordered to pay even more – a motion for other costs including attorneys fees can be filed after the appeal period is over (9/27). 

I don’t know if the court accepted EHT’s motion. Their motion was only for $500 (the filing fees for the lawsuit), because CHD alone did all the work on the joint appendix and carried the costs. It was a massive undertaking – the cost of getting it done was about $50,000.

A small moment of joy…:-)