Smart Meters blasting the 900 Mhz band

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This is what I discovered recently when the power company (BG&E) installed smart meters on my house to monitor my power usage. The smart meters are equipped with radios on both 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz and constantly transmitting data around the neighborhood just filling the 900 MHz band with constant chatter. I tuned my RF explorer spectrum analyzer to the 900 MHz band one day while in my house and was quite surprised to see all the constant activity where only months before it was rather quiet. I then walked the analyzer out to the power meter and saw many of the signals going way up off the scale, a good indication that those very strong signals were coming from my smart meter. Many of the weaker signals were coming from various other smart meters from around the neighborhood. Everyone in my neighborhood has one of these and they’re all chattering away keeping the 900 MHz band completely saturated with RF activity. The smart meter 900 MHz radios, I have found out, are typically 1 watt radios. In some cases they may have a 2 watt radio transmitter. They form what is called a MESH network where each meter, or node, becomes a repeater to carry data along from node to node to node all through the neighborhood until it reaches the collection point somewhere near the neighborhood. With each node repeating traffic from many other nodes plus sending out it’s own data, each node is busy most all the time transmitting a lot of data all through the day and night. I’ve monitored this for hours day and night and the traffic just doesn’t seem to let up. In this video I do not address the concerns by many who fear ill health from overdoses of RF radiation or security concerns about hackers breaking into the power company’s network through your smart to shut down the national power grid or to just maliciously manipulate power usage data in your meter. These concerns are addressed in many other YouTube videos by other contributors. I’m simply calling attention to RF pollution being caused by so many busy smart meters concentrated in populated areas. Also watch this:


  1. Sandaura, this is an oldie-but-a-goodie. I have seen your own website and appreciate all the info you gather about the PLC and the hum. You are in the the Unitil service area, I think. PLC has health impact, though its mechanisms of action are different than the RF-based mesh shown in this video. PLC is very hard to filter/shield in the home and we (who are working to get universal analog opt-out metering in MA) have not forgotten about the PLC.

    Everything the video author said was correct. There are some explanatory industry videos explaining how the mesh works, but they often show the broadcast meters as if they have aimed, narrow-beamed communication with specific “next hops”. This is untrue, since there is very broad communication hundreds of yards in distance and the ensuring e-smog is prodigious. Each of the intervening meters will collect and forward info about the neighboring meters, which is how a mesh works. There seems to be a bit of geo-location info embedded in the routing to funnel the packets toward a neighborhood collector (otherwise the broadcasting would continue in all directions). Look up RECESSIM on youtube as he has been reverse-engineering smart meters a lot this year.

    Although the utility might say that one’s meter readings are only broadcast a few times a day, we can see these kinds of meters broadcast at least once a minute in my neighborhood (in central MA). Back in 2011, the California utility was court-ordered to provide info about their mesh statistics and it turned out that the meters broadcast their own usage info about 6 times per day, but they also had 10-100 thousand other broadcasts per day for the time synchronization, networking overhead and the forwarding of all of the info from other meters.

    The total radiated POWER is not the important criterion, but these digitized, pulsed signals (on 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz carrier signals) run continuously day and night and affect us at our cellular and nervous system level, continuous stressors regardless of whether a person is acutely electrically sensitive or not. It is unrelenting. The intermediate option of shielding the near meters from blasting the sleeping areas with RF will help a lot, but can make the problem worse in some situations (as RF can become impressed onto the whole house wiring).

    The second health problem associated with all electronic meters (whether they use RF or Power Line Carrier/PLC) is that they impress biologically active harmonic frequencies (called EMI, Dirty Electricity or Microsurge Electrical Pollution) onto all the wiring of the home, which re-radiates. Many folks have neurological symptoms from this smart-meter-induced DE, which goes away nearly instantly when those frequencies (approx 10kHz to a few hundred kHz are quiesced). Symptoms can be head pressure, tinnitus, nighttime incontinence, disruptive behavior, irritabiity, self-harm ideation and so on. Unfortunately PLC is nearly impossible to filter out because they tend to be of very low frequency.

    We had much worse health result from the RF-blasting smart meter, after a prolonged mold exposure and immunity compromise, and the result is a person who now has been EHS for 2.5 years.

    For folks in MA, pay attention to State Senate bill S.2204 and let your local congressperson know you want an analog meter opt-out.

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