5G and planes

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5G and planes

From France comes news that 5G technology may interfere with the safe operation of planes. In a memo sent to all airlines in February, the French Civil Aviation Authority advised that the radiation emitted from 5G smart phones may interfere with onboard instruments. Their signals are close in frequency and potentially even stronger than the aircrafts’ altimeters that are used to gauge altitude. The memo advised airlines to ensure that 5G phones are turned off or turned to flight mode during flights. The Authority is also restricting the strength of signals from 5G base stations close to the airport.
https://www.france24.com/en/live-news/20210216-5g-phones-may-interfere-with-aircraft-french-regulatorScreen time—kids High use of screen media by preschoolers could have multiple long-term risk, say researchers from Finland. Dr Juulia Paavonen and her team explored the effects of electronic media use on children aged 18 months and five years. They found that the majority (96%) of preschoolers used e-media for longer than the hour a day recommended by health professionals and pediatricians. For five-year-olds, ‘high levels of total screen time were associated with attention and concentration difficulties, hyperactivity and impulsivity, emotional internalizing and externalizing symptoms and conduct problems,’ the authors wrote c Paavonen’s team said that this could be because young children learn through interaction with people and the environment.‘ Although children’s e-media use patterns might not seem problematic when considering use on a daily level, they do have risks in the long term’, the authors concluded. Niiranen J et al, ‘High-dose electronic media use in five-year-olds and its association with their psychosocial symptoms: a cohort study’, BMJ Open 2021; 11:e040848. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2020-040848https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/11/3/e040848What can you do? Limit kids’ exposure wireless radiation: Don’t buy wireless devices for kids. Limit kids’ use of screen devices. Set up a radiation-free equipment so that your children can use the internet and/or phones safely. https://emraustralia.com.au/collections/radiation-free-equipment/products/radiation-free-modem-router-packageTeach your kids how to use technology safely: https://emraustralia.com.au/co…What else you can do If you found the information above of interest, please forward this email to others. If you’d like more information, you can download our April issue of EMR and Health here. If you’ve been sent this message by a friend and would like to subscribe to future updates, you can do that here.

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