Wireless radiation and brain tumours

Wireless radiation and brain tumours

Professor Christopher Portier has concluded that radiofrequency (wireless) radiation probably causes gliomas and neuroma brain tumours. In an 176-page Expert Report, written for plaintiffs in a lawsuit, Portier analysed the relevant scientific studies and concluded that: ‘The evidence on an association between cellular phone use and the risk of glioma and/or acoustic neuroma in adults is strong. ’‘There is sufficient evidence from laboratory studies to conclude that RF can cause tumors in experimental animals with strong findings for gliomas, heart Schwannomas and adrenal pheochomocytomas in male rats and harderian gland tumors in male mice and uterine polyps in female mice.’‘There is sufficient evidence to suggest that both oxidative stress and genotoxicity are caused by exposure to RF and that these mechanisms could be the reason why RF can induce cancer in humans. ’‘RF exposure probably causes gliomas and acoustic neuromas and, given the human, animal and experimental evidence, I assert that, to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty, the probability that RF exposure causes these cancers is high.’Prof Portier, from the Department of Toxicogenomics at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, is an expert in the design, analysis, and interpretation of environmental health data, especially relating to cancer. He has served on numerous US science committees and was Associate Director of the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and Director of the National Toxicology Program. The report can be found at: http://bit.ly/PortierExpertReportInterview with tumour survivorYou can hear my interview with Lloyd Morgan, electronics engineer, member of the US Environmental Health Trust and author of several papers on mobile phone research. Lloyd talks about his own brain tumour which he believes was caused by his mobile phone use.What can you do? Limit your exposure to mobile phone radiation by using:our airtube headsets https://emraustralia.com.au/co…our Wavewall shielded mobile phone cases https://emraustralia.com.au/co…our radiation-free equipment which can be used for landline phones. https://emraustralia.com.au/collections/radiation-free-equipment/products/radiation-free-modem-router-package What else you can do If you found the information above of interest, please forward this email to others. If you’d like more information, you can download our April issue of EMR and Health here. If you’ve been sent this message by a friend and would like to subscribe to future updates, you can do that here. Warm regards

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Please see below updates about CHD’s 5G and Wireless Harms Project work as well as important developments from around the world and articles we published. 

Hi All, 

Please see below updates about CHD’s 5G and Wireless Harms Project work as well as important developments from around the world and articles we published. 

Recording of Cell Phone Brain Tumor Litigation Webinar now Available
On Wednesday, April 28, we held a webinar about the cell phone brain tumor litigation. I interviewed attorney Hunter Lundy, one of the leading tort attorneys in the US who has been part of this litigation for over a decade. Unfortunately, we had some technical difficulties and many people had a problem connecting to the webinar. Fortunately, it was recorded and it is now available to watch. Watch the recording of the webinar

Lawsuit Filed in the UK to Stop 5G
For the past year, UK activists have been preparing to file a lawsuit against their government over the deployment of 5G. The activists hired one of the UK’s most prominent human rights barristers, Michael Mansfield. The legal effort was initiated in May 2020 when the attorneys sent a “Letter Before Action,” a requirement before filing the lawsuit itself. Finally, in March of this year, after the government ignored the requirements of the letter and the evidence that was provided, the lawsuit was filed. This type of lawsuit in the UK is known as a request for a “Judicial Review.” It is quite similar to a “Petition for Review” which is the name in the US of lawsuits that challenge government actions.  Read our article about the lawsuit

Success: Hunger Strike in Italy Succeeded to Stop Radiation Exposure Limit Increase 
On April 13, Stop 5G activists in Italy began a hunger strike to protest the Italian Parliament’s intention to increase the allowed Radio Frequency (RF) radiation exposure levels. This intended increase was initially part of a Covid Recovery Plan bill. Over 100 people joined the hunger strike, and the protest was successful in its goal: the version of the bill that was voted on by both houses of parliament on 4/27 and 4/28 did not include the  increase to the exposure levels. Following this success, on 4/30, the activists will terminate the hunger strike. Read our article about the hunger strike’s success.

OTARD – Case Update
April 26, 2021 was the last day to file a case against the FCC’s OTARD rule amendment.. CHD was the only organization that filed a case, and that is good news. It means we will not be forced to collaborate or file joint briefs with anyone and will be able to lead the case the way we think is best. We are moving forward with the case and yesterday filed the proposed schedule with the court. According to the proposed schedule (which was agreed to by the FCC), CHD will file its main brief by June 9th. The FCC will have 60 days to respond and its response is due on August 9. CHD’s reply to the FCC response will be due on 21 days later, on September 1st. We are now awaiting the court’s order regarding the schedule. The Court’s denial of our motion for the emergency injunction is not an indication of our chance to win the case. We do, in fact, have a good case. We expect to be done with the case, including a court decision, within a year. Read more about CHD’s case against the FCC’s OTARD rule amendment. Support CHD’s OTARD CaseRecent Articles Published By CHD’s 5G Project
Lawsuit Filed Against UK Government to Stop 5G DeploymentHunger Strike in Italy Prevented Increase of Radiation Exposure Levels for 5G
WEBINAR: Cell Phone Brain Tumor Litigation – Legislation, Barriers and OpportunitiesFamily Sues Telecom Giants, Alleging They Hid Risks of Cell Phone Radiation That Caused Man’s Brain Cancer
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