5G Small Cell Hazards & Better Tech Solutions

5G Small Cell Hazards & Better Tech Solutions

Apr 8, 2021Cecelia DoucettE

Please share this video widely with your loved ones, neighbors, town leaders and legislators. We regret Senator Blumenthal’s 4-minute video in which the industry states they have funded no independent science to indicate whether 5G is safe did not display during the presentation. Folks can view it below, thanks to the Environmental Health Trust: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekNC0…​ In this Community Conversation, Cece Doucette walks citizens, municipal leaders and legislators through the wireless issues, answers questions, and demonstrates radiation emissions from wireless technology.

She shares steps others are taking to ensure safe, fast, sustainable technology in their communities. She also provides simple strategies you and your loved ones can use today with your own devices to still access today’s technology but much more safely until public policy catches up to the science. Below please find Cece’s slides so folks can drill down into the facts and conduct their own investigation of this critical issue, and take steps to protect their loved ones, colleagues and communities: https://alpaca-chinchilla-x6xf.square…

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