Bravo to Burlington, MA — Again! Thought we could use a bit of good news too. You may remember Burlington, MA hired a lawyer who specializes in telecom law, and developed a Small Cell Policy that had Verizon withdraw its seven small cell applications in 2018.

Now AT&T has submitted a small cell application. Burlington citizens and municipal leaders are working to protect the public, carefully reviewing the application. Learn from their transparent process here.

Technology safety has become an election issue in Burlington too! See this six-minute clip of the press asking how select board candidates are going to address 5G and wireless risks. 

This is a beautiful example of how citizens working together with their towns are moving the needle toward safe technology. Thank you to Burlington’s residents and public servants for so courageously swimming against the tide! May this inspire others to start or join the conversation in your own town. Please share widely.
Onward and upward,

Cece & the MA for Safe Technology Team

Cecelia (Cece) Doucette, MTPW, BA
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