Prominent Scientist Links Cellphone Radiation to Brain Tumors

Prominent Scientist Links Cellphone Radiation to Brain Tumors

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Many cellphone user manuals contain a section warning that the devices should not be held close to the body. (Laura Musikanski)

Many cellphone user manuals contain a section warning that the devices should not be held close to the body. (Laura Musikanski)

By Suzanne Potter, Public News Service – CA – Producer

March 24, 2021

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – There’s a high probability that radio-frequency radiation from cellphones causes certain rare but often malignant brain tumors in humans, according to a former director of the National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dr. Christopher Portier submitted his findings as part of a lawsuit by patients and families against multiple cellphone manufacturers and carriers.

Ellie Marks’ husband, Alan, just had a second surgery to remove tumors caused, according to experts they consulted, by cell-phone use. She joined the lawsuit and founded the nonprofit California Brain Tumor Association to get the word out.

“The industry is working with the FCC to hide the truth, and we’re tired of it, and people need to be aware of the truth,” said Ellie Marks, executive director of the association. “There is enough science now to say that cellphones are indeed causing lethal brain tumors.”

The cellphone manufacturers maintain their products are safe and comply with all regulations.

Monique Solomon, another plaintiff, said her late husband, Andy, fought cancer for five years, passing at age 42. He suffered from a tumor she said she believes was caused by the phone he used while driving around, selling commercial real estate.

“And he had the Motorola big battery pack to his ear probably 8 to 10 hours a day, for years,” she said. “His scar went above his ear and was like a horseshoe, down right around the back of his ear exactly where he held his cell phone.”

RF radiation expert Dr. Devra Davis, author of the book “Disconnect: The Truth About Cell Phone Radiation” and president of the Environmental Health Trust, noted that tests the government uses to evaluate cellphone safety are 25 years old.

“We test our phones with a dummy with a spacer against its head. So, we don’t even put the phone next to the head, we don’t put the phone next to the body when it’s tested,” she said. “And as a consequence, the tests are rigged. They don’t reflect real exposure.”

A study done by the National Toxicology Program found that RF radiation causes brain and heart tumors in rats. Davis said she fears a surge in cases in humans over the next few decades.

“Brain cancer is now the leading cancer in children. It has increased dramatically in young adults,” she said. “Older people have not been using phones as long. And brain cancer has a latency of 40 years.”

Davis said she advises people to avoid putting a cellphone up to their head or carrying it on their body, and to turn it off or put it on “airplane mode” at night.Disclosure: California Brain Tumor Association contributes to our fund for reporting on Consumer Issues, Health Issues, Toxics. If you would like to help support news in the public interest, click here.

Phonegate scandal: overexposed and in danger from the airwaves!

Phonegate scandal: overexposed and in danger from the airwaves!

written by adminthe 03/22/2021

Phonegate scandal: overexposed and in danger from the airwaves!

Drama of exposure to cell phones, which affects us all!
Everyone is ostrich!

I must tell you that this cause has alerted me for more than ten years, even before the arrival of so-called “smart” phones (all equipped with internet, and all capable of transmitting extraordinarily powerful information flows. ).

Indeed, if you watch videos from your phone – and it happens now even from online messengers such as WhatsApp – it’s whole movies, gigabytes scrolling through the air.

It went without saying that the electromagnetic power of these devices, the heat which they emitted made suspect a danger for the body, in particular for the fluids, easily disturbed.

So, I NEVER put my phone device in my pants pocket. I have always kept it away from children, and especially infants.

I have always favored the loudspeaker. The “hands-free kit”, which I personally find difficult to use, must have existed for about twenty years. It has become widely used since the ban on driving with a cell phone in your hand.

So it’s not that we didn’t know. We have always known.

We have moved from prevention to legitimate fear, as devices have now become very powerful, despite their small size. And the arrival of 5G worries even more.

Marc Arazi, a heroic doctor denounces

There is today, as the doctor Marc Arazi defends, a PhoneGate (1), that is to say a scandal around the manufacture and use of the mobile phone, which could change the face of the world. .

On the one hand, the cell phone has become an object that everyone uses without stopping, several times, with each passing hour.

It takes up a lot of our attention, and many of us are addicted to it, especially teenagers and young adults.

On the other side there is an industry which has become extremely powerful.

It is capable of manipulating the media by advertising it alone, and politicians by the astronomical price of buying bandwidth, which runs into the billions.

Thus, at auction for the sale of 5G wave bands, the French state received no less than 2.8 billion euros from operators (2).

Also, reminding cell phone manufacturers of basic health standards, which form the basis of this very lucrative industry, has been a real obstacle course.

Doctor Marc Arazi tells us about this epic journey in his book Phonegate (3).

This book is fascinating because it shows very meticulously how dangerous our cell phones are, simply from the point of view of electromagnetic exposure. Of course, the younger the users, the more they are in danger …

Faced with this health crisis which is worsening from year to year, which today affects 4 billion people, the telecommunications industry is doing everything to deny the seriousness of the danger.

However, this is certainly a scandal more serious than that of tobacco and asbestos combined.

Mobile waves: an indisputable danger

Cell phone manufacturers are doing everything in their power to ensure that the dangerousness of their devices is ignored. Unfortunately, in their efforts, they have the support of the public authorities.

  • ANFR, the official body that tests phones in France has refused to make public its findings on devices that exceed the authorized electromagnetic wave rate (the “DAS”).
  • Tests on the body are done at a great distance, while a cell phone in a pocket or against the cheek is in contact with the body. This means that we are subjected to exposures 10 times higher than those indicated, well above what is reasonable for health.
  • Phones are often tested using devices donated by companies, and not from devices purchased in stores
  • There is software that aims to reduce the wave rate during the test phases. It is therefore very far from reaching the maximum level of which the device is capable, in the event of poor reception of the network signal.
  • The telecommunications industry controls the media, either directly – for example Xavier Niel, the boss of Free, is one of the world’s major shareholders – or indirectly, by financing advertising.

This is all the more serious as it is today difficult to have a social life without resorting to these devices, and impossible to have a professional life.

However, smartphones cause real damage to health. The cases of the most aggressive brain cancers – glioblastomas – have more than quadrupled in France in 30 years (4).

There would probably be an incidence of cell phones in the fact that the most frequent cancers in 20/49 year olds are colorectal cancers, which are constantly increasing in all young Western populations (5).

This is because young adults systematically place their cell phones in their pockets, either in the stomach or in their pants.

Should we end wireless?

I use here the words of the Finnish Dariusz Leszczynski, professor of electronic engineering, reproduced in the book:

“In summary, it is known that the radiation emitted by 1G to 4G affects the development of human brain cancer and the development of cancer in animals by thermal and non-thermal mechanisms, triggered by the activation of the cellular stress response. […]

“In conclusion, the information gathered to date on the biological and health effects of 1G to 5G mobile communication devices suggests that there are sufficient reasons to apply the precautionary principle as specified by the European Union.

“As the deployment of new technologies must continue, it is necessary to determine whether everything and everywhere should be wireless.

“In particular, the use of fiber optic technology should be seen as a reliable replacement for wireless technology whenever possible or feasible. “(6)

This question arises with renewed acuity with the implementation of 5G technology.

5 very simple tips to protect yourself from the waves

  • Insulate: current modems, or “boxes” can now fit in insulating boxes. There are also patches to reduce excessive emission from smartphones without lowering their reception capacity.
  • Switch off your phone on the go, whether in the car, on the train, in the subway. Not only does it emit very intensely to pick up a weak signal, but these emissions are further amplified by the internal reverberation of the place.
  • Protect yourself at night: turn off your box at night, do not sleep with the smartphone in the same room as you and preferably opt for a mechanical alarm clock.
  • Cover Up: There are scarves available today that can protect the thyroid from waves. The anti-wave boxer shorts are original, but too expensive for the moment for everyday use. As for shungite stones, for me it is paranormal: nothing prevents you from believing in it, but expect nothing more than a placebo. 
  • Finally, only place your cell phone against your face if you have no other choice! Also avoid wireless headsets at all costs, which are also carcinogenic. Prefer an ordinary hands-free kit or just the loudspeaker. They are very efficient today!

Take care of yourself,

© Dr. Thierry Schmitz


Phonegate scandal: overexposed and in danger from the airwaves!