The world is waking up to the fact that cell phones and wireless devices are not tested the way we use them — directly next to our bodies.

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The world is waking up to the fact that cell phones and wireless devices are not tested the way we use them — directly next to our bodies. Even if they were tested in body contact positions, current cell phone radiation limits do not protect us.
Phones are tested in an antiquated method using a large plastic bowling ball-sized head of a male dummy named Standard Anthropomorphic Mannequin (or SAM for short). SAM’s head is nearly double the size of the head of a toddler and larger than 97 percent of all people. Typically, manufacturers select a single device among their product lines to test on SAM to make sure the syrupy liquid inside the dummy’s thick skull doesn’t heat up. A big guy with a thick skull, SAM is not very talkative — his average test call lasts six minutes.
We are Not SAM! Yet the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) continues to rely on the outdated and misleading “SAM” dummy for testing data on cell phones and other microwave radiating devices, including whatever equipment 5G may ultimately entail.
That is why I have joined with the We Are Not SAM campaign. Co-creator Rinat Strahlhofer is a former telecommunications insider from New South Wales, Australia. 
“Telcos have been getting away with certifying mobile devices as safe for years because the test is rigged,” Strahlhofer explains. The test only measures changes in temperature that occur within fluid poured into the plastic dummy head of SAM. The test cannot evaluate combined effects of simultaneous use of multiple wireless frequencies common today nor effects on sperm quantity or quality, growth of nerve cells, hearing nerves, and interference with DNA repair—all of which have been documented to occur from current levels of microwave radiation exposure from phones and cell towers. The FCC is in possession of these studies. We know this because Environmental Health Trust and many other expert scientists have submitted these studies to it. Rinat spent her career marketing services and technologies for Australia’s largest telco company. During the company’s $1 billion 3G rollout, reasonable community concerns over potential health and safety impacts — including questions she began to raise — were ignored. By 2019, with industry prepared to roll out 5G across Australia — despite the absence of any safety testing on humans or the environment and with growing numbers of disaffected industry insiders — Strahlhofer had enough. 
Well aware that SAM did not represent most people who used phones, We Are Not SAM was born as a global campaign to call out the implausible and unrealistic system on which every one of the world’s more than 7 billion phones has been tested.
You can read more about SAM in my latest op-ed.
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PETITION: Joint Congressional Hearings & DOJ Investigation of Microwave Assaults on U​.​S. Citizens

Joint Congressional Hearings & DOJ Investigation of Microwave Assaults on U​.​S. Citizens

Helena Csorba started this petition to Joe Biden, President of the United States of America and 130 others

This is a petition for………

The Havana Syndrome … caused by pulsed, high-power microwave radiofrequency directed energy weapons (DEWs).

1. We are asking our Senators and Congressmen to hold Joint Hearings on the use of intrusive and destructive pulsed, microwave radiofrequencies, as there are thousands and thousands of us being surreptitiously accosted. We need to shed abundant sunshine on this heinous crime, that is being obfuscated and ignored; discrediting people who are reporting it, much like the initial reaction to the United States diplomats’ and the eight undercover CIA officers’ reports were, when stationed at their posts in Havana, Cuba.

2. We are asking that the 50 State Attorney Generals create and establish a dedicated phone line for reporting of this crime. There are that many of us!

3. We are asking that the 94 Federal Judicial District Prosecutors order investigations and schedule Grand Jury Hearings, to bring the criminals who are perpetrating this crime, to justice and bring relief to the normal, law abiding citizens, who have been enduring these heinous, extrajudicial, surreptitiously meeted out assaults.

This crime needs to be investigated and stopped! This is BULLYING, on steroids. No one should have to live like this! No one should have to endure this. No one! THIS MADNESS HAS TO STOP!

THE COVER-UP HAS TO STOP! It is no use pretending that it is not happening!

Link to the rest of the story:

… …

In the news:

Marc Polymeropoulos, CIA, granted his first television interview to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, TODAY, assaulted with radio wave directed energy weapon (DEW):

CANCER LAWSUIT FILED IN 2001 WILL FINALLY GO TO TRIAL In 2001 and 2002, Michael Patrick Murray …

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 CANCER LAWSUIT FILED IN 2001 WILL FINALLY GO TO TRIAL In 2001 and 2002, Michael Patrick Murray and five other people, all of whom had brain tumors located beneath where they had held their cell phones, sued the telecommunications industry for damages. In 2010 and 2011, seven more brain cancer victims joined the case as additional plaintiffs.

The defendants represent most of the American telecommunications industry: Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Bell South, Bell Atlantic, Motorola, Qualcomm, Samsung, SONY, Sanyo, Nokia, the CTIA, the FCC, and dozens of other telecom companies.

Through extensive maneuvering and delaying tactics by the defendants, this important case has bounced back and forth from court to court for twenty years like a ping pong ball. It went from D.C. Superior Court, to U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, to U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland, back to D.C. Superior Court, up to the D.C. Court of Appeals, back to D.C. Superior Court, back up to the D.C. Court of Appeals, and back to D.C. Superior Court.

This summer, despite the fact that many of the plaintiffs are no longer alive, Murray v. Motorola will finally go to trial. Expert witness are scheduled to testify before Judge Alfred S. Irving from July 12-23, 2021. If the judge rules that the witnesses are qualified, then they will later testify before a jury.

The witnesses for the plaintiffs include: Dr. Igor Belyaev, Head Research Scientist at the Cancer Research Institute, Slovak Academy of ScienceDr. Michael Kundi, professor at the Medical University of Vienna and former head of its Institute of Environmental HealthDr. Abraham Liboff, professor emeritus of physics at Oakland University in Rochester, MichiganDr. Wilhelm Mosgoeller, associate professor at the Medical University of Vienna’s Institute of Cancer ResearchDr. Dimitris Panagopoulos, founder of the Radiation Biophysics Laboratory at the University of AthensDr. Laura Plunkett, toxicologist and principal consultant at Integrative Biostrategies in Houston, TexasDr. Christopher Portier, Senior Advisor to the World Health Organization’s Environmental Program and former Director of the National Center for Environmental Health at the Centers for Disease Control
Dr. Portier’s report was submitted to the court on March 1, 2021. BEGINNING THE HEALING
  The Murray case, which has been simmering on the back burner, is confronting us with a question that all the judges, and the courts, and the telecommunications companies, and the public, have managed to avoid for two decades. But the testimony we will hear in July from the world’s most prominent experts will focus directly on it: what are the cell phones in our hands doing to our bodies and to the world around us?

Has our attention on cell towers diverted attention away from where it needs to be?

There are about 14 billion mobile devices in the world, each emitting up to 2 watts of microwave radiation, for a combined emitting power of about 28 billion watts.

Outside of China, there are about 3 million 4G cell towers in the world, each emitting up to a few hundred watts of microwave radiation, for a combined emitting power of perhaps 1 billion watts. Within China, there are 6 million more 4G towers, for an additional 1 to 2 billion watts.

Where is most of the radiation coming from, cell phones or cell towers? Which are more responsible for killing birds and bees, cell phones or cell towers? When you measure the radiation levels where you live, what are you mostly measuring, the many phones around you or the fewer towers? It depends on where you live.

The biggest difference between phones and towers is that phones radiate equally in all directions, whereas towers focus most of their radiation along the ground. This can multiply the effective power of a cell tower on the ground by a factor of 30 or more. But even that is not enough to raise the average radiation levels on most of the earth from all the cell towers beyond the average radiation levels from all the cell phones. And high in the air, above the main beams of cell towers, birds and insects can receive more radiation from phones than from towers.

Cell phones, as we will hear in July, damage DNA, alter the structure of proteins, affect cell growth, damage sperm, cause spontaneous abortions, interfere with memory and learning, damage the blood-brain barrier, alter brain waves, disturb sleep, affect the immune system, alter metabolism, interfere with development, damage tissues and organs, and cause cancer. What, then, are all the cell phones doing to our world?

But the antennas on towers are so much bigger than phones, you may say. Size has nothing to do with it. The extra size mostly allows the tower to focus its beam along the ground instead of up in the air.

But towers are always on, you may say, and phones aren’t. Untrue. If all the phones were ever off, a tower would only emit enough power to let the phones know that it is there. And even when you think your phone is turned completely off, the resonant circuits within it are still connected to the battery and are still affecting the space around them.

But your phone only emits one frequency, you may say, while the tower emits hundreds. Yes, but the tower only emits hundreds of frequencies when hundreds of phones are communicating with it. The combined radiation and combined number of frequencies are still about the same from all the phones as from all the towers.

What is making people more sick, and doing more damage to the earth? The phones? Or the towers?

We have all had the experience that the higher in elevation we are, the more radiation we feel. This is partially because there are cell towers on the tops of hills and mountains. But it is also due to radio towers and radar stations, which do not focus their energy along the ground. Weather radars. Air traffic control radars. Civil defense radars. They are all proliferating and increasing in power and sophistication, and they are all helping to destroy the Earth. Cell towers are contributing too, but it is a mistake to blame the cell towers while you are holding a cell phone in your hand, or are keeping one in your home.

Just 25 years ago, the average human being did no harm to other species, or other humans, when taking a walk. Today, every human being is a source of radiation wherever he or she goes.

I have confined this discussion to 4G, because 5G is changing the picture. But it is not changing the picture as much as you may think. With 5G, both towers and phones will aim narrow beams at each other. This will further increase the effective power of both towers and phones more than tenfold, if you happen to be standing in the beam. But what this also means is that a person using a cell phone will be even more hazardous than before to any person or animal in their immediate vicinity, and to any bird or insect that flies between the phone and the tower. And since there are billions of phones on earth, woe be to any creature that still wants to fly through the air at all. Not because the towers will be emitting radiation at all times, but because there are so many cell phones to aim their beams at.

The late Pelda Levey, a co-founder of the Cellular Phone Task Force, told this joke about cell phones: “I have both good news and bad news about cell phones. The bad news is that a cell phone can give you a brain tumor. The good news is that if you feel one coming on, you can always call 911.”

Calling 911 will not save the Earth. Throwing away your cell phone just might. It might begin the healing.    Arthur FirstenbergAuthor, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and LifeP.O. Box 6216Santa Fe, NM 87502
phone: +1
March 17, 2020
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