Burning 5G Towers is Apparently a Thing Now

Burning 5G Towers is Apparently a Thing Now

By John Walko  04.16.2020  4Share PostShare on FacebookShare on Twitter

Dad. Why are they burning the phone masts?

It is a well-worn truism that tragic events bring out the best, and worst in some people.

True to form, a group of conspiracy theorists, Luddites, illiterate celebs and ill-informed activists have surfaced to suggest that 5G and the ‘radiation’ that its towers emit is actually responsible for coronavirus.

But worse, under cover of darkness some have been going round setting fire to 5G mobile phone masts in several cities throughout the UK, and the madness has now spread to other European countries. (How did they know they were 5G base-stations?)

Others obviously prefer the comfort of TV and radio stations.

Now, engineers and technicians laying optical fiber cables in the streets (more, please!) have started being harassed and attacked.

Many start from the proposition that Wuhan, the Chinese city where Covid-19 first appeared, was also the first city in the world to experience 5G. (Wrong. A couple of areas in South Korea, a few cities in the US and Scandinavia got there first).

They are also claiming that the signals related to 5G communications weaken our immune systems, and other theories are even weirder.

Inevitably, social media was being used to spread the fake news, and from there (excuse the pun) it went viral.

Mobile network operators and the UK government have been left scrambling trying to debunk the claims.  Naturally they promptly urged Facebook, WhatsApp etc. to remove the offending posts.

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation promptly went on the airwaves to reassure the population, stressing that there is not a shred of evidence linking adverse health effects of any kind to mobile phone radio installations, let alone 5G.

Some who read these stories will of course have seen all this before, whether it be 2G/3G/4G/$G, microwave ovens or wireless routers.

Keep safe, everyone.

— John Walko

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The_real_Mr_Jack   2020-04-17 07:58:43

People are burning 5G towers because nobody wants 5G. Were you asked if you wanted 5G? ..the answer is no! For me this raises an ethical issue, if 5G is something that effects everyone should it not be right for everyone to vote on whether or not they want it. I’m 28 now and I’ve grown up with the transition to social media and data on demand model and irrespective of the ‘radiation’ thing I don’t think 5G is a good thing for the world. Honestly, I bought an Iphone 11 and what good was the ultra wide band technology – well now I get more of those infinite scrolling feeds and notifications for the Instagram account that I don’t have. Those LinkedIn updates from people I don’t know and all those thumbnails from girls who’ve perfected the profile picture. So do I want more of that? NO. As an engineer I respect the technology but its a battle between getting the technology to work for me and not me working for it. It’s the subscription model and ecosystem that always pushing you to consume more. Oh you wanna download your own music – why not subscribe? And then when you go out for a run or you’re on the train nothing works. You might think the answer for that is 5G but you’d be mistaken, then answer is ownership not membership! Realize that your iPhone only works for you 50% and the other 50% it works for Apple and the people who wrote your apps. So I’ve decided to get rid of my Iphone and I actually think I’m better off without it. I can’t believe I’m actually gonna get paid £700 to get rid of the bugger. So if you think people are burning 5G towers because of the corona virus I think maybe you’re mistaken. Perhaps they’re burning 5G towers because they’re disgruntled like me and they don’t want 5G in their homes.Log in to Reply


richardmiami21   2020-04-17 09:47:46

I don’t really understand all the fuz about 5gLog in to Reply


Measurement.Blues   2020-04-19 23:43:38

While the need for 5G is something debatable, for now, I don’t subscribe to all the health issues surrounding radiation. And, please, don;t beleive that 5G is spreading COVID-19.

5G does not spread biological viruses
https://www.5gtechnologyworld.com/5g-does-not-spread-biological-viruses/Log in to Reply


Measurement.Blues   2020-04-19 23:45:18

While the need for 5G is something debatable, for now, I don’t subscribe to all the health issues surrounding radiation. And please, don’t for one microsecond believe that 5G is spreading COVID-19. 5G does not spread biological viruses https://www.5gtechnologyworld.com/5g-does-not-spread-biological-viruses/Log in to Reply