Health Impacts from EMF Radiation: What Parents Should Know – 2/5

Health Impacts from EMF Radiation: What Parents Should Know – 2/5

Jun 12, 2020

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Series of interviews with co-founders of the National Association for Children and Safe Technology Turn It Off 4 Kids – program from National Association for Children and Safe Technology… Ontario parents suspect Wi-Fi making kids sick…


May 20, 2020 | By  |News8 | DRAFT C&D 2020.6.2D |

EASTON, Conn. (WTNH) — “The town of Easton has decided to stop its 5G wireless technology rollout.

Until research and testing show its safe for humans and the environment, a 5G cease and desist resolution was unanimously approved by the town on May 7. The American Academy of Pediatrics and hundreds of medical and scientific experts have advised the federal communication commission to test the long-term safety of 5G technology.

Easton is the first town in Connecticut to ban 5G.”

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Link To download DRAFT C&D 2020.6.2D

“People have been on lockdown for the past 2 months, but one freight train that has not been halted by Covid-19 is the fast and furious installation of 4G/5G small cells across the state, including in residential neighborhoods. However, one small town in Fairfield County, Easton, recently decided to put the brakes on the 5G rollout. On May 7, 2020, the Easton Board of Selectmen unanimously approved a 5G cease and desist resolution “until such technologies have been proven safe to human health and the environment through independent research and testing.”


The resolution cited that the Federal Communications Commission has not updated its Radio Frequency (RF) radiation guidelines since 1996 and lacked long-term safety testing of the new 5G wireless technology, despite being advised to do so by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the U.S. General Accounting Office, and hundreds of medical and scientific experts around the world. RF radiation is classified as a Class 2B carcinogen (possible cancer causing agent) according to the World Health Organization.


On February 6, 2019, during a Senate hearing of the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, Senator Richard Blumenthal determined that the telecommunication companies did not conduct any research to give Americans the assurance that proposed 5th Generation infrastructure would be harmless. There are thousands of peer reviewed studies indicating harmful effects to flora, fauna, humans and atmosphere. Most notably, the U.S. National Toxicology Program in November of 2018 published an extensive $30 million study, spanning 10 years, which clearly indicated harm ranging from heart schwannomas, brain tumors, cancer and other maladies from exposure to RF radiation.”

Contact: CT Residents for Responsible Technology,

               CT Freedom Alliance,

***CT Residents for Responsible Technology, a grassroots movement of residents united to create healthy spaces, teamed up with CT Freedom Alliance to advocate for a safer Connecticut.***


Link To  Easton Meeting Minutes

Link To Full  2020 05 07 – 5G Cease and Desist Approved Resolution – Easton, CT




Link to Link To download DRAFT C&D 2020.6.2D Model Cease & Desist Letter helped WIN Against 5G in Easton

Link to Link To download DRAFT C&D 2020.6.2D Model Cease & Desist Letter that helped WIN Against 5G in Easton




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Video now available:Fighting 5G — What’s working

What an honor to represent Massachusetts in this nation-wide call with other every-day citizens paving the way to safe technology in our communities.

I loved hearing strategies, struggles and stories of inspiration from peers in California, Michigan, Connecticut, Florida and Illinois. I trust you will too!

How incredible is it that Easton, CT just put a ban on 5G (unavailable in Europe) until proven safe?! All because one grandma clued in to 5G, got educated, spoke with her friends about it, then worked with their town to protect their community.

We hope you’ll watch these inspiring speakers and be equally motivated to protect your town too, because chances are nobody else is. There may be a hazardous small cell installed in front of your house very soon if it’s not already there.

David and Goliath battle in Switzerland for stop 5G rollout because of health risks

David and Goliath battle in Switzerland for stop 5G rollout because of health risks

Update 29-2: In Switzerland, municipalities and cantons are battling against providers and the federal government that has auctioned the broadcasting licenses. The municipalities and cantons argue that the adaptive 5G antennas emit at much higher peak power so that they do not comply with the current exposure limits, leading to greater health risks. Swisscom states that the licenses have been auctioned technology-neutral.

Update 28-2: The Canton of Geneva introduces a three-year moratorium on 4G+ and 5G. The amendment to the law stipulates that any new installation will be subject to a permit during this period. This applies to both ‘4G+’ a.k.a. 1st wave 5G, operating at the 3.5 Gigahertz frequency, and 5G at 26 Gigahertz, which has not yet been rolled out in Switzerland. The amendment aims to respond to the growing concern of the population, said Jean Rossiaud, member of the Greens in the Geneva Grand Council. “The precautionary principle prevails in view of the absence of independent studies on the effects of this technology on health and biodiversity,” he said. Geneva is thus following in the footsteps of the canton of Neuchâtel, which declared a moratorium in January.

Update 13-2: Mobile World Live writes that a representative of the Bafu, the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, says that the FT report that the cantons have been requested by the Bafu to halt the rollout of 5G is not correct. “The letter to the cantons rather describes how they can proceed with allowing 5G until the Bafu’s enforcement aid on adaptive antennas is available.”

In a letter to the country’s cantonal authorities at the end of January, the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment Bafu asked for a postponement on the commissioning of new 5G transmission masts, writes the Financial Times.

The Bafu is responsible for establishing safety criteria against which radiation emissions can be assessed. The Bafu has said that it cannot yet provide universal criteria without further testing the impact of 5G radiation.

The environmental agency writes that it is “not aware of any global standard” that could be used to assess recommendations.” Therefore, the Bafu will investigate in depth the exposure caused by 5G antennas, if possible in real operational conditions. This work will take some time,” the agency said.

Without new criteria, cantons can only grant licenses for 5G infrastructure under the existing radiation exposure guidelines, which virtually exclude the use of 5G, except in a small number of cases.

In Switzerland, where the rollout of 1st wave 5G, operating at the 3.5 Gigahertz frequency, has already started, health complaints are being reported by people living close to the new transmitters, writes Physicians for Safe Technology.

Several cantons have already imposed their own voluntary moratoria because of uncertainty about health risks.

The new 5G communication technology means that individuals are exposed to higher frequencies and more concentrated radiation beams for short periods of time. The Bafu will have to determine which legal standards apply to this.

Swisscom, the country’s largest mobile operator, said it understood “the fears often expressed about new technologies.” The company states “there is no evidence that radiation from the antennas within the limits affects human health.”

However, this laconic position is contradicted by the insurance company Swiss Re, which excludes from cover all damage caused by electromagnetic radiation.

The Swiss Medical Association has issued an opinion on 5G, arguing that the strictest legal principles should be applied because of the unanswered questions about the potential of the technology to cause damage to the nervous system, or even cancer.

Switzerland already has an anti-5G lobby, with recent protests against the rollout in Bern, Zurich and Geneva. Five ‘citizens’ initiatives’ – proposals for legally binding referendums on the use of 5G – have already been launched in Switzerland. Two of these have already been formalised and are in the process of collecting the 100,000 signatures needed to cast a national vote that will allow the constitution of Switzerland to be amended.

The first will hold telecom operators legally liable for health damage caused by radiation from transmitters, unless the contrary can be proven. The second proposes strict limits on radiation from masts and will give the local population a right of veto over all new deployment plans in their area.

EU 5G Appeal – Scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G

From Francesca Romana Orlando, Vice President of AMICA, Italy Independent research on the genetic effects of Wi-Fi and 5G

From Francesca Romana Orlando, Vice President of AMICA, Italy

Independent research on the genetic effects of Wi-Fi and 5G

I ask for your help to spread this good news.

The association AMICA has just started an initiative to support scientific research on the genetic effects of Wi-Fi and 5G.

Dr. Fiorenzo Marinelli, former researcher of the National Council of Research, and Prof. Mario Barteri, Former professor of the Chemistry Department of the Sapienza University of Rome, did some first experiments thanks to the funds made available by AMICA and the preliminary results are very interesting, but they need to be confirmed by more exposure experiments.

Additional funds are needed to complete the trials and to publish the final results. For this reason, AMICA publishee today a campaign on the Eppela platform. Several associations and committees gave their patronage (

Here is a video with a brief presentation of the research:

The Eppela campaign will remain open until 13 July 2020.

People can make donations directly online here:

I would be very grateful if you could support this initiative spread these links among your e-mail and social contacts to try to reach together the necessary funds to complete the search.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Francesca Romana Orlando

Vice President of AMICA

Association on Chronic and Environmental Toxic Injury

WiFi is the most dangerous form of microwave communication ever invented

From Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy, Honorary Lecturer in Biology at Imperial College, London

COMMENTS: WiFi is the most dangerous form of microwave communication ever invented

WiFi is the most dangerous form of microwave communication ever invented and, in my opinion, is probably more hazardous than 5G.

I say this on theoretical grounds and could be proved wrong. The reason I say this is the effects of the  extremely low frequency “beacon” (circa 10Hz) common to all versions of WiFi. The high frequency information-containing frequencies may be relatively harmless.

Think of it like this. Have you ever watched the cone of a loudspeaker playing music? During the bass notes, the cone makes very large excursions but during high notes of the same energy it hardly moves at all. This is because, in a low note, the cone can move quite a long way before being told to come back by the current flowing through the voice coil. At higher frequencies it cannot move so far before being told to come back.

Now, see this as it applies to cell membranes. These membranes contain electrically charged components that will also try to vibrate in the alternating fields coming from the WiFi signal. This will distort the membranes, with the greatest distortion being due to the ELF beacon. This can cause localised tearing of the membrane or the opening of stretch-sensitive ion channels (mechanoreceptors). This collapses the normal DC voltage across the cell membrane and lets calcium ions into the cell, helped by Martin Pall’s Voltage-gated calcium ion channels.

When calcium ions enter the cells in this way they can trigger all sorts of biological effects, especially on the nervous system. The general effect is to stimulate the activity of the nerve cells affected. Sometimes the sensory cells are most affected so that they send false signals to the brain, giving sensations of heat, cold, insects crawling over your skin, tinnitus, loss of balance, numbness and pain.

When the cells of the cerebral cortex are affected, hyperactivity of the neurons can result in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and “brain-fog” when the brain is overwhelmed by competing false signals and cannot determine which are genuine.

An extreme case of this could be autism, where the brain resolves the problem by shutting off most of the external signals altogether and the child lives in a world of his own.

I think that much of this is due to the ELF beacon signal of the WiFi. If you were to remove this, many of these problems would either go away or be much reduced.

It is just possible that 5G, provided that there were no low frequency modulation, might just do this. I think that we may have much more to fear from WiFi than 5G.

Like it or not, we will soon know.

To the best of my knowledge the circa 10 Hz beacon is used only by WiFi systems. Cell towers have a higher pitched “control frequency” that is their equivalent of the WiFi beacon. You can easily hear it as a high-pitched whistling sound in the background if you listen to the demodulated version on an Acoustimeter or an equivalent device. For any given signal strength, this may make the cell tower signal less damaging than the WiFi beacon.

However, the cell tower signal also contains many lower frequencies that you can hear and may be damaging in their own right. Perhaps, if you have microwave hearing, you may be able to hear them directly as a form of tinnitus.

Also, a word of warning about laptop computers. They generate microwaves in their own right as they communicate with the router and, unless you switch them to airplane mode, they will continue to transmit intermittently as they search for the “missing ” router even if the WiFi on that router is switched off.

You also make an interesting point about the Schumann resonance, which is roughly in the same ball-park as the WiFi beacon frequency. Apparently, according to NASA, astronauts in low earth orbit and out of range of the Schumann resonance experience less stress and space sickness if an artificial Schumann resonant frequency is supplied, but it is by no means essential.


Back on Earth, the Schumann frequency corresponds roughly to the alpha wave frequency of the brain and it is most apparent when the brain is switching off its normal activity just at the point when we are dropping off to sleep. I have sometimes been aware of it as a circa 10Hz vibration in my visual field or a brief noise just before I fall asleep. Perhaps you have experienced something similar. It’s not unusual; it’s just a sign that your brain and body is going into relaxation mode. Perhaps this is how the Schumann frequency helps NASAs spacemen.

The other time when alpha waves predominate is during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep when we do most of our dreaming. Here they appear to force our bodies into extreme relaxation so that, apart from our eyes, we are completely paralysed, which prevents us from acting out our dreams and possibly lashing out and injuring our partner. If you wake up when this is happening, your body will feel completely rigid as if it were made of stone, but this is an illusion. If your partner were to be the one to wake you up during REM sleep, he/she would find your body do be completely limp and floppy. Things are not always what they seem.

I guess the take-home story from this is that the Schumann resonance has been with us since life began on this planet and we have become used to it and the alpha waves in our brains may even have become entrained to it. By and large they promote relaxation, but the WiFi beacon is typically orders of magnitude greater, overloads the brain and gives the reverse effect. It stops you relaxing and disturbs your sleep.

The best possible light I can put this in is that in their infinite wisdom/stupidity the telecommunications industry chose frequencies that our bodies already used for internal communications and should in theory have fewer biological effects. Unfortunately, they were electrical engineers and not biologists and were not qualified to make these judgments. But even they should have realised that if you overload an electrical system it is likely to malfunction and perhaps destroy itself. Nevertheless, this seems to be what they are now doing.

Long-term exposure to 4G smartphone radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation diminished male reproductive potential by directly disrupting Spock3–MMP2-BTB axis in the testes of adult rats

Long-term exposure to 4G smartphone radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation diminished male reproductive potential by directly disrupting Spock3–MMP2-BTB axis in the testes of adult rats

The correlation between long-term exposure to SRF-EMR and the decline in male fertility is gradually receiving increasing attention from the medical society. While male reproductive organs are often exposed to SRF-EMR, little is currently known about the direct effects of long-term SRF-EMR exposure on the testes and its involvement in the suppression of male reproductive potential. The present study was designed to investigate this issue by using 4G SRF-EMR in rats. A unique exposure model using a 4G smartphone achieved localized exposure to the scrotum of the rats for 6 h each day (the smartphone was kept on active talk mode and received an external call for 1 min over 10 min intervals). Results showed that SRF-EMR exposure for 150 days decreased sperm quality and pup weight, accompanied by testicular injury. However, these adverse effects were not evident in rats exposed to SRF-EMR for 50 days or 100 days. Sequencing analysis and western blotting suggested Spock3 overexpression in the testes of rats exposed to SRF-EMR for 150 days. Inhibition of Spock3 overexpression improved sperm quality decline and alleviated testicular injury and BTB disorder in the exposed rats. Additionally, SRF-EMR exposure suppressed MMP2 activity, while increasing the activity of the MMP14–Spock3 complexes and decreasing MMP14–MMP2 complexes; these results were reversed by Spock3 inhibition. Thus, long-term exposure to 4G SRF-EMR diminished male fertility by directly disrupting the Spock3–MMP2–BTB axis in the testes of adult rats. To our knowledge, this is the first study to show direct toxicity of SRF-EMR on the testes emerging after long-term exposure.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey just issued an Executive Order (6/17/20).

The following was forwarded to share:

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey just issued an Executive Order (6/17/20).

Also re-sending the forced contact tracing of school kids and the cruise ship 5G medallions (beacons) as it directly relates to contact tracing and its capabilities via satellites.

Kiss your Freedom Goodbye, see attached Executive Order with highlighted yellow concerns.
This includes federally enforced contact tracing and authority to mobilize and call to activate all of the Arizona National Guard to assist in authorized contact tracing activities.

Here are the Stay Healthy. Return Smarter. Return Stronger requirements for Businesses:

This includes employers policing their employees:

Implement symptom screening for employees prior to the start of their shift.
• Wellness/symptom checks, including temperature checks for all personnel, when possible, as they arrive on premises or before opening.
• Maintain physical distancing guidelines and use personal protective equipment (PPE) while conducting health checks.
• Health checks should be done in a private location to avoid stigma and discrimination in the workplace. Information should be kept confidential.
• Employees who appear to have symptoms or who become ill while at work should immediately be separated from others and sent home.
• Have a plan in place for safely transporting sick employees to their home or healthcare provider

But there is good news:

Employers should not require a COVID-19 test result [yet] in order for employees to return to work and should consider waiving any requirement for a note from a healthcare provider.

YouTube video about the real Spanish Flu cover up:

#OperationRadiation “The Planned 5G Radiation Of Humanity”

On January 10, 2017, Anthony Fauci stated, “There is no question that there will be a challenge in the coming administration and the arena, etc., but also there will be a surprise outbreak.”
[3:15] Year 1900 and the wireless radio has just been invented. The Spanish flu pandemic cost the lives of 50 million people worldwide.

The first radio broadcast was in 1906 in which he broadcast music, but an unseen invisible enemy was about to show its face.

In 1909 the term “broadcasting” was coined as radio towers for transmission of radio waves were being constructed around the world.

Later, radio radiation towers would be shortened to radio towers and the term “radio” was becoming a house-hold name.

In 1913, military had made great advancements in the use of radio communication.

In 1916 the first regular broadcasts on 9XM Wisconsin state weather, delivered in Morse code for public consumption as a weather update program.

During the next 2 years, the broadcast radiation tower technology spread like wildfire across the nations.

Then in 1918, disaster struck. A condition was being noticed among the general public that seemed as though it could not be explained.

Headaches, nausea, fever, dizziness, weakness, dry cough, runny nose, and shortness of breath.

The symptoms seemed to be that of what we call today the flu or coronavirus.

However in 1918, doctors had little understanding of what they were looking at. What was coined as the “Spanish Flu” was written in hindsight such as the term influenza virus did not exist until 1931 coined by William Goodpasture (John Hopkins school of medicine 1912), etc. He was appointed Rockefeller Fellow in pathology.

In 1931 he stated the Spanish flu was an influenza.

John D Rockefeller and his powerful friends like Frederick Taylor Gates, grandfather to Bill Gates, Microsoft and co-founder of the John Hopkins University sponsored Event 201 that on October 8, 2019, held a live table top exercise in New York city simulating a world response to a severe pandemic outbreak of the same influenza strain that was claimed to have killed 50 million in 1918.

The same people, the same organizations and the same cover-up.

“Some people bled profusely from the nose, and others took pain in their bones and head…”

They knew it was radiation, but they did it anyways.

History is repeating itself.

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