We Cannot Fight The Smart Meter Syndrome. There is No Cure to Being Exposed to Pulsed Microwave RF!!!

These are photos that I consider utilities crimes toward ALL LIVING THINGS.  I was contacted by a woman who sent these photos of  smart meters, which are outside her bedroom window wall.  There are so called smart gas meters. as well.  THIS IS INSANE.

We need voices now.  http://www.globalrfrdefenseteam@verizon.net and or leave your comments and testimonials.  They cannot ignore us much longer…..Sandaura


When I moved in) I take 7.5 mg every night and get on average 2 to 3 hours of sleep. I’m stressed out, tired and now that we are staying home due to the covid virus, my symptoms are worse.
I’m awake at 2 am every night and cannot go back to sleep. I’m sorry for so many emails… I’m just so frustrated and worn out. I can’t reply to the survey, I will get on my desk top and answer there.


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