I don’t want a Smart Meter on my home, and neither should you.


Our readers write: Issue of Dec. 5, 2019

I don’t want a Smart Meter on my home, and neither should you.

A Smart Meter is a type of meter designed to eliminate meter readers. It sends energy use information via high wireless EMF radiation technology to your utility company. Proponents say it will help consumers budget their energy use and money. Opponents say there are many great risks.

There is mounting evidence about health issues caused by EMF radiation exposure: insomnia, heart palpitations, ear ringing and buzzing, memory/learning problems, shooting pain in the body and anxiety. Smart Meters and digital meters disrupt the blood-brain barrier, contributing to diseases like dementia and Parkinson’s, disrupts nerve function and cell reproduction, damages DNA, and causes rapid aging and cancer. The World Health Organization classified Smart Meter radiation as a potential carcinogen, in the same class as DDT and lead, per emfsafetynetwork.org.

There have been hundreds of fires caused by Smart Meters. Analog meter fires are unheard of. Most Smart Meters are not UL certified. If my Smart Meter caused a fire in my home, my insurance will not cover the damage – they will instead go after my utility company. Our personal safety is in jeopardy with Smart Meters – hackers could get my energy use information and know when I am home and when I am not.

SDG&E, 1-800-411-7343, has an opt-out program. It costs $10 a month for 36 months (half that for those on its CARE Program).

Whatever a Smart Meter is, it isn’t right, and I don’t want it.

Karen Williams-Berardo
Rancho Bernardo