Lies, Damn Lies and the Australian 5G inquiry

    • 19 NOV 19

    Lies, Damn Lies and the Australian 5G inquiry

    Following on from the last message on the Australian 5G inquiry here are some submission quotes which clearly illustrate a willful maintenance of a state of scientific ignorance and outright lies, based on Procrustean Approach principles. The first is from  ACEBR then from Vodafone, and lastly from Telstra.

    1) Quoting from the ACEBR submission,  page 3, section 5.1:

    As described in Section 4, the ARPANSA RPS3 protects against ‘all’ adverse health effects caused by RFEMF exposure. The limits have indeed been set to protect against thermal effects, but this is merely because these represent the lowest RF-EMF exposure levels capable of adversely affecting health, and so if there are any other adverse health effects that require higher RF-EMF exposure levels to occur, these will also be protected against.

    2) And from the Vodafone submission, page 3:

    It is important to recognise that Australia has some of the most comprehensive and stringent radio frequency safety and electromagnetic energy (EME) compliance requirements in the developed world. Pre-design risk assessments, publicly available community environmental EME reports, and independently certified site-specific compliance assessments are just some of the requirements that apply to new radiocommunications facilities, technology upgrades to existing facilities, and ongoing site operation. 



Lies, Damn Lies and the Australian 5G inquiry

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