Please oppose 480+ wi-fi antennas in Yellowstone

Please oppose 480+ wi-fi antennas in Yellowstone
A large-scale wireless communication system covering Canyon Village, Grant Village, Lake, Mammoth Hot Springs, and Old Faithful is proposed, including five microwave antenna locations, twelve wireless backhaul antennas, and up to four hundred and eighty (480) transceivers.
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I oppose the deployment of wi-fi and other wireless radiation technology in Yellowstone, and all National Parks. Peer reviewed published science shows wireless radiation harms trees, birds, bees and insects. Peer-reviewed published science shows wireless radiation harms people, and children are especially vulnerable. People with electromagnetic sensitivity (EHS) depend on having wi-fi free accommodations and access to nature to restore and heal. Increasing wi-fi in parks could become an ADA issue.
Wired and corded communications are safer and more reliable. Protect people, nature, and access to our wilderness treasures by creating policy to reduce wireless radiation throughout the park. Invite visitors to unplug and enjoy nature.
See science references in this joint letter to Congress asking them to oppose wireless radiation expansion:
Thank you for your consideration.
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Stop Untested Microwave Radiation Of Children’s Brains And Eyes Virtual Reality EHT Scientists Urge Google

Stop Untested Microwave Radiation Of Children’s Brains And Eyes Virtual Reality EHT Scientists Urge Google

Stop Untested Microwave Radiation of Children’s Brains and Eyes

EHT Scientists Urge Google

Scientific imaging shows how children absorb radiation from Smartphones

in Virtual reality cardboard positions.


Environmental Health Trust (EHT) scientists are calling on Google to stop the spread into schools of wireless virtual reality system Global Expeditions Pioneer Program where middle-school children hold a cell phone encased in a cardboard box in front of their eyes to take virtual expeditions to Mars, the moon, and other special places.

“Two-way microwave radiation transceivers, in the form of Smartphones, should not be used directly in front of children’s eyes and brains,” cautions University of Utah Distinguished Prof. Om Gandhi, who is one of the original developers of testing to evaluate wireless radiation from cellphones and is a Senior Advisor to EHT.





Fundraising Video for the Documentary Power Lines

Please help support filmmaker Christina Neferis finish her feature film Power Lines.  

Power Lines is a documentary that explores the 40 year controversy behind these massive transmission lines and the intense debate between homeowners, environmentalists, journalists, doctors, scientists, activists and power line companies.  The aim is to educate and inform the world as to what Power Lines do.  The pros, the cons, the dangers to all of us.

The film is currently in production and Christina has a lot more to do and a lot more places to visit all across America.  Your donation will greatly help her with hiring a crew, travel expenses, animation, archive footage and post production.

For more information please contact

Fundraising Video for the Documentary Power Lines

Apr 29, 2015

Lies, Damn Lies and the Australian 5G inquiry

    • 19 NOV 19

    Lies, Damn Lies and the Australian 5G inquiry

    Following on from the last message on the Australian 5G inquiry here are some submission quotes which clearly illustrate a willful maintenance of a state of scientific ignorance and outright lies, based on Procrustean Approach principles. The first is from  ACEBR then from Vodafone, and lastly from Telstra.

    1) Quoting from the ACEBR submission,  page 3, section 5.1:

    As described in Section 4, the ARPANSA RPS3 protects against ‘all’ adverse health effects caused by RFEMF exposure. The limits have indeed been set to protect against thermal effects, but this is merely because these represent the lowest RF-EMF exposure levels capable of adversely affecting health, and so if there are any other adverse health effects that require higher RF-EMF exposure levels to occur, these will also be protected against.

    2) And from the Vodafone submission, page 3:

    It is important to recognise that Australia has some of the most comprehensive and stringent radio frequency safety and electromagnetic energy (EME) compliance requirements in the developed world. Pre-design risk assessments, publicly available community environmental EME reports, and independently certified site-specific compliance assessments are just some of the requirements that apply to new radiocommunications facilities, technology upgrades to existing facilities, and ongoing site operation. 



Lies, Damn Lies and the Australian 5G inquiry

How to Identify 5G-enabled Small Cell Antennas

How to Identify 5G-enabled Small Cell Antennas

The telecom industry is installing 5G-enabled small cell antennas in neighborhoods throughout the United States. They come in all different shapes and sizes.

Here is a visual guide to some of the different types of antennas.

Examples of 5G Small Cell Installations

Fire, Explode and Melt As Well As Make Appliances Malfunction and Break

By B.N. Frank

Tens of millions of utility “Smart” Meters have been installed in the U.S. and worldwide so it’s more likely than not that they have already been installed on your home and throughout your community.  They have been associated with many problems including fires and explosions (see 12, 3).  PG&E customers in California and their insurance companies actually sued the beleaguered utility company because their “Smart” Meters were catching fire over 2 years ago.



What Do YOU Mean When You Say ”5G”?

By Peter Tocci

By now, almost everyone has seen/heard something about the “next generation” wireless technology. Be careful what you look/listen for, and be sure to understand what you oppose – or want.

It’s a rather complex and confusing issue by itself, and not even the Industry has settled all details. To make things even worse, in the talk about “5G,” questionable and erroneous information, omissions, and sometimes propaganda, exist alongside fact. This has made fact-finding a challenge to say the least.



Leszczynski: Lecture Tour of New Zealand


Leszczynski: Lecture Tour of New Zealand

Excerpt: Posted on November 6, 2019. The ongoing deployment of the 5th generation of the wireless communication technology (5G) is being met with a great enthusiasm by the telecommunication industry and national governments and the majority of the general public. However, there is also resistance from the part of the population in various locations around the globe. The opposition towards deployment of the 5G is caused by the uncertainty whether radiation emitted by the 5G networks and devices will have any effects on human health and environmental impact on fauna and flora. This November, I will be lecturing for the first time in New Zealand. In my lectures I will present the current scientific knowledge as well as the current lack of scientific research on the biological and health effects of the 5G millimeter-waves. I will also present the evidence, and the reasoning, for the invocation of the Precautionary Principle and for the temporary moratorium on 5G deployment, while awaiting for the much needed scientific research on millimeter-waves…SNIP
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This Toxic Killer is Poisoning our Environment, our Health, and Especially our Kids…But Huge Corporations Have Kept It Hidden For Decades

ElectricSense Interview With Harrison Barritt

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Are you suffering from a multitude of unexplained chronic health problems…doctors and other experts haven’t been able to solve…and you feel like you’re at the end of your rope? If so, this could be your answer…

This Toxic Killer is Poisoning our Environment, our Health, and Especially our Kids…But Huge Corporations Have Kept It Hidden For Decades