February 2019
“I believe the American people deserve to know what the health effects are…We are flying blind here on health and safety”.
– Senator Richard Blumenthal on 5G
Investigate Europe’s 5G Report
This investigative report by internationally renowned journalists explores the push for 5G and the deep roots of industry involvement in the science. The video is a must watch!
Watch expert presentations by Elizabeth Kelley of EMF Scientists, Dr. Martin Pall, Dr. Timothy Schoechle and Eric Windheim at the 5G Forum sponsored by Electromagnetic Safety Alliance and Pima County 5G Awareness Coalition.
Italy to Inform the Public About Cell Phone Radiation
An Italian court has ordered the government to launch a campaign to advise the public of the health risks from mobile and cordless phones to begin by July 16.
Thrive Global publishes Dr. Davis opinion piece on Century link, wireless, privacy and data mining.
Webinar On Technology Safety to San Francisco Teachers Union
Theodora Scarato and Dr. Cindy Russell of Physicians For Safe Technology presented a webinar for UESF on cell phones and wireless.
Cell Tower Levels of Radiation Cause Cancer, Low Litter Weight
Watch Dr. Fiorella Belpoggi’s lecture on the Ramazzini Institute (RI) study of base station radiation and the preliminary results of the new study of RF plus gamma radiation.
Wood Burning, Forest Fires, Radon and 5G.
Dr. Davis, Dr. Morris, and Dr. Armstrong and Dr. Sears spoke environmental health in Jackson Wyoming. Stay tuned for video of the standing room only event.
The City of Peterborough in Ontario, Canada has developed an information sheet to help organizations accommodate individuals who have electromagnetic sensitivity.
Wise Traditions interviewed Theodora Scarato on 5G and the small cell rollout. Educate yourself and spread the word on protective action.
Check out and share Americans for Responsible Technology’s 5G graphics and spread the word online. EHT is part of the Americans for Responsible Technologycoalition which educates citizens on 5G action.
Major news coverage in California of parents testifying at school board meeting after forth child develops cancer.

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