WA-LETTER: Privacy health concerns in Clallam smart meters

Peninsula Daily News

LETTER: Privacy health concerns in Clallam smart meters

Smart meters come in under the radar.

In this day and age of technological surveillance and diminished civil and personal freedoms, we need to be more and better informed than ever before.

Smart meters are definitely another example of being monitored.

There may not be anything nefarious about them, but they do infringe on our privacy by monitoring our power usage in great detail.

Patterns and amounts of power usage tell a lot about us, when we shower or turn on the hot tub or throw in a load of laundry.

We pay for our power and how we use it is our business.

This kind of information can be very valuable to third-party interests; look what has happened with Facebook and many other social media platforms.

The Clallam PUD needs to assure us that information gathered by smart meters is not being archived, sold or shared. Or if it is shared, then with whom.

At $30 a month, the opt-out option is not realistic and does not address the issues.

Health issues are a bigger concern for many people and that subject is hotly debated.

For example, the American Cancer Society has said that while there is no proof that smart meters cause cancer, there is real concern that they might pose a risk to people undergoing some kinds of radiation therapy.

The American Cancer Society also warns that they might affect pacemakers.

Michael Douglas,


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