CA-LETTER: Options exist to ‘inflicting’ smart meters on PUD customers

LETTER: Options exist to ‘inflicting’ smart meters on PUD customers

Smart meter options

Clallam County PUD seems determined to inflict smart meters on its customers, whether we want them or not.

The PUD, as a public utility, should be concerned for its customers and that includes ensuring we not be subjected to harmful emissions, not be subjected to data mining of our private electrical consumption, not see soaring electrical bills from inaccurate meter readings and not be charged a $35 monthly tax should we opt out — an Obama-era practice on health care that did not go over well.

However, since every problem has more than one solution, I have two ideas that could save the PUD money and they are simple: First, customers shall read their own meters and log the readings monthly, either by phone or computer.

For those customers who are unwilling to perform this simple task or for customers who fraudulently under-report, a monthly fee could be charged to their bill to pay for sending out a meter reader.

For people needing financial or other assistance, that can be easily worked out.

In addition to, or instead of, the first idea, PUD could average out each customer’s monthly usage and bill that amount every month.

At the end of the year or the end of a determined cycle, send out the meter readers and reconcile the difference.

This is not a matter of fighting technological advances; it’s a matter of fighting for our health, our privacy and our hard- earned dollars and it is worth fighting for.

Gayle Baker,