Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Virginia Officials Say No to “Smart” Meters Due to Cost and Ineffectiveness. Is Your State Still Saying Yes?

Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Virginia Officials Say No to “Smart” Meters Due to Cost and Ineffectiveness. Is Your State Still Saying Yes?\

By B.N. Frank

Tens of millions of utility “Smart” Meters have been installed all over the world so there’s a good chance they are installed on your home and throughout your community unless your elected officials took preventative action.  So many problems have been reported that a documentary was released about them in 2013, Take Back Your Power.  It was updated in 2017 and is now free to watch online.

Some state officials have publicly acknowledged that these meters are NOT beneficial.  They have also taken action against their installation: New MexicoKentuckyMassachusetts, and now Virginia.  In the meantime, other states are still raising customer rates to install new ones or replace modelsinstalled between 3-7 years ago.

These devices are now computers, and so they have to be maintained.  They don’t have the life of an existing meter which is 20 to 30 years.  These devices have a life of between 5 to 7 years.  And so the challenge that the industry has is making sure they maintain their smart grid environment, not neglect it. (video source)

Activist Post and sister publication, Natural Blaze have reported about the many issues associated with utility “Smart” Meters.

  1. Fires and explosions
  2. Malfunctioning and broken appliances
  3. Measurement errors leading to inflated bills
  4. Short life spans and planned obsolesce
  5. Cybersecurity issues
  6. Biological and environmental harm caused by Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF/RF) emissions
  7. Privacy issues

If you hate “Smart” Meters, you are not alone.  For more information, visit the following websites:

EMF RF ACTIVIST LETTER BY JERRY FLYNN (Canada, former military) Undetectable but hazardous non-thermal electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation

Undetectable but hazardous non-thermal electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation

No responsible elected official or honest professional can ignore the truth – which is unbelievably ugly! The increased use of cellular and wireless technology, electronics, and household appliances in the past 50 years means that people today are exposed to some incalculable amount of invisible, odorless, and tasteless EMF (electro-magnetic field) radiation – which our bodies cannot detect! Scientists, globally, say that this non-thermal EMF poses the most serious threat to human health and safety – ever, and threatens planet Earth’s environment! 

Since 2015, at least 235 EMF scientists from 41 countries have signed the ‘International EMF Scientists Appeal’ urging all world governments to ‘Protect mankind and wildlife from EMFs and wireless technology.” In 2017, almost two hundred scientists and doctors from 35 countries demanded that world governments place a moratorium on 5G technology! Major militaries and honest scientists have known since the 1950s that EMFs CAUSE many kinds of cancer … and Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, asthma, depression, suicides, miscarriages, memory and behavioural problems, etc.! 

As happened with tobacco, asbestos, DDT, Thalidomide, etc., Canada’s people can again blame Health Canada’s Radiation Protection Bureau (HC), who decided in the 1960s to sacrifice the public’s health and safety in order to advance the growth of Canada’s electric power and electronics / telecommunications industries. While both industries have indeed made our lives more comfortable, more enjoyable, easier etc., their technologies emit the invisible but hazardous non-thermal EMFs which, scientists say, threatens all life on earth!  (Note: Since at least 1965, HC has been part of the corrupt U.S. Military-Industrial-Complex (M-I-C), which then U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned the American people to be on guard against! Tragically for mankind, too few people listened.)

North America’s public needs to wake up and realize that just a handful of multinationals now own and/or control the mainstream news media outlets – who govern what North Americans are permitted to see on TV, hear on the radio and read in newspapers. No wonder that North Americans, generally, areoblivious to the battles and litigation, including numerous class-action lawsuits, that have been – and are – occurring in virtually every jurisdiction on earth where EMFs have impacted negatively on people’s lives. Classic examples include: expensive, fire-prone, intrusive and hazardous ‘smart’ meters (the quintessential Trojan Horse), which surreptitiously invade every home on which one is attached and is operating; overhead power lines, substations, power transformers, etc. which are situated dangerously close to schools, playgrounds, residential communities, homes, etc.; and, cell phone towers, which are situated literally on schools, on apartment buildings, in communities, in churches, etc. At this moment, telecom companies are rolling out their Firth Generation or “5G” technology, which scientist say will expedite man’s demise! Local governments in particular need to educate themselves, if it is not already too late, about 5G and what it will mean to their community. Once implemented, 5G technology will neuter all governments. No longer will telcos be obliged to liaise or consult with local governments as to where and how many cell towers will be placed throughout – yes – throughout a community! Current literature says that at least every 10th house and as frequent as every 2nd or 3rd house will have a cluster of ‘micro-cell’ towers in front of it, ensuring that no living person or thing can escape being chronically bathed in microwave EMF radiation!

As a former Canadian Armed Forces electronic warfare (EW) and signals intelligence (SIGINT) officer (see BIO, below), I find it shocking, inconceivable and completely unacceptable that Canada, a country which touts itself to be a model democracy, does not have – and never has had – a qualified EMF health ‘expert’ – anywhere in this entire country – dedicated to protecting the people of Canada from EMF radiation and protecting those already suffering from electro-hypersensitivity “EHS”!

According to the Internet, Canada’s Minister of Health, Ginette Petitpas Taylor, has no credible education or expertise in EMFs and/or EHS! Nor does Canada’s recently-appointed Chief Science Advisor, Dr. Mona Nemer! Nor does British Columbia’s Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) have anyone with such expertise!

Nor did British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer (PHO), Dr. Perry Kendall, MD, who retired just recently after holding that position for about 19 years (1999-end Jan., 2018). Because of him (i.e., his ignorance of this topic) British Columbians now have Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cordless phones, Bluetooth, tablet and laptop computers in cancer clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, etc., and ‘smart’ meters on every home in the province! Because of his ignorance, cell phone towers are situated dangerously close to hospitals, residential areas, etc.! Because of his ignorance, electric utility overhead power transmission and distribution lines, substations, power transformers are situated dangerously close to communities, etc.

Nor does B.C.’s new PHO, Dr. Bonnie Henry.

Yet, in 2011, the BC Government saw fit to sign a 10-year, $100-million/year contract with Telus for the latter to essentially upgrade the province’s communications, rural as well as urban. With no competent EMF expert to challenge Telus about the alleged hazards of wireless technology, it should surprise no one that, today, cancer clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics, regional health authority premises, schools, public buildings, etc. in British Columbia are filled with wireless technologies – all of which emit hazardous pulsed non-thermal EMFs!

Who is responsible for this insanity … for this most grievous crime against humanity?

How is it possible that all 13 provincial / territorial governments in Canada could forget that it was the same Health Canada (previously called Health & Welfare) who disgraced itself by abdicating its duty to protect the health and well-being of Canada’s population in order to promote the economic growth of the tobacco, asbestos, Thalidomide, DDT industries, etc.! 

Despite the above, it seems that all governments, the UBCM and the BCUC appear to be stubbornly deaf and blind to this ‘most dire of all crimes against humanity – even though each of them (and their families) are hapless victims! None seems to understand that Health Canada (i.e., its Safety Code 6), the WHO, ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) all recognize ONLY the thermal effects of RF EMFs and say that there are NO harmful non-thermal effects! [  ] [  ]] 

Safety Code 6 was established, in 1979, by Dr. Michael Repacholi, who orchestrated things such that SC-6 ‘guidelines’ were identical to those of the U.S. military’s ‘thermal-only’ standard, which the U.S. Navy had former German scientist, Dr. Herman P.

Clallam PUD orders smart meters, offers opt-out provision

Clallam PUD orders smart meters, offers opt-out provision

PORT ANGELES — Clallam County Public Utility District began ordering smart meters last week after similar efforts struck out in Port Angeles and Jefferson County, spurred in part by ratepayers’ opposition.

Clallam PUD commissioners who selected a vendor for the $3.75 million, five-year project last week are expecting an opt-out clause will mollify ratepayers opposed to the smart-meter, electric-usage measuring devices, which emit low-level electromagnetic radiation.

As areas are converted, customers can pay a $30-a-month fee for a meter reader to record a ratepayer’s electric usage in person rather than have information transmitted directly to and from the utility through smart meters.

From 2019-2023, the utility will install 22,000 smart-meters on homes and businesses, starting with Neah Bay and Sequim and ending, in 2023, in the Port Angeles area, PUD Assistant Manager John Purvis said.

The project will replace 67 percent of the PUD’s meters with two-way meters.

The remaining 12,000 meters are one-way RF devices that also emit electromagnetic radiation but are read by “drive-by” meter readers without PUD emloyees exiting their vehicles.

Those meters can be replaced after 2023, Purvis said.

The $750,000 a year the PUD will spend on the project is already being budgeted for the current drive-by program, Purvis said.

The smart-meter program was discussed at three meetings of the PUD board, including during budget deliberations.

The board holds 1:30 p.m. meetings the second and fourth Monday every month.

When the drive-by meters were being considered about three years ago, about a half-dozen ratepayers came to a PUD board meeting and expressed concern over low-level electromagnetic radiation that emanates from those meters, too, Commissioner Will Purser said Friday.

That’s when the opt-out program was initiated.

“Very, very few people have opted out,” Purser said.

“We felt we should give them the opportunity if they are concerned about it.”

He and other PUD officials say the devices that will replace the mechanical meters at residences and businesses will expedite responses to outages.

They said the meters also will provide ratepayers with immediate knowledge on their electric usage and create an eventual $451,000-a-year reduction in the utility’s cost of service, saving customers an average $14.50 a year in higher costs, Purvis said.

“The bills will be about $14.50 a year higher if we don’t do this,” he said.

“This is one of the projects where we will have a net reduction in rates.”

The city of Port Angeles approved a $760,000 settlement with Atlanta, Ga.-based Mueller Systems in 2014 over software issues and project delays in an advanced-metering-infrastructure (AMI) smart-meter system that was criticized by opponents over health concerns, which city officials said had nothing to do with the settlement.

City Attorney Bill Bloor said last week that an issue with an opt-out provision was its impact on the goal of saving money if employees are still physically reading meters.

“When the opposition started to show itself, then the question was, can we achieve, can this still be, a benefit to electric ratepayers if we have an opt-out provision,” he said.

The Jefferson County PUD in March put on indefinite hold a meter replacement program after entering into a purchase agreement for 19,000 smart meters — and after more than 800 customers signed a petition asking for an analog-meter choice.

Landis and Gyr, the Swiss meter-manufacturing giant that reads Jefferson County PUD’s meters, was selected Monday by Clallam PUD commissioners as the sole-source provider of the meters and will receive the bulk of the $3.75 million dedicated to the project, Purvis said.

“I would say roughly $3 million of that $3.75 million will be meter costs,” he said, adding that state law allows the utility to select a sole-source provider for the project and not go out to bid.

Landis & Gyr supplies 38 percent of the North American Market for smart meters and is the only company that manufactures both power line meters, used primary in remote areas such as Neah Bay and other areas of the West End, where line-of-sight is an issue, and residential radio-frequency meters.

Purvis said 50 percent-60 percent of the U.S. uses smart meters.

“We are on the lagging edge, and our costs are going to remain higher if we do not proceed with this project,” Purvis said.

He said that over five years, the six-person meter reading staff will be reduced by three positions through attrition and other PUD jobs in engineering, customer service, apprenticeships, and the water department.

“There will be quite a few opening over the course of four or five years,” he said.

The other three positions will remain in the meter shop.

“We don’t anticipated anyone losing a job over this primarily because of the extended conversion period that this is going to take.

“We’ve been looking [at] and evaluating this over an extended period of time.”

Purvis said fewer than 20 customers have opted out of the program, similar to Mason County Public Utility District, where about 30 opted out.

Purvis said he expects the district’s 5,000 water meters also to be replaced with smart meters.

Eloise Kailin, a board member of Protect the Peninsula’s Future, which has protested the move, said there are health concerns including sleep disorders and malignancies associated with smart meters.

“This is a regrettable decision,” she said Friday.

“It’s a bad decision from the standpoint of human health.

She suggested that fighting the smart meters might be a losing battle.

“It’s very difficult to keep that technology down,” she said.

“People in general enjoy the convenience.”

According to the American Cancer Society, the radio frequency waves given off by smart meters are similar to that of a typical cellphone or residential Wi-Fi router and send and receive short messages about 1 percent of the time, (

Location of the smart meter antennae outside the home reduces exposure, according to the organization.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies radio-frequency radiation as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

“It would be nearly impossible to conduct a study to prove or disprove a link between living in a house with smart meters and cancer because people have so many sources of exposure to RF and the level of exposure from the source is so small,” the ACS said.

“Exposure to large amounts of RF radiation, as from accidents involving radar, has resulted in severe burns.

“No other serious health problems have been reported.”


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