Italian Court Orders Public Safety Campaign

Italian Court Orders Public Safety Campaign

Must Begin by July 16;
Government Will Not Appeal Decision

January 16, 2019

In a victory for advocates of precaution, an Italian court has ordered the government to launch a campaign to advise the public of the health risks from mobile and cordless phones.

The information campaign must begin by July 16.

The court in Rome reached its decision last November, but the announcement was only made yesterday. The decision is here.

Today, the government announced that it would not appeal the ruling, Stefano Bertone, an attorney based in Turin, told Microwave News. Bertone is one of the lawyers representing a group called APPLE, which sought to force the government to act. APPLE is the acronym for the Association for the Prevention and Fight Against Electrosmog.

In a joint press release, three different ministries acknowledged that there was a need to raise awareness about how to safely use mobile phones.

Story from La Repubblica is here, 
and from Corriere della Sera here.

Letter: Ready to stand up to Berger on meters

Letter: Ready to stand up to Berger on meters


Day after day, he refuses to do his job. Last year, it was cable TV prices. My group, the media and the public hammered him for months, but he never lifted a finger. Then it was his arguing with the county. But he never apologized! Pure narcissism.

Now it’s Smart Meters: A month ago AEP, and a couple of days ago the water department (only a tyrant would send a notice on Christmas Eve).

For those who don’t know:

1. Smart meters can be very hazardous to your health, especially children and babies. I think it’s because of their thin skulls and skin, which allows the pulses to damage their brain functions/development. With autism and other issues at records, children do not need any more enemies. But senior citizens have reported injuries, too. Plus, a large number of studies have shown at least a causal link to cancer and degenerative diseases.

2. I don’t recall any public meetings held for input whether we wanted these.

3. The privacy issue should bother everybody. It’s just more spying.

And the reliability of these meters is horrible, with over 72,000 complaints of run-away water bills in Cleveland alone.

Considering all the problems, we the people should not have to put up with these smart meters. Just say no! Let’s all get up and make some noise. We need to stop this.

Ned Bushong


OREGON-Coos County Commissioners reject smart meter ordinance

Coos County Commissioners reject smart meter ordinance

Smart Meters

A Smart Meter on display Nov. 8 during a Pacific Power workshop at the Mill Casino-Hotel in North Bend.

COOS COUNTY — Coos County Commissioners voted against a proposed smart meter ordinance Tuesday night that would protect residents from excessive utility charges from electric service providers.

In response to a growing number of concerned citizens, the board listened to about 28 public comments from residents throughout the county all in opposition of Pacific Power’s smart meter rollout.

The ordinance, 19-01-004L, prohibited electric service providers from imposing economic hardship through its reading or reporting methods on its customers who choose to keep their analog or non-radio frequency digital meters.

Community members raised their concerns regarding the meter’s health and safety risks throughout the night echoing its radio-frequency, RF, emissions and fire hazards as top indicators it’s installation should be stopped.

A few commenters also expressed their uneasiness with meters by alleging it possesses surveillance capabilities that would allow it to listen in on occupants and impend on people’s privacy.

Pacific Power representatives were also in attendance answering questions in regards to smart meters. Among them, Corey Estlund, a field support manager, addressed much of the safety concerns regarding meters assuring citizens that the meters they use are far more advanced than the first generation meters.

He said the meters they use now are from a different vendor than the ones involved in the Portland General Electric recall in which over 70,000 smart meters were returned due to fire hazard. Estlund also pointed out the low RF levels set below the regulated limits by the Federal Communications Commission.

In a split 2-1 vote, Commissioners John Sweet and Melissa Cribbins declined to second a motion set forth by Commissioner Bob Main to approve the ordinance and move forward with its adoption.

The board discussed a similar Josephine County ordinance, which was approved in October, that also prohibited charging customers excessive rates for opting out of smart meters.

The state of Oregon is currently suing Josephine County over that ordinance citing its commissioners have no authority over deciding utility rates, which is actually regulated by the Oregon Public Utility Commission.

In that discussion, Cribbins pointed out the Association of Oregon Counties (AOC), which she currently sits on the board of, has plans to file a motion to intervene in that case.

“We have limited resources that we have to decide where to best allocate them,” Cribbins said. “If somebody else is already answering my question I can’t see a good reason why Coos County should use their limited legal assets to pay those bills which would require outside counsel.”

According to Cribbins, she declined to pass the ordinance in an effort to reduce the county’s risk in being involved in another possible lawsuit and deferred AOC to take the lead and represent the county’s interests.

The proposed ordinance also required providers to supply digital broadcasting, non-broadcasting, non-radio frequency digital and computerized analog reading and reporting methods as they sought fit.

In December, Pacific Power began its installation of about 25,000 smart meters in Coos County. An opt-out fee was established of $36 for customers interested in keeping their analog or non-radio frequency digital meter. So far, about 18,000 smart meters have been installed.

Letter: Stop smart meter extortion

Letter: Stop smart meter extortion

Pacific Power is installing “smart” meters in Clatsop County, beginning in Astoria, presenting them as a necessary upgrade, whether we want them or not.

It seems choice is not an option, unless you’ve got $432 extra ($36 a month) to burn every year to keep your old meter; installing their new meter is free ( This amounts to no choice at all. Take it or take it.

The Oregon Public Utility Commission is allowing Pacific Power to charge this exorbitant opt-out fee in direct violation of existing Oregon state laws, and we need to reverse them. California utility customers are charged $10 a month for the first three years only, with financial assistance available.

Why opt out? Fires in the U.K. have been caused by these meters (, which have 160 times more cumulative whole body radiation exposure than cell phones (, well-documented health problems from radiation in homes, businesses and schools, inaccuracy and overcharges, loss of local family-wage jobs and potential repair and power outage delays due to short-staffing — these are some reasons.

Because these meters monitor every “smart” device inside the building, your “smart” phone can turn your refrigerator on and off anytime, from anywhere. So can Pacific Power. Or a hacker.

For our health, jobs, basic freedoms and property rights, we need real choice without penalty: To opt out without prohibitive surcharges. Our city councils, our county commissioners and our state representatives should all support us in this basic right.


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