New Mexico has rejected smart meters

New Mexico has rejected smart meters

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    • According to the Santa Fe News on April 11, 2018, New Mexico has rejected smart meters. I would advise our Coos County citizens to read the article, it is posted on Google. Their utility commissioners all voted against the deployment and the reasons they stated seem apt. They found few benefits to customers, profits that go to shareholders, with costs that will get passed to users through fees. Not even considering the threats to our privacy because of ability of the computerized meters being remotely programmed to do much more than what Pacific Power is telling us at this point, they make no sense because of short longevity compared to the metal analog meters that last over 40 years. The saving realized by laying off meter readers will be small compared to the installing and maintaining of plastic computerized meters that have a history of catching on fire. If you don’t have a smart meter yet, you can call Pacific Power and opt out of getting one, at least for now.