Some WNC residents have concerns about installation, safety of Duke’s smart meters

Some WNC residents have concerns about installation, safety of Duke’s smart meters

WNC residents could have a new smart utility meter installed at their home, and not know it.

Over the last four months, News 13 has been investigating Duke Energy’s new smart meters.

The power provider is halfway through installing the meters, and some customers say they weren’t notified when the new meter was going in, or able to ask questions before it was installed.

“I just think if their name is on the letterhead, they’re kind of responsible to make sure that their customers are happy, ” said Henderson County resident Karin Rose.

Monday night at 11 p.m., we’ll look into what Dduke plans to do about the issue, and how you can get your questions answered.

Some Black Mountain residents have concerns over the safety of those smart meters.

Swannanoa Valley for Safe Technology held a meeting Saturday to express concerns about “wireless radiation” from the radio-frequency technology.

Duke Energy says the r-f levels are similar to those of cell phones and home satellite dishes.

At the meeting, everyone signed a petition that will be sent to Duke and local lawmakers.




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