Screeching noise from cellphone tower frustrates Mooresville family

Screeching noise from cellphone tower frustrates Mooresville family

Adamson could hear it from his family’s home. He called the police, and they determined it was coming from a Verizon cellphone tower nearby.

“It’s screeching – pulling your hair out – crazy mad. I really need someone to come out and shut this noise off,” Adamson said.

Adamson called Verizon and reached a technician. He said they told him they weren’t seeing any alarms and didn’t really know what was going on.

“I felt blown off,” he said.

Adamson said he was told Verizon would send someone out first thing Monday morning. But the screeching continued for days.

“That thing still screaming – all the way until midnight – where I went to bed and here we are,” Adamson said. “It does seem quieter now – but who knows.”

A reporter asked Verizon where the noise was coming from, and why. They said it was a false alarm coming from a generator at the cell site. The issue was fixed Tuesday morning.

Still, Adamson is now concerned about living so close to the tower.

“It might be quiet now, but what was making the noise? And what kind of frequencies are shooting out of this thing? Makes me wonder if it could be dangerous,” he said “It’s concerning with kids in the house.”

Verizon said Adamson wasn’t the only person concerned. People have contacted them, wondering about the health impact due to the radio frequency waves coming from the towers. But Verizon said it’s in compliance with all FCC safety standards and their technology is constantly reviewed by health and safety organizations.


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