Hi All,
Press Here for my interview with Patti & Doug Wood’s radio show — Green Street Radio – which focuses on healthy and sustainable living.  
Doug & Patti are the founders of Grassroots Environmental EducationSome of you may know them from organizing the recent 5G call and for initiating  Americans for Responsible Technology  
which aim to create a coalition of organizations and individuals to stop the 5G power grab including fighting against Bill S. 3157 and promoting safer safety guidelines for wireless technology radiation.   
An anecdote – when they asked to interview me I was traveling and and in Chicago and so to do the interview I stopped at a Whole Food store and asked the manager to use a landline for the interview…I doubt that if the manager would have allowed me to use their phone if he knew what the interview was about…:-) although it was a land line the place was saturated with radiation…
Microwave Sickness is the most widespread manifestation of wireless radiation health effects and exposing its extent is a key to our success in creating change. 
I’m attaching a postcard created by my organization about Microwave Sickness in 2 different formats. Please feel free to use it. 
Thank you, 

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