Don’t be a smart meter guinea pig for EWE

I’m writing to alert EPUD and EWEB customers (nearly all of us) about current smart meter issues. EPUD is quickly installing smart meters now, without public input and possibly without an “opt-out” program (the board will vote soon). And EWEB, in response to huge public opposition to smart meters several years ago, formerly had an “opt-in” program only. This has changed! Now, all EWEB customers will get a smart meter unless you opt out.

Why be concerned? Excessive exposure to microwave radiation from wireless technology has been linked to all chronic diseases (especially heart, brain, and reproductive disorders) and other ill effects. There are also significant privacy and cybersecurity concerns. Some great resources: Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website and the filmmaker Josh del Sol.

My household maintains our right to control our own health and wellness. We will not be smart meter guinea pigs. Now is the time to call or write your public utility! And where is the media coverage on this important issue?

Krista Morien, Junction City

Opinion Letter to the Editor: Smart meter ‘invasion’

Siskiyou Daily News, Yreka, CA


Letter to the Editor: Smart meter ‘invasion’

Pacific Power has once again failed to keep commitments regarding informed consent and adequate notification prior to installation of smart meters in Yreka.

Pacific Power has once again failed to keep commitments regarding informed consent and adequate notification prior to installation of smart meters in Yreka. On Tuesday Aug. 28, in a phone conversation with the head “consumer advocate” in Portland and then again via email on Aug. 31, we received assurances that there would be ample time for people to consider whether to opt out of smart meters. See this link to the Pacific Power website listing the steps they promised to take prior to installation.

On Sunday, Sept. 2, a meter reader was encountered in my neighborhood in Yreka who stated smart meters will begin to be installed starting on Tuesday, Sept. 4. This should be a huge red flag for all consumers. When have you ever seen meter readers on Sunday, especially on Labor Day weekend, reading meters in advance of the rush to install smart meters? The answer that comes to my mind is that “do it quickly” before the public knows what is happening.

All ratepayers should be aware that there will be no initial fee to opt out if you do so before the meter is installed. The $20 ($16 CARE) monthly rate is certain to pay for itself because: 1. most customer bills go up significantly with smart meters 2. the mere operation of the computer as it pulses 190,000 times daily to survey your power usage to report back to the utility company costs $115 annually.

There are multiple concerns regarding smart meters: 1. Privacy (violation of the 4th amendment). 2. Data collection and sharing with a third partly without your permission. 3. Vulnerability to hacking from bad players (after all it is a plastic computer). 4. Health risks associated with EMF radiation and dirty electricity because all the wiring in your house becomes a giant antenna. 4. Fire risks (google smart meters exploding in Stockton, CA) due to lack of ground and surge protection in the smart meters which could have been fixed for $2.75. 5. Increased power costs due to the constant monitoring every 15 seconds.

If and when your safe and reliable analog meter is removed, it will be replaced with a smart meter or a digital meter. We are being told by Pacific Power that analogs are no longer available for Siskiyou County or Jackson County rate payers but are available to other consumers from other utilities in California.

Please become informed. Go to these websites for information: or

Call now and opt out with both Pacific Power and Aclara.

Pacific Power: (866) 869-8520

Aclara: (866) 353-9002