Wireless Industry Under Pressure

Hi All,
It seems that the hit is on for the wireless industry. 
While mostly wireless website ignores our side’s campaign today Android Authority published 2 ARTICLES  against wireless harms campaign, one negating the claims that cell phones are harmful and refers to the Babay Safe Project lead by the Environmental Working Group, the second negating harms of 5G. They refer to the NTP and the Ramazini.
It is interesting to note that the same website had a few days ago an article AGAINST 5G – called “5G Hype is Coming, Don’t Fall for It“.
Why the Wireless Industry is Under Pressure:
I think that this uncommon direct counter attack and response to our side’s claims is a result of a few events from the past week seems to put pressure on the wireless industry:
(1) The fact the Newsweek had a couple of articles on the issue of radiation recently with the last one a couple of days ago with the list of phones emitting most radiation and one from July “Do Cell Phone Cause Cancer” (they had another one last year about electro-sensitivity). 2 worrying articles in a month is an alarming trend for the wireless industry.
(2) NY Times published an article yesterday associating the Cuba diplomats with microwave weapons “Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of US Embassy Workers” and
(3) McCain’s death from Glioblastoma which has been associated with his cell phone use and the cell towers on his property s
The Arguments Used In The Article Are The Same As Those Used By Lobbyists
It is important to read the articles to see the claims the industry is making to refute our claims. These are also the arguments used by the wireless industry lobbyist when they meet with the legislators on the state and Federal level. They are very basic and clearly misleading – easy to refute.

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