Student Suicide Clusters – Is Microwave Radiation And Its Technology To Blame?

Student Suicide Clusters – Is Microwave Radiation And Its Technology To Blame?

Student suicide clusters - is microwave radiation and its technology to blame?

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By Dr. Ellis EvansNatural Blaze

This is very sad and no-one is looking in the right places nor asking the right questions. Nine students from the University of Bristol (UK) committed suicide during the past two years. Bristol University is blaming the students themselves, arguing they suffered ‘mental health problems’. One student was on campus for just 3 weeks and others were third and final years students.

Similarly, York University (UK) also had a suicide cluster of 5 students within a one year period in 2016. Of course, there are many explanations for why student suicides are on the increase and the narrative below is peddled by all the mainstream media outlets(2).   “A report by the university in May revealed that half of all ambulances called out to the University of York were for incidents of self-harm or suicide attempts. The proportion of emergency calls of this kind had been growing year on year. The rising costs of higher education and a more difficult labour market post-graduation have both been cited as to blame for the rise in depression.”

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What if the university administrators and mainstream media pundits are wrong? What if the cause or causes of these suicides lie elsewhere? If we merely focus on one cause and it’s the wrong cause it means that nothing has changed and even more unfortunate events will unfold in the coming years.

Clearly, there are huge problems in student safety and well-being at some British universities.  Statistics from the UK ONS(3) (Office of National Statistics) show that student suicide rates in England and Wales have risen by over 50 per cent since 2007. Thirty years ago I was a student in several UK universities from 1988 – 1995 and I cannot re-call a single suicide incident by anyone (staff included).  Something has drastically changed in those intervening years and one issue that has no mention anywhere is internet connectivity, particularly student exposure patterns to pulsed microwave radiation. My interest in these issues piqued when I found out that Bristol University has its own closed 5G network.

Bristol University has world renowned expertise in the prediction and modelling of microwave radiation. It employs researchers and PhD students to carry out its work and has numerous research contracts with the UK government, other research institutes and of course, the telecommunications industries such as Nokia etc. It has a research lab with very expensive antenna test suites and software programme centres. Its activities and mission can be found here:

Its mission is to improve 5G technology i.e. model and predict how millimetre 5G radio waves propagate within real-world urban centres. The issue here of course is that no safety testing has been carried out for these high-end microwave frequencies. Secondly, because safety testing is not even on the horizon for many organisations including radiation scientists, how many students, staff and members of the public are inadvertently exposed to 5G frequencies? I wish I could assume that all the research facilities and their transmitting equipment at Bristol University are located and operated in such a way that they pose no biological danger to students working there or living in their halls of residence. Perhaps this centre of excellence for 5G research and the student suicide cluster is pure coincidence?

Not all universities however, carry out practical field work on microwave propagation characteristics and other factors must be at play that might explain these student suicide cluster trends. A common denominator at play is the interplay between the education system, internet connectivity technology and young people. Thirty years ago, universities did not rely on WIFI and almost all computer-internet tasks were carried out via Ethernet cabling – that has now drastically changed with the development and deployment of WIFI.

Universities almost everywhere use industrial grade (high signal power output) routers to ensure their campus grounds and buildings have an adequate WIFI signal. This means that students are exposed to a relatively high background of microwave radiation everywhere they go and in everything they do. Some lectures are taught ‘over the internet’ using WIFI, which means they are in exposure environments characterised by pulsed microwave signals day in and day out. Imagine what happens when a hundred students simultaneously transmit data to each other and their tutor in a lecture theatre: the background level of radiation will spike.  

Students, like almost everyone else, also use their smartphones for keeping in touch with family and friends and for social media stuff. If you study all day on campus, socialise with friends near campus grounds and sleep on campus, you are exposed to an almost constant barrage of pulsed microwave radiation. I often wonder what university chancellors think about when they see headlines that say, “rare glioblastoma brain tumours increase 1000% in 10 years in all age groups”, “depression, students and social media statistics” etc. Do they not stop to think that perhaps the ways in which universities have embraced the new internet technologies could one day lead to toxic consequences to the very people they are supposed to steward?

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Here are a few questions any parent or student can ask university administrators: (a) how far away is student accommodation to the main computer suites that house WIFI transmitting and ancillary equipment, (b) how far away are the WIFI ‘hotspot’ antennas in relation to my accommodation building, (c) please ask  administrators if they are aware that exposure to microwave radiation from 900 MHz and upwards is biologically dangerous because we now have clear evidence that exposure to microwave radiation induces rare brain tumours and heart cancers (see link here: and (d) ask your chosen university administrators whether or not they are aware of a condition called EHS (electro-hyper-sensitivity) and if they are clued up, whether or not they have any areas on the campus free of any microwave radiation.

With regard to the situation at Bristol University which is actively researching 5G propagation issues and regardless of how much research money is tied up with contracts from the telecoms industries, the safety and well-being of both students and staff should be uppermost. In that sense, I would have thought that any researcher or institute involved in the use of microwave radiation for internet connectivity issues would or should be aware of all potential safety issues. If they were, some form of environmental assessment to reduce exposure would or should be agreed before the research contracts started?

Students today face many different pressures in staying safe, sane and happy. It is statistically probable that in any population exposed to novel frequencies that some individuals react first to these pollutants. These individuals have a condition called EHS or ‘electro-hyper-sensitivity – they are the canaries in the coal mine. This condition is recognized as a disease in the Nordic countries but nowhere else.  Many of our students are still kids in the sense that their biology and immune system are not fully developed. I wonder what percentages of students are electrosensitive? None of the responsible ‘safety’ organisations or regulatory bodies adequately address any of these issues. If these bodies continue to keep their heads stuck in the sand, our young ones will continue to stress un-necessarily and in extreme cases die.

Is it not time to use the precautionary principle? It has taken over 25 years just for the telecoms industries to admit that exposure to pulsed microwave radiation causes cancer. Do we have to wait another 25 years before they admit that this form of radiation is detrimental to our psychological well-being? Over here in the UK, the telecoms industries splice ELF (extremely low frequency) signals of about 16 Hz onto the main microwave carrier frequency. A frequency of about 16 Hz is within our brainwave activity spectrum. For argument’s sake, if you increase the amplitude of these ELF signals whilst the main carrier frequency is also pulsed, will these signals not affect our psychological well-being?

The solution is very simple: we should reduce our exposure to these frequencies by switching to optical and other hard-wired alternatives. At some stage, bodies such as the ICNIRP, FCC, FDA and governmental regulatory bodies such as Public Health England and telecom giant SEOs should be held accountable for their dereliction of regulatory and safety duties. If we are serious about solving the riddle of student suicide clusters, we must discuss all potential causes rigorously before embarking on policies of mitigation. If we get the cause wrong, we can fiddle all day with policies to address ‘effects’ but everything we do will be in vain. I strongly argue that exposure to pulsed microwave radiation for long periods, day after day damages our psychological as well as our biological health. I cannot prove any of this because no one has carried out this type of research!! Lack of evidence does not mean anything is fine and dandy, it merely means we have no idea what is really going on.

If you know of any student suicide clusters in your country, please contact me so that I can collate the necessary data to send to my telecom regulators – thank you.As per usual, be prepared to educate yourself about all these issues. You do not need to be a rocket science to understand what is going on.  You can read here about what was already known 40 years ago on the effects of microwave radiation (dubbed microwave sickness) on our biology.  Please also check out and for unbiased and factual information on what you can do to reduce exposure to microwave radiation – for some of you, your life may depend on it.


7 Things You Need To Know About Deceptively Harmful Technology

Wi-Fi, cell phones, radiation damage, wireless technologies, health, EMF’s, alternative media, new paradigm, raising awareness, disease prevention, transhumanism, GMO, Paul A Philips

7 Things You Need To Know About Deceptively Harmful Technology

-By Paul A Philips

In the quest for complete global domination, including a hidden world depopulation agenda, the world’s ruling elite and associates now have an unprecedented arsenal of weapons and resources for the silent war on humanity. A number of these weapons and resources exist in the form of technology deceptively hidden in plain sight having common widespread use.

Thus, the majority public is unaware that this technology has a double edge sword. Much effort has been made by the ruling elite and associates to keep the harmful sides secretive. The technology is supported by those having ulterior motives tied in to hidden agendas and schemas. To which there are a number of recurring patterns in this gross deception.

Recognising the ulterior motives and related recurring patterns will help lead you to identify this harmful technology.  -Then you can take action; safeguard yourself from becoming ill or winding up dead.

In light of this, using examples, here are 7 things you need to know about deceptively harmful technology.

Wi-Fi, cell phones, radiation damage, wireless technologies, health, EMF’s, alternative media, new paradigm, raising awareness, disease prevention, transhumanism, GMO, Paul A Philips5G: A looming health crisis

1. Profits supersede welfare concern

There couldn’t be a better example of this than the case of wireless technology. For instance, not so long ago US authority the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) granted various telecom industries permission to operate their 5G devices between the electromagnetic spectrum ranges 25 GHz to 100 GHz for consumer use.

The FCC made the point that a balance would be struck, enabling federal, non-federal and terrestrial, satellite and mobile or fixed technology to get along side by side effectively with a focus for expansion…

-The point about all this is that the FCC acted purely in the interests of the telecom corporations, helping to oil the wheels of their profit machine. No consideration was ever made about the health or welfare concern of consumers. No considerations were given to the known ill-health effects on the populace related to wireless technology.  

-Anybody doubting the harm this technology is capable of with its applications then I suggest looking online at the many pages of peer-reviewed evidence. Try this to start with. Then there’s a study from Dr Leif Salford showing that radiation from Wi-Fi, smart meters and cell phones cause the blood-brain barrier to leak…

Good advice on protection from these unnatural electromagnetic fields has been given by experienced researcher Dr Barrie Trower. Another excellent form of protection is said to exist in the form of Shungite, a non-crystalline mineraloid.

2. Bad Science is used for favouring corporate gain

Bad science is a favourite with greedy corporations to help support their product and cover up the technology’s potential for harm. For instance, limited, out-of-date scientific studies may be deliberately selected knowing that its scope will fall short of the radius needed to detect unfavourable results in the newer more sophisticated product.

-This according to Dr. Ellis Evans is the case with the wireless technology in 1 above. Learn to discern the bad science and ulterior motives connected with other products.

Wi-Fi, cell phones, radiation damage, wireless technologies, health, EMF’s, alternative media, new paradigm, raising awareness, disease prevention, transhumanism, GMO, Paul A Philips

3. There is a hidden depopulation agenda

As already mentioned, many of us know that certain members of the ruling elite are hell-bent on having a significant world population reduction. Then there’s the mysterious Georgia Guidestones as proof. What could be a better way to reduce the world population than by getting the public to frequently use common widespread technology without them ever realizing its ill-health or fatalistic effects?

GMO’s with their toxic genes, agricultural chemical spraying, geo-engineering, vaccines, wireless technologies, fracking… have the potential to cause infertility, birth defects, DNA mutation, nervous, hormonal and behavioural problems or life-threatening illnesses such as cancer… -With their often long latency period before the adverse effects manifest, no wonder these technologies backed and funded by the ruling elite and associates have been collectively called the slow-death depopulation agenda.

-To protect you, your family and friends take a look at this.

4. Mainstream media propaganda

Owned and controlled by the ruling elite as well as receiving funding from technology corporations, the mainstream media is nothing more than a propaganda machine used to manipulate the masses’ consensus reality. In short, to get unbiased, truthful information exposing these harmful technologies go to alternative media sources.

-In retrospect, how many serious illnesses or deaths have mainstream media sources had an involvement in through their acts of omission and commission?

–Or, put another way, how many serious illnesses or lives could be prevented if they told the truth about harmful technology..?

Wi-Fi, cell phones, radiation damage, wireless technologies, health, EMF’s, alternative media, new paradigm, raising awareness, disease prevention, transhumanism, GMO, Paul A Philips

5. The transhumanism agenda 

Transhumanism -the idea that humans can ultimately transform into powerful godlike beings through the use of technology has been pursued for some time by the ruling elite. They see it as a way to having immortality. Transhumanism technology incorporates nano-technology, genetic modifications, drugs, robotics, bionics and cybernetic enhancements…

In their acceptance or pursuit many fall for the transhumanism deception because they haven’t realized that humans are already powerful godlike beings. In truth, transhumanism threatens the loss of humanity and humanity’s powerful connection to spirituality.

6. Controlling

The harmful technology is part of Agenda 21 (new Agenda 2030) used to covertly control the populace into passivity and take away their civil liberties. It can be used as a mass surveillance system for monitoring our brainwaves, bioelectric and other informational energy fields, everywhere we go. This information could then be collected and used to alter our perceptions.

7. Out of ethics

Sure, along the way, right from its inception at R&D, ignoring potential long-term adverse effects, to the final product; buying off corrupt approval bodies, bribing politicians to give it the okay, there are many unscrupulous individuals involved in unethical situations.

Ultimately, it’s self-interest, out of ethics or lack of a conscience… that keeps the harmful technology going.

-That concludes just 7 of the many things you need to know about deceptively harmful technology.

Spread the word

If anything’s going to change it involves us getting off our backsides and doing something about this appalling circumstance. We need to spread the word to wake up the sleeping masses. Create public outrage. Where we can, stop supporting the related products and demand that actions be taken before it’s too late. Before the control system through this harmful technology becomes unstoppable.

Is your high blood sugar caused by electromagnetic hypersensitivity?

Is your high blood sugar caused by electromagnetic hypersensitivity?

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high-blood-pressure-wireless-danger(Naturalhealth365) The incidence of diabetes is growing by leaps and bounds, with the U.S. Census Bureau predicting that the population of diabetics will double over the next twelve years, reaching 366 million worldwide by the year 2030.  No doubt, chronic states of high blood sugar can destroy your life.

In the United States (alone), over 30.3 million people currently have this disease, and another 84 million are living with prediabetes – which can (if left untreated) lead to a full blown case of diabetes, kidney disease and premature death.

Experts believe that the shocking epidemic of type 2 diabetes is being driven by lifestyle factors, primarily obesity and inactivity. (Type 1 diabetes – which accounts for only 5 to 10 percent of all diabetes – appears to be largely determined by genetics.)  But, evidence is accumulating that hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields can cause high blood sugar, raising the possibility that a third form of the disease – “type 3 diabetes” – could be caused by this form of environmental pollution.

Case studies show that high blood sugar is triggered by exposure to “dirty electricity”

According to peer-reviewed research conducted by Magda Havas, Ph.D., and published in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, “dirty electricity,” or transient electrical fields, can affect blood sugar levels in diabetic individuals who are electrically sensitive.

Dr. Havas, an Associate Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University, presented case studies showing that plasma glucose levels increased in response to electromagnetic pollution.

In one case, a 57-year-old female with type 2 diabetes – who controlled her diabetes with exercise – found that while 20 minutes of walking in a local mall consistently lowered her blood sugar, walking on an electric treadmill caused her blood sugar to increase. Merely leaving the area of the treadmill for an electrically “clean” environment caused a substantial drop in blood sugar (from 225 mg/dL to 191 mg/dL) to occur in under half an hour.

In another case, a 54-year-old male with prediabetes experienced spikes in blood sugar only when he was near power lines or his computer.

In yet another case, an 80-year-old female with type 1 diabetes required insulin twice a day to control her blood sugar levels. Upon the installation of electrical filters in her home, her blood sugar dropped by a dramatic 33 percent – and her need for insulin was reduced by a remarkable 75 percent.

Dr. Havas noted that people with unexplained rises in blood sugar could potentially be electrosensitive – and, in fact, suffering type 3 diabetes. (With 3 to 35 percent of the population experiencing electrosensitivity, as many as 5 to 60 million diabetics worldwide could be affected by this perplexing and under-diagnosed condition!)

How can I tell if I have type 3 diabetes?

Dr. Havas noted that unexplained spikes or drops in blood sugar – or blood sugar levels that change in different environments – could indicate the presence of type 3 diabetes.  Of course, spikes that occur in the presence of electrical fields are a likely clue, as are spikes after working out on electrical equipment.

In fact, electric treadmills are notorious for creating “dirty electricity” – transient electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the kilohertz range – that Dr. Havas notes they could be used as a diagnostic tool for type 3 diabetes.

If you have symptoms of electrosensitivity or type 3 diabetes, Dr. Havas recommends testing your environment for EM pollution – and sharing the information with your doctor.

Do you have diabetes?  Don’t miss this lifesaving video information (below) by Dr. Havas:

(Note: Most conventionally-trained physicians are not aware of type 3 diabetes, as it pertains to Dr. Havas’ definition. And, confusingly, some doctors use the term “type 3 diabetes” to describe gestational diabetes, while still others use it to refer to Alzheimer’s disease).

A deeper understanding about ‘electrosensitivity’

Electrosensitivity (ES), also known as electrical sensitivity, electromagnetic hypersensitivity and cellphone sickness, was originally termed “radio wave sickness.” It was officially identified in the 1970s by Russian doctors to describe an occupational syndrome developed by workers who were exposed to microwave or radiofrequency radiation.

Symptoms occur when an individual is exposed to wireless technologies or electrical devices such as cell phone towers, “smart” meters, WiFi routers, power line magnetic fields, plasma TVs, laptops, cell phones, energy-efficient lighting, fluorescent lighting and dimmer switches.

The symptoms can be mild or severe, and can include headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, insomnia, memory problems, depression and fatigue. Numbness and tingling, high blood pressure, nosebleeds, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and shortness of breath can also be indications of electrosensitivity.

Research has shown that about 3 percent of the population has severe forms of electrosensitivity, while up to 35 percent has moderate symptoms.

However, when it comes to recognizing electrosensitivity as an illness, the United States lags behind Sweden, where ES is a recognized disease. (Incidentally, the World Health Organization has classified radiation from cell phones as a Class B carcinogen, the same category in which DDT and lead are placed).

Double-blind studies have shown that electrosensitive individuals experience rapid heartbeat (tachycardia) from cordless phones, while 35 minutes of exposure to digital cell phones has been shown to cause rises in blood pressure.  ( In light of these documented effects, it would be somewhat surprising if electromagnetic radiation did not affect blood sugar levels.)

For more information on electrosensitivity, visit:

Action steps: Reduce your exposure to EMFs with these simple techniques

To cut your exposure to harmful EMFs, experts recommend reducing or eliminating the use of cell phones, cordless phones and WiFi. Choose landlines and wired internet connections, and use your laptop or notebook on battery – with an external wired keyboard and mouse.

And, in spite of the item’s name, you shouldn’t work with a laptop on your lap.

Avoiding smart meters, sleeping in an electricity-free bedroom, and eliminating dimmer switches are also wise moves, while installing Graham/Stetzer filters can help you cut down on “dirty electricity.”

The takeaway: if you have been diagnosed with diabetes and are electrosensitive, cutting down on your EMF exposure is a commonsense choice you can make today.

Sources for this article include: