WA-Smart meters not so smart


Smart meters not so smart

Mon., June 4, 2018

Avista wants to install smart meters (they also want to merge with HydroOne). HydroOne installed smart meters in Ontario under a governmental mandate at the cost of $2 billion. So far HydroOne has removed 36,000 meters because they didn’t work. They removed 5,400 meters due to risk of fire. Their customers were told these meters would be cost-saving. Yet the company received over 9,700 complaints in one year from overbilling or malfunctioning meters, etc.

To quote the Canadian press, “In Ontario, concerns over irregular billing related to the new meters have prompted an investigation by the province’s ombudsman.” Simply go online and search: “HydroOne and smart meters” and read for yourself.

Say no to the merger by calling comments@utc.wa.gov. Then call Avista and say no to smart meters that will cost jobs (of meter readers) and cost customers higher rates.

Margaret Herzog