Washington utilities must provide smart meter opt outs for residential customers

Washington utilities must provide smart meter opt outs for residential customers

UPDATED: Fri., May 25, 2018, 5:45 p.m.

Washington’s electric and gas utilities must provide an opt-out for customers who don’t want “smart meters” installed at their homes.

The state Utilities and Transportation Commission adopted the policy in April, ahead of advanced meter rollouts by Washington’s investor-owned utilities.

Advanced meters provide energy consumption alerts and automated customer outage detection.

Avista Corp. will spend $165 million over the next two years to install smart meters in Washington. Company officials say the new meters will allow 450,000 electric and gas customers to track their energy use within a 24-hour period and help the utility more quickly respond to power outages.

However, customer’s can opt out by calling the Spokane-based utility’s customer service number, (800) 227-9187.

Smart meters track the customers’ energy use and send the information to a network router installed on a nearby utility pole. The data is sent to Avista through a secure satellite or cellular signal.

Avista officials say the utility already has measures in place to protect customers’ privacy.


OREGON-Ashland residents protesting 5G tower installation

Ashland residents protesting 5G tower installation

KTVL/Riche Garza

Protesters gathered today outside city offices in Ashland demanding the stop of a Verizon 5-g tower installation.

The tower is to be added to the roof of the science building in Southern Oregon University but the protesters are worried about the strong electronic impulses from the tower.

The protesters believe it has a direct correlation with neurological health issues.

The city of Ashland told us they have the appeal however, it has not determined if the grounds justify stopping the tower installation.

“Today we are submitting an appeal and the appeal basically addresses that the approval permit that they already granted there is a 10-day period in which citizens have a right to appeal the decision.”

Protest leader, Kelly Marcotolli told news 10.